Offensive Drills For Youth Football

Featuring YFBCA Director Coach Joe Bouffard
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The lineman’s aim is directed toward the outside number on the front of the defender’s uniform. and does so with the correct techniques.Reach Drill Purpose of Drill: To teach your offensive linemen the fundamentals of the reach block. Stress the importance of this first step. Each lineman takes the correct steps. and drive him back.. then do the same to the right. Coaching Points: The lineman’s first step is always directed to the side of the reach. on the outside shoulder). Finish the drill! The linemen make good. to keep himself between the defender and the path of the ballcarrier. Have each lineman block the same way – run through the drill reaching to the left. turn the All Levels drill Three offensive lineman each line up across from three defenders.e. . sound contact. and full-speed. half-speed. Each defender (in either two-point or three-point stance) lines up offset from the lineman in front of them (i. Also stress the importance of position on the defender. The OL turns his body following contact. The first step is directional. and the second step is positional. Drill: This is a Weplay. Practice the drill in different tempos . to complete a reach block on the defender in front of them.walk-through.

Have Coach give QB a play and open to the first step of that play 4. “FREEZE” player after first step to determine if their cleat landing on mark. plastic coffee can lid etc) 2. 3.QB Open Steps For Run Game Purpose: Teach QB proper open steps for run game plays Drill: 1. Using a Clock Analogy .set up each circle landmark to where the QB’s first step post snap for a run play. 6 5 4 3 7 8 9 . Get flat round objects (tin can lid.

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