The most basic way of gaining awareness of the environment of human being is through the senses.

The brain processes the information from our senses and through that we gain knowledge of the surrounding world. Our perception has impact on everything we acknowledge, and thus becomes the most important way of knowing. However, the human‟s brain tends to be biased and can easily distort the reality that the senses “see”. Perception is the straightforward way of gaining information. Directly through our five senses we communicate with the world. Perception is the basic to everything logical thinking and intepretation of the world. Subconciously we rely on out senses to survive. The knowledge gained from perception is mostly objective and easy to test. However, the process of obtaining information of the brain can lead to misconcept. Past experiences can lead to perceptual illusion. We are likely to make connections between a new concept and an old one, therefore we can our view on certain things. Also the brain tends to find the shortcut and is very biased. As a result we have visual grouping, whereas we try to connect the seperated pieces and see things as a whole. Furthermore, our senses have their limitations. The truth may lie in what we cannot see with naked eyes, or the truth might not be what our eyes see. What we received from our senses might be true, but after being processed by the brain, the information will not be objective and completely reliable. We may misremember or misinterpret the things that we have sensed, therefore what we have seen, or rather “what we think we have seen” is now reliable. Our brain works in such a way that sometimes it cannot separate reality and intepratations. Thus we use common sense to fill in the blanks of our memory. Therefore the use of eye witness in crime investigation may not be right. The brain is not strong enough to remember an unfamiliar face for a long time. The impression left in our mind will be distorted and therefore cannot be used to judge people. It is said that „seeing is believeing‟, but actually, what we see are strongly subjective. We conly see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear and so on. On general, perception is useful and simple, but is not confidently reliable. Therefore perception must be used carefully as a way of knowing.

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