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CAT-3400C 3400D High Performance Marine Engines-Maintenance Intervals

CAT-3400C 3400D High Performance Marine Engines-Maintenance Intervals

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Caterpillar, marine, maintenance
Caterpillar, marine, maintenance

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Published by: pschavan on Mar 09, 2013
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SMCS Code: 1205-040

Damage to the crankshaft vibration damper or failure
of the crankshaft vibration damper can increase
torsional vibrations. This can result in damage to
the crankshaft and to other engine components. A
deteriorating damper can cause excessive gear train
noise at variable points in the speed range.

The damper is mounted to the crankshaft which is
located behind the belt guard on the front of the

Removal and Installation

Refer to the Service Manual for the damper removal
procedure and for the damper installation procedure.

Visconic Damper

The visconic damper has a weight that is located
inside a fluid filled case. The weight moves in the
case in order to limit torsional vibration. Inspect the
damper for evidence of dents, cracks or leaks of the

Replace the damper if the damper is dented, cracked
or leaking. Refer to the Service Manual or consult
your Caterpillar dealer for damper replacement.


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