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F... the life
F... the life

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Published by: prominus on Mar 09, 2013
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It's impossible to separate spiritual people from people who

want the world to be a better place. Sure, there are plenty of

people who aren't spiritual who also want the world to be a


better place. But there aren't many spiritual people who aren't

interested in it. So we're all working for good to triumph over

evil, for peace to reign over all, to eradicate hunger and terrorism.

But haven't you noticed something?

No matter how hard people try, the apparent balance between

'good' and 'evil', between 'peace' and the opposite, fighting and

war; always remains pretty much the same. There have always

been 'good' people. And there have always been 'bad' peo-

ple. The effects of good action in the world have been phe-

nomenal. And so have the effects of bad action. The latter just

tends to get more news. In fact, the latter tends to get all the

news. Consequently, we tend to think that the world is generally

'bad' and we've got to make it a better place.

And, just as an aside on this news thing, there's a newspaper that

sets out to redress the news imbalance: it only gives you positive

news. In fact, it's called Positive News. It does what it says on the

tin. Have you read it? If you haven't, try to find a copy. It's avail-

able in all good vegan newsagents. Read it. And see if you can

stay awake. You'll be reaching for your regular doom-filled daily

before you can say 'paedophile crack dealer in terrorist plot'.

And I'm not dissing all those who pray for peace, fight evil and

try to beat the bad guy. I'm also not dissing all those that pray for

destruction, fight good and try to beat the good guy. They will both

go at each other; tooth and nail, for as long as there are humans.

Sometimes it will look like the good guy's winning. Sometimes

the bad guy. In the end, it all works out the same: they balance

each other out over time.

Saying Fuck It I I 15

So here's the thing: let's recognize that good will never win out

over bad, or vice versa. Let's accept things as they are ... just

exactly as they are right now. Let's say Fuck It to the battle. It

really doesn't matter: The news is the same every day. Just with

different names. It's boring.

So just feel what it's like to give up the battle (whichever side

you're on).You're not going to win. You're not going to make a

difference. Because the final score is always a draw (which is

great if you're into the pools). Give up your desire forthe world

to be a better place, and do the pools instead.

What does it feel like? Yes, again, it feels like you're relaxing. It

feels like you're lying back. You lose your tight grip on life. You

lose your desire for things to be other than they actually are.

Finally resigning yourself to things as they actually are is a real

blast.This is the blast of saying Fuck It.

Like everything else that you do, once you start saying Fuck It,

the effect is peculiar: Once you give up wanting the world to be

a better place, you may well start actually doing something that

has an apparent effect in the world.

It's a bugger, isn't it? But as you're probably beginning to get, it

does seem to be true. If you're not beginning to 'get', just Fuck

It anyway.

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