Universal Cell Phone Charger - a Concept

Important amounts of electronic waste • Incompatible mobile phone chargers: an unnecessary waste of resources • Carrying your chargers everywhere you go (inconvenience for users ) .Issue • Specific charger for each cell phone • Environmental issues.

Standard could also be a costcutting opportunity for vendors. .One charger for all Life is easy when one solution satisfies all Single standard will not only make life easier for the more than 3 billion mobile phone users in the world. but it will also help the environment.

Commitment : MoU • Harmonising mobile phone chargers • Industry commits to provide chargers compatibility on the basis of the Micro-USB connector • Consumers will not need to buy a new charger together with every mobile phone .

since no need to buy charger with each new cell phone • Reduce of cost for the producer .Impact • Reduce the generated electronic waste • Environmental benefits • Reduce of cost for customers.

• Reduction in number of devices • Reduction of power consumption : high efficiency. low no load power • Reduction in CO2 Emission in operation.Universal charger • Scope is the reduction of environmental impacts of power supply other ICT than mobile phone. inputs for life cycle impact reduction .

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