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Cfl Drills 2

Cfl Drills 2

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Published by: Thomas Grimm on Mar 09, 2013
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Tackling Drills Butt Tackling Drill

Drill Procedure: To teach proper tackling techniques Equipment: 4 Stand up dummies or Garbage Cans Drill Points: Position 4 dummies 2 yards apart and cone 5 yards after last bag On signal, have ball carrier enter the first “chute” (hole) as the tackler enters alley, they must breakdown, wrap up arms, roll hips then release call carrier Both players backpedal then shuffle to the second chute Drill continues thru the third bag/chute After third chute, ball carrier must backpedal and run to cone. Defender should execute an angle tackle as ball carrier run towards cone. Make sure to conduct drill to both sides Coaching Points Make sure defender attacks with inside out leverage Emphasize hip roll and arm wrap on contact Check proper angle tackle technique Great drill for defenders to work to regain their base of contact.






On coach’s cadence. Repeat drill from opposite side of bags. both lineman will explode into bag recover with seat roll and continue to next bag. Stress explosion and immediate recovery 4. On Coach’s cadence. or Hand Shields Drill: Position lineman on the left side of the bag in single line. and them move to the next pad in direction Next lineman will quickly get into 3 pt stance in front of 1st pad. Using hand shields is great as it keep more kids active During practice . Stress correct hitting technique (hand placement) 3. Drill continues until all lineman have complete one pass of each bag. 1st lineman will explode into pad with hands inside (thumbs up) and punch bag. 1st lineman gets in 3 pt stance. Use cadence & change up snap count 2. Coaching Points: 1. Player will recover using a seat roll. Garbage Cans.Five Man Seat Roll Purpose of Drill : To teach explosion and agility Equipment: 5 man sled.

and to avoid false steps.DB Zone Break Purpose of Drill: To teach the proper fundamentals for reading the QB. he turns his eyes and shoulders towards a WR The DB reads the QB’s eyes and shoulders As the QB releases the ball. intercepts the ball. and a DB splits the difference The QB (coach) aligns 15 yards directly in front of the DB On ball movement. his eyes are on the ball. the QB takes a three to five step drop. and gain confidence while covering two receivers in the same zone. Coach the DB to gain ground as quickly as possible. the DB plants. the DB pedals straight back As the QB sets. WR WR QB . and looks the ball all the way in. and sprints past the QB Coaching Points: Emphasize correct stance and proper backpedaling technique while the DB reads the QB On his break. with both hands. the DB’s eyes are on the WR. The DB catches the ball at its highest point. anticipate the ball. At the same time. tucks it away. Drill: A stationary WR lines up on each hash mark. After acceleration. drives.

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