MM Configuration: Define Plant Step-by-Step SAP Material Management (MM) Configuration: Define Plant

This post will explain a step by step SAP MM configuration of how to define a plant in an SAP client.

A plant is the place of production, or branch of a company, or simply a collection of several locations of material stocks in close physical proximity. A plant is represented by a client-unique 4-digit alpha-numeric. Plant is used in Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), and Plant Maintenance (PM) module. A plant is assigned to one company code. One company code can have more than one plant. One Business Area is assigned to plant. Several plants can have same business area. We can define Plant in a SAP R/3 client with T-code: SPRO.

SAP Screenshots of How to define a plant are:

Go to the menu: IMG – Enterprise Structure – Definition – Logistic-General – Define, Copy, Check, Delete Plant:

Click Execute button, the next screen is:

Select “Define Plant” if we want to create a plant from the scratch, or select “copy, delete, check plant” if we want to copy a plant from an existing plant. In this example we will create a plant from the scratch. The next screen is:

Click “New Entries” button. The next screen is:

Fill the Plant code that we want to create (client-unique 4-digit alpha-numeric) in the plant field. Then click “address” icon. The next screen is:

Fill the required field as above image and click “OK” button or press “Enter”. The next screen is:

Click the “save” button. And the next screen is:

The GC01 plant has been created. Then we need to assign this plant to a company code and business area.

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