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: February 06, 2013 : Mr. Russtum Pelima CEO, Pelima Group of Companies From : Ms. Teresa Mae Alcansado Marketing Director, Yeye Group of Companies Subject: Company Accomplishments Cc : Mr. Denzel Mending CEO, Yeye Group of Companies

SALES ACCOMPLISHMENTS Yeye Group of Companies earned a 2.3% increase in sales in the last quarter resulting to a 13.5% increase in its net income with an average of P900, 000 net income for the said quarter.
920,000 900,000 880,000

860,000 840,000
820,000 800,000 780,000 760,000 740,000 2011 2012 Sales

CERTIFICATIONS and AWARDS The following are the company’s accomplishments in its entire year of service:  On January 2010, the company was awarded the Philippine Quality Award for its commitment to implementing standard quality management.

On 2011-2012, the local government recognized the company as the local tax payer of the year during the Yaman Gensan event. On the year 2012, the company was also awarded as the “Loyal Company of the Year” and the “Employer of the Year” during the Yaman Gensan Convention. On 2012, the company was given the People’s Choice Award by the same awarding body. Recently, the company was proclaimed as the “Product Innovator of the Year”.

Ms. Teresa Mae Alcansado Marketing Director

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