Prepared by: Ma. Elena K. Parayno

Meaning of Political Science

It is the systematic study of the state and government. It is the science of politics that has a basic knowledge and understanding of the state and of the principles and ideals which underlie its organization and activities.

Scope of political science

Political Theory. The entire body of doctrines relating to the origin, forms, behavior, and purposes of the state are dealt with in the study of political theory.

Public Law. It includes:  organizations of government  the limitations upon government authority  the powers and duties of governmental offices and officers  the obligations of one state to another

Public administration. The attention is focused upon the methods and techniques used in the actual management of state affairs by executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

Function of Political Science

to discover the principles that should be adhered to in public affairs to study the operations of government in order to demonstrate what is good, to criticize what is bad or inefficient, and to suggest improvements

Importance of the Study of Political Science

useful to constitution-makers, legislators, executives and judges who need models or norms that can be applied to immediate situations useful to individuals who seek to understand the state in which they live

Goals in the Study of Political Science Courses
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Education for Citizenship Essential parts of liberal education Knowledge and understanding of government