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6CN010 Dissertation Module Guide Sept 12 B2 2012-13 (BCAS SL)

6CN010 Dissertation Module Guide Sept 12 B2 2012-13 (BCAS SL)

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Published by: Malaravan Ganeshamoorthy on Mar 09, 2013
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School of Technology Built Environment (BE) Module details – 6CN010 Construction Dissertation (SL B2 Sept 2012) Module area Specific 6CN010


Module Leader Phil Harris & contact Phone: +44 1902 3222279 details
E-mail: P.T.Harris@wlv.ac.uk

Module Team

Nii Ankrah Phone: +44 1902 32 E-mail: nii.ankrah2@wlv.ac.uk Ezekiel Chinyio Phone: +44 1902 321043 E-mail: E.Chinyio@wlv.ac.uk Neil Hingorani Phone: +44 1902 3283882 E-mail: Neil.Hingorani@wlv.ac.uk John Reynolds Phone: +44 1902 322276 E-mail: John.Reynolds2@wlv.ac.uk

Module aim

This module aims to develop the student’s ability to research and report on a subject related to their degree course. It facilitates the identification and solving of a selected problem or exploration of a chosen issue using well founded research methodology; and presentation of the results of such investigation in a formal report format.

Learning outcomes

You will implement and conduct a programme of research and to demonstrate an understanding and development of innovation in practice in this study. You will be able to develop and apply an appropriate range of research skills in undertaking a research project.


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wlv.wlv. ISBN 0 7619 4139 8 Yin. .2nd ed. Assessment Assessment 1: Dissertation Research Proposal (20%) – 10th March 2013 information Assessment 2: Dissertation (80%) – 17th August 2013 3 .uk/lib/Harv2/harv.uk/lib/subjects/construction. . details from here: http://www2.uk/lib/skills_for_learning/referencing.ac.students.(Applied Social Research Methods Series) Various Journals including (available form the University learning centre):     Journal of Construction Management and Economics Journal of Engineering Construction and Architectural Management Structural Survey Journal International Journal of Project Management General subject resources Students should record all materials used in the preparation of assignments via the Harvard Referencing System . Plymouth: How to books Ltd.uk/lib/skills_for_learning. (2004) Your undergraduate dissertation: The essential guide for success.aspx Study Skills Tips available to download from: http://www. N.ac. Walliman.Case study research: design and methods.wlv. (Robert Kuo-Zuir)..ac.London: Sage.aspx Subject specific resource information can also be found at the Subject Starting Point: http://www.ac. Sage Publications Ltd: London. . .wlv.aspx Teaching approach Lectures Tutorials Workshops Discussions with the module team & local tutors Independent study and research Lectures and tutorials will be used to introduce the module and provide information on key aspects of undertaking a research project. The distinctive feature of your learning experience on this module will be the opportunity to undertake an in-depth study of a chosen topic of relevance to their course. Students are expected to attend each week.htm and here http://www. 1994. this is the only formal contact time allowed with the supervision team and students are encouraged to attend each week with work completed. Robert K.

Group discussions. Q&A sessions 01 Dissertation Introduction Module guide Assessment guide Inception Form 02 Literature Research 03a Methodology 03b Quantitative Research Proposal template 04 Qualitative Research Title/Aim/Objectives Discussion Proposal template Ethics and letter templates Completion of Project Proposal & Ethics forms. Submission format 05 Quantitative Data Analysis Q&A October 2012 PTH Feb 2013 EC Feb 2013 JR April 2013 JR April 2013 EC May 2013 NA June 2013 NH July 2013 NH Aug 2013 NA VARIOUS Feedback on Proposal submission 06 Qualitative Data Analysis Q&A 07a Data Presentation 07b Writing Skills Q&A 08 Results.Topic Delivery Guide (Please note on occasion it may be necessary to amend this schedule) Session Lecture Lectures. Conclusion and Recommendations lec Q&A 09 Submission of Dissertation lec Q&A Final review Q & A Session Workshops and tutorial sessions via BCAS staffing - .

Final version of questionnaires and interview questions is to be submitted to supervisor for confirmation of fitness for purpose BEFORE any data is collected.uk/Default.Osborne3@wlv.ac. undertake any interviews or experiments without first having received approval from the Department Ethics Panel (refer to approval form in the appendix).uk/Default.Ethical and safety approval IMPORTANT: ETHICAL and SAFETY APPROVAL: You must not distribute any survey material (e. Applications for extensions need to be made using the standard form obtainable online from E:vision http://www.aspx?page=14112 5 . by a medical certificate). the grade awarded for assessment 2 will be F0.ac. Students are advised to keep a separate copy of all work submitted. questionnaires. If you are unable to submit your work by the deadline or within any extension granted.aspx?page=14112 Extensions to stated hand in dates Extensions to the stated hand in dates will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and you must have a valid cause (normally covered.g. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in a reduction in your overall marks for the dissertation.N.ac. for example. In order to obtain individual feedback. In such cases you should consult the STech Student Support Adviser or by using the standard form obtainable online from e:vision http://www. If this is not undertaken. You should allow due time for this approval process in planning the execution of your dissertation.wlv. students should also complete and submit with their assignment a carbonated feedback sheet (available at the BCAS office). Deferred Ethics form should be amended and submitted via e-mail to the Ms Patricia Osborne (P. letters etc. ADDITIONAL MODULE INFORMATION Submission and feedback of assignments Students should submit assignments on or before the date indicated to the BCAS office. The module team will advise on this process and will need to sign the form before it can be considered by the panel.wlv.uk) in the School Office. Assignments submitted late without a sanctioned extension will be marked F0. or if you consider your performance has been affected by some exceptional circumstances you should consider applying for Extenuating/Mitigating Circumstances.).

Mobile Phones In the interest of courtesy to fellow students and staff please ensure that mobile phones are switched off during lectures and tutorial classes.uk via the current student’s page. This is published on the WOLF topic STech Student Noticeboard. Attendance in Class In the interest of courtesy to fellow students and staff. under the folder topic STech Resit Work. Regulations governing retrieval of failure vary depending on your award. Each week there will normally also be time for students to meet with subject specific staff who will discuss and guide the students. the next academic year.or through the link on your E:Vision student account. who attend and progress regularly. Student work is not normally returned and you are advised to keep your own hard and soft copy of any work submitted. This approach sees the learning needs as the focus of the learning activity with the understanding that you will need to take on some responsibility for your own learning. All academic indicators on this module show that students who regularly attend all lectures and who complete dissertation work on a weekly basis achieve higher grades. Please note extensions should be applied for as soon as the delay becomes apparent and. in line with University Regulations. Students who do not conduct themselves in accordance with this code and who are disruptive in class may be excluded from the module and may be subject to the University of Wolverhampton disciplinary procedures. Student Conduct and Behaviour Students are expected to comply with the STech Student Code for Behaviour and Attendance.wlv.ac. no retrospective extension/mitigation requests will be considered. If you choose not to take this opportunity the module grades will automatically be closed out i.e. Return of Coursework One copy of the Student Assessment form will normally be returned to you within three working weeks. students are reminded that it is expected they will be punctual an arrival at class and in good time for the beginning of the lecture. Retrieval/Resit of Failure All resit assessments should be handed in by the resubmission date to be confirmed. Retrieval work relating to assignments will be posted in WOLF on the STech Student Noticeboard. with formative feedback.e. in particular upon whether you are studying for a degree or a higher national qualification. Please refer to your Course Guide and/or the current Undergraduate Student Handbook. In exceptional circumstances the module leader may allow individual phones to be kept on if a valid - . all documents are available from www. you will have to undertake all assessments on the module and will have to pay for the module/s again. Be aware that the grade awarded will be capped at a D or D5. Feedback sheets will not be distributed for the assessment 2 (final dissertation) as weekly formative assessment replaces this. This is applicable for assessment 1. You are advised to discuss your retrieval/resit options as soon as possible with the STech Student Support Adviser. Please make sure that you register or check your registration for these outstanding retakes in the next academic year. a fail grade awarded and you will be required to retake the whole module at the next opportunity i.

However the sections of the assignment that you answer must be your own individual work. If permission is granted the phone should be put in a ‘silent mode’.uk/lib/skills_for_learning/referencing. (Details can be obtained from Learning Centres or on-line via the Learning Centre Home Page: http://www. Any student who considers they have a valid reason must discuss this with the lecturer prior to the lecture starting. This is because those found guilty of plagiarism or collusion will not only have attempted to represent someone else’s work as their own but have also sought to gain an unfair advantage over their fellow students. Never attempt to use.ac.wlv.aspx ). 7 . Avoiding Plagiarism and Collusion  In the case of group work you are actively encouraged to work in a team.reason is given. where material/information from these sources is quoted it must be clearly referenced using the Harvard Referencing System. copy or paraphrase another student’s work. Plagiarism and Collusion Plagiarism and collusion are very serious offences that can result in expulsion from the University.  You should make it very clear what sources of information have been used.

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