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DraftSight Master Series Vol.2

DraftSight Master Series Vol.2

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DraftSight Master Series vol.2
DraftSight Master Series vol.2

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Published by: emanole on Mar 09, 2013
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Volume 2

The Lyons’ Share™
brought to you by

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The Lyons’ Share™

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Volume 2
The DraftSight community – millions of users and growing everyday
DraftSight users represent a mix of professionals, educators, and students from a wide range of companies, industries and educational institutions. What DraftSight users share, is the desire to maximize their design skills and the “DraftSight Masters Series” was designed to help them do just that.
™ Volume 2 of this Series, brought to you by The Lyons’ Share, features a collection of tips, tricks, videos, and more from DraftSight’s training guru, Mark Lyons. It’s a one-of-a-kind instructional resource for designers at every skill level.

We hope you’ll find this 2nd edition of the DraftSight Master Series valuable and encourage you to share it with your colleagues and friends.
Introduction Learning Resources


The Lyons’ Share™


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Windows® 7 (General Release). DraftSight. Activation required. (MAC and Linux are currently in Beta) • Affordable Premium services and support available via the DraftSight Premium Pack for Enterprises and Educational Institutions. Learning Resources Tips & Tricks Support Services * Standalone license. • Millions of users • More than 150.DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction DraftSight Facts DraftSight is a professional-grade. Windows Vista®.000 Facebook fans Are you a fan yet? • Available in 12 languages • New features and updates introduced frequently • Offers access to free community support and learning resources. MAC® and Linux. view DWG files • Takes less than a few minutes to download • Supports Microsoft® Windows XP®. free* 2D CAD product from Dassault Systèmes. edit.com 2 . DraftSight highlights: • You can create.

S.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by Learning Resources The Learning Resources that you’ll discover in this chapter.com .solidworks. Outside the U. the DraftSight Getting Started Guide has more than 180 pages of fundamental skills necessary for the efficient use of DraftSight. DraftSight Getting Started Guide ® Getting Started with DraftSight® Check out the free DraftSight Getting Started Guide. For beginners and experienced CAD users alike. with the exception of the “Getting Started Guide” are video-based and take just a few minutes to view.com http://www.: Fax: Email: Web: +1-978-371-5011 +1-978-371-7303 info@solidworks.com/education 3 DraftSight.

com 4 .DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction Adding Attribute Learning Resources Tips & Tricks When using Blocks in DraftSight. you are prompted to specify values for each Block Attribute (unless the value is defined with a constant value). you can increase your productivity by adding Attribute data to them. Support Services DraftSight. Block Attribute definitions let you attach variable or constant text to Blocks. When you insert a Block containing Block Attributes.

Like an Ellipse. but is open similar to a Radial Arc. An Elliptical Arc. 5 DraftSight.com . however.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by Elliptical Arc Use the Elliptical Arc command when you are creating an open Ellipse. an Elliptical Arc has a center. but has a longer radius along its major axis and a shorter radius along its minor axis. is not closed like an ellipse.

Use the EditPolyLine command to edit PolyLines and PolyLine vertices by: • Opening a closed PolyLine. all the working steps are reverted as a whole.com 6 . Support Services DraftSight. or closing an open PolyLine • Joining a PolyLine with other drawing entities such as Lines.DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction Edit Polyline Learning Resources Tips & Tricks One of the most useful commands in DraftSight is theEditPolyLine command. If you revert PolyLine editing with a subsequent Undo command. or PolyLines • Changing the width of the whole PolyLine • Editing the control points (vertices) of individual PolyLine segment You can perform many edits of one or more PolyLines with a single EditPolyLine command. Arcs.

7 DraftSight. The Polygon command will create a PolyLine entity. the more complicated the construction will be. You could draw a polygon using the Line command.com . but the more sides needed. A polygon is a closed multisided entity consisting of 3 to 1024 equal length sides.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by Polygon Use the Polygon command to create a regular polygon (a polygon with equal sides and angles).

DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction Hands on Project . Finally.Star Learning Resources Tips & Tricks Have you been using DraftSight for some time or are you a new user and want to test your skills? Follow along with this assignment “Hands on Project – Star” and create the geometry for the star. Delete and create a Pattern. Support Services DraftSight. You will need to know how to Trim. You will need to make a Polyline out of a series of lines and use the Offset command. you will need to use the Hatch/Fill command and some of its options. To do this.com 8 . you will need to know how to create a Line and a Circle.

9 DraftSight.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by Trim Command The Trim Command is one of the most commonly used functions within DraftSight. It’s also one of the most misunderstood.com . Follow along with this video to understand the proper way to use the Trim Command.

Support Services DraftSight.DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction Creating Paper Snowflakes with DraftSight Learning Resources Tips & Tricks With the holiday season upon us. Watch this video and see how you can create paper snowflakes using DraftSight. why not use DraftSight to create some of your festive decorations.com 10 .

negatively impact your 2D CAD installation and possibly cause you a lot of work.com . we have a tip for you – Don’t let this migration cost your company thousands of dollars. Check out this video and have DraftSight come to the rescue! 11 DraftSight.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by Migrate to Windows 7 Are you planning to migrate to Windows 7? If so. DraftSight can help avoid all of this.

DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction Creating an Isometric Drawing with DraftSight Learning Resources Tips & Tricks An Isometric drawing is a method of making a 2D drawing look like its 3D. Support Services DraftSight. Watch this video and learn how easy it is to create one of these drawings with DraftSight.com 12 .

The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by GetArea Command Do you need to calculate an area of an oddly shaped feature? Do you need to add or subtract portions of that area? Using the GetArea Command is an easy way to get the resulting area. 13 DraftSight. Use this command to calculate the area and perimeter by specifying a drawing entity or by specifying points that comprise an area to measure. Watch this video and learn how easy it is to calculate area with DraftSight.com .

Check out this video to learn how to print any or all drawings that are in a specific file. Support Services DraftSight.DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction Batch Print Learning Resources Tips & Tricks Do you have multiple sheets in one file? Would you like to print them all at once? With DraftSight this is very simple.com 14 .

type ACTLAY then select an entity on a layer that you want to be the Active Layer. LAYER TOOL: To activate a layer by selecting an entity. 15 DraftSight. To create your own toolbar. SWITCHING VIEWPORTS: If you have multiple ViewPorts on your sheet. TOOLBAR(S): To see the list of available toolbars that can be toggled on or off. you can cycle through them by pressing CRTL+R once you have one active.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by Tips and Tricks The tips and tricks that you’ll discover in this chapter will take just minutes to review and could have a dramatic impact on your productivity. but did you know you can show the labels for these icons? Right-click your mouse while your cursor is in the Properties Pallet and choose “Display icons and labels”. If you want to see the LineWeights appear. LINEWEIGHTS: By default. LineWeights will not appear to change in your Graphics Window. type TOOLBAR and the Customization window will open to allow you to create custom toolbars or change existing ones.com . type TOOLBARS. PROPERTIES PALLET ICON LABELS: Have you ever wondered what those icons are in the Properties Pallet? You can hover your cursor over the icon and see the tooltip. type LineWeight at the command prompt and select “Display weight in graphics area”. This will add the descriptions to all of the icons in the pallet.

F9 – Snap Toggle. F7 – Grid Toggle. InfiniteLines. Tips & Tricks SPLIT COMMAND: Use the Split command to erase part of an entity between two points. The size of the segments is determined by the length to divide and the number of construction points to insert. F2 – Command Window. there is no remainder. Learning Resources MARK DIVISIONS: The MarkDivisions command places evenly spaced Points or Blocks along the length or perimeter of an entity. PolyLines. but not with RichLines. and Rays. Remember. and you simply need to press the key to activate. Support Services DraftSight. The command lets you “separate” Lines. F10 – Polar Toggle and F11 – Etrack Toggle. Use Split as a construction tool or to create a gap between two parts of an entity to place Text or a symbol. Splines. PolyLines. the Function Keys are at the top of your keyboard. F5 – Isoplane Toggle. Here is a list of standard Function Key settings: F1 – Help. Use the command with Lines.DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction FUNCTION KEYS: Often overlooked is the use of Function Keys in DraftSight. The entity is not cut into different pieces but remains one entity. or “hot keys” allows you to quickly activate a command in DraftSight.com 16 . In contrast to the MarkLengths command. Using the Function Keys. Arcs. F3 – Esnap Toggle. Circles. and Arcs into segments of equal length by inserting construction Points or Blocks. F8 – Ortho Toggle. Circles. Ellipses.

without having to explode the object. Use the SaveComponent Command in order to get back to your drawing once you’re done. and continue working. it will update all the instances of that block within your file. you can now select the view from the Print Dialog and print just that view.com . you can add them by clicking Tools>Options>System Options expand Display and check the box for “show scroll bars”. Click Apply and you’ve added the scroll bars to your graphic window. ADDING SCROLL BARS TO THE GRAPHIC WINDOW: If you prefer to use scroll bars to pan your graphic window. Use the EditComponent Command (Or click Modify>Component>Edit from the pull down menu). NAMED VIEW PRINTING: If you create a “Named View” in your file. Press Enter.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by APPENDING A LINE SEGMENT: To append a line segment to an existing line or arc: Click Draw > Line (or type Line). it is possible to edit a block in place. Select the Print icon. Click a point to define the appended line segment and press Enter. 17 DraftSight. Choose the view you’d like to print and click OK. This is a great way to set up a multi-sheet drawing if you plan on printing from Model space. The appended continuation line attaches to the end of last Line or Arc that you drew. Once you make the change to the block. This will bring up the menu of Esnap options. Choose the one that you need. select Named view in the Print range category. EDITCOMPONENT: With DraftSight. there may be a need to use a temporary esnap override. TEMPORARY ESNAP OVERRIDE: When creating your geometry. At the dialog. The easiest way to do this is to hold the SHIFT key down and press the right mouse button.

however. Blocks and even Layers. and all the geometry will fit within the drawing window. but you can freeze all of the remaining layers at once. Click Ok. Line Style. You will get a warning that says that you cannot freeze the current layer. click the “Keep boundaries” box. such as Dimension Styles. Simply select the first layer. Tips & Tricks FREEZE ALL LAYERS: In DraftSight you cannot freeze the current layer. Then click the freeze icon on any of the layers in the layer manager. The geometry can be either a Polyline. QUICK ZOOM FIT: There are a number of productivity tools to use within DraftSight. Simply “double-click” the scroll wheel in the active graphic window. you will be able to draw lines at any point on your screen. By using Polar Tracking. Make sure the active layer is the one you want to remain. When you open a new file. Once you’ve started the Hatch Command. Support Services DraftSight. or a Region. USING EXISTING DRAWING SETTINGS: You can bring in drawing settings from any existing file into you current file.com 18 . your cursor will also Snap to a vertical or horizontal direction without having to use Ortho. but by far the most popular tip is how to use the scroll wheel of the mouse to zoom the drawing to fit the screen. and what you have left is all of the other settings from the inserted file. and all of the layers will be frozen except the current layer. simply insert the file that contains the settings into the new one as a block. Learning Resources POLAR TRACKING: Try using Polar Tracking instead of Ortho for drawing your horizontal and vertical lines. Hold the Shift key down and select the last one. and then scroll down until you see the last layer. In this dialog. click the “Additional Options” button. This will allow you to simply bring these settings into your new file without having to recreate them. Delete the geometry that shows in your graphics window.DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction HATCH BOUNDARIES: You can have DraftSight create geometry for your hatch boundary.

com . it offers added value with an affordable technical support and services package designed to help enterprises and educational institutions manage their CAD requirements by providing support with software deployment. ROI Calculator. Automatic upgrades. Enterprises A service for companies that supports software compliance issues. DraftSight. 2D CAD product.The Lyons’ Share™ brought to you by Support and Services . new-releases and service pack upgrades Access to online community support and an abundance of learning resources Includes: Telephone support Email support Network license Access to DraftSight APIs and API updates Comprehensive curriculum Automatic upgrades. • Classroom Pack: 45 licenses • Campus Pack: 200 licenses See what you can save. customization. deployment. new-releases and service pack upgrades Access to online community support and an abundance of learning resources Options: Minimum five licenses required to purchase. and integration. ROI Calculator. 19 KCAP MUIMERP Educators PREMIUM PACK CAMPUS/CLASSROOM PREMIUM PACK KCAP MUIMERP See what you can save. Includes: Telephone support Email support Network license Access to DraftSight APIs and API updates DraftSight Premium Pack for education offers significant value. customization and integration.Check Out the DraftSight Premium Pack DraftSight® is more than a professional-grade.

Join the free online community.DraftSight® Master Series Volume 2 Introduction Take just a few minutes to conduct a complimentary ROI analysis that will reveal the significant savings your organization can achieve by using the DraftSight Premium Pack for the Enterprise or Educational Institution.com 20 . Tips & Tricks Support Services DraftSight. Learning Resources Free Community Support The online DraftSight Community provides support and the opportunity to interact with thousands of CAD users from around the world.

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