QB Sack Drill

Drill Purpose: To practice agility with proper tackling and fumble recovery techniques Drill Instructions: Use cones, bags and hand shields to create a few obstacles that the players must move through. At the end is a stand up bag with football resting on top. Players must use proper tacking techniques and recover the fumble.





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Adapt this Drill To Your Level By: A larger ball (basketball) or cone can be used with younger players. Drill is for any skill player (RB. .Softball Cut Drill Drill Instructions: Teach players to sink hips when making a cut or plant. player breaks-down to plant and turn back to the ball. The player must grab the object as they turn to reinforce being low to the ground. DB) Coaching Points: Use softball. 3.If player can not reach object they did not sink their hips enough during the plant steps This drill can be enhanced by having a ball thrown to the player after their plant is made. use landmarks (cones) a mush as you can to teach them spacing. When teaching youth players patterns or routes. QB. 2. WR. Have depth to cone closer for youth level Work Both Sides (RT & LT) Great to teach: Hitch. In a proper stance the player sprints downfield. Curl & Comeback Routes C . At the cone or ball. basketball or cone as the land make 1.

players' arms 4. Running Low thru the hole 4. Ball Security Bruisers QB Bruisers C See a video of this drill at YouTube. RB steps in towards line and explodes thru hole. (Work handoffs from left and right side) 3. QB hands off to RB 2. broomstick.Hit the Hole Drill Drill Purpose: To work on taking a handoff and exploding thru a hole for running back. hand shield. RB makes an open field cut while Defender attempts to strip the ball Get 5 players active during drill and rotate thru. Wide Pocket for Handoff 2. 5.com/YFBCA . Explode once thru hole 5. Barrier can be a PVC pipe. RB eyes down field 3. Drill Instructions: 1. Def Players create a barrier that forces RB to run low with eyes up. Techniques to Focus on 1.

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