MARCH 9, 2013

NR # 3038B

Solon wants to grant barangay tanods more benefits and privileges
A lawmaker said granting barangay tanods more benefits and privileges will attract more people in the grassroots level to join the village security group. “I believe that it is only through the grant of special benefits, privileges and opportunities for personal development that the government can effectively encourage barangay residents to take an interest in joining tanod brigades,” said Rep. Catalina Bagasina (Party-list ALE). Bagasina said she will pursue her advocacy to improve the standard of living of barangay tanods and enhance their skills and capabilities to make them better equipped in the maintenance of peace and order in their community. Bagasina said barangay tanods should be granted the same benefits and privileges enjoyed by barangay secretaries and treasurers, under Section 393 of Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, “There is a need to enhance the government program for barangay tanods to promote and enhance their social and economic well-being, as well as their living and working conditions,” Bagasina said. Bagasina said the Sangguniang Barangays are having a hard time at organizing barangay brigades because very few residents show interest in becoming a part of the village security. “Many residents are not interested in joining the community security group in their localities because the appointment of barangay tanods is not required under the Local Government Code,” Bagasina said. (30) eg