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Psalm 23 Class 9

Psalm 23 Class 9

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Published by: Christian Believers' Assembly Borivali on Mar 09, 2013
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Thou Preparest a Table.....

Table mountain - Cape Town

Table Mountain
• In summer shepherd leads the sheep towards table land - mountain top • Common in western United States and Southern Europe and is called 'Mesas' • 'Mesas' is a Spanish word for table

Prepares the Table Land....
• Before summer shepherd goes to survey the land Jn.10:3-4
• He distributes salt and minerals at strategic places. • Identifies site for his camp

• Determines the carrying capacity of the land that helps to decide grazing pattern
• He removes poisonous weeds if any • Eg. Joseph / job

White and Blue Cammas



A single white Camma in the midst of blue Cammas

He keeps eye on predators
• Wild beasts cunningly come to snatch the sheep • Beasts like wolf, bear, lion etc. • We need to be careful, be closer to the shepherd • Eg. Peter, Lord warned him, yet he walked afar off. Lk.22:31-32,54-62 • We should not be ignorant of his devices 2Cor.2:11 • He comes some time like a roaring Lion or like an angel of light 1Pet.5:8;2 Cor.11:14; Mat.7:15

He makes provision for water
• He clears out water holes and springs • He makes sure that clean, clear, cool, deep water is available Ezekiel 34:18

• He makes sure that sheep are safe there on the mountain top from weeds and predators

Still waters......

He protects them from storms and gales
• Shepherd should know the direction and nature of wind as he goes to higher ground

• Satan some times takes us to the top of the mountain - material prosperity. Matt. 4:8-10
• Some times he may allow us to reach the pinnacle of temple - spiritual progress Matt.4:5-6 • We need to be extremely careful of his tactics 2Cor.2:11

Prepared Table is the symbol of His love

• Lord's Table reminds the love of the good shepherd.

• Lord's Table and LORD's Supper

The Lord’s supper

(I Cor 11:20)

• It is Lord’s and not ours • He invited us to the supper • Observed in the evening (Acts 10:7) . Supper is defined as the most important meal of the day. (To Indians lunch and for Europeans dinner) • So it is not necessary to be in the evening . Early church did it because of social pressureslaves working • It is different from Lord’s table. I Cor 10:21

Lord’s table and Lord’s supper
• Both are different • Lord’s supper is exclusively of NT • Table of the Lord found in OT and also in Kingdom-Lord’s daily provision for His children Mal. 1:7,12 Lk.22:29-30 • Provison of priestly family at the alter is the Table of the Lord • He also provided Manna and water. Prepared a table in the Wilderness

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