ESTABLISHMENT • 12th April 1988 • Statutory recognition on 31stJanuary1992. • Established as a surveillance body. .by an ordinance of the president of India.

• Promote development of the securities market with the reasonable regulation thereof. • Promote the development of capital market by ensuring flow of savings in it. • Facilitates companies to raise their finances at minimum cost along with fair practices. .OBJECTIVES • Protect the interest of investors in securities. • Prohibit insider trading in securities.

• Exercises the power as may be delegated to it by the government.OBJECTIVES • Restrict transactions pertaining to acquisition of shares &take over of companies. • Impose monetary penalties on capital market intermediaries & other participants for a range of violations. .

Functions of SEBI • Regulating the business in stock exchange and any other securities market • Registering and regulating the workings of intermediaries associated with securities market .

Functions of SEBI • Registering and regulating the working of collective investment schemes including mutual funds • Promoting and regulating self-regulatory organizations .

Functions of SEBI • Promoting investors education and training of intermediaries in securities market • Prohibiting insiders trading in securities • Regulating substantial acquisition of shares and take-over of companies .

intermediaries and self-regulatory organizations in the securities market . undertaking inspection .Functions of SEBI • Calling for information . conducting enquiries and audits of the stock exchanges .

Institutional Investors . dept. Advisory Committees . & Intermediaries Dept. Issue Management. Secondary Market. dept.Organization of SEBI • • • • Departments Primary Mkt.

SEBI Regulates • • • • PrimaryMarket SecondaryMarket MutualFunds ForeignInstitutionalInvestment .

DEVELOPMENTALFUNCTIONS • • • • Promoting investors safety & education. Promotion of fair practices. Training of intermediaries. Dissemination of information collected through its own research .

SEBI& PrimaryMarket • Measures undertaken by SEBI:• • • • • • Entry norms Promoters contribution Disclosure Book building Allocation of shares Market intermediaries .

SEBI & Secondary Market • Reforms in the secondary market:• • • • • Governing board Infrastructure Settlement & clearing Debt market Price stabilization .

POWERS • Registration & regulation of business in stock exchanges & dealers therein. • Registration & regulation of the working of collective investments scheme. . • Promoting & regulating self-regulating organization.

• Promoting investors education & trading. • Conducting research . • Conducting of inspection of stock exchanges.POWERS • Promoting fraudulent & unfair trade practices.

. • Builds investors confidence in securities through efficient . orderly & clean markets. • Regulating malpractices of company management.ADVANTAGES • Fair deals to investors. informed choices &decision.

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