4/10/2012 By: Ron’Darius Williams Mrs. Hardy’s Class

The history of Brazil

the West Africans would bring the greatest influence to the Brazilian food culture. The first Brazilian National Flag appeared officially as early as 1889. hearts of palm. Until recently. However. the Brazilian economy was quite unstable and inflation was often quite high. The country took its name from “brazilwood”. When the Portuguese had arrived in the 1500s. with a constellation of 21 stars displayed on it. 1500. until 1942 Cruzeiro: used from 1942-1967 Cruzeiro novo: used from 1967-1970 Cruzeiro: used again from 1970-1986 Cruzado: used from 1986-1989 Cruzado novo: used from 1989-1990 Cruzeiro: used yet again from 1990-1993 Cruzeiro real: used from 1993-1994 Real: began use in 1994. Brazilian currency has undergone many changes throughout history. on the very same the day the flag was made public. on November 19. a Portuguese navigator called Pedro Alvares Cabral reached the shores of Brazil. These 21 stars were accepted by Decree Number 4 passed by the Provisional Government of the Republic of the United States of Brazil. corn porridge. roots. .On April 22. cassava meal. still used today Brazil Flag History witnessed several changes ever since its inception. and the preservation of meats by smoking and drying. These foods included sweet potatoes. and as a result the currency changed many times. a redwood tree commonly found along the Brazilian coastline that was ordinarily used to dye garments back in Europe. Indians had already inhabited the land and developed many foods. species of fish. You’ll note that some of the currencies were used for less than a year!          Réis: used during the Portuguese empire and the new Republic. Brazilian food represents a variety of traditional recipes that were influenced by many cultures from its history.

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