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Published by: Ahmad Hussein Enayat on Mar 10, 2013
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Darley PCM

Construction Health & Safety Specialists

Darley PCM Ltd © 2012 | http://www.darleypcm.com

and have been updated to place more duties onto the client.darleypcm. CDM coordinators and contractors at all stages of the project life-cycle from initial design to planning through to completion and handover. Duty holders that must be appointed and have responsibilities under the CDM regulations include: » The Client » Designers » CDM Coordinator » Principal Contractor » Contractors Darley PCM Ltd © 2012 | http://www. These regulations came into force on the 6th of April 2007. There is a key theme running through the CDM regulations – competence. designers. principal contractor or contractor. Duties are placed on clients. If you are involved in a construction project. in an aim to ensure that all parties involved in the construction project comply with the law. you need to be competent and ensure that others are too.The CDM regulations The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM Regulations) place legal duties on virtually everyone involved in construction work. chances are you are a duty holder under the CDM regulations.com . Whether you act as a client. designer. CDM coordinator.

giving you the peace of mind that your project is CDM compliant. In the event that one or both of these appointments have not been made. the client will be deemed to have been appointed for one or both of the roles and will accordingly be subject to the duties imposed on the CDM coordinator and/or principal contractor. Once appointed we will assist you in assessing the competence of other key members of the project team. and ensure there are arrangements for welfare facilities and suitable resources for the project.com . revise and provide access to the health & safety file for the project The CDM coordinator and a principal contractor must be appointed at all times throughout the project until the end of the construction phase.darleypcm. Darley PCM Ltd © 2012 | http://www. It is their responsibility to ensure that work does not commence until the required duty holders have been appointed and a sufficient construction phase plan is in place. we will also advise you on the requirements for the nature of your project.Client duties It is now the responsibility of the client to check the competencies of all appointed on the project. We will guide you through your CDM duties step by step. The main duties of the Client under the CDM Regulations 2007 are: » To appoint a competent CDM Coordinator » To appoint competent designers and a principal contractor » To ensure sufficient time and resources are allocated for all stages of the project » To ensure that relevant all pre-construction information is passed on to the project team » To ensure that a suitable construction phase plan is in place prior to commencing » To ensure that adequate welfare facilities are made available on site » To retain.

when quoting for your project.darleypcm. and collect information for the health and safety file. maintenance. Our comprehensive service provides you with the CDM coordinator duties required by law. » We will notify the HSE of the project as required under the CDM regulations. » On completion we will compile and present the client with the health and safety file. The key elements of our CDM coordinator service delivery are provided below. including a step-by-step break down of the service provided at each stage of your project. » We will advise on the appointment of competent contractors and assess the suitability of management arrangements through reviewing the construction phase plan. and the support and assistance needed by your team.com or speak to us on 01332 233541.Our CDM-C service We will work closely with you and your project team from start to finish ensuring compliance with the regulations. » During the design stages we co-ordinate the health and safety aspects of the design work and identify and collect the pre-construction information. Darley PCM Ltd © 2012 | http://www. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information or support you require. alterations. get in touch with us at email@darleypcm. along with any optional additional health and safety services you may require. refurbishment and demolition to be carried out safely. including cleaning. » During the construction phase we will facilitate good communication between project team members. to allow future construction work. » On appointment the we ensure the client is aware of their own duties under the CDM regulations and provide advice and assistance with this as required. » We visit site to establish the nature of the site and identify site specific hazards and restrictions. For full details of our CDM coordinator service.com . We will also provide you with a full break down of our CDM-C service.

Our CDM coordinators are qualified in both construction management and construction health and safety. and the group dynamic of your project team. its complexity.com . designers and contractors. To enable us to act effectively in managing the flow of health and safety information. regulations and best practice. we promote and facilitate good communication between the client. assessing the size of your project. but also an understanding of the construction process and project management. This knowledge is vital to allowing effective communication channels between the project team. Our flexible approach allows us to adapt to meet your specific requirements. in addition to our CDM coordinator services. This experience and understanding of the construction process allows us to provide support and assistance to contractors and designers with their CDM duties.darleypcm. In addition to health and safety experience. from appointment to completion.For your project We understand that your project is unique. Darley PCM Ltd © 2012 | http://www. our CDM coordinators provide a minimum of 5 years hands on projects management expertise on both refurbishment and new build schemes. Our CDM coordinator qualifications have gained and maintain the following qualifications and memberships: » Degree qualified in Construction Management » NEBOSH Construction Certificate » Members of the Institute of Health and Safety (IOSH) » Members of the Association of Project Safety (APS) A CDM coordinator with hands on construction project management experience and safety management experience is well placed to assess the competency of others. and assisting you with all health and safety aspects. A competent CDM coordinator not only requires health and safety knowledge.

either at a competitive hourly rate or on a fixed fee basis. we have never had a disagreement over our fees.Fixed-fee quotation Our quotations provide our clients will full details of the service provided.com/cdmc Darley PCM Ltd © 2012 | http://www. for a quotation or to request further information and assistance: Call: 01332 233541 Email: email@darleypcm. based on your requirements.00 + VAT you will find our fees for our CDM Coordinator service to be amongst the most competitive in the industry. Request a quote To appoint Darley PCM as your CDM coordinator.darleypcm. giving you the peace of mind that there will be no shocks or surprises to you or your project during its life time. and only with your full authorisation.com Visit: www. In these instances we will provide clear details of the work we have done. With quotes from £695.darleypcm. Due to this transparency. such as safety inspections or additional site visits if health and safety situations arise. a record we are proud to maintain. We are pleased to provide: » Fixed fees for our CDM coordinator service » Clear break-downs of the work we perform » A flexible approach to allow us to meet your requirements » Open and honest communication with you and your project team Throughout your project. in fact many of our clients comment on our excellent value for money service. you may wish to appoint us to carry out additional health and safety services. Our flexible client focused approach allows us to undertake additional work.com .

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