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1. Define the terms: sensitivity, directivity and frequency response of microphone. 2. Explain the working principle of magnetic recording. 3. Compare positive and negative modulation. 4. What is VSB and why is it used for TV transmission? 5.Explain the unsuitability of G-Y signal for transmission. 6. How does frequency interleaving help to accomodate colour information in the same bandwidth? 7. Write a short note on H.261 video coding. 8. Explain DPCM.


1. a) What is the need for biasing in magnetic recording? Explain the two biasing methods. (10) b) Explain moving coil loudspeaker. (5) OR 2. a) Condenser microphone. (10) b) Why horn type loudspeaker is called indirect radiating loudspeaker? (5)

3. a) Composite video signal (10) b) CCD camera (5) OR 4. a) What is flicker? Explain the method for reducing flicker. (10) b) Why total number of lines kept odd in TV system? (5)

5. a) Compatibility (8) b) Difference between colour burst signal and colour difference signal. (7) OR 6. a) Merits and demerits of PAL system. (5) b) What is colour killer? Where it is used? (5) c) Explain the terms hue, saturation, luminance and chrominance. (5)

7. With the help of block diagram explain MPEG audio encoder and decoder. (15) OR 8. a) Explain the principle of HDTV. What are its advantages compared to conventional TV? (10) b) Explain the need for video compression. (5)