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Lievegoed Unpublished

Lievegoed Unpublished

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Published by Travis Henry
An unpublished anthroposophic manuscript of Bernard Lieveogeod.
An unpublished anthroposophic manuscript of Bernard Lieveogeod.

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Published by: Travis Henry on Mar 10, 2013
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- 38 Out of Pralaya between the old Moon and the newly developing Earth, came first the warmth world—the Polar time--as Steiner called it. This Polar time was a repetition of Saturn development. The Elohim, Spirits of Form wolfing in this warmth, this fie, giving the ego to the wold The ego o-organic man was a. pat of the Billfold, which
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than separated the It own being and Gavin the wold so that mankind might develop1 individual ego. Tile beginning of the ego organizer;Timor meant differentiations isotherm wallboard aphelia&. Althea this had been workaday out, the Hypertension times: bean Hypertension times welder the second patios of development of the &attn which OT lees a -repE4ion of the old loon period Out sum and Welland not yet divided, but wet’s one. In the catboat atmospheric which was· Radiating life in this Hypertension time, the dateline began to Radiate li9ht .. In the Antonio the fiat1t.


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- J9 plant oft"ma appealed Plants applet-red like ice flew wets on the glass of out wind<.,:. :J·- fanning and sprout ting in the ail".. In their· same time the body of man was worsted on by the same· Elohim. The third period came, the Lemur"Ian time, a repetitive son of the old Upon By the end of the Hyperinflation time, the sun had moved out of unity with the earth and gave its light f Tom· outside. The planets and shone f Tom outside onto the wold This wold WA:e half

fluid, as Steiner' describes it, a half fluid albumen Man, in the foam he had mi the fist half of the Lemuria time, was not divided by sex·. Man had enormous willing pow-rs-. At the end of the fist half of Lemuria times, we see the beginning of the Saurian period, when the dynamite’s and o the' large animals-- began to develop. Man leavened to control volcanic footrace in this way he derived strength The old folk stony giants ate Remembrances of men in the L emu-rian pellucid In the second half of Lemuria times, mankind divided into two sexes. The masculine pat of the human Tao Received elev' mote Powers He became of action and Reaction An action f Tom outside gave -rise to a Temptation of will forces• p1iaychologiis description of men in United States as oasis Teaching on an action' f Tom outside is true i• so fat as man is a \'repetition of Aleutian man. Since that time man has developed an ego which also Wotan'. However', it is not completely untrue to av man is bans OT notion and Temptation


t· . • ' ••

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- 40The female pat of the human had the possibility of turning, inward, of a beginning of consciousness, so that the consciousness force, and the fist images of Cong{onerousness, began to develop inside the feminine half of mankind. Language phi Tat Sounds wee phi -rrte cat Tied on the b-breath, an<l music also began. Women lead· the· phi l"St human cuttle ch-re -- the source of ancien1t. ma thatching• At the end. of the Lemuria epoch the misuse of salt"AL and volcanic few-rceo bought the-. downfall of Lemuria cool tune Only a feet people could on the bode-rer of old a Region PE-rhaps localized mi

South -- one of the few pats of the wold whee Remnants of the Lemuria wold still These few people who could pass f Tom the decaying Lemuria cool true to the next stage of development t foamed the culture of Atlantis. They wee led by the primeval teaches of mankind. These primeval teaches withdrew to the and sent the It leadership f Tom outside, f Tom the Moon sphere Du Ting ht' e Lemuria period, the forces off the planets worked on· the earth, having at which they worked into the formation of the esthetic fa-roes both of ea-rt and of Joan•· These planetary forces fanned a great spinal In the beginning of the Lemuria period the-re were the Rudiment:ts of thee continents I: or big continent, the Gondwanaland, and the beginning or· continents mi the Whether the North American continent now -the footnotes OT Batu Tm wetter working This was also the place whee the our tune of Lemuria mask:ind took clap•

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- 41-

The second continent wan in the whee one mi1Jh t say r..utopia now ii Human 'i>singe· wee ins pi-red by the few-rces of Jupiter-r The approximate Tet,ion of the south of the a Tea of Mats Fotomat Sn forces wee ow-rking in the a Tea which is now the Gobi desert •. A· fifth culture took place in the south, the Venus culture, which is now Malaya. The sixth cult-re, the expression of insecurity, worsted whether now stands. Fo-rces of the fttoon wol'ked'

in the ATabic peninsula and in the Tegion of Pales tine. In this big spiTal of developing cul tuTell we see a pattern. Men wel'e not yet divided into two oexes. In the pel'iod, as Venus weTe! leading men, and the LemuTian cultuTe went to the south pa-rt of LemuTia, now called Malaya, the pt'imeval Malayan Tace was foTmed the fo-rces of Venus. Lucifel' could take hie chance to get LemuTian development and b-ring about a gTeat change in the woTld -- and hel'e the division ot sexes began. With sexes, Lucife-r could get a betteT hold of man, and fTom that moment the development ot LemuTia declines. Simultaneously mankind entiates into Taces. The eaTth was not then so haTd; human bodies weTe much moTe flexible.

could be by toToes coming fTom outside to the ea-rth. Having such a piotuTe in ouT minds we can undeTstand betteT the beginning of the A'tlfS.ntean peTiod, when toT the fiTst time we find as we apeak about them now. The old · began in the A tlantean peTiod. In the ttansi tion·· LemuTia and.the peT'l od, oaiy · a few people weTe able to sutviva. These few people aTe desoTibed in the Bible as Adam and Bve. It · .YOU &.iSk me wheTe the .

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- 42 possibly in South possibly im Abyssinia, Mesopotamia; we do not know. The eaTth at time was what it is now. At that time went the The UTal mountains the pTimeval continent. The GTeeks the

TespiTatoTy system. the man. the TlSIV'artlia. Rmoabals and the second peoples. Rmoabals.stTeam as the ocean -. image of the bull.. the eaTth development was· a of the old Sun. and the senam oTgans. The fiTst of Atlantis weTe called Rmo_abals. of Atlantie. in the Tegiom called Booduana. .: the ·'\. . and developments. The Tolling thundeT of the TOaTing lion is stlll im it • . DuTing the A peTiod we find seven subcultuTes. and the eagle.! big continent at that time. The la ttel' lived out ot the toToe&l ot: ·the bullJ.land. howeveT. but a of old LemuTian A· few people fTom went to and the Teal development began. . image of thinking.ia in onlr. This new development. lived •. comes· this Tolling thundeT of the b't'eath. Till the end of LemuTia. . so the gTeat foTmed the pTototypes of the human body the pTinciples of thTeefold foTmation: head. I . In the southel'n and of ·aonduanaland. wa.4JThe . They lived in thei l' bl' ea th and the name. The second people lived in the south. It «eluded the west of SOuth AmeTica and spTead oveT the ocean to South Afl'ioa and to Austl'aJ.not ouT ocean. I I•• . . the bTain.Tl''t'.s: still wholly guided by the Man to be cTeated in the of the futuTe. middle man. with the R calling out the foTces of the lion1 -. 1'1'1' •.. and membeTB• The gTeat images of the human foTm stand in the Bible aa the image of the lion.

. bTinging new diffeTen tia tiona. . you must imagine them as the pTimeval of the AmeTican continent. plant pTiestly woTkiag· with e t. of lion.thi Td g-roup moved somewhat noTthwaTd's into the middle of the Atlantean They weTe called the Tolteca• The took afteT the foTces. plants had been given theiT foTw by the "ieTarchies.. . The las·t Tememb-rances of $tee: cul tuTe have been found in Yucatan •.m The gToup ot the angel waum to take the othel' thl'ee g't'oupa in togethel'. and on the otheT of the angel. a peopie of pTiests and high moTality and they we-re t-rying to develop plants them.. an 4qUilibTium· ..of a veTy old Steine-r desc-ribes· them. Remaine. city weTe found about 1950. .. -44:- . In the Toltec· cultuTe the fiTst beginnings of the developed. OT of man in his gloTy.the one aide. ·. Now men took ove-r and began to make fuTtheT diffe-rentiations in the plant woTld. They weTe la tel' eJQPoaedl to SatuTn foTces and took into themselves the gatuTn mysteTiea... The Tol¥ec:S weTe. They founded the myateTie& the Gt'e&t SpiTit... In the fout'th sub-cultut'e these thTee of peoples should been taken togetheT imto we know as the gt'OllP' of the The p-eoples· of the eagle. . . The Tlll'anian peopie had task ot ..• . · I '• '· . as the otheT thTee foToea. . wel'e to foT. and the Tol tees· al'e kl'DOwn· hiato-rically. When you tTy to think of these Toltecs who went to the west.. The TOltecs wel'e a populatiom of puTe.tleTic fot'oeB" •... and of the bull om. Till. as Steine-r desc-ri·bed·..

·. AhTima·n. TUTanians took hold of plant fot'cea·. this became tho cultut'e of the scol'pion. .. A! gToup of people went to the weat. ... Just as in LemuTian times· LucifeT had hir:.. ..tlantiB• The fit'st of the flooding Tains came. and used them fot' theiT own puTposes. This was the beginning of the oa tBiS tTophes of A tlaatis• .·• I• . r .. .. chance. The ego was degt'aded to a scot'pion. in the PeTsdan period. was dt'owned..The Ch-rist waa to come this time of the TuTanian people. you know they aTe the l'emaindeTs not of the Tol·tec. . . ··: . ' t • :. which meant a1 downfall.. The south of Atlantia was flooded. £•' a· ( . the middle of A·tlantis still stoad .becouui... took this moment in A·tlantean times to the Tut'anian cul tul'e. ... When you see in aTt all thos"e scnTpions.' they oould get.hold of foToes of Mal's. by the U't'aniana. a g't'eateT paTt to the east. The had to leave A.:.s:. which could be handled as magic in the wot'ld of the -.. They the Tu't'anian people who wel'e fought. but at that time the Ahl"imanic fo-rces fil"st got theiT gTip on mankind. Instead of becomthg the cultu-re of the Sum and of man in as. taking hold of se:ntal foToes. Thes-e latteT im the a't'ea wheTe' .: seen· in the image of the angel. The Tu:ranians: degeneTa ted:.which the Tol tees· had so beautifull:y developed. but of the la tel' 'l'ut'anian people.ng· nothing than a g't'oup of islands between Spain and CentTal AmeTioa.

and ice ages· of of Atlantis. middle. . the people of the bull foTces.tli&. people took what the Tlava. Then the ice mel ted. The pTimeval took the of the lion and inteTnaliz-ed them. but also of human soul. In the sixth the .tlantis. meant the fotnlation not only of the human sta.e\l'cadic.s These ancient. and neventh had to take place in a series of which known as the Ice The five ice the outeT cloak of the A tlan tean ca ta. . In the and fifth this same foToe had to be ingested and developed fTom within. the time of the pTimary semitic indo-germanic cultuTe. had it.45 The Atlantean in the fifth.I l I r r .tinen t. but With the the ego from outside. Masses of ice came the con. foTcea. At the end of the peTiod. the of the ego had again to not outside.tuTe·.. but the land was drowned floods and This wa:s· the of the misusing certain foTces. In the fifth of A. diffeTent Taces had been fTom the planetaTy woTking on diffeTent paTts of ·the AfteT that. Tace foTmation was fTozen.

!I ' . by going to otheT of the woTld and living there. In the beginning of the A. you You get the -. that people who come to live in AmeTica:.e me many possibilities which I would not have had if E had lived only im Moving fl'om one pal't to enTichment.. That gav. people bt'ought with them with one OT of the spheTes. Venus It a deall if you have been bot'n as a in the Malaya as I was.only in the soul.. speak. so . r r . This in of whatr people say. fol'ins tance.46 Someone who hao lived in one place and moves to ano !3 till l'etains hio own typical l'ace! but he is influenced in his soul by living. foTmat1on ot Taoea. They we'r. r l . say. the sphe-re of OT of inoaTnated with a gTeatett inneT oonnectiom to these paTticulaT foTces. People who had BUTViv. not in the body. ·LuoifeT inauguTated. Tb. LateT oniy mingling and mixing of Taoes was possible.tlantis· in. instance.tlantean times:.red· between LemuTia and A.became possiblp only within the Taoea. and aTe still being fo-rmed! get a longeT jaw and otheT in the second and I have not obse-rved this• People only say it iEt. in the peTiods. '. and up thcTe until the eighteenth yeaT. the -planeta-ry mysteTies weTe foullded. heTedity. Pl!ople wanted! .us. namely. You bTing with you the foTces but. In that he fTo&e the outar.'e fTozen thTough heTedity.

In the central Sun my ate the godly ltanu was the p't'iest.I . and what came out of the forces of the otheT planets from the Perhaps the Sun mysteries were an The other planetary mysteries could only be Tead in the mi rroT of the l\>on:. im occult they could meet the SfiTits of thase planets. It was the of Michael and otheTs to bTing this wisdom. . ' and -read.•• •• i' . those mysteTies could no longeT be visited by the spiTits of the planets. cosmic wisdom. all eastern mys teTies· (all mysteTiea which went through the post-htlantean cultu-res) we-re -reality Moon mysteries·. when the fo-rce:!t.. That is to say. TheTEf.undeY the Atlantic ooean.te A tlan tean period. . . Thuo in the la. The ot the planeta. in a mi Tt\OT f .(men' r imbued with high AieTaTchical Sun beings. the priests: stilll had· to find the mysteTiea of MeTcuTy in the light of the Moon1 . The&e init4iates of the Sun mysteTy were the godly Manu -. This is the tTUe beginning the Teal my a teTies-. to the I r &to am spheT . to man. H9:' . and in the whole post-Atlantean periods. which you may imagine as being Michael lis well SJB' othe-rs) b-rought the etheTic of the Sun to men..to be in with theiT planet. . . r I LateT on.and when I speak about the godly Manu I do not apeak about one person oflly.· we-re different kinds of godly Manus. atteT the submeTging of Atlantis. of MeTcury we-re called on. .. So the planetaTy mysteTiea weTe founded in which.. -.Ty masteTiem bad to 11'1temOV&. In the fifth peTiod afte-r the Atlantean t-gphi'e·. what was happening.47 - the ffloon· Jhere is a the total c·oomos). the foTcea of the ego had to be The gTea t initiates of the Sun myf ·teTies.

. . Two thil'da of what.lands and peninsulas·. baing&\ .O. in the fifth A tlantean peTiod. : . '·· •• ·• •.. by seeinp. .' . "Is this a Manu OT not?:"' This could only be known by clai-rvoyance.. But these Manus the best of the people of the 1'11\YB teTiea. ·. and at one moment he might be a Manu.. ·i:. -reacfo the old stoTies of the Chinese and of the people. he was able to do oame thTough him tTom the W. wae· coming out ot his own ego. one thinks ot Gilgameah. who wa& called. They these people to the ea·s t in two st-reams. . a Tegiom with is. the light which aTound such a peTeon. One s tTeam went fTom the noTth Atlantic -region.. aoco't'ding to the papeTs that have been found.. going to the Gobi deseTt wheT8"' Indians at that time weTe wo-rking with holy powe-rs· in the etheTic spheTe. wheTe duTing the fifth peTiod the people lived.the pTiest a. r r II .. : . I ha. oveT to the east. But when you. : •. . : •. : •••• .48 Of these godly Manus one neveT knew... o. They weTe 't'ecognised in the GTeek the halfgods.ve said the Gobi deseTt.. TheTe they could bTing a small g-roup of people undeT the of the Sun foTces. one-thi't'd man and two-thi-rds god.. they tell of the Gobi deseTt as· at lake. :.· .t the moment orm of the high HieTaTchical ·beings entered into him and spoke "· his voice and thTough his movements. noTthwaTds· th-rough the south of Eu-rope. r : . with & -rich .. and at the next a human being. to the noTth of the Medite-r-ranean -region.t what he did. . 1 . .. ''f.. that means that only one thiTd of bim. I I ol • • .

in the f · the noT theTn stTeam.. In anthroposophical circles· theTe aTe people who say Nba. There these people oould be and pTeseTved: They lived theTa foT aoag peTiods. as the godJ. And !bey weTe sent ftom theTa to found cultUTes. The seven Rishis . TO these withd-rew the old mysteTies ·. . .· . to be pTepaTed to go as Sun people to establish the cul tuTes. . One went the otheT south. . . . These M'ongolian a toTies aTe aa Tememb-rance· of that old time.. who stayed on the wayside hete and thetf and WOTked amone the population which aflteTcame to live and develop in these couMltTies.. • ' . ·' '·· ·.ame out of these mysterie8.y Manu went with them. ThTee' islandg.'· ' .49The was the main and this was the di Teet Sun forces..vegetation and a: most beautiful climate. because he wa·s· one of· those highly developed men who could take imto himself the forces of the Sun. But you also had the helpers· of the Manu.. a. :.. In the Bible he is called Noah. The peTiod and last pTe-Mongolian closed the seventh peTiod of was second stTeam.... The southerru stTeam was led by a helper of the Manu. .1:·. . . . But this southern stt'eam had anothel' taek.. This is not unt-rue.-. stood out. On these islands we·-re the highest mysteTies: of mankind. . a. :· 1. southeTn stTeam .h is the Manu.. .. came· fTom theTa. While the had to develop the Sun . ( .

I . He had to meet Melchizedek was one of the gTeat of the sun Ma. . the southeTn stTeam a stream of foTces· -.. . we the incaTinatioro of Jesus Ch-rist waq6TepaTed. AbTaham was one of the initiates of the stTeam. When you Tead in the Bible about all those hereditaTy tables fTom z. But it was Tefleoted thTough the Moon. i. the celebTatioru of the wine and the bt'ead.a stTeam in which the &un was Teflec ted in the People of the southeTn stTeam gave much impol'tance to heredity. the s tt'eam.' This was a oign of unitting the noTtheTn and the southeTn stTeams·.. '' . of the southeTn stTeam weTe SUn coming thTough the And the ot the stTesm 'un mysteTiea•· •. They had in theil' the of heTedity. .. the pJQple of AbTaham had both the foTces· of the Moon and the &un woTking thTough Ab-raham and the pute heTeditaTy line.foTces in thinking.·. . on' the otheT side. .nu. the diTect foTcee of the Sun woTking in. Adam to Jesus of you fimi something which is out of the tTaditiom of the southel'n atl'eam -the southern•stTeam which tTiee to keep mankind puT e. FTom that moment oOJ. A . and. Thin could only take place wheTe the noTtheTw and the southeTn stTeams came togetheT. In this way. In -dte puTi ty of ·thei T bodies they could l'eoeive the inspiTation of the Sun dheTe.50 In the Dible a-re places people of both ntTeams meet. ·. So the mysteTieB.I r I . Melchizedek bTough t wine and bTead to A bTaha/.

.• · .. We may look at BPhesua and at the Gl'eek mysteTies ot samothTaoe. bl'ings to eal'th and mankind foToes of light. the mysteTies of wisdom. the goddess of the epheTe -. •I .5) 1 ot' less· rnys ter ies• A·t Ephesus we see.. i. . They weTe the mysteTigs of Diana. !·:· . One peTson of the noTtheTn st-ream WaS' t foT the fiTst time coming diTectly out of the Sun mysteTies· -. .... toge theT.I .: . They weTe a1J.: II " .I . . . . of full ot Sun thinking. .to ttlle •. :I I .t ot G\'eeas. .1u'eff" of S'teinel'. r. we see that he is a. \' . human soul who had not been befoTe an.gToup of people pTeseTved so that both human statu-re and Tightful thinking coul'd ljO : .. Whem we look at suoh a peTson as· Al'istotle. . with onil. these iun mysteTies. m peTson standing dil'eotly in the Sun tel'ies:. . We know thisfut of the lec1. I I ·.r i. and we may look at the othel' mysteTies on the oontinea.d whol}t im his la teT inoaTna tiom is Al'is.but .nation:s behindJ him.. • .y a few inoQg.·. .a.. .. The noTtheTn stl'eam of· these centl'al mysteTieB.·' ' .

The of new mysteTies of love will be the human -anus:.oh light of OhTist in thei T hea:rts ilin. which shall be mys teTies of love.·.• I ! ..beaTing also the foTces of Diana wa$ called the fttoon goddess exo teTidally. theYe· will! be human Manus. TheTe is:: a.oddess of healing. i t •. Futu:re Manus will Tadiate su.. Thus all these to do with the seaTch foT But at the end of ial'th evolution the &aTth will be called. The godly weTe ente-r-ed' by Sun beings. if things go Tight. o. Steine-r sa\\s. they ha:ve taken so mU.. one yeaTs: befoTe ChTist. I •• : o •...•' • • l : o ' lo I \o. StcineT the past as the woTld off the godly Manu.t they can lead mankind to the myateTieEr. The old mysteTies lost theiT toToe and puTity hundTeda of yeaTs befoTe OhTiat. Out of thai T hear-ts· they will Tadia te sum foTces. They decayed.. the c. OhTist theTa was an absolute end of the I . .of love.· ••. such human Ma. -a ... • . In the fu tuTe. which was called the of wisdom. ·l I.nus will lead mankind oro the Tight waq.J.:.. ••• \.ve developed themselves-. : . With the ot-··. the planet of lo·ve.. • . to the new mysteTiea·.' o.n1 foTces which people ha. which coveT the fi-rst paTt of the eaTih•s development till about. The old mysteries·.: .•y she was called the goddess.·· . tTansition f-rom the mysteTiee of wiadom. I'·· r .. They awaa. • • •' • •::-. moTe oT the few which weTe diTect Sun we-re loow mysteTies·. ·This rt\oon quXi ty has something to do with the old 11\oon. Eso te-ricail.' . Out of theiT own foTces. . • ..

l I . DuTing Kali&Yuga. Steine'l' it. they oan g\'ow out to a living pl.fter Chl'ist.ve . ' . They oould only look back to old tinge• SteineT put whole Michael wisdom in to the Pounda tion• Stone.eed which. By pTesenving the old they gTew Lucifel'ic.s: the end of Kali-Yuga. There was no new inspil'atiom im them.. The new mystef. about.-! .ant again-. Such . have seed fot'oes in them. The whole wisdbiDl of anth'l'oposophy.. a Stone ot Love.en if allJ the books of Ru. in 1923. -52.1 wisdom of Michael as· a whole.. The old mysteries did not sto'l sudd'enly·•· They awau. Steinet' put together into a• small a.dolt Steinel' would ha.. The old Indian tTaditiom tells us of thTee thousand befoTe Ohl'ist when the gttea t period of s·tat'ted which would' las·t five thousand yeaTs. on them.f. ! i I I• .may then flowet' in a plant. till about thousand yeaTs a. ·the Sun. the mysteries weTe not Teally Tenewed. mysteries of wisdom. the new mysteries had to wait foT the end of the Kali-Yuga. This means that when we take these· seed wot'ds. Bv... Mea·nwhile. That means: 1899. wa.. But you can only do deeds of love when you have the wisdom fi l'S t. AlTeady in the time of Jesus Chl'ist the old mysteries· wel'e no longel' visited by the good gods. and med1tat&.. but by Luoifel'ic beings. These new mysteries al'e the myeteYiea of the The new mystel'ies are the mysteries of do deeds of love out of witlbm.ies· of •.• . They only could pl'eseTve the old.

. • ...' . oat ot it oould be Tenewed the whole content of anthToposopitv. . because anthTopoao-pby is in: it r am .. · .. •· ••... ea-rth. . . .·.• • I im 81 aaedl..·:s. .o Tks• and AhTiman can enteT into us thTough the detay of ouT oTgans.. lett ov. ..... This condensed will poweT the suTplus fo't'&fas. . t. .em flow inrto the . The in1his bodily oTgans aTe de®ying.eT... In these bodily oTgans old kaTma v.. and ·bTing tnere to a future.as follows.!. In the new mysteries man has to develop· spiTitual suTplus powers in his will to give to the gods so that they can let th..53The si tua tioru of modeTn mankind is. Only a paTt of ouT body can be diTected to the foTces of the Sun ouT will foTcese By out' will foTces· we can take a small paTt of ouT body and fill it with these seed fo't'ces of Sun woTds which aTe spoken by Steiner. · .. . :· . . In the old mysteTies man had to bTing to sciousness the wisdom which the gods g-ranted1 to the' f I· I .· r .··. \ . •. : . I been dest"5ed th\'ous+ but oaly Pound& tiom Medi ta tiom would be... :: . to build the t'u tu-re wol'ld. :· .

r 1900 the new Sun wisdom of Michael could Teac. ' •• : 0 natuTe r .: .54 - The new te-riea not bound to geographical constellations. These aitaTs in ouT heaTts may be built anywhere.. nor to time of the oT the day. . . "'I cannot do it in this moment. FoT instance.h the eaTth. With the we aTe now Tesponsible fott the development of the woTlds.. Men render theiT &un-filled to the gods as an altaT where those high may celebrate the new cosmic cult. r •J ' I 'i ·. ·the Uoi ted Sta tee. Suoh foToes weTe known·as the .Tee-a. It is no to say. even when we a:re sitting in the subway going a:1t top spt!ed." In older men celebTated theiT holy on the altars· of the gods. foTces might Tadiate into the heaTts ot the membeT& and give them spiTitual foT new futuTe The old 11\YS•teTieB'· weTe bound to geog-rapliicail plaoeB wheTe beings? could speak to man thTough the constellation of natuTe 1 a . Between Golgotha and la99fohe mysteTies silent. which SteineT called the· 0 d•decahedTBa Love Stone. The new mysteries aTe celebTated by men wheTe they fill their with the revelations out of the of Gun wisdom given by Michael. .l ot the G'l'ea t . : . In the Meditation. Now the gods migh1t. sinoe the begimning of the LemuTian peTiod. at any time. · . was a place whe-re Mtu'l'n fO'l'088 oould WO\'k into the shaping of and peaple... celebt'a te on the alta:rs of the enligh·tened' huma·n .development of woTlds.

.. This''fhe meaning of the woTds at the end.-_: c . . he pTesented the pTi..: '/...55 RUDOLF STEINER UBRARY 111111111111 STEINER BOOK CENI_Ig____ . im a fiTst phase. Enlighten Thou ouT Heads. ----... ..' : ·' .4... r. NORTH VANCOUVER V7N 2S2 CANADA ----.hearts.. .g. ta. WaTm Thow ouT Hea·Tts. pupils· fomed m society to study the teachin:. 151 Carisbrooke Crescent · .ne 0 Sun1 of Christ.. r ll L I£ 1/E J] . we can see that it took Rudolf SteineT twenty-one yeaTs: to p't'epaTe •. -<4 VYDZ034088 When we look· a.-. _..t the bi Tth of the newJ myste-rieS"..nciples· of man's inneT deveiopment.. By 1909. I .we W6uld found And what fTom ouT diTect With purpos-e. .ache'l'. .. He sta. . HiS' . / _. That good may become w What frour ouT HeaaTts. ateineT was: a.Tted woTk in anthToposopfty in 1902· when' he left the school foT woTkeTer iro Dutting s-even fTom 1902: to 1909. . - In these s e ven yeua. .I . wot'king· .:.. . of the Foundatiom Stone Meditation: 0 Light Div. . :It:-. . . THE SWNE O·F LOV·E.. he had the cosmo·gene· development of eat'th and the li1!Er of thf!' liie-ral'chies.

. Out of it came the·fiTst social ac tiona.. AnthToposophy had been p-resented as as aTt. in the leotuTetr-upom the £Oapel8\t a.- -56.would be the gual:'dian of the new mystel'ies.ing life th-rousfl a.. .eiT -own inne-r Fl'olll' 1909 to 1916. when destToyed the old Goetheanum. the night of the fiTst of Janua-ry. Till 1923 Steine-r had stood the AnthToposophical Society.---·8culptuTe. He ag-reed to be chaiTman of the new· society. . Steinet' introduced anthi-opoaopbi imto the t'enewal of the arts. Thythmio system to feeling. at the end of 1923. He was a teacheT and an adviso-r.t -role he himself .ao. and as· a social foTm.not. of the new mysteTies ended with fi-re. the - .-··· -·· the ne-rvous system Telated to thinking. . . In tha.et' said it took than thi-rty yea-rs to -ripen this whole image of th'reefold man. NOt only was the poaophio ·impulae bTough11 1:o lut to Teligiom a. ·daDo ·d\'aina. and.ohae1 Sun myateTies enteTedl the feel. the spi Titual..l.t't. the metabolic system to willing.. In this: seven y·ea:r peTiod. Stein. and with an economic life based om bTotheThood. of the Je.what the membeTs of the society Only afteT fight SteineT.on: th. in the ChTiLt took a new tion. between:: 1909 and 1916. but . in anothet' aeven-y·eat' pe-riod. v• This peTiod ended.. the t'evela tion of man • a thTeefold na tut"et· . and teotui-e.• the feeliag Tbia t'enewal speech.With 1917 comes: anothe-r peTiod of s-even yeaTs·. 1923'.iruto.. Tysponsible f9T . In that thit'd between 1917 and 1923) anthTopoeophy moved down into the ateineT p-resented the concept of a thTeefold society with f-ree spi Ti tual life (in to which the WaldoT1t' '·' movement was wi t:fl a political ltife· based upon equality.in the of 1923.

. and Ma'L'ie Steinel:' wel'e thel'e. HfP .. . solemn. I. on an evening a"ttel' a leotuTe. n·-ds . great Tisk fo-r Steine-r. D1'... . · . He sat down. r ·. .. . •· . ..• ·.Dl'. (' .: .-r' i.. soTTowful. the Dmtoh society founded in The Hague. i···· •1 \ . ' I I ... .. . .. . . · . .. . Pete\' de Haaa1. Itaa Wesman.. fa'! f-.• I: . . and.. We in Hollani know about this inaeT fight. Only aiJt weeks befo\'e ChTia-tmaa. .... . . . I ... I. .... .witil_a. .. •eyimane. ·... I . ....· · · · · This· ·meant a..e. Then. .

Still the risk was great. Out of r Stone meditatiom can spTout new knowledge. The fi-rst Executive 6ouncil of the new society Steiner called "an lni tia tive Couftcil"'.tion gathering. -radiant.1. They aTe the . With this cosmic and eaTthly act.1ha t must I do? Will there be enough people with -responsibility fol' wh:. They go on in theiT old ways. of willing.. of initiative.0'"" a good will to human beings in the twan1ie1h centul'y. not knowing what would happen. o-r shall I go out of the Anthl'oposophical Society and found an OTde-r.d. seeds. gave the Foundation Stone meditatioru at the beginning.d• !hese new myste-ries aTe now he-re.57 said: "'.. wij"' at few men whom I can t-rust? 11 ' EveTyone who knew about this went to the Christmas founda. Only th-ree· o-r fonT months Steine-r was often veTy bitte-r and sad. P"' . Then SteineT. saying that the spiritual woTld would try to bring thnse new mysteries to earth and b-ring them with 1. They go om aw if nothing had happened. SteineT was the high pTiest of the new mysteries• These new1 mysteTies mysteTies of acting..Ij Il I fr I .t has to be done?· Will thel'e be people who can unde-rstand what has to be done. and he meant a· council· which bTought in new things. feeling. the germs of new ages. "So few of the members unde-rstand that· it is something quite new as against the old Society. . new willing into the futuTe.

founda tiom stone which Teceives· f'Tom umi..ok bed·. He says. AlfteT the Ch'l'istma&.-rthly It is an tion living in the heaTts: of a society. ting light. Even that1t.!!!. They g-row to living expet'ieno-e wi thim us• Thartt. SteineT oould still WOTk with us.ouT in good will. and fl'om uni vet' sal and human thoughts· its l'adi'l. imbued with love. · It is not an ea.ouls-..foundation.. is too big. SU. su.in this case the high1 pt'iest of newmysteries·in which human hea-rts a-re the the Tadiating love stones om which the hieTat'chies may celebl'a te th·e cult of the futu-re-.SteineT saida "Let us heTe and now laq in the ground of ouT heaTts the dodecahedral foundatiom stone of love. fl'om uni v:eTsaJJ and human Imagination) its· living pictuTe qurulity and fo-rm. i •• • . because when we tTy to the whole lmagina tion. sentenas and live with it in.ctt' woTds a. thoughts· aTe its· Tadia:ting liglit·. He says we can live with these things when we differentiate them im ouT s. means take one. in the h&lf-yoattt atteT. ." . The SteineT gave us. I . how do .ht up befot'e the eye of ou-r soul . the high' p-riest of mys tel'ies.c:h a waa thait this sentence DD longe-r aan leawe us •.. OuT own heaTts aTe the pTopeT soil in which to lay this _foundation stone -. r . Now we can ask.. a·t once in OUT mimi i 1t. lmaginatiom is its fonn. "'The foundation stone will lip. so much so that they can DD longe-r leSNe us-. fl'om his ad. a way to live with these things· which he had the day befo-re.58 He desc-ribes· the Teali ty of tha. . live with" sucn.."' Love is· its· substance. He ldtte-rs: to the membe-rs• Latel'.v:eTsaJ: and human lJove its· substance. . love stone. woTking togetheT to caTTY the will and thTough the woTld.Te spoken by the hiel'ophant.t dodecahedTaJ.

the stat'S. r .which mea. When he thinks. in the same measut'e in which man.he wrote the lette'l'a· of Michael •. In this way they gave the secuTity which is· in law$. They aTe the new living foTces ChTist gawe to the eaTth.. It thua comes.. .L r l r .. Bteine'l' 88¥& ouT wol'ld is the image of the deadJ cosmos. . to the etheTic foTces: of the when his divine blood dTopped into .. man. speaks about ea-rth' a 'l'ealL ty ·itr. But the eal'th has· imit some new New foTces aTe lying like in this· deadl •. .. All thart we see a-round us. . • . aill' was onco livinR and developing -. .. Dying and becoming.in the deads: of the KieTaTchies. comes to existence as an independent the cosmos dies. . daTives his thinking foTces..59 - and the woTld below ouT feet. ·.. the micTococmos. · . the cosmos . . . cosmos. not of the living. .: . it is out of the foTces of the dead. But.ns· that what was once a living development becomes entombed iro natuTe 1 s laws. The nineteenth . . . the Tealm of LucifeT. I· I .. They died •.. the laws: of natul'e enteT LucileT's Out of this dead woTld of na·tu-ral laws·. t :..

60- Man is in these He is pa-rtiGipating in them. They live and1 spTou t th-rough the foToes... See what has come of i t1 11 ' Onl. Afte-rwaTda·you look at it. 1ita fqToas which . You do it.ants and s.·death too. Without thea&. In his willing life.d ente-r into. You uoh. plant.of Cht'iS:t. These Tadiating etheTio foTcea= the will be the aeed eatl'th knowm and dteT • r "'t. howeve-r.eed.. I wanted to do it so beautifully and so well. he has the possibility of You can have a feeling that you want to do something. he is condemned to live with the foTces of the wo-rld. ' . In his thinking life.y BJ pattt of what we will ente't'ft' into Teal. These Tadi&ting'life a-re the seed foTcas ot the new cosmos.r the eaTth. llut the pa-rt of willing which does· not entett 'reality is not lost.. im the dying and· alTeady dead eaTth. But into the -&ihe\' WO'l'ld theTe st•eams a suTplus of etheTio out into the cosmos.a and seed££ woul.. In this moment. . it is only a PB. of JupiteT to come.. ·.. ' r .eTic body of the eatl'th . ··. P!l.. You know what you want to do..JTt of that which I wanted to' do.. That is the of wdll .i ty. natul'e comes out of the eaTth •. .. fot'ces. They weTe taken imto the e'll.. In the epTing.ER a-re spTouting. With OUT eye& we see the plant spTouting End g'l'owing. only in his willing life.. These spTou ting plant$ have moTe etheTio foTces thalll they can use toT building the leaves and tAe plants. . new geTms of living into the fu tuTe weTe put.

dl!r.J. One day he asked the people to b-ring him imto the ohuToh. "· !his soua. hol. Think ot ao.v ministe'l' Ol' a..o111. But man can abuse this of willing fot'ces· foT his powet's of the will.JJ lanow about St. 11' Thew he·· stepped into his and died.-. John the TheTe is a· beautiful legend that tells howC at.along with the seed fo-rces· of the plants.oy sohoolmaste'l' a. he ved im Ephesus·.l pl'oblema Why do these iame WO'l'dtr.Te fanned whem lmaginationB condensed into inspit'ed wot'ds• You aJ. love each othe\' •. In the little chuToh the-re was an open grave foT him pt'epaTed. he gave· a 18J8t wo-rd to the communi'ty: he said.f-rom ·a cosmos of wisdom inrto a oosmoa: of love. These wo-rds a'l'e 'repeated ve'l'y often. wot'ds not wo-rk They aTe t•e ' ' r . John was about 109 yeua· old. In t'eaity. with g-roups of the fi -rat Ch-ristians. they oontaim the whole myste'l'y ot the development of the eat'th . animals.' a. which weTe given new life when C11Tist died on Golgotha.JJ. 110hlldt'an..foTces which -radiate into the cosmos. he had a Tight to say them he had gatheTed the deepest spiTitual wisdom tosetheT and deeds: of new development. spoke these woTda. Sitting in his chai • his open g-rave. saying.. He had the Tight to . and· stones·. r . •Just aaoh othel' andwill be solved ..61 - When St.

.•• . That's the diffeTencSb a£teT taking twenty-one to bt'ing the Sun wisdom imto the human· had the Tight to condense the of anthToposophy into the seed wot'dw. He had the Tight.e know. When you think of veTtising a8ency. to condense this whole wisdom and to put the foTces of hie deeds into a These woTds have seed foTcee..condense this wisdom into seed By f11f!m densing the tAey this Think who John the Evangelist was= the who was initiated b. foT what do we use the ·.Te at bl. . But when any unqualified peTS> n speaks them. . The questio111 is. the WOTld that has alTeady died. . . ·. . . to get to buy.a which might awakEP the willing poweTs of otheT people. . to abuse suib'lus will foToeE!l and we krmWJ what is the aeol'et of oondeihaiag something' into 8. •. We lnild UP' a technique.imto an adveTtisemen1t.1 slogan in the woTld .. t of wil.. . .. The modeTn wot'ld knowsabout the fot'ces· of condensed They used imadveTtising. then you see how we model'n peol'l]. ' : *.• :'. .: .! . I . ' .. ' .l foToes. r Ck . . ou. . o·-r we tTy to dil'eot ou. they a.'! the ChTis t hirtl self.a:sphemy.. and who wTote the:: Apocalypse. . . at the end of his life. of the founda·ti'on stone.. thinking foToes· onto . '' I •• ·.. and of how people sit togetheT to find one condensed foTmUl. . He had beem fosteTed! aS' the youngeT disciple who loved the who lived and wTote the gospel.

!"' i 0' . We can't them The moment we out' will they go awau. • • .even of knowing posophical wisdom in the When you take these foT building SJ steals yout' sut'plus will foTces foT his egotistic new man-made cosmos.:. into a: dead! system.. he condensed it. physical of on the joy and satisfactiom knowinB al1 things· -. SQinet' gave about. He says these lmagina tiona come and: go so long as we keep bTinging ouT willing foTces into them. SteineT said we the su will foT building Michaelic: lmagina tions. genJka ChTistology and man' a Efk1'i t\lal beiq. integTating it im the foundation . aTe people in the Antht'opooophical Society who have gt'eat joy immaking systems out of steals that wisdom and it does not the will poweTs.62 - the dead cosmos to egotistic deTo make a. That is the meaning of the dodecahedTal 1ove stone in ouT heaTts• This love atone is only a Teality in the w&. • r . •• . We have to be satisfied with that.. He also WTOte a couple of donn books on cosmo. .: . OT steals anthToposophical wisdom to it into a system.000 and abou1t 24 books. In pTesenting in twenty-one wisdom had to having· dif1rel'entiated it into 6. We cannot take· them home and hawe them These lmaginatiorosr and also the inspiTations in meditations.• '.. will mingle with the ChTist foTce and steeam out· into the cosmos.000 lectu\'es in his life. . able to bTing ouT will foTces i' nto the woTds of this meditation. '6... . which you can be of.

times·men called to Not to liaten. He came to in orm _of his as Hil'am.63 calls times on the soul of man-. the ancient spokerr to a.to do. So the heavenly and the true ChTistianity wel'e mixed and fTom that moment om SteineT and ChTiatiaa. that is to say.· "' •• • I • \ . to diTect theiT will to the content of this At the end of these thl'ee meditations. Caim was the btllldeT of cities.. but to -. of a man-built woTld. few in the temples built foT the gods• But· the fOundation is spoken to the of all men they live. In this confluence of the cosmic: knowledge with the Rosicrucian a tTeam. .t . • . tl can how the in the mysteTiea of old Egypt. In old Egypt.. Steinel' togethett anthl'oposophical content with the sti'eam. RoaenkTeuw. which had like a Ted thTough histoTy eaTth. HiTam .. Steine-r united "the Micha£1 school of cosmic wisdom with the school· of ChTis t wisdom and Ch-rist love. the buildel' of Solomon's temple. . which cal'Ties oru the esoteTic ChTistianity. In the ChTis-tmaa f'ounda tioru ceTemony. mre·· wol'king toee thel' in the new mys teTie•· The stTeam is the oldest stTeam of wisdom on eaTth. r r .

.. of the Ch-ristian Community. he was veT7 often .-• "" .n and Hi'l'am. mo\'eovel'. Afta'l' his life as . John.. :·1. was the l'eincaToation of HiT¥n.. ' :.64 D-r •. tile buildel' of the He was the same individual who ltived in _Oad..d·who became the fil'st initiate of OhTist himself. ·. l \ I . •• I ' • • • . ····• . r I I ! !i fI I.... . . ..knew how to bt'ing coamio l'eality thl'ough human onto ea-rth in foTms. . _. f st. 'I I I I I I I \ I \ r I I ·'· .aa... . Ri ttflmey-r. : •'• .·.

ni ty. in11250. b-rought him the kaowledge of light and daTkness-.mar-rty-rs. They weTe b-rought togetheT by Ch-ristian kTeuz.. He is theone who was able to suffcT fo-r it.. appeaTing a paTticulaT human fo-rm ·fo-r Remb-randt. John the Evangelist is ·the g-reatest suffeTeT foT Ch-ris tin.'ait of the man who ..'kness. But th-rough this woTld which g-rew mo-re and· mo-re materialistic.. The spi-ritual wo-rlds didn't speak thTough the mysteTies. Rembl. theTa was this sec'ret ' th-read of small gToups of people who bea-re-rs of the Teal stTeam of esoteTio ChTistiantity. f' .ihTough a... He spoke ci -role about this... special initiation as desc-ribed· iro the lectuTes aibout Oh-ristian UosenkTeUZ'e A1fte-r this last initiation-. • ..• • :.'andt twioe gave a pTotl.I I sa. · · ·· . which is hanging illl Glasgow..d that he knew.-"" - weTe Ch-ristian. 11 ' In 1·250 this g-reat human individual! ty oru eaTth went . saying: "'St. There was one whom you all knowc It was ChTistian who.e t-ried to pt'ese-rve what was theTa out of oldett times. Remb-randt the -&eol. and between the mysteTy I . which is in New Yo-rk..eopi.· : I . as· Ch-ristian UoscnkTeuz. One is the waa'l''l'iol'. •• ' . ·•.out light and dal. and the othel' is the so-called Polish BideT.'ets ab..-r'ina tions of St. Jbhru the Bvangeliat.. I·t was: he who unTaiVJelledl --·-· -0 the -red ·th-read of eaoteTic Ch-ristianity om ea:rth il'J) the ·time of Kali-Yuga. of Golgotha and the yea l' 1899. th-rough Steine-r.:i. The only thing which was possible was that p.. They . he was· known1 in histoTy /'-: . of about tero inca. But the-re was no " -real -renewal of the myste-ries. .

.' .om of theoe two tTUe ChTistian atTeams./· . of the i -ritual -reality.young membeT asked Rudolf Steinet' how it was possible to as:.65 '!'he new mysteries bot'n in. . l I \ 1 \ \ I I . One can . 1923 at ChTis tmas· time weTe only possible thTou.. . SteineT.. . ·. .eh the urui. a . to build an having the foundatiom stone in one's The wo-rds of· the foundation stone a-re condensed seed wo-rds. Steinett in a -red stole. r I l r ... '. ' . r .. They to inneT needs.. and ChTistian Rosenk-reuz· at the side -. He ga!Ve that as· a true pictu-re of -reality..1ociat8' ChTistian Uosenk:t'euz· and himself. . . of himself standing ir!J a white Tobe i9fot'e two figu-res. .Rosenl-reuz· in a blue stole. ·steineT the one side. . out of whicft.• ·. us lcndct's of the new mystet'ies of the SteineT told this young membe-r to make an imagina tio_rr. ·.: .. AfteT the Ch-ristmas foundation...

Have..... "The Christ 'liill encil'cling l'oumi..e in to thei 1.in mdnd that in these Thythms of the woTld the ChTist is living.. r . of the middle of the meditations.. They have to initiate thei will im these: new mystet'ieso ."' Look aTound' at people toiling in a machine at people pu-rsuing egotistic needs... . holds swav in·. blessing the soul of men... '"In the rhythms of the the ia living. ". "' It is the beginning of the aecol'lld pa-rt.sso continuo im musio . J r ! . .. Fo-r take out the sentence.. But those who know have a They haYe to be They have to take initiativ. 11' Imagine standing in the wol'ld and li vin·r.....' will .. . thet'e is still a blessing of the so long as people know about the Ch-rist·.take out m sentence. All mem aTe in theiT in im these In the midst of woTk. . OT going tHTough a noisy maobinea: aTe tuTning." and "in the -rhythms of the •. b. in youT soul aomethiD:8 like a ba. and which always is saying. . Nevel"theless. Think about the Cht"ist Will living "in the enc!Toling l'ound. standing on the platfoTm statiomwaiting foT atTain.. and evening.· with the of the of midday. blessing the soul: •. ·:.m basso continuo which penetl'ates-.lessng the souls of meno..66 you t' souJ. Will living in the 'l'hythms of the voTld. •. the -rhy thma of the wot'lde.

-.· ":. ...' . ' . These myste-ries dif1fenntiated on planeta'l'y lines in A·tlanteatl... : ·_ .. .to mankind.. ...!Ala... . l. : . :.. . &. lee! by the Maau hi\tselt·.l'• . . : ..aa"Wed" thei-r beat pupils tTom the do our of A. .... : • ...._ : •..of these Aln mys-te-ries....t poilt'lt ..143In late Lemu-ria.. . :: . ' r . . ':r:!! t Q .. ··.. 0 IDWARD THE 2ls1t...• ... ·. ·.· ..}·. myste-ries. .. .. ··. times-.. • l' --··· . . 0JI{1UHY . : · . ot . whM'e mankind was: divided! into the sexes-... ..tlan and took · them towattds.. · .. . :· · . r.. .. . b\'ought the San 11o th& t.. the HieT84'chiee g&'V'e the fi Ts1t:. : • . The · not'th. . the_ aoq.. :: ·?..tA at1e\' 'Ule st&tu. aeaaQd ll'B&t lQittate . .· · ··--::·. .. -.. .. .. In the fifth leade-rs. STEINER BOOK CENTRE 151 CarlsbtoOke Crescent NORTH·VANCOUVER V7N 282 CANADA.• ot ·:tfte· ':S'OUV ••le&t ·. tfoab.. • · ..tha na..ed· by the Sun mysteTiea.• . ·+: ..at·...e'l'n Bt'l'eam.. aouth ..the EaJrt •.

:. .4 c.. PoT this task a gToup of Blohim made the of the Sun to stay in neighboThood of iaTth.• . Dul'ing the development of Atlantis. · 1... .'· ··.oh took a I.rhe Manu who b-rought t."1 • ##. This is impo't'tant faT the g-reat: challenges which a-re coming at the end of centu-ry •. the Sun went out of the ea Tth.: .:.ot lilA tAa-.. It needed to be tamed in such a way that it would not oveTwhelm the seed of the ego impulse when it was pu t_into man. "• '001114 :&Ate\' be the . '.Bi8k.' . . If the astTal body had still been by the uncontTo11ed foToes of LemuTian timeg. They went wi-th the Sun and wo't'ked f-rom outside the ial'th upon man's development..• .ohim· did not go to the Sun. and ot Venus. the impulse of this human ego was to enteT into the development of mankind.took a special place. • . . . But a.. ' '•• . .. theta would have oveTwhelmed this new ego tOTce. the Elohilll' . r... so that in the LemuTian and ea Tly A-tlan tean peTiods.:_' ·• ' • • ' • ·-' •. •• rf • ·:·.'f impulses· which' lateT entel'ed into the post-Atlantean In this wo-rk of the gTeat post-Atlantean mysteTies.-: •.. ot llteToul'y.• • ''..he Sun myste-ries to the Gobi dese-rt wo-rked behind mo.· . Ba.144 - mo-re ol' less a of foTces.•' • .. st-res-sed' the fo-rces of he-redity.. When. .n. · . '..r gToup of El.. Ta th&T s-taying in the neighboThood· of laTth. in mankind. .. the in the astTal body of men might be tamed.--:_ • :!. They a1'e called aif'teT theil' apheTes of -· sphel'es whioh weTe fol'med lateT:: Klohillrl of the ltoon. in the beginning of Lemu-rian times-. the mys'te-ries of bleTCUl'Y and Venus..Spi Tits· of Fo-rm which had until then woTked in us --· depa-rted and withd-rew f-rom the eal'th. They woTked fuTtheT oro la't'th.

human being.tlan tean pel'iod.ng man. the Blahim of lleTOUTY made a new •. was as a. and astl'al body. the Blohim of the wPom had withdrawn. In the middle of the A. in his physical. wisdom to &aTth-. the Elohim· of Venus b-rought the impulse of beauty -. A:t t!la t moment Ahl'iman fo't' the dt'op of· heaven and bTought it deepet' into ea't'th than w-a9 intended.· -- Being with man.man.• • . This happened at the end of LemuTian times. These impulses· we-re compensations to the wildness of the as-t-ral bod. these Me-rcu-ry fo-rces diTec·ted the impulses of healing so that the ethe-ric body might not be haTdened so much that the ego fol'cns would become imp.145 - The Rlohim of the wisdom to the as·t-ral bod. Ahriman not want the ego seed to be fTee.v. but to come undeT his own fot'ce and will.wisdom that was bTought to the astTal body as: that the awakening ego would find theTa a gTound of and good piotuTea and thinkins. Long befo't'e. ethe-ric.Titned in body. the impulse of the personal ego entered man -. the Elohim of Wle-rcut'y b-rought healing fo-rces. and hat'dening it. !hey eaoTifioec! in the heavenly spheTes. Hie was to ca?tu't'e the ego in a ha-rdened etheTiC:: body. they wol'ked without upon the la. Ol' than was then good fo't' man. gTeat de• oiJion. p-rirepal'ed by the Hie-cal'chies-. when the aepaTated from·laTth. .of love beauty to the ast-ral ·body. Evolv. He did this by tT .Tt41 to enteT the hayUening laTth· with an impulse of healing.'ing to get hold of the: etheTio body of man. .y late-r Lemu-rian and at the sta-rt of the Atlantean ue-riod. But the Moon still sent. The ego was like a dl'op falling fl'ow The pictures fl'om t?c the old • 1 : Goetheanum show this. so to speak. The wot'ld of the Elohim Teaohed a. out of the wol'ld of the Elohim of the Sun.

in pTe-Golgotha times. AhTiman il1l the ethetic body. The Lucife-ric fo-rces woTked thl'ough the Elohim of Venus b-ringing Lucifel'ic light and which as pictuTes of art and beauty to mankind. Bphesua. wel'e pTetty much hidden. B'J. The:r b-rought al't to mankind . This aTt. They to Venus to woTk mo't"e effectively f't"om outside &a -r th. f-rom outside astTal body. he wa. a positive task. Tf1Dugh al't.147 The Venus forces· outside. Leade-rs of this impulse demanded that anyone . .t while this went on. They wel'e often eo secTet that even at theiT only a few peopleknew about them. the Venus· 3lohim came into the sphcTe of LucifeT. They wel'e hidden so that'they looked on the outside iike One of the fo-remost ot llleTOU\'Y oenteTs at-.The Elohim of Venus also moved. Lucife't" in the a3tTal body. How din Lucife-r pToceed? By bTineing aTt a bt'idge between eaTth and spiTit. put befoTe a looking glass of the spiTitual woTld.er. It is not by chanoe bt at Ephesus the aging John the Bv'angeliat.nd. as· a count0. and diede' 0 • . wottked. Thi& is difficult to gTasp.l'Weit1ht. whioh wo-rked togethett with the IUn At theTe lived knowledge· ot plaAt gTowth. :·.. But the LncifeTic foTceshad. They aTt into the soul of man. Thus two kinds of spiTitual activities wot'ked into the myste-ries of post-Atlantean cultuTes. Art. The myetel"ies weTe mysteTies of wisdom. But the Venus influence also wo-rked in an egotistic· way..students meet secttetS". A:Tt was the that. and dee!) and mysteTy stTeame. in the't!thet'ic body.ictuTes and imaginations about soi-ritual ·:!ould l'each man. and-knowledge of healing. Ephesus-. knowledge of metals. based in Asia The myste-ries of on the othel' hand. This then a positive fol'ce without man would have gTown too Tough and too wild. gave a counterneight to the Ahl'imanic inflnencP. in times befo-re Golgotha. p.

bou t. Stcinel' held two lectu-res on the of E!lhesus. •. This ma. AhTiman. In To-rquay. The development of the ego gTew diTectly out of the Sun myste-ry spheTe of the he it who sent out the seven Rishis.. by plants to gwow. When the a:r tis t did t hi s -. and Dionysos .. behind all alse. in the middle of the Atlantean peTiod. by living with art.v not seem wo-rthwhile thinking :J.he was given the inspit'ations out of the of the Venus Elohim.nRland. He npoke with emphas.148 aa-rth substance is d-rawn back into the lieht of the Sun. a gTJat and positive mission of LuoifeT.o nl. AhTimanic foTces in the body weTe counteracted.Y wo r ked f o T at' t -. the body t'ema. the Blohim . is and love how in these mys tel"ies of Ephesus· teacher Qnd pupil woTked together to know how forces of darkness and light weTe wol"king in the . moved to the whole woTld so that it might mateTial than waa intended by the good . · .all to the West so that -they could theTa found new cultuTes. we-re the mysteries of healing. in the times·up to Golgotha. Sun myste-ries dil'ectly helped the ego's development.into the 4eepest How did they healf By bTinging eaTth mateTial into the li8ht the fun..ined flexible. became "beautified. : . HeTmes.:. to the Sun. . The mysteries of Ephesus. etheYic .· PlaQt oul tu1'e is one of the deed& set befoTe man by theae mysteTies.woTking thTongh the black Ah'Timanic foTces of the iaTth." and did not ha-rden a-s much as Aht'iman warted.ot -eTOUTY• plants. : Into these foToas of the laTth the Blobim went down. l!. The -erout'y Elohim deciden to help the lun foToes fTom theiT side. ft'om below. But it is the essence of healin1:· to expose. . : . Yt\Mtl this was·. Healing is the mysteTy of the Elohim .who dedicated hirnPi!l f to a-rt must woTship a-rt fully moTe fully. healing. which w•-re the pu-restmysteries.

NoTmally we say the pllpil has to ask questions and.. the teacheT got inside the woTld in a way he could not get on his own.'/hen 1h r. in the mysteries. The old style had finished. / .... .is always the wol'king of two togetheT. came to earth and died on: Golgotha. sac-rifice.v . The nex·t mol'ning they met again. This -reseal'ch was done by the teacher asking questions and the pupil answerir... f I .with the • the pateint his symptoms. The tells the symptoms. 1 '\. } . and now a Christian At'changel. The of art was over. and educate the in the undeTstanding ot ·man's development • . in the . the same as the together of doctoT and patient. sense that the. The pupil gave the answel' which came out of the depth o.f his soul.. thn Mercu-ry Blohim went with Christ. The teachel' asked the questions. Out of these answel's. Steiner iold us the ft\e1rou-ry Elohim was already Cht'istianized'• The ftlercu-ry llohim was Raphael. But he can only heal togetheT.i t..th the Luciferic fo-rceS" in· . The goal was to hTing into the medicinal spheTe.g. But the Venus fo-rces that once ficed themnelves to work with Lucife-r had still to be -redeemed. HeTe it was just the otheT way aTound. The pup-il went to sleep with the ques tiona of the teachel'.. Raphael is the l!let'cu-ry Elohim -.149 - . ·· -./ • .. /l 1 }/.the leading Elohim of lfercu-ry. Out of the. The can study medicine. Theref""s was a -reaJ. .'{ went wc..plant world.symptoms the dootoT Teachee: an imagination of what is wTong with· the patient. the teache-r has D give the answe-rs. It . f 0 // { . It is the same with teaohel' and pupil in ouT schools wheTe the pupil can tell the teacheT.

in a . five thousand yeat's of dat'kness. The t'enewal of the mysteries of healing. the gt'eat lum initiate SteineT staTted tbe ot aTt in a . he cannot wit"dt'aw f-rom this sphe-re. This does not mean painting OhTist the CToss. St..einet' could this in· the 20th centut'y when Kali-Yuga. Only heTe and aTose the fil'st beginnings of -real ChTist1an impulses im at't. Look at the art of aTchiteotut'e up to the nineteenth cenuTy. c!evalopment.OhTisilan way. . -for!_ • • t. them the qpthio. The light of spi t'i t could wot'k in mankind. Ot' scenes fTom· the life of Cht'ist.. He needs to be Tedeemed by man.: to wo\'k in a way that may help the ego · :-. But they have not been f-ree to make a decision. and the new healing. : -· .!· Is ::tao CJh c en.. ..nl. Only man can help him come back to a Ch-ristiam path.. Many "· styles The Romania fiTat. b-rought the new at't. weTe to new impulwes into BiTt. aTt still bt'oughtr ·beauty to mankind.pul.···to WO\'k in a LuoifeTiO way on the ae1.__ tnt. in the beginning of . to take the plaoe of the old aTt whioh woTked th·cou8h· '· .J.. im.. e .a te .ut'y. This old at't sought a world of a -real wo't'ld of beQllty. ·aonstellation of foToese aTt does not seek . >.Tal body. When once a JtieraTchical ' being makes the decision to e. By tbis I me&n that SteineT's aTt · ·.un mystcr'L es. even to help mankind.50 - Venus and Lucifer. Stcinet'. In the w oentut'y. In the times afteT Ch-rist.o the Lucife't'ic way.-.bringing a-rt in such a way as was necessa-ry in p-re-Christian times• Nbw they should wo-rk in anothe't' way..ses Beak to -redeem the LuC!ite\'ic-'lenus . ·aTt the has .. . Real Cht'istiarr at' t i:J something which has to be bt'Oilgh t to mankind... Po\' this Tenewal.. l..o-rder to help marucind -. wet'e ovet'. f th t!. but . with all the old styies...... l..

the concept of man's· developmemt. Impeorfeotions al'e the sae&nl of· the tuture· • They will be peTteot. what do ·they do?. 58' vte in Holland say. that they aTe just dabbling at'ound.d of developm·enu the Tenewal of the of healing. They build When you heal' with the old ea-r you will say. In paidting. This wolll. It p&lftesses a pl'oud pet'feotiorr. bt'oughtus the concept of development.b't'ought.lment what has stagnated and haTdened. we see only a fiTst beginning. Old art took a muoh longe-r time ·to Why art do it in a shoTt timet Baal developrnen t is alWILJ'B Blow. meant unveiling the mystet'ies of development. Give me a oTohastTa with the full eftaot. In the oute-r wo-rld they can do it all much bette-r. Healing is always a p't'ocess of bTinging into develo ·. A! mode-rn is neaTly absolute. Steinet'. and the concept of a whole cosmos developing f't'om Satu-rn to \lw. The modet'n ballet is muoh mot'e olevel' than eut'ytbmy •. The t'enewal of a't't was the second impulse which Steinet'. they t'l'y to bTing new out of music. in the yea-rs 1902-06. in thTee or yeat'a. !haTe is no .can.Christian way. and dl'ama·. To b't'ing into development is to heal. AnthToposcphical musicians.

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