Jet star Turbo 15W40

Jet star turbo is a super premium heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to meet the warranty requirements of most manufacturers of diesel engines specially developed for new generation heavy duty super and turbocharged diesel engine driven HCV’s. This motor oil is a blend of base oils and specially selected additives designed to provide excellent performance in all recommended applications. Contains effective detergent-dispersant to keep sludge and varnish deposits to a minimum. Additionally fortified with oxidation-corrosion inhibitors.Powerfull innovative additive chemistry controls soot thickening and soot induced wear ,,making this grade suitable for use in low emission diesel engines using gas exhaust recirculation systems (EGR), meeting Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 4 emission specifications. Product features and Benefits.

 High viscosity index provides effective lubrication at operating temperatures.  Good anticorrosion, antirust, antioxidation and antiwear properties.  Increased oil drain period upto 45000 kms. On highway, under ideal conditions.  Innovative additive chemistry controls soot thickening & soot induced wear ensuring better protection of fine tolerance components, resulting in engine durability.  High shear stable viscosity indexs improver provides excellent viscosity control preventing excessive thickening of oil to maintain its 15W-40 viscosity throughout the service interval offering ‘stay in grade’’ performance which provides improved engine protection.

Applications  Mixed fleets of both new generation gasoline and diesel engines.  Constructions, marine, mining and heavy duty stationery engines.  Engines incorporating exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).  Turbo charged diesel engines. Precautions:  Always change filter while changing the oil.  Use genuine oil filter and replace at 9000 Km for city service /Hilly areas & 18000Hm for highway service .Also top-up with Jet star turbo 15W40 engine oil.

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