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Quotes About History

Directions: Below are several quotes. Pick three quotes that best describe what you think history is or why you believe we should study history. One at a time, copy each of your three quotes. Then, explain in your own words, in one sentence, what you think the author of the quote is saying, and why you think it is important.
1) [A]ny fool can make history, but it 2) A country without a memory is a takes a genius to write it. country of madmen. Oscar Wilde George Santayana 3) History is a science, no more and no 4) Imagination plays too important a less. role in the writing of history, and what J. B. Bury is imagination but the projection of the author's personality. Pieter Geyl 5) History teaches everything including 6) If you would understand anything, the future. observe its beginning and its Lamartine development. Aristotle 7) There is no history of mankind, there 8) History, in brief, is an analysis of the is only an indefinite number of histories past in order that we may understand of all kinds of aspects of human life. the present and guide our conduct into Karl Popper the future. Sidney E. Mead 9) Nothing capable of being memorized 10) History is the invention of is history. historians. R. G. Collingwood Attributed to Napoleon 11) The supreme purpose of history is 12) To look back upon history is a better world. inevitably to distort it. Herbert Hoover Norman Pearson 13) In analyzing history do not be too 14) And history becomes legend and profound, for often the causes are legend becomes history. quite superficial. J. Cocteau Ralph Waldo Emerson 15) Men make their own history, but 16) At the heart of good history is a they do not make it just as they please; naughty little secret: good storytelling. they do not make it under Stephen Schiff circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly

Jr.Name:_____________________________________ History 9 Date:___________ found.M. Karl Marx 17) God cannot alter the past. Samuel Butler A. . 18) History is. an argument historians can. given and transmitted from the past. without end. Schlesinger. indeed.

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