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Islam - Pure and Simple

Islam - Pure and Simple


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Published by Aziz Ahmad Rasul
This document transports you through time from the moment of creation of the universe to today, charting God's universal message through His Prophets.
This document transports you through time from the moment of creation of the universe to today, charting God's universal message through His Prophets.

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Published by: Aziz Ahmad Rasul on Mar 04, 2009
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Pure and Simple

Pure and Simple
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Aziz Ahmad Rasul Aziz Ahmad Rasul
A Journey through Time
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,ontents ,ontents
Introduction 4
The Creation of the Universe 5
The Creation of Angels, Jinn and Animals 11
The Creation of Humanind 1!
The "tor# of Adam and $ve 1%
The Creator & Allaah ''
The House of (od '5
The Children of Adam and $ve ')
*ro+hets '%
,oah -+eace .e u+on him/ !0
A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ !5
1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ !2
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ 4)
1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ 5)
3ther *ro+hets -+eace .e u+on them/ 52
The "cri+tures 41
The 5ive *illars of Islam )1
"hahadah 6 7eclaration of 5aith )1
"alah 6 8orshi+ of Allaah )'
9aah & Charit# )%
"aum & 5asting %0
Ha:: & *ilgrimage %'
Jihad 24
7eath and the Hereafter 2%
The $nd of the Universe 104
Conclusions 10)
Ho; to *erform the *ra#er 11'
*ro+hets of Allaah, as 1entioned in the <ur=an 115
5re>uenc# of *ro+hets names in the <ur=an 114
5amil# Tree of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ 11)
?ineage of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ 11%
The Attri.utes of (od 112
Recommended ?iterature and ?ins 1'4
This is a 5R$$ +u.lication and can .e distri.uted, ;ith no amemdments, ;ithout +rior ;ritten +ermission@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age ' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
*n the -ame o. /llaah0 the 1ost 2ene.icent0 the 1ost 1erci.ul + *n the -ame o. /llaah0 the 1ost 2ene.icent0 the 1ost 1erci.ul +
*S3/1 + *S3/1 + *ure and "im+le *ure and "im+le
Surely all Praises are due to /llaah0 the 3ord o. all ,reation4 #e praise 5im0 see 5is assistance0 and as 5is
.or6iveness. 7e see re.u6e in /llaah .rom the evil o. ourselves and the #icedness o. our deeds. 8erily #homever
/llaah 6uides there is none to tae him astray4 and #homever /llaah removes 5is 6uidance0 there is none to 6uide.
* bear #itness that there is nothin6 #orthy o. #orship but /llaah0 5e is 9ne and has no partners4 and * bear #itness
that 1uhammad is 5is servant and last 1essen6er. 1ay /llaah send 5is choicest 2lessin6 and Peace to 1uhammad0
his companions0 .amily and all those #ho call to his #ay and establish the Sunnah till the :ay o. ;ud6ment.
In the ver# first "herloc Holmes stor# +u.lished in Aeeton=s Christmas Annual ;a# .ac in 1%%), ;ritten .# Arthur
Conan 7o#le, an interesting anal#sis .# 7r@ 8atson is .eing made of his friend 1r@ "herloc Holmes ;ith ;hom he is
sharing some rooms at ''1. Aaer "treet, ?ondon@ 7r@ 8atson is tr#ing to esta.lish ;hat ind of no;ledge his friend
has and his a++arent disregard for other no;ledge, ;hich he feels, is of no conse>uence to him in his ;or as a
consulting detective@
This is the o.servation that 7r@ 8atson maes of "herloc Holmes@
His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge. Of contemporary literature, philosophy and
politics he appeared to know nothing. Upon my quoting Thomas Carlyle, he inquired in the naïest way
who he might be and what he had done. !y surprise reached a clima", howeer, when # found
incidentally that he was ignorant of the Copernican Theory and of the composition of the $olar $ystem.
That any ciilised human being in this nineteenth century should not be aware that the earth traelled
round the sun appeared to be to me such an e"traordinary fact that # could hardly reali%e it.
&'ou appear to be astonished,( he said, smiling at my e"pression of surprise. &)ow that # do know it #
shall do my best to forget it.(
&To forget it*(
&'ou see,( he e"plained, &# consider that a man(s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you
hae to stock it with such furniture as you choose. + fool takes in all the lumber of eery sort that he
comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is
,umbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has difficulty in laying his hands upon it. )ow the
skilled workman is ery careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic. He will hae nothing but
the tools which may help him in doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the
most perfect order. #t is a mistake to think that that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any
e"tent. .epend upon it there comes a time when for eery addition of knowledge you forget something
that you knew before. #t is of the highest importance, therefore, not to hae useless facts elbowing out
the useful ones.(
&/ut the $olar $ystem*( # protested.
&0hat the deuce is it to me1( he interrupted impatiently2 &you say that we go round the sun. #f we
went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work.(
# was on the point of asking him what that work might be, but something in his manner showed me
that the question would be an unwelcome one. # pondered oer our short conersation, howeer, and
endeaoured to draw my deduction from it. He said that he would acquire no knowledge which did not
bear upon his ob,ect. Therefore all the knowledge which he possessed was such as would be useful to
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age ! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
*ntroduction *ntroduction
$. Praise be to /llaah0 to 7hom belon6 all thin6s in the heavens and on earth! to 5im be Praise in
the 5erea.ter! and 5e is Full o. 7isdom0 acquainted #ith all thin6s.
%. 5e no#s all that 6oes into the earth0 and all that comes out thereo.4 all that comes do#n .rom
the sy and all that ascends thereto and 5e is the 1ost 1erci.ul0 the 9.t+For6ivin6.
<ur=an 6 "urah "a.a -"a.a, or the Cit# of "a.a/ !4B1&'
In the short eCtract on the o+ening +age a.ove, there ;as one im+ortant feature that .oth 7r@ 8atson and "herloc
Holmes agreed u+on and that ;as to ac>uire useful no;ledge@ That is the +ur+ose of this document@ True, the fact
that the earth or.iting the sun or an# other scientific +henomenon ma# not matter, .ut if it -or an#thing else/ +roves
the eCistence of (od then it most certainl# does@ The .eaut# of the <ur=an is that it ass us to reflect and reason, and
not to follo; a +ath that is .lind and void@
The follo;ing +ages sho; man# as+ects of Islam through histor#, from the .eginning of time itself@ ,o one document
can +ossi.l# cover ever# intricate facet of Islam@ Ho;ever, this effort serves to give a flavour of the fundamentals of
Islamic teachings and its +ur+ose for man=s .eneficial survival in this ;orld and in the hereafter@
,all unto the #ay o. thy 3ord #ith #isdom <hikmah= and .air e>hortation0 and reason #ith them in
the better #ay. 3o? Thy 3ord is 2est /#are o. him #ho strayeth .rom 5is #ay0 and 5e is 2est /#are
o. those #ho 6o ari6ht.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B1'5 "ee also 1'B10% and !2B1)&1%@
@(. ABo0 both o. you <1oses C /aron=0 to Pharaoh0 .or he has indeed trans6ressed all bounds4
@@. A2ut spea to him mildly4 perchance he may tae #arnin6 or .ear </llaah=.D
<ur=an & "urah Ta Ha '0B4!&4
3et there arise out o. you a band o. people invitin6 to all that is 6ood0 enEoinin6 #hat is ri6ht0 and
.orbiddin6 #hat is #ron6! They are the ones to attain .elicity.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B104 "ee also verses !B110, 5B', )B144, 122&'0'
and 2B)1@
/nd #ho is better in speech than he #ho calls <men= to /llaah <re6ardin6 5is 9neness=0 and does
ri6hteous deeds0 and says! A* am one o. the 1uslims.D
<ur=an & "urah 5ussilat -$C+lained in 7etail/ 41B!! "ee also 5%B11@
AEvery person0 male and .emale0 should see no#led6e <o. reli6ious matters= .rom the cradle to
the 6rave?D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
ATae one step to#ards me0 * #ill tae ten steps to#ards you. 7al to#ards me0 * #ill run to#ards
Hadith <udsi
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The ,reation o. the Fniverse The ,reation o. the Fniverse
An eCtremel# long time ago, the onl# thing that eCisted ;as (od
-the Creator/ 8ho had no .eginning -and has no end/@
There ;as no universe@ (od .egins the creation of the universe from a single +article -an entire universe of matter and
energ# concentrated ;ithin a s+ace 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 times smaller than a single +roton/, ;hich is s+lit
a+art@ The scientific
;orld, refer to this as a singularit# or the EAig Aang Theor#F
, ;here an energ# source created a
+article called the +rimar# ne.ula or +rimeval atom@ The tin# +article has also .een referred to as the cosmic egg@
The follo;ing verse is the onl# <ur=anic verse, ;hich refers to the moment of creation of the universe@ It is interesting
that (od tals a.out the root ingredients at the moment of creation and also that of ;ater as a root ingredient of the
creation of all living creatures@ This is indeed a verse dealing ;ith (od=s a.ilit# and +o;er to create@
A:o not the Fnbelievers see that the heavens and the earth <meanin6 the universe= #ere <once=
one sin6le entity <ratq=0 #hich 7e <meanin6 Bod0 the ,reator= then parted asunder <fataqa= and 7e
6ot every livin6 thin6 out o. #ater. 7ill they then not believeGD
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B!0 "ee also '4B45 and '5B54@
The 9ri6inator o. the heavens and the earth? 7hen 5e decreeth a thin60 5e saith unto it only! 2e?
and it is.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B11) "ee also !5B1 and 52B'4@
The celestial matter of the earl# universe eCisted in an e"panding gaseous state, containing h#drogen and helium
according to scientists@ The verse .elo; sho;s that microsco+ic levels of (od=s creation are su.:ect to His command@
1oreover 5e comprehended in 5is desi6n the heaven0 and it had been <as= smoe! 5e said to it and
to the earth! H,ome ye to6ether0 #illin6ly or un#illin6ly.H They said! H7e do come <to6ether=0 in
#illin6 obedience.H
<ur=an & "urah 5ussilat -$C+lained in 7etail/ 41B11 "ee also 'B'2 and 1!B'@
AThe heaven0 7e have built it #ith <9ur creative= po#er. 8erily0 it is 7e #ho are steadily
<ur=an & "urah az&9aari#at -The 8inno;ing 8inds/ 51B4)
1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ in He.re; called Him $loha, Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ in Aramaic called Him Allaaha and 1uhammad
-+eace .e u+on him/ in Ara.ic called Him Allaah@ The name Allaah is a contraction of the Ara.ic ;ords GAl= and Gilah= meaning The (od@
The same a++lies to the names $loha and Allaaha@
Refer to the discoveries of +eo+le such as AleCander A@ 5riedmann -1%%% &12'5/, 1onsignor (eorge Henri ?emaitre -1%24 &1244/,
$d;in *o;ell Hu..le -1%%2 &125!/, (eorge A@ (amo; -1204 & 124%/, Arno A@ *enzias -12!! &/, Ro.ert 8ilson -12!4 &/, Ro.ert H@ 7ice
-1214 & 122)/, *hilli+ James $@ *ee.les -12!5 &/, etc@
Coined .# 5red Ho#le -1215 6 '001/ ;ho ;as not a su++orter of the Aig Aang theor# and called it as a casual remar in 1250@
$d;in *o;ell Hu..le -1%%2 &125!/ ;as a.le to esta.lish in 12'2 that the galaCies ;ere moving a;a# from us and thus ;e had an
eC+anding universe@ This ;as a momentous discover# to;ards understanding the origins and current state of the universe@
In '011, "aul *erlmutter, Arian *@ "chmidt and Adam (@ Riess ;on the ,o.el *rize in +h#sics for their studies of eC+loding stars that
revealed that the eC+ansion of the universe ;as accelerating@ The scientists raced to ma+ the universeHs eC+ansion .# anal#sing a
+articular t#+e of su+ernovas, or eC+loding stars@ The# found that the light emitted .# more than 50 distant su+ernovas ;as ;eaer
than eC+ected, a sign that the universe ;as eC+anding at an accelerating rate@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 5 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Ierse 41B11 indicates a gaseous universe that eCisted in time +ast@ The earth did not eCist as a +h#sical entit# in the
earl# universe@
It=s interesting to note that ;hen (od refers to the universe in the <ur=an, in the vast ma:orit# of cases -12' occasions/
He uses the +hrase Gheavens and the earth= or Gheavens and on the earth=@ In 41B11 the ;ord heaven is not follo;ed .#
the ;ords Gand JonK the earth= as the earl# universe did not contain a +h#sical $arth@ 3ther verses ;here the ;ord
Gheavens= is used in isolation are 'B'2, !B5, 1!B', 1)B25, '1B104, '!B%4, !'B5, 40B!), 41B1', 4)B!, )1B15 and )%B1'@
Ierse 51B4) sho;s that the outer s+ace is eC+anding -.ut not the o.:ects ;ithin it/ in accordance ;ith science@
As a +re&re>uisite to understanding the so called GsiC da#s= of creation of the universe, often incorrectl# given in some
earl# $nglish translations of the <ur=an, ;e need to .e a;are that the reference to the GsiC da#s= do not refer to siC
$arthl# da#s in the original Ara.ic i@e@ time measured according to the movement of the earth in relation to the sun@
7uring the earl# stages of the universe, the "un and $arth did not eCist, as the a.ove verses have sho;n@ The <ur=an
often refers to the ;ord G7a#= as a +eriod of time that ;ill come to +ass in +ost tense to refer to the hereafter e@g@ 7a#
of Judgement or the 7a# of Resurrection@ "ome <ur=anic eCam+les are 1B4, !B2, !B'4&!0, !B104, 4B15, 4B1!0, )B51, )B52,
10B15, 15B!5&%, 14B111, 1%B5', 12B!%&2, '1B10!&4, '4B44, '4B%', ')B%!, '%B45, !1B!!, !)B'0&1, !%B14, 40B15, etc@
The Ara.ic singular -wahid/ ;ord for a +eriod of time is yaum
, He.re; & y4m@ In the Ara.ic language there is also a
dual -tasniya/ classification i@e@ yaumain -t;o of/@ The +lural -,amaa/ consisting of three or more, is ayam@ The ;ord
yaum has more than one meaning in ;hich one of them is a da#@ Aut it also taes the meaning of a +eriod of time@
Here are some occasions ;here the ;ord yaum is used in the <ur=an to sho; that the inter+retation of the ;ord yaum is
a large s+an of time@
The an6els and the Spirit <Babriel= ascend unto 5im in a period o. time <yaum= the measure #hereo.
is <as= .i.ty thousand years!
<ur=an 6 "urah al&1a=ari: -The 8a#s of Ascent/ )0B4
2y the heaven .ull o. paths0
<ur=an & "urah az&9aari#at -The 8inno;ing 8inds/ 51B)
5e rules <all= a..airs .rom the heavens to the earth! in the end #ill <all a..airs= 6o up to 5im0 in a
period o. time <yaum=0 the space #hereo. #ill be <as= a thousand years o. your reconin6.
<ur=an & "urah as&"a:da -The *rostration/ !'B5 "ee also ''B4)@
The Creator mentions siC distinct periods or stages of gro;th of the universe@
&. Say <9 1uhammad0 unto the idolaters=! :isbelieve ye verily in 5im 7ho created the earth in
t#o periods <yaumain=0 and ascribe ye unto 5im rivalsG 5e <and none else= is the 3ord o. all
1aurice Aucaille in his .oo GThe Ai.le, the <urHan and "cience= +rovides the follo;ing additional information &
EThe fact that the ;ord, yaum could mean a +eriod of time that ;as >uite different from the +eriod that ;e mean .# the ;ord Hda#H
struc ver# earl# commentators ;ho, of course, did not have the no;ledge ;e +ossess toda# concerning the length of the stages in
the formation of the Universe@ In the "iCteenth centur# A@7@ for eCam+le, A.u al "uHud, ;ho could not have had an# idea of the da# as
defined astronomicall# in terms of the $arthHs rotation, thought that for the Creation a division must .e considered that ;as not into
da#s as ;e usuall# understand the ;ord, .ut into HeventsH -in Ara.ic nauba/@F
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$I. A5e set in the <Earth= mountains standin6 .irm. 5e blessed it. 5e measured therein its
sustenance in .our periods <ayam + this includes the above two periods of the solid Earth and
two periods of the formless Earth as a gaseous evolving entity=0 in due proportion0 in
accordance #ith the needs o. those #ho as .or sustenance.
$$. 1oreover <tumma= 5e comprehended in 5is desi6n the heaven0 and it had been <as= smoe! 5e
said to it and to the earth <the earth at this stage is in a gaseous form=! H,ome ye to6ether0
#illin6ly or un#illin6ly.H They said! H7e do come <to6ether=0 in #illin6 obedience.H
$%. AThen 5e ordained them seven heavens in t#o periods <yaumain=0 and he assi6ned to each
heaven its mandate by Revelation. /nd 7e adorned the lo#er heaven #ith luminaries and
provided it a 6uard. Such is the decree o. the /ll 1i6hty0 the Full o. Jno#led6e.D
<ur=an & "urah 5ussilat -$C+lained in 7etail/ 41B2&1' "ee also 'B'2, 1!B! and 14B15@
The a.ove verses do not la# do;n the se>uence of the creation@ 8e are informed that the seven heavens or firmaments
;ere created in t;o +eriods@ The formless matter constituting the eventual $arth ;as formed in t;o +eriods, and lastl#
the $arth as a solid entit# ;ith its mountains and +asture ;as formed in t;o +eriods@
There are other verses that do la# do;n an eCact se>uence of the creation of the universe i@e@ sho;ing the +rogression
in ;hich the various com+onents of the universe came into eCistenceB &
%). /re you the harder to create or is it the heaven that <Bod= builtG
%K. 5e raised its canopy and .ashioned it #ith harmony.
%&. 5e made dar the ni6ht and 5e brou6ht out the .orenoon <the li6ht=.
(I. /nd a.ter that 5e spread <Earth= it out.
($. There.rom he dre# out its #ater and its pasture.
(%. /nd the mountains 5e has .i>ed .irmly.
<ur=an & "urah an&,aaziDaat -Those ;ho drag forth/ )2B')&!' "ee also 50B), 4)B!, )1B15 and )%B1'@
"cientificall#, verses ')&'% relate to the gaseous state of the earl# universe@ Ierse '2 refers to the creation of the sun
-and other stars/@ Ierses !0&!1 refer to the formless or earl# state of the $arth ;hilst verse !' refers to the $arth as a
solid entit#@ In science ;e no; through gradual cooling of the universe from its initial eCtremel# high tem+eratures,
the universe and its com+onents .egin to tae sha+e@ The sun and the earth are more relevant to us@
To 5im is due the primal ori6in o. the heavens and the earth! 7hen 5e decrees a matter0 5e says to
it! L2e0M and it is.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B11) "ee also 4B)!, 4B101, 10B4, 10B!4, ')B440 '2B12, !)B4, !2B4',
54B42&50 and %5B1!@
/nd verily 7e created the heavens and the earth0 and all that is bet#een them0 in si> periods0 and
nau6ht o. #eariness touched Fs.
<ur=an 6 "urah <af -the ?etter <af/ 50B!% "ee also )B54, 10B!, 11B), 14B5, ''B4), '5B52, !'B4, 44B! L !!@
Ierse 50B!% sho;s recognition of material matter eCisting in s+aceM this is referred to as dar matter in the scientific
;orld, ;hich com+rises a++roCimatel# %5N of the universe@ In addition the verse clearl# sho;s that (od did not need to
rest, as descri.ed in the 3ld Testament, after His creation of the universe@ (od does not suffer from the frailties that
man has to endure@ (od is *erfect@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age ) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
/ssuredly the creation o. the heavens and the earth is a 6reater <matter= than the creation o. men!
Yet most men understand not.
<ur=an & "urah al&(haafir -The 5orgiver/ 40B5) "ee also !1B'4, !5B41, 4'B4 and 4%B14@
-ot even an atomMs #ei6ht in the heavens and the earth0 or somethin6 smaller or 6reater than it is hidden
.rom 5im0 but all are in a clear record.
<ur=an 6 "urah "a.a -"a.a, or the Cit# of "a.a/ !4B! "ee also 10B41@
According to science the universe is around 1!@%1 .illion #ears old and the +h#sical earth is around 4@54) .illions #ears
old@ The ratio .et;een the age of the solid $arth to the universe is 1O!@ According to the <ur=an, the $arth -as a solid
mass/ ;as created in t;o +eriods, ;hile the ;hole universe has evolved in siC +eriods@ Hence the ratio .et;een the
ages of the solid $arth to the universe is again 1O!@ Hence science and scri+ture are in +erfect harmon# ;ith each other@
There is also a verse giving us information regarding other earth lie +lanets, ;hich have .een discovered in the latter
+art of the t;entieth centur# and thereafter
Bod is 5e 7ho created seven Firmaments and o. the earth a similar number.
<ur=an & "urah at&Talaa> -7ivorce/ 45B1'
'. So verily * call to #itness the Planets <khunnas= that recede0
N. Bo strai6ht0 or hide4
<ur=an & "urah at&Ta;ir -The 3verthro;ing/ %1B15&14
(od is a;are of ever#thing that enters or leaves the $arth@
@. 5e it is 7ho created the heavens and the earth in si> periods <ayam=0 and is moreover .irmly
established on the Throne <o. /uthority=. 5e no#s #hat enters #ithin the earth and #hat
comes .orth out o. it0 #hat comes do#n .rom heaven and #hat mounts up to it. /nd 5e is #ith
you #heresoever ye may be. /nd /llaah sees #ell all that ye do.
'. To 5im belon6s the dominion o. the heavens and the earth! and all a..airs are re.erred bac to
<ur=an & "urah al&Hadid -The Iron/ 5)B4&5 "ee also ')B45 and 41B5!@
Regarding the motion of the sun and the moon, the moon or.its the $arth, ;hilst the sun or.its the 1il# 8a# galaC# in
the +ath of a :e;elled trail of other celestial .odies a++roCimatel# ever# '50 million #ears at a s+eed of a.out '00
ilometres +er second@ This com+lete or.it is referred to as a cosmic #ear@ Ierse '1B!!, .elo;, sho;s that .oth the sun
and the moon have or.its and have their o;n motions on their aCes@ The sun maes a com+lete rotation on it=s aCis from
'5 $arth da#s at the +oint of its e>uator and !4 $arth da#s near its +oles@ The moon rotates on its aCis ever# '2 $arth
da#s, the same time it taes to or.it the $arth@ The ;ord coils in !2B5 suggests a continuous movement@
A<Bod= is the 9ne 7ho created the ni6ht0 the day0 the Sun and the 1oon. Each one is travellin6 in an
orbit #ith its o#n motion.D
In '00% three +lanets ;ere discovered du..ed as Gsu+er $arths= in a constellation 4@' light #ears a;a#@ The trio of +lanets are 4@', 4@)
and 2@4 times .igger than our $arth res+ectivel#@ The# or.it their star, ;hich is slightl# smaller than our "un, at eCtremel# ra+id s+eeds
of .et;een one and t;ent# da#s com+ared ;ith $arth=s !45 da#s@ The discover# has led astronomers at (eneva 3.servator# to
conclude that $arth lie +lanets could .e ver# common@ The first eCtra solar +lanet ;as discovered in 1225@ In '011 a +lanet named
GTatooine= ;as discovered, in a distant galaC# '00 hundred light #ears from $arth that or.ited a solar s#stem that had t;o suns@ Refer
also to the discover# of the +lanet named Pe+ler ''. in 7ecem.er '011, ;hich is .elieved to have ;ater@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age % of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B!! "ee also !4B40 and !2B5@
The sun and the moon .ollo# courses <e>actly= computed.
<ur=an & "urah ar&Rahman -The Aeneficent/ 55B5
5e created the heavens and the earth in true <proportions=! 5e coils <kawwara= the ni6ht upon the
day and 5e coils <kawwara= the day upon the ni6ht.H 5e has subEected the sun and the moon <to 5is
la#=! Each one .ollo#s a course .or a time appointed. *s not 5e the E>alted in Po#er + 5e 7ho
.or6ives a6ain and a6ainG
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B5
The sun is a source of light, ;hile the moon reflects it@
*t is 5e 7ho made the sun to be a shinin6 6lory and the moon to be a li6ht <o. beauty=0 and
measured out sta6es .or her4 that ye mi6ht no# the number o. years and the count <o. time=.
-o#ise did /llaah create this but in truth and ri6hteousness. <Thus= doth 5e e>plain 5is Si6ns in
detail0 .or those #ho understand.
<ur=an & "urah Qunus -Jonah/ 10B5 "ee also '5B41, 40B41 and )1B14
(K. /nd the sun runs his course .or a period determined .or him! that is the decree o. <5im=0 the
E>alted in 1i6ht0 the /ll+Jno#in6.
(&. /nd the 1oon0+ 7e have measured .or her mansions <to traverse= till she returns lie the old
<and #ithered= lo#er part o. a date+stal.
@I. *t is not permitted to the Sun to catch up the 1oon0 nor can the -i6ht outstrip the :ay! Each
<Eust= s#ims alon6 in <its o#n= orbit <accordin6 to 3a#=.
<ur=an 6 "urah Qasin !4B!%&40 "ee also 5)B4@
The constellations that a++ear in the night s# throughout the #ear are also mentioned in the <ur=an@
2lessed is 5e 7ho made constellations in the sies0 and placed therein a 3amp < sira,= and a 1oon
6ivin6 li6ht <nur=4
<ur=an & "urah al&5ur>an -The Criterion/ '5B41
/nd verily in the heaven #e have set mansions o. the stars0 and 7e have beauti.ied it .or
<ur=an & "urah al&Hi:r -The Roc/ 15B14
2y the heaven0 holdin6 mansions o. the stars0
<ur=an & "urah al&Auroo: -The Constellations/ %5B1
8e are a;are that the level of oC#gen at high altitude is reduced, the further u+ ;e go@ In fact mountaineers ;hen
clim.ing 1ount $verest have to ;ear oC#gen mass :ust .efore the# reach the to+@
Those #hom /llaah <in 5is plan= #illeth to 6uide0+ 5e openeth their breast to *slam4 those #hom 5e
#illeth to leave strayin60+ 5e maeth their breast close and constricted0 as i. they had to climb up
to the sies! thus doth /llaah <heap= the penalty on those #ho re.use to believe.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B1'5
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 2 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Aac do;n on earth ;e have further revelations of (od=s creation@ 5or eCam+le, ;e no; mountains have roots sha+ed
lie +egs@
N. 5ave 7e not made the earth as a #ide e>panse0
). /nd the mountains as pe6sG
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,a.a -The Tidings, The Announcement/ )%B4&) "ee also 50B)@
$@. /nd do 7e not send do#n .rom the clouds #ater in abundance0
$'. Thereby to produce 6rain and plant0
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,a.a -The Tidings, The Announcement/ )%B14&15 "ee also %)B4&5@
It is interesting to note that the occurrence of the Ara.ic ;ords al-bahar -sea/ and al-bar -land/ in the <ur=an a++ears
at !' and 1! num.er of times res+ectivel#@ 8e no; from current no;ledge of our +lanet that the ratio of ;ater to
earth is )1N ;ater and '2N earth@ Using the a.ove fre>uenc# .# ;hich the ;ords al-bahar and al-bar a++ear in the
<urHan, ;e o.tain the same +ercentage ratios@
8e have further revelations concerning the de+ths of the seas and oceans@ 1odern science has discovered that in +laces
;here t;o different seas meet, there is a .arrier .et;een them@ This .arrier divides the t;o seas so that each sea has
its o;n tem+erature, salinit#, and densit#@ This results in the t;o t#+es of ;ater not miCing together@ 5or eCam+le, the
1editerranean "ea ;ater is ;arm, saline, and less dense, com+ared to Atlantic 3cean ;ater@
$&. 5e has let .ree the t#o bodies o. .lo#in6 #ater0 meetin6 to6ether!
%I. There is a barrier bet#een them. They encroach not <one upon the other=.
%$. Then #hich o. the .avours o. your 3ord #ill ye denyG
%%. 9ut o. them come Pearls and ,oral!
<ur=an & "urah ar&Rahman -The Aeneficent/ 55B12&''
*t is 5e 7ho has let .ree the t#o bodies o. .lo#in6 #ater! 9ne palatable and s#eet0 and the other
salt and bitter4 yet has 5e made a barrier bet#een them0 a partition that is .orbidden to be passed.
<ur=an & "urah al&5ur>an -The Criterion/ '5B5!
AFirst o. all0 there #as nothin6 but /llaah0 and <then 5e created 5is Throne=. 5is Throne #as over
the #ater0 and 5e #rote everythin6 in the 2oo <in the 5eaven= and created the 5eavens and the
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "ahih al&Auhari Iolume 4, Aoo 54, ,um.er 414
It is clear from the a.ove, that Allaah is the source of all creation and that He alone has this attri.ute@ This
distinguishes Him from His creation@ The +ur+ose of Allaah=s creation is not for amusement or +la# .ut for a +ur+ose and
all of us ;ill .e .rought .ac to Him@ He has created in the +ast and He continues to create@
The ,reation o. /n6els0 ;inn and /nimals The ,reation o. /n6els0 ;inn and /nimals
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 10 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
3ther t#+es of creation include angels@ Angels are made from light
and al;a#s o.e# (od i@e@ inca+a.le of committing
sin@ The# have the a.ilit# to change their a++earance and are genderless@ The highest raned angel is (a.riel -Ara.ic &
5ibril/@ He is referred to in the <ur=an, as the "+irit -6uh/, Hol# "+irit -6uh-ul-7uddus/, "+irit of Truth -6uh-ul-+min/ or
as a messenger -i@e@ archangel of revelation & 6asul/, etc@ The second highest raned angel is 1ichael -Ara.ic & !ikhael/@
(a.riel -+eace .e u+on him/ sits on the right side of (od ;hilst 1ichael -+eace .e u+on him/ sits on the left@ 8hen
angels are on earth, the# a++ear as men other;ise the# are invisi.le to us@
$ach human is assigned t;o angels ;ho record our good and .ad deeds@
&). Say <9 1uhammad0 to manind=! 7ho is an enemy to Babriel? For he it is #ho hath revealed
<this Scripture= to thy heart by /llaahMs leave0 con.irmin6 that #hich #as <revealed= be.ore it0
and 6uidance and 6lad tidin6s to believers.
&K. 7hoever is an enemy to /llaah and 5is an6els and messen6ers0 to Babriel and 1ichael0 + 3o?
/llaah is an enemy to those #ho reEect Faith.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B2)&%
Praise be to /llaah0 7ho created <out o. nothin6= the heavens and the earth0 7ho made the an6els0
messen6ers #ith #in6s0+ t#o0 or three0 or .our <pairs=! 5e adds to ,reation as 5e pleases! .or /llaah has
po#er over all thin6s.
<ur=an & "urah 5atir -The Creator/ !5B1
(od also created the Jinn@ Jinn are created from smoeless fire and have lie man, the a.ilit# to o.e# or diso.e# (od@
The# also have the a.ilit# to change their a++earance@ The most infamous :inn, is called I.lis@ The :inn are invisi.le to
man@ The Jinn ;ere created .efore the creation of humanind@
/nd the ;inn race0 7e had created be.ore <the creation o. man=0 .rom the .ire o. a scorchin6 #ind.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hi:r -The Roc/ 15B')
/nd 5e created ;inns .rom .ire .ree o. smoe.
<ur=an & "urah ar&Rahman -The Aeneficent/ 55B15
The Jinn, lie humans, are a.le to multi+l#@
7ill you then tae him <*blis= and his o..sprin6 as protectors and helpersG
<ur=an & "urah al&Pahf -The Cave/ 1%B50
(od creates creatures on the $arth, ;here the common ingredient is ;ater@
/nd /llaah has created every animal .rom #ater! o. them there are some that creep on their
bellies4 some that #al on t#o le6s4 and some that #al on .our. /llaah creates #hat 5e #ills .or
verily /llaah has po#er over all thin6s.
AHisha -;ife of the +ro+het/ re+orted that AllRh=s 1essenger -ma# +eace .e u+on him/ saidB The Angels ;ere .orn out of light and the
Jinns ;ere .orn out of the s+ar of fire and Adam ;as .orn as he has .een defined -in the <urHan/ for #ou -i@e@ he is fashioned out of
cla#/@ $ahih !uslim - /ook 89, )umber :;<8.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 11 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah an&,ur -The ?ight/ '4B45
... and 5e has dispersed therein movin6 <livin6= creatures o. all ind.
<ur=an & "urah ?u>man -?u>man/ !1B10 "ee also 4'B'2@
There is not an animal <that lives= on the earth0 nor a bein6 that .lies on its #in6s0 but <.orms part
o.= communities lie you. -othin6 have #e omitted .rom the 2oo <o. 9ur decrees=0 and they <all=
shall be 6athered to their 3ord in the end.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B!%
AThose #ho are ind and considerate to BodMs creatures0 Bod besto#s 5is indness and a..ection on
them. Sho# indness to the creatures on the earth so that Bod may be ind to you.F
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
Blory to /llaah0 7ho created in pairs all thin6s that the earth produces0 as #ell as their o#n
<human= ind and <other= thin6s o. #hich they have no no#led6e.
<ur=an & "urah Qaseen !4B!4 "ee also 14B10, ''B4! and 4)B14@
<5e is= the ,reator o. the heavens and the earth! 5e has made .or you pairs .rom amon6 yourselves0
and pairs amon6 cattle! by this means does 5e multiply you! there is nothin6 #hatever lie unto
5im0 and 5e is the 9ne that hears and sees <all thin6s=.
<ur=an & "urah ash&"hura -Consultation/ 4'B11
The ,reation o. 5umanind The ,reation o. 5umanind
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
(od creates earl# forms of humanind@ $ach ne; s+ecies is created ane; ;hilst the +revious s+ecies is destro#ed
-.ecomes eCtinct/@ This is a star difference .et;een Islam and the $volutionists -7ar;in=s
theor#/ ;ho suggest a
gradual continuous im+rovement, .# natural selection through survival of the fittest, in man=s +h#sical nature through
millions of #ears@ Ho;ever the fossil record sho;s that each s+ecies remained the same throughout its eCistence and
each ne; s+ecies came on the scene abruptly@ In light of this evidence an alternative theor# has .een +resented as a
+ossi.le eC+lanation of ne; s+ecies occurring suddenl# in order to ;rite of (od :ust as the +ro+onents of 7ar;in have
done@ The ne; theor# claims that the sudden introduction of a ne; s+ecies could have come a.out .# a mutation in a
single individual from ;hich its offs+ring ;ould then inherit as such time as a ne; mutation re&occurred in the future@
As ;ith 7ar;in=s theor# of evolution, this is also un+roven@
A8erily0 7e created them and stren6thened <re.errin6 to manMs physical constitution= all o. them.
/nd #hen 7e #illed0 7e replaced them completely by people <qawm= #ho #ere o. the same ind.D
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B1!!
$'. A9 manind? You are the ones #ho are in need o. /llaah. /nd /llaah? 5e is the /bsolute0 the
9#ner o. Praise.
$N. *. 5e #anted0 he could destroy you and brin6 about a ne# creation.
$). /nd that is not hard .or /llaah.D
<ur=an & "urah 5aatir -The 3riginator/ !5B15&1)
). <Bod= is the 9ne #ho created you0 then .ashioned you harmoniously and in due proportion4
K. *nto #hatsoever .orm 5e #illed0 5e made you out o. components.
<ur=an & "urah al&Infitaar -The Aelievers/ %'B)&% "ee also 54B5)&4', %)B'@
The <ur=an refers to man .eing created from a miCture of earth and ;ater@ Angels collected these com+onents from
$arth .# (od=s command@ It ;as from this that the .od# of Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ the first -homo&sa+ien/ man ;as
created@ The name Adam means Gfrom the earth=@
A5e <Bod= caused you to 6ro# .rom the earth <ard=.D
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B41
This earth ;as moistened until it .ecame lie stic# cla#@ Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ is Gmodelled= from this stic# cla#@
Then as them #hether they are stron6er in creation or those <others= #hom 7e have created.
Surely 7e created them o. sticy clay <tiyn=.
<ur=an & "urah as&"affat -Those dra;n u+ in Rans/ !)B11 "ee also '!B1'@
The resulting .od# .ecomes dr# lie +otter=s cla#, ;hich made a sound ;hen it ;as ta++ed, and ;as further fashioned
and com+leted@
<Bod= .ashioned man .rom a <dry= clay0 lie pottery.
<ur=an & "urah ar&Rahman -The Aeneficent/ 55B14
/nd verily 7e created man0 out o. a dry soundin6 clay o. malleable blac mud <salsal=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hi:r -The Roc/ 15B'4
Charles Ro.ert 7ar;in -1%02 & 1%%'/ an $nglish naturalist conceived in 1%!% the theor# that s+ecies develo+ed naturall# over time@
This +ro+osition came as a result of 7ar;in=s five #ear -1%!1 & 1%!4/ vo#age on the shi+ H1" Aeagle nota.l# to the (alS+agos Islands@ His
.oo G3n the 3rigin of "+ecies= +u.lished in 1%52 esta.lished the introduction to the idea of evolution@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
A/llaah created /dam .rom dust a.ter 5e mi>ed the clay and le.t him .or some time until it became
sticy mud0 a.ter #hich /llaah shaped him. /.ter that /llaah le.t him till it became lie potterOs
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "ahih al&Auhari
/llaah it is 7ho appointed .or you the earth .or a d#ellin6+place and the sy .or a canopy0 and
.ashioned you and per.ected your shapes0 and hath provided you #ith 6ood thin6s. Such is /llaah0
your 3ord. Then blessed be /llaah0 the 3ord o. all ,reation?
<ur=an & "urah al&(haafir -The 5orgiver/ 40B44
(od ass the angelM (a.riel -+eace .e u+on him/ to .reathe into Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ and he came to life@ Adam
-+eace .e u+on him/ sneezes and his first ;ords ;ere al&humdu lillah -*raise .e to (od/@
). 7ho made 6ood everythin6 that 5e has created0 and 5e be6an the creation o. man .rom clay
K. /nd made his pro6eny <nasl= .rom a quintessence o. the nature o. a .luid despised <due to the
.act that the liquid passes throu6h the urinary tract=.
&. 2ut 5e .ashioned him in due proportion0 and breathed into him somethin6 o. 5is Spirit <Babriel=.
/nd 5e 6ave you <the .aculties o.= hearin6 and si6ht and .eelin6 <and understandin6=! little
thans do ye 6ive?
<ur=an & "urah as&"a:da -The *rostration/ !'B)&2 "ee also 14B4, 1%B!) and ''B5@
%K. 7hen thy 3ord said to the an6els! * am 6oin6 to .ashion a man </dam= .rom clay0 .rom moulded
%&. 7hen * have harmoniously .ashioned him <in due proportion= and breathed into him o. 1y
Spirit <Babriel=0 P
<ur=an & "urah al&Hi:r -The Roc/ 15B'%&2
The 3ld Testament includes a similar verse@
+nd the =O6. >od formed man ?of@ the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath
of lifeA and man became a liing soul.
The 3ld Testament & (enesis & 'B)
(od creates $ve -Huwwa in Ara.ic & +eace .e u+on her/@ The name Hu;;a means Gthe source of life= as she ;as created
from Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ho ;as the source of giving her life@ Hu;;a also has another meaning, ;hich is used
to denote a redd# colour that is closer to the darer tone@ There is an o+inion that this could allude to her sin colour@
$ve is the ?atinised -$va, Heva/ name of the e>uivalent He.re; name of Ha;;a, from GHa#a= meaning Gto live=@ Hu;;a
is created from the u++er ri. of Adam -+eace .e u+on him/@ Hence men and ;omen share a common genetic
A<Bod= is the 9ne 7ho .ashioned you .rom a sin6le person and .rom that <person= created his #i.e.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B1
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 14 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
A9 1uslims? * advise you to be 6entle #ith #omen0 .or they are created .rom a rib0 and the most
crooed portion o. the rib is its upper part. *. you try to strai6hten it0 it #ill brea and i. you leave
it0 it #ill remain crooed0 so * ur6e you to tae care o. the #omen.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
%I. /mon6 5is Si6ns in this0 that 5e created you .rom dust4 and then0+ behold0 ye are men
scattered <.ar and #ide=?
%$. /nd amon6 5is Si6ns is this0 that 5e created .or you mates .rom amon6 yourselves0 that ye may
d#ell in tranquillity #ith them0 and 5e has put love and mercy bet#een your <hearts=! verily in
that are Si6ns .or those #ho re.lect.
%%. /nd amon6 5is Si6ns is the creation o. the heavens and the earth0 and the variations in your
lan6ua6es and your colours! verily in that are Si6ns .or those #ho no#.
<ur=an & "urah ar&Rum -The Romans/ !0B'0&'
5e created you <all= .rom a sin6le person! then created0 o. lie nature0 his mate4 and he sent do#n
.or you ei6ht head o. cattle in pairs! 5e maes you0 in the #ombs o. your mothers0 in sta6es
0 one
a.ter another0 in three veils o. darness. such is /llaah0 your 3ord and ,herisher! to 5im belon6s
<all= dominion. There is no 6od but 5e! then ho# are ye turned a#ay.
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B4
The +rocess of human re+roduction is also discussed in the <ur=an@ The s+ermatic li>uid is formed .# various secretions
from the male human .od#, ;hich come from the follo;ing glandsB &
a@ testes or generative glands & +roduces s+ermatozoon=s, the fertilising cells -10N of the total secretion/
.@ seminal vesicle glands 6 these organs are reservoirs of s+ermatozoon=s and are +laced near the +rostate glandM the#
also secrete their o;n li>uid .ut it does not contain an# fertilising agents -)0N of the total secretion/
c@ +rostate gland 6 this secrets a li>uid ;hich gives the s+erm its cream# teCture -'5N of the total secretion/
d@ .ul. urethral glands 6 secrete a clear fluid no;n as Co;+erHs fluid and it=s .iological function is to +re+are the
urinar# tract for the +assage of semen and neutralize acidit# due to an# residual urine -5N of the total secretion/
8e are also a;are, from .iological science, that onl# a tin# +ortion of the fertilising semen i@e@ one s+ermatozoon out
of the s+ermatozoa -containing an#thing from '00 to 500 million s+ermatozoon=s/ is re>uired to fertilise a female egg,
the ovule@ Hence it is the miCture of the male and female li>uids that starts the +rocess of fashioning a ne; foetus@
3nce a female egg has .een fertilised in the fallo+ian tu.e, it descends to lodge itself inside the uterine ;allM this is
called the implantation of the egg@ Interestingl# this is one of the features that medical staff loo for in II5 treatment@
5ailure in this, results in an unsuccessful +regnanc#@
A8erily0 7e .ashioned man .rom a small quantity o. min6led <amcha,= liquids . . .D
<ur=an & "urah al&Insaan -1an/ )4B'
(). A7as <man= not a small quantity o. sperm #hich has been poured outG
(K. /.ter that0 he #as somethin6 #hich clin6s <alaq=4 then Bod .ashioned him in due proportion
and harmoniously.D
<ur=an & "urah al&<i#aama -The Resurrection/ )5B!)&%
The develo+ment of the human em.r#o in stages ;as first discovered and descri.ed in 1241 .# the American em.r#ologist (eorge
?inius "treeter -1%)! 6 124%/@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 15 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The root ingredients of man i@e@ ;ater and earth is mentioned in the <ur=an follo;ed .# the further develo+ment
+rocess of the foetus@
$%. 7e .ashioned man .rom the quintessence <sulatat= o. a clay <tiyn + #ater and earth=.
$(. Then placed him as a drop <nutfah + o. seed= in a place o. rest0 .irmly .i>ed <qararin makin=4
$@. 7e .ashioned the thin6 #hich clin6s <alaq= into a lump o. che#ed .lesh <mudrat= and 7e
.ashioned the che#ed .lesh <mudrat= into bones and 7e clothed the bones #ith intact .lesh
<lahm=0 and then produced it as another creation. So blessed be /llaah0 the 2est o. creators?
<ur=an & "urah al&1uDminoon -The Cleaving/ '!B1'&4 "ee also !2B4 and ))B'0&''@
/nd indeed 5e has .ashioned you in sta6es <twar + phases=.
<ur=an & "urah ,uh -,oah/ )1B14
9 manind? i. ye have a doubt about the Resurrection0 <consider= that 7e created you out o. dust0
then out o. sperm0 then out o. a leech+lie clot0 then out o. a morsel o. .lesh0 partly .ormed and
partly un.ormed0 in order that 7e may mani.est <our po#er= to you4 and 7e cause #hom 7e #ill to
rest in the #ombs .or an appointed term0 then do 7e brin6 you out as babes0 then <.oster you= that
ye may reach your a6e o. .ull stren6th4 and some o. you are called to die0 and some are sent bac to
the .eeblest old a6e0 so that they no# nothin6 a.ter havin6 no#n <much=0 and <.urther=0 thou
seest the earth barren and li.eless0 but #hen 7e pour do#n rain on it0 it is stirred <to li.e=0 it
s#ells0 and it puts .orth every ind o. beauti.ul 6ro#th <in pairs=.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B5 "ee also 40B4) and 4)B'!@
In em.r#onic stages, the re+roductive organs of the male i@e@ the testis .egin their develo+ment near the idne#
.et;een the s+inal column and the eleventh and t;elfth ri.s@ ?ater the# descend, .efore .irth, to reach the scrotum
through the inguinal canal@ $ven in the adult after the descent of the re+roductive organ, these organs receive their
nerve su++l# and .lood su++l# from the A.dominal Aorta, ;hich is in the area .et;een the .ac.one -s+inal column/
and the ri.s@
'. So let man consider .rom #hat he is created.
N. 5e is created .rom a drop emitted +
7. Proceedin6 .rom bet#een the loins <sulb= and the ribs!
<ur=an 6 "urah at&Tari> -The 1orning "tar, The ,ightcomer/ %4B5&)
The father determines the gender of the un.orn child@ At the time of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ the
reverse ;as the normal .elief i@e@ the mother determined the gender of the child@
@'. A<Bod= .ashioned the t#o o. a pair0 the male and the .emale0
@N. .rom a small quantity <o. sperm= #hen it is poured out.D
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,a:m -The "tar/ 5!B45&4
(). 7as he not a drop o. .luid #hich 6ushed .orthG
(K. Then he became a clot4 then </llaah= shaped and .ashioned
(&. Then 5e made o. him t#o inds0 the male and the .emale.
<ur=an & "urah al&<i#aama -The Resurrection/ )5B!)&2
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 14 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
/llaah created you .rom dust0 then .rom a little .luid0 then 5e made you pairs <the male and
.emale=. -o .emale beareth or brin6eth .orth save #ith 5is no#led6e. /nd no+one 6ro#eth old #ho
6ro#eth old0 nor is au6ht lessened o. his li.e0 but it is recorded in a 2oo0 3o? That is easy .or
<ur=an & "urah 5atir -The Creator/ !5B11 "ee also !4B%1 and 44B!!@
A*. .orty+t#o ni6hts have passed over the embryo0 Bod sends an an6el to it0 #ho shapes it and
creates its hearin60 vision0 sin0 .lesh0 and bones...D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
8e all come from Adam and Hu;;a -+eace .e u+on them/@
9 manind? 7e created you .rom a sin6le <pair= o. a male and a .emale0 and made you into nations
and tribes0 that ye may no# each other <not that ye may despise <each other==. 8erily the most
honoured o. you in the si6ht o. /llaah is <he #ho is= the most ri6hteous o. you. /nd /llaah has .ull
no#led6e and is #ell acquainted <#ith all thin6s=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hu:raat -The Inner A+artments/ 42B1!
*t is 5e 7ho be6ins <the process o.= creation4 then repeats it4 and .or 5im it is most easy. To 5im
belon6s the lo.tiest similitude <#e can thin o.= in the heavens and the earth! .or 5e is E>alted in
1i6ht0 .ull o. #isdom.
<ur=an & "urah ar&Rum -The Romans/ !0B')
@&. Fnto /llaah belon6eth the Soverei6nty o. the heavens and the earth. 5e createth #hat 5e #ill.
5e besto#eth .emale <o..sprin6= upon #hom 5e #ill0 and besto#eth male <o..sprin6= upon
#hom 5e #ill4
'I. 9r 5e besto#s both males and .emales0 and 5e leaves barren #hom 5e #ill! .or 5e is .ull o.
Jno#led6e and Po#er.
<ur=an & "urah ash&"hura -Consultation/ 4'B42&50
The "igns of the Creator can .e found .# eCamining and reflecting on His creation .oth outside and ;ithin ourselves@
%). Seest thou not that /llaah sends do#n rain .rom the syG 7ith it 7e then brin6 out produce o.
various colours. /nd in the mountains are tracts #hite and red0 o. various shades o. colour0 and
blac intense in hue.
%K. /nd so amon6st men and cra#lin6 creatures and cattle0 are they o. various colours. Those truly
.ear /llaah0 amon6 5is Servants0 #ho have no#led6e! .or /llaah is E>alted in 1i6ht0 9.t+
<ur=an & "urah 5atir -The Creator/ !5B')&'%
"cientific +rogress and discover# is a continuing +rocess as man tries to .e the first to unearth ne; .reathroughs@ It
should .e understood that this sim+l# demonstrates a movement in the direction of a divine creator and is not in
conflict ;ith it@ It is Allaah ;ho is ultimatel# the Creator and (uide, hence +rova.le science and true scri+ture should
match@ 1an can onl# create from things alread# created@ The# are not and never ;ill .e a.le to create out of nothing
-creatio e" nihilo/, an attri.ute uni>ue to (od@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The Story o. /dam and Eve The Story o. /dam and Eve
8hen (od creates Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ the first homo&sa+ien man, he commands the angels and I.lis -;ho resides
among the angels/, to .o; do;n to Adam -+eace .e u+on him/@ The reason for this ;as to sho; the angels that man ;as
su+erior to them .# virtue of the no;ledge that he ;as given .# Allaah@ The angels o.e# the command, ;hilst I.lis is
+roud and diso.e#s@
(I. 2ehold0 thy 3ord said to the an6els! A* #ill create a vice6erent on earth.D They said! A7ilt
Thou place therein one #ho #ill mae mischie. therein and shed bloodG + #hilst #e do
celebrate Thy praises and 6lori.y Thy holy <name=GD 5e said! A* no# #hat ye no# not.D
($. /nd 5e tau6ht /dam the names o. all thin6s4 then 5e placed them be.ore the an6els0 and said!
ATell me the names o. these i. ye are ri6ht.D
(%. They said! ABlory to Thee0 o. no#led6e 7e have none0 save #hat Thou 5ast tau6ht us! *n
truth it is Thou 7ho art per.ect in no#led6e and #isdom.D
((. 5e said! A9 /dam? Tell them their names.D 7hen he had told them0 /llaah said! A:id * not tell
you that * no# the secrets o. heaven and earth0 and * no# #hat ye reveal and #hat ye
(@. /nd #hen 7e said unto the an6els! Prostrate yourselves be.ore /dam0 they .ell prostrate0 all
save *blis. 5e demurred throu6h pride0 and so became a disbeliever.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B!0&4
2ehold? 7e said to the an6els0 A2o# do#n to /damD! They bo#ed do#n e>cept *blis. 5e #as one o.
the ;inns0 and he broe the ,ommand o. his 3ord...
<ur=an & "urah al&Pahf -The Cave/ 1%B50
(od ass I.lis ;h# he did not .o; do;n to Adam@ I.lis re+lies that he is .etter than man as he is made from fire@ (od
.anishes I.lis@ Aefore I.lis leaves, he ass (od=s +ermission to tem+t Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ and his descendants to
the ;rong +ath@ (od gives him this a.ilit#, .ut also mentions that those +eo+le ;ho o.e# Him and ;orshi+ Him ;ill not
.e tem+ted .# him, ;hilst those +eo+le ;ho do not o.e# and ;orshi+ Him, ;ill@ Henceforth, I.lis .ecomes Satan -in
Ara.ic $haytaan/@ "ee also verses 'B115&2@
$%. </llaah= said! A7hat prevented thee .rom prostratin6 #hen * commanded theeGD 5e <Satan=
said! A* am better than he </dam=! Thou didst create me .rom .ire0 and him .rom clay.D
$(. </llaah= said! ABet thee do#n .rom this! it is not .or thee to be arro6ant here! 6et out0 .or thou
art o. the meanest <o. creatures=.D
$@. 5e said! Reprieve me till the day #hen they are raised <.rom the dead=.
$'. 5e said! 3o? Thou art o. those reprieved.
$N. 5e said! A2ecause thou hast thro#n me out o. the #ay0 lo? * #ill lie in #ait .or them on thy
strai6ht #ay!
$). AThen #ill * assault them .rom be.ore them and behind them0 .rom their ri6ht and their le.t!
-or #ilt thou .ind0 in most o. them0 6ratitude <.or thy mercies=.D
$K. </llaah= said! ABet out .rom this0 dis6raced and e>pelled. *. any o. them .ollo# thee0 + 5ell #ill
* .ill #ith you all.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B1'&1% "ee also 14B2%&100, '0B114&1'! and !%B)4&%5@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
(od tests Adam and $ve -+eace .e u+on them/ .# commanding them not to eat the fruit from a +articular tree in the
(arden of Aden -$den/ in heaven@ (od also ;arns them not to listen to the ;his+ers of Satan, as he is an avo;ed enem#
of man@
$. Say <9 1uhammad0 to manind=! * see re.u6e in the 3ord o. manind0
%. The Jin6 o. manind0
(. The Bod o. manind0
@. From the mischie. o. the 7hisperer <o. Evil=0 #ho #ithdra#s <a.ter his #hisper=0 +
'. 7ho #hispereth in the hearts o. manind0
N. /mon6 ;inns and amon6 men.
<ur=an & "urah an&,aas -1anind/ 114B1&4
Thus have 7e appointed unto every prophet an adversary + devils o. humanind and Einn #ho
inspire in one another plausible discourse throu6h 6uile. *. thy 3ord #illed0 they #ould not do so4 so
leave them alone #ith their devisin64
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B11'
*t #as 7e 7ho created man0 and 7e no# #hat dar su66estions his soul maes to him! .or 7e are
nearer to him than <his= Eu6ular vein.
<ur=an 6 "urah <af -the ?etter <af/ 50B14
Satan ;his+ers to Adam and $ve -+eace .e u+on them/ and tells them that if the# eat from the tree the# ;ill .ecome
lie angels -i@e@ the# ;ill al;a#s .e a.le to o.e# and ;orshi+ (od/ and ;ill live forever@ These ;ere false +romises,
;hich he had no +o;er to fulfil@ 3nl# (od has the +o;er to do these and other things@ Adam and $ve -+eace .e u+on
them/ diso.e# (od and are tem+ted .# Satan and eat the for.idden fruit@ (od re+rimands Adam and $ve -+eace .e
u+on them/ for their diso.edience@
$&. A9 /dam? :#ell thou and thy #i.e in the Barden0 and enEoy <its 6ood thin6s= as ye #ish! but
approach not this tree0 or ye run into harm and trans6ression.D
%I. Then be6an Satan to #hisper su66estions to them0 brin6in6 openly be.ore their minds all their
shame that #as hidden .rom them <be.ore=! he said! AYour 3ord only .orbade you this tree0 lest
ye should become an6els or such bein6s as live .or ever.D
%$. /nd he s#ore to them both0 that he #as their sincere adviser.
%%. So by deceit he brou6ht about their .all! #hen they tasted o. the tree0 their shame became
mani.est to them <their private parts #hich prior to this incident #ere hidden .rom them=0 and
they be6an to se# to6ether the leaves o. the 6arden over their bodies. /nd their 3ord called
unto them! A:id * not .orbid you that tree0 and tell you that Satan #as an avo#ed enemy unto
%(. They said! A9ur 3ord? 7e have #ron6ed our o#n souls! *. thou .or6ive us not and besto# not
upon us Thy 1ercy0 #e shall certainly be lost.D
%@. </llaah= said! ABet ye down. 7ith enmity bet#een yourselves. 9n earth #ill be your d#ellin6+
place and your means o. livelihood0 + .or a time.D
%'. 5e said! ATherein shall ye live0 and therein shall ye die4 but .rom it shall ye be taen out <at
%N. 9 ye ,hildren o. /dam? 7e have besto#ed raiment upon you to cover your shame0 as #ell as to
be an adornment to you. 2ut the raiment o. ri6hteousness0 + that is the best. Such are amon6
the Si6ns o. /llaah0 that they may receive admonition?
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 12 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
%). 9 ye ,hildren o. /dam? 3et not Satan seduce you0 in the same manner as 5e 6ot your parents
out o. the Barden0 strippin6 them o. their raiment0 to e>pose their shame! .or he and his tribe
#atch you .rom a position #here ye cannot see them! 7e made the evil ones .riends <only= to
those #ithout .aith.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B12&') "ee also 'B!0&4, 'B1'0&'! and '0B1'1&1@
Com+are (enesis !B1&15, '!@
Adam and $ve -+eace .e u+on them/ as (od for forgiveness, as the# ;ere e>uall# guilt#, ;hich is granted@
(). Then learnt /dam .rom his 3ord #ords o. inspiration0 and his 3ord turned to#ards him4 .or 5e
is 9.t+Returnin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
(K. 7e said! ABet ye do#n all .rom here4 and i.0 as is sure0 there come to you 6uidance .rom 1e0
#hosoever .ollo#s 1y 6uidance0 on them shall be no .ear0 nor shall they 6rieve.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B!)&!%
(od decides to +lace Adam and Hu;;a -+eace .e u+on them/, on earth se+aratel#@ The# .oth eventuall# arrive at the
1ountain of Arafat -5abal +rafah/ in the *lains of Arafat, a++roCimatel# 1' miles from 1aah, in Ara.ia on the 2
of the Islamic month of 7hu Al&Hi::ah -the last month of the Islamic calendar/@
*ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ made his fare;ell sermon on this mountain, man# centuries later and received
the last verse of the <ur=an, given .elo;@ This is the main +lace ;here 1uslim +ilgrims go to ;hen the# +erform Ha::@
This day are those #ho disbelieve in despair o. <ever harmin6= your reli6ion4 so .ear them not0 .ear
1e? This day have * per.ected your reli6ion .or you and completed my .avour unto you0 and have
chosen .or you as reli6ion al+*slam.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B!
Adam and $ve -+eace .e u+on them/ are ased to o.e# and ;orshi+ the 3ne (od@ The universal religion of Islam is .orn@
The definition of *slam is the peaceful submission to the 3ne (od & Allaah, -the Creator of the Universe/ through our
s+iritual and +h#sical actions of o.edience and to ;orshi+ Him alone ;ithout an# +artners or an# +art of His creation@
The ;ord Islam comes from t;o root ;ords, Tsu.missionT or EsurrenderF -to (od/ and E+eaceF -Ara.ic & salimaB ;ith
(od and ;ithin oneself/@
AThere.ore turn your .ace stead.astly to#ards the true .aith0 a#ay .rom all that #hich is .alse0 in
accordance #ith the Pure nature #ith #hich /llaah has ,reated people. 3et there be no alterin6 in
the la#s o. /llaahOs ,reation. This is surely the true reli6ion0 but most people do not no# it.D
<ur=an & "urah ar&Rum -The Romans/ !0B!0
A +erson ;ho o.e#s and ;orshi+s the 3ne True (od is a 1uslim@ This defines the ;ord 1uslim@ Adam and $ve -+eace .e
u+on them/ ;ere the first 1uslims and Adam ;as the first +ro+het of Islam@
AThe Reli6ion in the si6ht o. /llaah is *slam.D
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B12 "ee also !B12@
/nd this #as the le6acy that /braham le.t to his sons0 and so did ;acob4 A9h my sons? /llaah hath
chosen the Faith .or you4 then die not e>cept in the Faith o. *slam.D
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1!'
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '0 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$ach ne; +erson .orn into this life is a 1uslim@ This is .ecause, ;hen our souls ;ere created, ;e testified to the .elief
of the 3ne (od as the follo;ing <ur=anic verses sho;s, at the *lains of Arafat@
$)%. /nd <remember= #hen thy 3ord brou6ht .orth .rom the ,hildren o. /dam0 .rom their reins0
their seed0 and made them testi.y o. themselves0 <sayin6=! /m * not your 3ordG They said! Yea0
verily. 7e testi.y. <That #as= lest ye should say at the :ay o. Resurrection! 3o? 9. this #e
#ere una#are4
$)(. 9r lest ye should say! H9ur .athers be.ore us may have taen .alse 6ods0 but #e are <their=
descendants a.ter them! #ilt Thou then destroy us because o. the deeds o. men #ho #ere
$)@. Thus do 7e e>plain the si6ns in detail4 and perchance they may turn <unto Fs=.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B1)'&4
Hence our innermost nature -fitra/, from the moment of our .irth, is to acce+t the eCistence and .elief of the 3ne (od,
our Creator@ Conse>uentl# ;e are all .orn +ure into this ;orld as 1uslims@
('. 9 ye ,hildren o. /dam? #henever there come to you messen6ers .rom amon6st you0 rehearsin6
1y si6ns unto you0+ those #ho are ri6hteous and mend <their lives=0+ on them shall be no .ear
nor shall they 6rieve.
(N. 2ut those #ho reEect 9ur si6ns and treat them #ith arro6ance0+ they are companions o. the
Fire0 to d#ell therein <.or ever=.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B!5&4 "ee also !B20@
7ho has created death and li.e0 that 5e may test you0 #hich o. you is best in conduct4 and 5e is the
/ll+1i6hty0 the 9.t+For6ivin64
<ur=an & "urah at&Talaa> -7ivorce/ 4)B' "ee also 4B1%@
7hoso brin6eth a 6ood deed #ill receive ten.old the lie thereo.0 #hile #hoso brin6eth an ill+deed
#ill be a#arded but the lie thereo.4 and they #ill not be #ron6ed.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B140 "ee also 11B114@
H/llaah ordered <the appointed /n6els over you= that the 6ood and the bad deeds be #ritten0 and 5e
then sho#ed them <the #ay= ho# <to #rite=. *. somebody intends to do a 6ood deed and he does not
do it0 then /llaah #ill #rite .or him a .ull 6ood deed <in his account #ith 5im=4 and i. he intends to
do a 6ood deed and actually did it0 then /llaah #ill #rite .or him <in his account= #ith 5im <its
re#ard equal= .rom ten to seven hundred times to many more times? /nd i. somebody intended to do
a bad deed and he does not do it0 then /llaah #ill #rite a .ull 6ood deed <in his account= #ith 5im0
and i. he intended to do a bad deed and actually did it0 then /llaah #ill #rite one bad deed <in his
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "ahih al&Auhari Hadith %@42% ,arrated .# I.n A..as
A5e #ho amon6st you sees somethin6 abominable should modi.y it #ith the help o. his hand4 and i.
he has not stren6th enou6h to do that0 then he should do it #ith his ton6ue4 and i. he has not
stren6th enou6h to do even that0 then he should <at least abhor it= .rom his heart4 and that is the
least o. .aith.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "ahih 1uslim Hadith )2 ,arrated .# A.u "aHid al&Phudri
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '1 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The ,reator + /llaah The ,reator + /llaah
The Ara.ic name for (od is Allaah, meaning Gthe (od=@ The ;ord Allaah does not have a +lural and is genderless@ He has
no .eginning and no end i@e@ He has al;a#s eCisted and ;ill al;a#s eCist@ He does not have an# associate or +artner, and
He does not .eget nor ;as He .egotten i@e@ He is uncreated@ The common message of Islam throughout man=s histor#
through all the +ro+hets is the .elief and acce+tance of the 3ne Universal Creator@
/nd your /llaah is 9ne /llaah! There is no 6od but 5e0 1ost 2ene.icent0 1ost 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B14! Com+are similar verses in the 3ld and ,e; Testaments@
“Hear, O #srael2 The =ord our >od, the =ord is O)B.C
The 3ld Testament & 7euteronom# 4B4 "ee also 7euteronom# 4B'2, 4B!5, 5B4&2, Isaiah 4!B11, 45B5&4,
44B2 L $Codus '0B'&5@
D+nd 5esus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O #sraelA The =ord our >od is
O)B =ordC The ,e; Testament & 1ar 1'B'2 "ee also 1atthe; ''B!)&%, John 5B!0, 1atthe; 5B1)@
8hen someone ased *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ the nature of Allaah, in ans;er to this, cha+ter 11' of
the <ur=an ;as revealed@
<ur=an & "urah al&Ihlaas -"incerit#/ 11'B1&4
5e is the First and the 3ast0 and the 9ut#ard and the *n#ard4 and 5e is Jno#er o. all thin6s.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hadid -The Iron/ 5)B!
The follo;ing <ur=anic verse is referred to as the Ierse of the Throne -+yat-ul-Eursi/@
/llaah? There is no deity save 5im0 the /live0 the Eternal. -either slumber nor sleep overtaeth
5im. Fnto 5im belon6eth #hatsoever is in the heavens and #hatsoever is in the earth. 7ho is he
that intercedeth #ith 5im save by 5is leaveG 5e no#eth that #hich is in .ront o. them and that
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
#hich is behind them0 #hile they encompass nothin6 o. 5is no#led6e save #hat 5e #ill. 5is throne
includeth the heavens and the earth0 and 5e is never #eary o. preservin6 them. 5e is the Sublime0
the Tremendous.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'55
'$. /llaah hath said! ,hoose not t#o 6ods. There is only 9ne /llaah. So o. 1e0 1e only0 be in a#e.
'%. Fnto 5im belon6eth #hatsoever is in the heavens and the earth0 and reli6ion is 5is .or ever.
7ill ye then .ear any other than /llaahG
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B51&'
/mon6 5is Si6ns are the -i6ht and the :ay0 and the Sun and the 1oon. :o not prostrate to the sun
and the moon0 but prostrate to /llaah0 7ho created them0 i. it is 5im ye #ish to serve.
<ur=an & "urah 5ussilat -$C+lained in 7etail/ 41B!)
*. /llaah helps you0 none can overcome you! *. 5e .orsaes you0 #ho is there0 a.ter that0 that can
help youG *n /llaah0 then0 let believers put their trust.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B140
%K. 7ho have believed and #hose hearts have rest in the remembrance o. /llaah. 8erily in the
remembrance o. /llaah do hearts .ind rest?
%&. Those #ho believe and do ri6ht! ;oy is .or them0 and bliss <their= EourneyOs end.
<ur=an & "urah ar&RaDad -The Thunder/ 1!B'%&2
/llaah is the 3i6ht o. the heavens and the earth...
<ur=an & "urah an&,ur -The ?ight/ '4B!5
The characteristics of Allaah are given .# his man# attri.utes@ $ach of these attri.utes is given in the <ur=an@
The most beauti.ul names belon6 to /llaah! so call on him by them4
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B1%0 "ee also 1)B110 and '0B%@
(I. /llaah is 5e0 than 7hom there is no other 6od4 + 7ho no#s <all thin6s= both secret and open4
5e0 1ost Bracious0 1ost 1erci.ul.
($. 5e is /llaah0 besides 7hom there is no 6od4 the Jin60 the 5oly0 the Biver o. peace0 the Branter
o. security0 Buardian over all0 the 1i6hty0 the Supreme0 the Possessor o. every 6reatness Blory
be to /llaah .rom #hat they set up <#ith 5im=.
(%. 5e is /llaah the ,reator0 the 1aer0 the Fashioner4 5is are the most e>cellent names4 #hatever
is in the heavens and the earth declares 5is 6lory4 and 5e is the 1i6hty0 the 7ise.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hashr -The $Cile/ 52B''&4
"ome of these attri.utes are 6 +l Ghaffar -The 5orgiver/, +l Razzaq -The *rovider/, +l 'Alim -The Pno;er/, +l 'Adil
-The Just/, +l Haim -The 8ise/, +l Huqq -The Truth/, +l !ubdi' -The 3riginator/, +l Ahad -The 3ne/, +t "awwab -The
Acce+tor of Re+entance/, +n #ur -The ?ight/, +s $abr -The *atient/, +l Hamid -The *raise;orth#/, Al %alil -The
1a:estic/, +l &haliq -The Creator/, +l Aziz -The 1ight#/, +l $ami -The All&Hearing/, +l 'asir -The All&"eeing/, +l (adud
-The ?oving/, +l !uhyi -The (iver of ?ife/, etc@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
1ost of the attri.utes are mentioned in the <ur=an -the 5inal scri+ture from (od/@ Refer to the final +ages of this
document for a com+lete list@ The follo;ing images sho; the name of Allaah in the language of the Ara.ic <ur=an@
Allaah in Ara.ic
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The 5ouse o. Bod The 5ouse o. Bod
The Pa=a.ah is .uilt in Aaah -the ancient name of 1aah/, Ara.ia as the first +lace of ;orshi+ dedicated to the 3ne
(od .# Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ and Archangel (a.riel -+eace .e u+on him/@ The structure is an em+t# roofless
rectangular shell ;ith a ground level o+en door;a#@ The# go around the Pa=a.ah seven times s#m.olising unit# and
focusing on their ;orshi+ of the 3ne (od@
8erily0 the .irst 5ouse <o. #orship= appointed .or manind #as that at 2aah0 .ull o. blessin60 and
6uidance .or the peoples.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B24 "ee also The *salms %4B4&4@
/llaah made the JaOabah0 the Sacred 5ouse0 an asylum o. security .or men.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B2)
2ut #hat plea have they that /llaah should not punish them0 #hen they eep out <men= .rom the
Sacred 1asEid + and they are not its 6uardiansG -o men can be its 6uardians e>cept the ri6hteous4
but most o. them do not understand.
<ur=an & "urah al&Anfal -The "+oils of 8ar/ %B!4
3et them adore the 3ord o. this 5ouse.
<ur=an & "urah <uraish 104B!
1an# centuries later A.raham -Ara.ic & #brahim/ and his son Ishmael -Ara.ic 6 #sma(il/ re.uilt the Pa=a.ah on the ver#
same s+ot as Adam and (a.riel -+eace .e u+on them/ had .uilt@
?iterall#, Pa=a.ah in Ara.ic means a high +lace ;ith res+ect and +restige@
$%'. Remember 7e made the 5ouse a place o. assembly .or men and a place o. sa.ety4 and tae ye
the station o. /braham as a place o. prayer4 and 7e covenanted #ith /braham and *smaOil0
that they should sancti.y 1y 5ouse .or those #ho compass it round0 or use it as a retreat0 or
bo#0 or prostrate themselves <therein in prayer=.
$%N. /nd remember /braham said! A1y 3ord0 mae this a ,ity o. Peace0 and .eed its people #ith
.ruits0+such o. them as believe in /llaah and the 3ast :ay.D 5e said! A<Yea=0 and such as reEect
Faith0+.or a #hile #ill * 6rant them their pleasure0 but #ill soon drive them to the torment o.
Fire0+ an evil destination <indeed=?D
$%). /nd remember /braham and *smaOil raised the .oundations o. the 5ouse <7ith this prayer=!
A9ur 3ord? /ccept <this service= .rom us! For Thou art the /ll+5earin60 the /ll+no#in6.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1'5&)
Here are some images associated ;ith the Pa=a.ah, the Ancient House of (od@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '5 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The Pa=a.ah
7oor of the Pa=a.ah PaHa.ah 7oor Pe#
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The ,hildren o. /dam and Eve The ,hildren o. /dam and Eve
Adam and $ve -+eace .e u+on them/ have nineteen multi+le sets of miCed t;ins and in her final +regnanc# she onl#
gives .irth to a son i@e@ a total of thirt#&nine children@ The ga+ .et;een each +regnanc# ;as t;o #ears@ In the first set
of t;ins there ;as <a.il -Cain/ and his t;in sister I>lima@ In the second set there ;as Ha.il -A.el/ and his t;in sister
It ;as normal during this time for each male t;in to marr# a female t;in from another set@ <a.il=s t;in sister -I>lima/
;as .eautiful ;hilst Ha.il=s t;in sister -?a.uda/ ;as not as .eautiful@ Allaah commands Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ that
<a.il should marr# ?a.uda and Ha.il ;ith I>lima@ Ho;ever, <a.il is angr# and +rotests@ As a result of this disagreement,
Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ ass .oth <a.il and Ha.il to offer a sacrifice to Allaah@ 8hosever=s sacrifice ;as acce+ted
;ould marr# I>lima@
Ha.il=s sacrifice ;as that of a +rized shee+ as he ;as a she+herd and given ;ith a sincere heart@ <a.il=s sacrifice ;as
some ;heat of the +oorest >ualit# as he tilled the land .ut given ;ith an insincere heart@ Ha.il=s sacrifice ;as acce+ted
and <a.il=s sacrifice ;as re:ected@ As a result of this, <a.il .ecomes :ealous and angr# to;ards his .rother Ha.il and
ills him .# striing him on the head ;ith a roc ;hilst he ;as aslee+@
Allaah sends t;o ravens@ 3ne of the ravens digs the ground and .uries the other raven, ;hich it had illed@ <a.il sees
this and .uries his #oung .rother after man# da#s of carr#ing his dead .rother not no;ing ;hat to do@
%). Recite to them the truth o. the story o. the t#o sons o. /dam. 2ehold? They each presented a
sacri.ice <to /llaah=! *t #as accepted .rom one0 but not .rom the other. Said the latter! A2e
sure * #ill slay thee.D ASurely0D said the .ormer0 A/llaah only accepts the sacri.ice o. those #ho
are ri6hteous.
%K. Even i. thou stretch out thy hand a6ainst me to ill me0 * shall not stretch out my hand a6ainst
thee to ill thee0 lo? * .ear /llaah0 the 3ord o. all ,reation.
%&. AFor me0 * intend to let thee dra# on thysel. my sin as #ell as thine0 .or thou #ilt be amon6
the companions o. the .ire0 and that is the re#ard o. those #ho do #ron6.D
(I. The <sel.ish= soul o. the other led him to the murder o. his brother! he murdered him0 and
became <himsel.= one o. the lost ones.
($. Then /llaah sent a raven scratchin6 up the 6round0 to sho# him ho# to hide his brotherOs
naed corpse. 5e said! 7oe unto me? /m * not able to be as this raven and so hide my brotherOs
naed corpseG /nd he became repentant.
(%. 9n that account! 7e ordained .or the ,hildren o. *srael that i. any one sle# a person + unless it
be .or murder or .or spreadin6 mischie. in the land + it #ould be as i. he sle# the #hole
people! and i. any one saved a li.e0 it #ould be as i. he saved the li.e o. the #hole people.
Then althou6h there came to them 9ur messen6ers #ith clear si6ns0 yet0 even a.ter that0 many
o. them continued to commit e>cesses in the land.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B')&!'
The $hariah -la;/ during the time of Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ allo;ed marriages .et;een the children, ;hich ;as
a.rogated after;ards@ 1arriage .et;een cousins ;as allo;ed at the time, ;hich is still acce+ted +ractice among
1uslims toda#@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age ') of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Prophets Prophets
In the earl# da#s of Islam, the +ro+hets lived for long +eriods of time@ *ro+het Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ lived for
a++roCimatel# a thousand #ears@ 7uring the life of Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ and after he died, his offs+ring
;orshi++ed Allaah@ The# did not ;orshi+ the sun or the moon or other o.:ects@ After Adam -+eace .e u+on him/, his son
"hith received revelation of +ro+hethood -,u.u;;at/ and continued the message of Islam@
"ome generations after *ro+het "hith -third son of Adam -+eace .e u+on him/ .orn to him ;hen he ;as a.out 1!0 #ears
old, five #ears after the death of A.el/ ;ho ;as a++ointed successor .# Adam -+eace .e u+on him/, a man called Idris
-+eace .e u+on him/, .orn in the cit# of Aa.#lon in 1eso+otamia, ;as called u+on .# (od to +ro+hethood@
'N. /lso mention in the 2oo the case o. *dris! 5e #as a man o. truth <and sincerity=0 <and= a
'). /nd 7e raised him to a lo.ty station.
<ur=an 6 "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B54&)
Idris -+eace .e u+on him/ ;as given scri+ture com+rising of fift# .oos and he ;as the first to .e a.le to ;rite ;ith a
After a time, Idris -+eace .e u+on him/ left his hometo;n of Aa.#lon .ecause a great num.er of his +eo+le committed
man# sins even after he told them not to do so@ "ome of the 1uslims left ;ith *ro+het Idris@ It ;as hard for them to
leave their home, the# ased *ro+het IdrisB EIf ;e leave Aa.#lon, ;here ;ill ;e find a +lace lie itUF *ro+het Idris
ans;eredB EIf ;e immigrate for the sae of Allaah, He ;ill +rovide for us@F
"o the +eo+le ;ent ;ith Idris -+eace .e u+on him/ and the# reached the land of $g#+t@ The# sa; the ,ile River@ Idris
-+eace .e u+on him/ stood at its .an and mentioned Allaah, the $Calted, .# sa#ingB E"u.han&Allaah -(lor# .e to (od/@F
1an# languages ;ere s+oen during the time of Idris -+eace .e u+on him/ and man# cities ;ere .uilt@ Idris -+eace .e
u+on him/ ;as famous for his ;isdom@ Among his ;ise statements isB E*atience, along ;ith .elief, leads to success@F
After *ro+het Idris -+eace .e u+on him/ died, some of the +eo+le .egan to mae a vigil at the graves of five +ious men@
Satan -I.lis/ a++eared to the +eo+le as a man and offered to .uild five statues in their +lace so that the# ;ould not
have to sta# at the graveside@ This ;a# the# ;ould al;a#s remem.er them@ "ome of the +eo+le agreed@ "ome
generations later, Satan ;his+ered to the +eo+le to ;orshi+ these statues and told them that their forefathers had done
the same@ EQour forefathers used to ;orshi+ them, and through that ;orshi+ the# got rainF, Satan ;his+ered@ "ome of
the +eo+le follo;ed him and .ecame .las+hemers@ This is ho; idol ;orshi++ing .egan@ Satan even offered to .uild
individual idols in +eo+le=s homesM hence idol ;orshi+ .ecame a ;ides+read +ractice@
The .las+hemers .elieved that these gods ;ould .ring them good, +rotect them from evil and +rovide all their needs@
The# gave their idols names after the +ious men i@e@ 8add, "u;aH, Qaghuth, QaHu>, and ,asr@ These idols re+resented,
res+ectivel#, manl# +o;erM muta.ilit#M .eaut#M .rute strengthM s;iftness and shar+ insight according to the +o;er the#
thought these gods +ossessed@
/nd they have said! Forsae not your 6ods. Forsae not 7add0 nor Su#aO0 nor Ya6huth and YaOuq and
<ur=an & "urah ,uh -,oah/ )1B'!
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
"ome descendants of Adam and $ve -+eace .e u+on them/ ;ere sent to communities to give the message of Islam to
man i@e@ to o.e# and onl# ;orshi+ the 3ne (od@ The# ;ere also sent to ;arn us so that ;e ;ould .e tested@ The# are
no;n as *ro+hets -An.i#a/ or 1essengers -Rasul/@ 5ive +ro+hets in +articular have .een given great distinction viz@
,oah -)a,iyullah, the Confidant of Allaah/, A.raham -Ehalilullah, the friend of Allaah/, 1oses -Ealimullah, the one ;ho
taled ;ith Allaah/, Jesus -6uhullah, the "+irit of Allaah/ and 1uhammad -Habibullah, the most .eloved of Allaah/ and
are referred to as the Ulul F+%m -+ossessors of strong ;ill and +erseverance/@ *eace .e u+on them@
Then have patience <9 1uhammad= even as the stout o. heart amon6 the messen6ers <o. old + Ulul
F+%m= had patience0 and see not to hasten on <the doom= .or them. 9n the day #hen they see that
#hich they are promised <it #ill seem to them= as thou6h they had tarried but an hour o. dayli6ht. /
clear messa6e. Shall any be destroyed save evil+livin6 .olG
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ah>af -The 7unes/ 44B!5 "ee also !!B)@
&%. /nd that * should recite the QurMan. There.ore #hoever 6oes ari6ht0 he 6oes ari6ht .or his o#n
soul0 and #hoever 6oes O astray0 then say! * am only one o. the #arners.
93. /nd say! Praise be to /llaah0 5e #ill sho# you 5is si6ns so that you shall reco6nize them4 nor is
your 3ord heedless o. #hat you do.
<ur=an & "urah an&,aml -The Ant/ ')B2'&!
%IK. /nd 7e did not destroy any to#n but it had <its= #arners0
%I&. To remind0 and 7e are never unEust.
<ur=an & "urah ash&"huara -The *oets/ '4B'0%&2
%$(. 1anind #as one sin6le nation0 and /llaah sent 1essen6ers #ith 6lad tidin6s and #arnin6s4
and #ith them 5e sent the 2oo in truth0 to Eud6e bet#een people in matters #herein they
di..ered4 but the People o. the 2oo0 a.ter the clear Si6ns came to them0 did not di..er amon6
themselves0 e>cept throu6h sel.ish contumacy. /llaah by 5is Brace Buided the believers to
the Truth0 concernin6 that #herein they di..ered. For /llaah 6uided #hom 5e #ill to a path
that is strai6ht.
%$@. 9r do ye thin that ye shall enter the Barden <o. bliss= #ithout such <trials= as came to those
#ho passed a#ay be.ore youG they encountered su..erin6 and adversity0 and #ere so shaen
in spirit that even the 1essen6er and those o. .aith #ho #ere #ith him cried! A7hen <#ill
come= the help o. /llaahGD /h? 8erily0 the help o. /llaah is <al#ays= near?
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'1!&4
/nd 7e send not messen6ers but as announcers o. 6ood ne#s and 6ivers o. #arnin60 then #hoever
believes and acts ari6ht0 they shall have no .ear0 nor shall they 6rieve.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B4% "ee also 4B145 and 1%B54@
/nd the believers0 men and #omen0 are protectin6 .riends one o. another4 they enEoin #hat is ri6ht
and .orbid #hat is #ron60 and they establish #orship and they pay the poor+due0 and they obey
/llaah and 5is messen6er. /s .or these0 /llaah #ill have mercy on them. 3o? /llaah is 1i6hty0 7ise.
<ur=an & "urah at&Tau.a -The Re+entance/ 2B)1
T;ent#&five of these +ro+hets are mentioned in the <ur=an@ A list is given to;ard the end of the document@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age '2 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
-oah <peace be upon him= -oah <peace be upon him=
*ro+het ,uh -+eace .e u+on him/ ;as the first +ro+het to tell the +eo+le to leave the ;orshi+ of idols and to ;orshi+
Allaah alone and not to associate an# +artners ;ith Him@ He found them ;orshi++ing idols named after five righteous
men & 8add, "u;aH, Qaghuth, QaHu>, and ,asr@ 8add ;as the first to .e ;orshi++ed and the others >uicl# follo;ed@ It
;as under these conditions that ,uh -+eace .e u+on him/ .ecame an o+en ;arner@
$. 7e sent -oah to his People <#ith the ,ommand=! A:o thou #arn thy People be.ore there comes
to them a 6rievous Penalty.D
%. 5e said! A9 my People? * am to you a 7arner0 clear and open!
(. AThat ye should #orship /llaah0 .ear 5im and obey me!
@. ASo 5e may .or6ive you your sins and 6ive you respite .or a stated Term! .or #hen the Term
6iven by /llaah is accomplished0 it cannot be put .or#ard! i. ye only ne#.D
'. 5e said! H9 my 3ord? * have called to my People ni6ht and day!
N. 2ut all my callin6 doth but add to their repu6nance4
). A/nd lo? #henever * call unto them that Thou mayst pardon them they thrust their .in6ers in
their ears and cover themselves #ith their 6arments and persist <in their re.usal= and ma6ni.y
themselves in pride.
K. A/nd lo? * have called unto them aloud0
&. A/nd lo? * have made public proclamation unto them0 and * have appealed to them in private.
$I. A/nd * have said! See pardon o. your 3ord. 3o? 5e #as ever For6ivin6.
$$. A5e #ill send rain to you in abundance4
$%. ABive you increase in #ealth and sons4 and besto# on you 6ardens and besto# on you rivers <o.
.lo#in6 #ater=.
$(. A7hat is the matter #ith you0 that ye place not your hope .or indness and lon6+su..erin6 in
<ur=an & "urah ,uh -,oah/ )1B1&1! "ee also )B52&44, '4B105&11%
(od saved those ;ho ;ere righteous and destro#ed those ;ho did not heed ,uh=s -+eace .e u+on him/ ;arning@ ,uhHs
-+eace .e u+on him/ +eo+le ;ere divided into t;o grou+s after his ;arning@ His ;ords touched the hearts of the ;ea,
the +oor, and the misera.le and soothed their ;ounds ;ith its merc#@ As for the rich, the strong, the might# and the
rulers the# looed u+on the ;arning ;ith cold distrust@ The# .elieved the# ;ould .e .etter off if things sta#ed as the#
;ere@ Therefore the# started their ;ar of ;ords against ,oah -+eace .e u+on him/@
They said! *. thou cease not0 9 -oah0 thou #ilt surely be amon6 those stoned <to death=.
<ur=an & "urah ash&"huara -The *oets/ '4B114
%'. 7e sent -oah to his people <#ith a mission=! A* have come to you #ith a ,lear 7arnin6!
%N. AThat ye serve none but /llaah! 8erily * do .ear .or you the penalty o. a 6rievous day.D
%). 2ut the chie.s o. the Fnbelievers amon6 his people said! A7e see <in= thee nothin6 but a man
lie ourselves! -or do #e see that any .ollo# thee but the meanest amon6 us0 in Eud6ment
immature! -or do #e see in you <all= any merit above us! in .act #e thin6 ye are liars?D
%K. 5e said! A9 my people? See ye i. <it be that= * have a ,lear Si6n .rom my 3ord0 and that 5e hath
sent 1ercy unto me .rom 5is o#n presence0 but that the 1ercy hath been obscured .rom your
si6htG Shall #e compel you to accept it #hen ye are averse to itG
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !0 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
%&. A/nd 9 my people? * as you .or no #ealth in return! my re#ard is .rom none but /llaah! 2ut *
#ill not drive a#ay <in contempt= those #ho believe! .or verily they are to meet their 3ord0
and ye * see are the i6norant ones?
(I. A/nd 9 my people? 7ho #ould help me a6ainst /llaah i. * drove them a#ayG 7ill ye not then
tae heedG
($. A* tell you not that #ith me are the treasures o. /llaah0 nor do * no# #hat is hidden0 nor
claim * to be an an6el. -or yet do * say0 o. those #hom your eyes do despise that /llaah #ill not
6rant them <all= that is 6ood! /llaah no#eth best #hat is in their souls! * should0 i. * did0
indeed be a #ron6+doer.D
(%. They said! A9 -oah? Thou hast disputed #ith us0 and <much= hast thou prolon6ed the dispute
#ith us! no# brin6 upon us #hat thou threatenest us #ith0 i. thou speaest the truth?D
((. 5e said! ATruly0 /llaah #ill brin6 it on you i. 5e #ills0 + and then0 ye #ill not be able to
.rustrate it?
(@. A9. no pro.it #ill be my counsel to you0 much as * desire to 6ive you <6ood= counsel0 i. it be
that /llaah #illeth to leave you astray! 5e is your 3ord? /nd to 5im #ill ye return?D
('. 9r do they say0 A5e has .or6ed itDG Say! A*. * had .or6ed it0 on me #ere my sin? /nd * am .ree o.
the sins o. #hich ye are 6uilty?
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B'5&!5
5or man# #ears ,uh -+eace .e u+on him/ continued a++ealing to his +eo+le to .elieve in Allaah hour after hour, da#
after da# #ear after #ear@ He admonished his +eo+le and called them to Allaah in secret and o+enl#@ Aut ;henever he
called them to Allaah, the# ran a;a# from him@ 8henever he urged them to as Allaah to forgive them, the# +ut their
fingers in their ears and .ecame too +roud to listen to the truth@ It eventuall# came to +ass that those ;ho alread#
.elieved ;ere num.ered under eight#, and there ;ere not going to .e an# more@
(N. /nd it #as inspired in -oah0 <sayin6=! -o+one o. thy .ol #ill believe save him #ho hath
believed already. 2e not distressed because o. #hat they do.
(). H2ut construct an /r under 9ur eyes and 9ur inspiration0 and address 1e no <.urther= on
behal. o. those #ho are in sin! .or they are about to be over#helmed <in the Flood=.H
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B!4&)
The construction of the ;ooden ar ;as far from the sea@ As a result the dis.elievers moced ,uh -+eace .e u+on him/@
(K. Forth#ith he <starts= constructin6 the /r! Every time that the chie.s o. his people passed by
him0 they thre# ridicule on him. 5e said! H*. ye ridicule us no#0 #e <in our turn= can loo do#n
on you #ith ridicule lie#ise?
(&. H2ut soon #ill ye no# #ho it is on #hom #ill descend a penalty that #ill cover them #ith
shame0+ on #hom #ill be unloosed a penalty lastin6!H
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B!%&2
The shi+ ;as constructed, and ,oah sat ;aiting AllaahHs command@ Allaah revealed to him that ;hen ;ater miraculousl#
gushed forth from the oven at ,uhHs -+eace .e u+on him/ house, that ;ould .e the sign of the start of the flood, and
the sign for ,uh -+eace .e u+on him/ to act@
The terri.le da# arrived ;hen the oven at ,uhHs -+eace .e u+on him/ house overflo;ed@ ,uh -+eace .e u+on him/
hurried to o+en the ar and summon the .elievers@ ,uhHs -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ife ;as not a .eliever so she did not
:oin himM neither did one of ,uhHs -+eace .e u+on him/ sons, ;ho ;as secretl# a dis.eliever .ut had +retended faith in
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !1 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
front of ,uh -+eace .e u+on him/@ ?ie;ise most of the +eo+le ;ere dis.elievers and did not go on .oard@ He also too
;ith him a +air, male and female, of ever# t#+e of animal, .ird and insect +revalent in the land@ "eeing him taing
these creatures to the ar, the +eo+le laughed loudl#B E,uh must have gone out of his headV 8hat is he going to do ;ith
the animalsUF
/llaah sets .orth0 .or an e>ample to the Fnbelievers0 the #i.e o. -oah and the #i.e o. 3ut! they
#ere <respectively= under t#o o. our ri6hteous servants0 but they #ere .alse to their <husbands=0
and they pro.ited nothin6 be.ore /llaah on their account0 but #ere told! AEnter ye the Fire alon6
#ith <others= that enter?D
<ur=an 6 "urah at&Tahrim -Aanning/ 44B10
@I. <Thus it #as= till0 #hen 9ur commandment came to pass and the oven 6ushed .orth #ater0 7e
said! 3oad therein t#o o. every ind0 a pair <the male and .emale=0 and thy household0 save
him a6ainst #hom the #ord hath 6one .orth already0 and those #ho believe. /nd but a .e#
#ere they #ho believed #ith him.
@$. So he said! HEmbar ye on the /r0 *n the name o. /llaah0 #hether it move or be at rest? For my
3ord is0 be sure0 9.t+For6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul?H
@%. So the /r .loated #ith them on the #aves <to#erin6= lie mountains0 and -oah called out to
his son0 #ho had separated himsel. <.rom the rest=! H9 my son? embar #ith us0 and be not
#ith the unbelievers?H
@(. The son replied! H* #ill betae mysel. to some mountain! it #ill save me .rom the #ater.H -oah
said! HThis day nothin6 can save0 .rom the command o. /llaah0 any but those on #hom 5e hath
mercy? H/nd the #aves came bet#een them0 and the son #as amon6 those over#helmed in the
@@. Then the #ord #ent .orth! H9 earth? s#allo# up thy #ater0 and 9 sy? 7ithhold <thy rain=?H and
the #ater abated0 and the matter #as ended. The /r rested on 1ount ;udi0 and the #ord
#ent .orth! H/#ay #ith those #ho do #ron6?H
@'. /nd -oah called upon his 3ord0 and said! H9 my 3ord? surely my son is o. my .amily? and Thy
promise is true0 and Thou art the Eustest o. ;ud6es?H
@N. 5e said! A9 -oah? 5e is not o. thy .amily! For his conduct is unri6hteous. So as not o. 1e that
o. #hich thou hast no no#led6e? * 6ive thee counsel0 lest thou act lie the i6norant?D
@). -oah said! A9 my 3ord? * do see re.u6e #ith Thee0 lest * as Thee .or that o. #hich * have no
no#led6e. /nd unless thou .or6ive me and have 1ercy on me0 * should indeed be lost?D
@K. The #ord came! A9 -oah? ,ome do#n <.rom the /r= #ith peace .rom Fs0 and blessin6 on thee
and on some o. the peoples <#ho #ill sprin6= .rom those #ith thee! but <there #ill be other=
peoples to #hom 7e shall 6rant their pleasures <.or a time=0 but in the end #ill a 6rievous
penalty reach them .rom Fs.D
@&. Such are some o. the stories o. the unseen0 #hich 7e have revealed unto thee! be.ore this0
neither thou nor thy people ne# them. So persevere patiently! .or the End is .or those #ho
are ri6hteous.
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B40&42 "ee also !)B)5&%', 10B)1&!
$$. So 7e opened the 6ates o. heaven0 #ith #ater pourin6 .orth.
$%. /nd 7e caused the earth to 6ush .orth #ith sprin6s0 so the #aters met <and rose= to the e>tent
$(. 7e bore him on an </r= made o. broad plans and cauled #ith palm+.ibre!
$@. .loats under our eyes <and care=! a recompense to one #ho had been reEected <#ith scorn=?
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$'. /nd 7e have le.t this as a Si6n <.or all time=! then is there any that #ill receive admonitionG
$N. 2ut ho# <terrible= #as 1y Penalty and 1y 7arnin6G
<ur=an 6 "urah al&<amar -The 1oon/ 54B11&4
$$&. /nd 7e saved him and those #ith him in the laden ship.
$%I. Therea.ter 7e dro#ned those #ho remained behind.
$%$. /nd #hen thou art on board the ship0 thou and #hoso is #ith thee0 then say! Praise be to
/llaah 7ho hath saved us .rom the #ron6doin6 .ol?
$%%. /nd say! 1y 3ord? ,ause me to land at a blessed landin6+place0 .or Thou art 2est o. all #ho
brin6 to land.
<ur=an & "urah ash&"huara -The *oets/ '4B112&1''
$@. /nd verily #e sent -oah <as 9ur messen6er= unto his .ol0 and he continued #ith them .or a
thousand years save .i.ty years4 and the .lood en6ul.ed them0 .or they #ere #ron6+doers.
$'. 2ut 7e saved him and the companions o. the /r0 and 7e made the </r= a Si6n .or all peoples?
<ur=an & "urah al&DAna.ut -The "+ider/ '2B14&15
The +eo+le of toda# are descended from *ro+het ,uh=s -+eace .e u+on him/ three sons -"ham, Ham and Qafith/ ;ho
accom+anied their father on the ar@
The ar ;as discovered on 1ount Judi at an altitude of ',!00 metres on the Turish&Iranian .order in Januar# 1224@ The
ar measured 1)0 metres long and 45 metres ;ide@ 3n surrounding terrain, the American and 1iddle $astern scientists
have identified huge stones ;ith holes carved at one end, ;hich the# .elieve are Edrogue&stones,F dragged .ehind shi+s
in the ancient ;orld to sta.ilise them@ The age of the ar ;as estimated to .e 100,000 #ears old@
A drogue&stone found near ,uh=s Ar used for .alance
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
,uh=s Ar found at 1ount Judi
There ;ere man# other +ro+hets ;ho came to the different communities in the ;orld@ *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e
u+on him/ stated that there ;ere a total of 1'4,000 +ro+hets ;ho delivered the message of Islam@
7e did a.oretime send messen6ers be.ore thee! o. them there are some #hose story 7e have
related to thee0 and some #hose story 7e have not related to thee. *t #as not <possible= .or any
messen6er to brin6 a si6n e>cept by the leave o. /llaah! but #hen the ,ommand o. /llaah issued0
the matter #as decided in truth and Eustice0 and there perished0 there and then those #ho stood on
<ur=an & "urah al&(haafir -The 5orgiver/ 40B)% "ee also 14B!5&)@
A.raham=s first .orn, Ishmael, and his descendants through the male lineage +roduced the last +ro+het, 1uhammad
referred to as the "eal of the *ro+hets, -+eace .e u+on them all/@
A.raham=s second son, Isaac -Ara.ic & #s(haq/ +roduced the He.re; line of +ro+hets -through Jaco., ?evi, etc@/ such as
1oses, 7avid, John and Jesus, etc@ -+eace .e u+on them all/@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
/braham <peace be upon him= /braham <peace be upon him=
A.raham -Ara.ic & #brahim/ ;as .orn a++roCimatel# in 1%00 AC$@ "everal stories of A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/, ;ho
is no;n as the 5riend of Allaah -Ehalilullah/, are mentioned in the <ur=an@
7ho can be better in reli6ion than one #ho submits his #hole sel. to /llaah0 does 6ood0 and .ollo#s
the #ay o. /braham the true in FaithG For /llaah did tae /braham .or a .riend <Ehalil=.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B1'5
N). /braham #as not a ;e# nor yet a ,hristian4 but he #as true in Faith0 and bo#ed his #ill to
/llaahOs <#hich is *slam=0 and he Eoined not 6ods #ith /llaah.
NK. 7ithout doubt0 amon6 men0 the nearest o. in to /braham0 are those #ho .ollo# him0 as are
also this Prophet and those #ho believe! /nd /llaah is the Protector o. those #ho have .aith.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B4)&%
A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ lived among a time ;hen those around him including his o;n father -Azar/ ;orshi++ed
idols@ A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ constantl# ;arned his father and the +eo+le of this .ut to no avail@
)@. <Remember= #hen /braham said unto his .ather /zar! Taest thou idols .or 6odsG 3o? * see thee
and thy .ol in error mani.est.
)'. Thus did 7e sho# /braham the in6dom o. the heavens and the earth that he mi6ht be o.
those possessin6 certainty!
)N. 7hen the ni6ht 6re# dar upon him he beheld a star. 5e said! This is my 3ord. 2ut #hen it set0
he said! * love not thin6s that set.
)). /nd #hen he sa# the moon uprisin60 he e>claimed! This is my 3ord. 2ut #hen it set0 he said!
Fnless my 3ord 6uide me0 * surely shall become one o. the .ol #ho are astray.
)K. /nd #hen he sa# the sun uprisin60 he cried! This is my 3ord? This is 6reater? /nd #hen it set
he e>claimed! 9 my people? 3o? * am .ree .rom all that ye associate <#ith 5im=.
)&. 3o? * have turned my .ace to#ard 5im 7ho created the heavens and the earth0 as one by
nature upri6ht0 and * am not o. the idolaters.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B)4&2
N&. /nd recite unto them the story o. /braham!
)I. 2ehold0 he said to his .ather and his people! A7hat #orship yeGD
)$. They said! 7e #orship idols0 and are ever devoted unto them.
)%. 5e said! A:o they listen to you #hen ye call <on them=GD
)(. 9r do they bene.it or harm youG
)@. They said! A-ay0 but #e .ound our .athers doin6 thus <#hat #e do=.D
)'. 5e said! A:o ye then see #hom ye have been #orshippin60+
)N. AYe and your .athers be.ore youG+
)). A3o? they are <all= an enemy unto me0 save the 3ord o. all ,reation0
)K. A7ho created me0 and it is 5e 7ho 6uides me4
)&. A/nd 7ho .eedeth me and #atereth me.
KI. A/nd #hen * am ill0 it is 5e 7ho healeth me4
K$. A7ho #ill cause me to die0 and then to li.e <a6ain=4
K%. A/nd #ho0 * hope0 #ill .or6ive me my .aults on the :ay o. ;ud6ment.
K(. A9 my 3ord? besto# #isdom on me0 and Eoin me #ith the ri6hteous4
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !5 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
K@. ABrant me honourable mention on the ton6ue o. truth amon6 the latest <6enerations=4
K'. A1ae me one o. the inheritors o. the Barden o. 2liss4
KN. AFor6ive my .ather0 .or that he is amon6 those astray4
K). A/nd let me not be in dis6race on the :ay #hen <men= #ill be raised up4+
KK. AThe :ay #hereon neither #ealth nor sons #ill avail0
K&. A2ut only he <#ill prosper= that brin6s to /llaah a sound heart4
&I. ATo the ri6hteous0 the Barden #ill be brou6ht near0
&$. A/nd to those strayin6 in Evil0 the Fire #ill be placed in .ull vie#4
&%. A/nd it shall be said to them! O7here are the <6ods= ye #orshipped+
&(. AO2esides /llaahG ,an they help you or help themselvesGO
&@. AThen they #ill be thro#n headlon6 into the <Fire=0+ they and those strayin6 in Evil0
&'. A/nd the #hole hosts o. *blis to6ether.
<ur=an & "urah ash&"huara -The *oets/ '4B42&25
A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ destro#s the idols that the +eo+le ;orshi+@ 8hen he is found out, he is thro;n into a fire@
'$. 7e besto#ed a.oretime on /braham his rectitude o. conduct0 and #ell #ere 7e acquainted
#ith him.
'%. 2ehold? he said to his .ather and his people0 A7hat are these ima6es0 to #hich ye are <so
assiduously= devotedGD
'(. They said0 A7e .ound our .athers #orshippin6 them.D
'@. 5e said0 A*ndeed ye have been in mani.est error + ye and your .athers.D
''. They said0 A5ave you brou6ht us the Truth0 or are you one o. those #ho EestGD
'N. 5e said0 A-ay0 your 3ord is the 3ord o. the heavens and the earth0 5e 7ho created them <.rom
nothin6=! and * am a #itness to this <Truth=.
'). A/nd by /llaah0 * have a plan .or your idols + a.ter ye 6o a#ay and turn your bacsD.
'K. So he broe them to pieces0 <all= but the bi66est o. them0 that they mi6ht turn <and address
themselves= to it.
'&. They said0 A7ho has done this to our 6odsG 5e must indeed be some man o. impiety?D
NI. They said0 A7e heard a youth tal o. them! 5e is called /braham.D
N$. They said0 AThen brin6 him be.ore the eyes o. the people0 that they may bear #itness.D
N%. They said0 A/rt thou the one that did this #ith our 6ods0 9 /brahamGD
N(. 5e said! A-ay0 this #as done by + this is their bi66est one? as them0 i. they can spea
N@. So they turned to themselves and said0 ASurely ye are the ones in the #ron6?D
N'. Then #ere they con.ounded #ith shame! <they said=0 AThou no#est .ull #ell that these <idols=
do not spea?D
NN. </braham= said0 A:o ye then #orship0 besides /llaah0 thin6s that can neither be o. any 6ood to
you nor do you harmG
N). AFie upon you0 and upon the thin6s that ye #orship besides /llaah? 5ave ye no senseGD
NK. They said0 A2urn him and protect your 6ods0 *. ye do <anythin6 at all=?D
N&. 7e said0 A9 Fire? be coolness0 and peace .or /braham?D
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B51&42
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ marries "arah@ Qears later una.le to have offs+ring, marries
Hagar -Ara.ic & Ha,ara/ ;ho
.ears him a son, Ishmael -+eace .e u+on him/, there first&.orn son@
A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ is tested .# Allaah to leave his ;ife Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ and his infant son
Ishmael -+eace .e u+on him/ in the middle of the desert in a +lace no;n at that time as Aaah, and no; no;n as
1aah@ This is a fe; miles from the *lains of Arafat@ He leaves them a .ag of dates and a ;ater sin and goes on his
Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ ass after A.raham -+eace .e u+on them/ E3 A.rahamV 8here are #ou goingU Are #ou going
to leave us in this valle# ;here there is neither human nor living creatureUF "he re+eated this several times, .ut he did
not ans;er@ 5inall#, she ass him, EHas Allaah commanded #ou to do soUF 8ithout turning around he ans;ers, EQes@F
Thereu+on she said, EThen He ;ill not let us +erishF@ A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ goes on his ;a#@ 8hen he reaches a
mountain +ass out of sight of his ;ife and son, he maes a su++lication@
A9 our 3ord? * have made some o. my o..sprin6 to d#ell in a valley #ithout cultivation0 by Thy
Sacred 5ouse4 in order0 9 our 3ord0 that they may establish re6ular Prayer! so .ill the hearts o. some
amon6 men #ith love to#ards them0 and .eed them #ith .ruits! so that they may 6ive thans.
<ur=an & "urah I.rahim -A.raham/ 14B!) "ee also the 3ld Testament (enesis '1B1!&12@
After surviving a fe; da#s, Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ finall# runs out of food and ;ater and the .a.# infant Ishmael
-+eace .e u+on him/ cries for mil, ;hich Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ is una.le to +rovide@ Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/
clim.s to the to+ of a mountain near.#, called 1t@ "af;ah, and loos do;n in the valle# to see ;hether she can see
an#one ;ho can hel+ her@ "he sees no one and comes .ac do;n and crosses the valle# through a dried river .ed -she
;als fast at this section/ and clim.s u+ another mountain near.# called 1t@ 1ar;ah@ Again she sees no one and returns
to the to+ of 1t@ "af;ah@ "he goes .ac and forth .et;een these t;o mountains unsuccessfull# seven times in search
for hel+ and eventuall# returns to her son Ishmael -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ho she finds cr#ing ;ith his feet thrashing the
ground@ As she ;atches him doing this, ;ater .egins to s+ring u+ from the ground near his feet@ "he >uicl# encircles
the ;ater ;ith sand sa#ing the ;ords zum zum -meaning sto+ sto+/@ This ;ater is no; no;n as the ;ell of 9um 9um@
The 8ell of 9um 9um
"ome time later a tri.e -Jurhum/ of +eo+le a++ear after the# o.serve a .ird hovering over the +osition of the ;ater,
;ho as Ha:ara=s -+eace .e u+on her/ +ermission to share the ;ater@ The tri.e settle on the land and a communit#
gro;s around the ;ater source@ Qears later Ishmael -+eace .e u+on him/ marries a ;oman from the Jurhum tri.e@
A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ returns to Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ on man# occasions@ 8hen Ishmael -+eace .e u+on
him/ is a #oung .o#, A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ has a dream -*ro+hets dreams are direct signs from (od/ in ;hich he
sees himself illing his son@ Allaah is asing him to sacrifice that ;hich is most +recious to him & his son, as a test of his
I.rahim -+eace .e u+on him/ later marries his third ;ife <anturah -after the death of "era/ ;ho eventuall# .ore him siC children@
5inall# marries his fourth ;ife, Ha:un ;ho .ore him five children -Paisaan, "ura:, Umaim, ?otaan and ,aafis/@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
faith@ In the morning, A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ s+eas to Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ and tells her of the dream
and (od=s command and ass her ;hat she thins@ Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ re+lies that if (od has commanded him
to do this, then he must o.e# and she ;ill .e +atient@ A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ then s+eas to Ishmael -+eace .e
u+on him/ and tells him of the dream and (od=s command and ass him ;hat he thins@ Ishmael -+eace .e u+on him/
gives the same re+l# as his mother@
/nd0 #hen he <*shmael= #as old enou6h to #al #ith him0 he said! A9 my son? * have seen in a
dream that * am slau6hterin6 you <o..er you in sacri.ice to /llaah=0 so loo #hat you thin?D 5e said!
A9 my .ather? :o that #hich you are commanded0 *nshaO /llaah <i. /llaah #ills=0 you shall .ind me o.
the patient ones <as-$abirin=.D
<ur=an & "urah as&"affat -Those dra;n u+ in Rans/ !)B10'
After the fare;ell .et;een mother and son, A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ taes his son to the a++ointed +lace of
sacrifice in the valle# of 1ina, a fe; miles from 1aah@ 3n the ;a#, the# are sto++ed .# Satan ;ho addresses A.raham
-+eace .e u+on him/ not to continue ;ith the sacrifice and so;ing dou.ts ;ithin him@ A.raham and Ishmael -+eace .e
u+on them/ +ic u+ seven small stones and thro; them in the direction of Satan to drive him a;a#@ Satan sins into the
ground@ 5urther on, Satan a++ears again and tries to +ersuade A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ for the second time not to
continue ;ith the sacrifice@ A.raham and Ishmael -+eace .e u+on them/ +ic u+ seven small stones and thro; them in
the direction of Satan to drive him a;a#@ ?ater, Satan a++ears for the third and last time, to sto+ A.raham -+eace .e
u+on him/, ;ith the same result as a.ove@
At the a++ointed +lace, A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ la#s his son do;n ;ith his face a;a# from him lest his love for
him should deter him from his dut# and tries to cut the :ugular vein ;ith a shar+ nife@ ,o matter ho; hard A.raham
-+eace .e u+on him/ tries to cut the sin, the sin ;on=t .rea@ At this :uncture, Allaah commands A.raham -+eace .e
u+on him/ to sto+@ He has +assed the test@ A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ is ased instead to sacrifice a ram in +lace of
his son@
/nd mention in the 2oo <the QurOan= *shmael. 8erily? 5e #as true to #hat he promised0 and he #as
a 1essen6er0 <and= a Prophet.
<ur=an 6 "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B54
Then0 #hen they had both submitted themselves <to the 7ill o. /llaah=0 and he had laid him
prostrate on his .orehead <or on the side o. his .orehead .or slau6hterin6=4
<ur=an & "urah as&"affat -Those dra;n u+ in Rans/ !)B10!
$I@. /nd 7e called out to him! A9 /braham?
$I'. You have .ul.illed the dream <vision=?D 8erily? Thus do 7e re#ard the 1uhsinun <6ood+doers=
$IN. 8erily0 that indeed #as a mani.est trial
$I). /nd 7e ransomed him #ith a 6reat sacri.ice <a ram=4
$IK. /nd 7e le.t .or him <a 6oodly remembrance= amon6 6enerations <to come= in later times.
$I&. Salaam <peace= be upon *brahim </braham=?D
<ur=an & "urah as&"affat -Those 7ra;n u+ in Rans/ !)B104&102
Qears later, A.raham and Ishmael -+eace .e u+on them/ re.uild the Pa=a.ah, the "acred 1as:id at the same location on
the same foundations laid do;n .# Adam and (a.riel -+eace .e u+on them/ man# #ears earlier@ The# go around the
Pa=a.ah seven times i@e@ to demonstrate that the lives of the 1uslims revolve around Allaah and to hel+ focus on their
;orshi+ of (od and hence o.tain s+iritual a;areness@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The Pa=a.ah is the first +lace of ;orshi+ dedicated to the 3ne (od@ Hence it is the oldest 1as:id -+lace of ;orshi+, to
Allaah/ in the ;orld and still survives toda#@
/nd #hen /braham and *shmael #ere raisin6 the .oundations o. the 5ouse0 </braham prayed= 9ur
3ord? /ccept .rom us <this duty=. 3o? Surely Thou art the 5earer0 the Jno#er.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1')
7uring his life, A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/, ;as not onl# +re+ared to give u+ his life for (od .ut ;as +re+ared to give
u+ the life of his o;n son, the ver# thing he cherished more than an#thing in this ;orld@
5ive other +ro+hets are +articularl# im+ortant, as the# received scri+ture@ The# are A.raham, 1oses, 7avid, Jesus and
1uhammad -+eace .e u+on them/@
/llaah chooses 1essen6ers .rom an6els and .rom men .or /llaah is 5e 7ho hears and sees <all
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B)5
/nd #ho turns a#ay .rom the reli6ion o. /braham but such as debase their souls #ith .ollyG 5im 7e
chose and rendered pure in this #orld! /nd he #ill be in the 5erea.ter amon6 the Ri6hteous.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1!0
$%K. -o# hath come unto you a 1essen6er .rom amon6st yourselves! it 6rieves him that ye should
perish! ardently an>ious is he over you! to the 2elievers is he most ind and merci.ul.
$%&. 2ut i. they turn a#ay0 Say! A/llaah su..iceth me! there is no 6od but 5e! 9n 5im is my trust0+
5e the 3ord o. the Throne <o. Blory= Supreme?D
<ur=an & "urah at&Tau.a -The Re+entance/ 2B1'%&2
1oses <peace be upon him= 1oses <peace be upon him=
The stor# of 1oses -Ara.ic & !usa/ is related numerous times in different +arts of the <ur=an@ Refer to '0B2&22 for a full
*rior to the .irth of 1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ around 15'5 AC$, there ;as great o++ression to;ards the Children of
Israel@ ,ote that Israel is an alternative name of *ro+het Jaco. -Ara.ic 6 'a(qub/@
9. some apostles 7e have already told thee the story4 o. others 7e have not4+ and to 1oses /llaah
spoe direct4+
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B144
(. 7e rehearse to thee some o. the story o. 1oses and Pharaoh in Truth0 .or people #ho believe.
@. Truly Pharaoh elated himsel. in the land and broe up its people into sections0 depressin6 a
small 6roup amon6 them! their sons he sle#0 but he ept alive their .emales! .or he #as indeed
a maer o. mischie..
'. /nd 7e #ished to be Bracious to those #ho #ere bein6 depressed in the land0 to mae them
leaders <in Faith= and mae them heirs0
N. To establish a .irm place .or them in the land0 and to sho# Pharaoh0 5aman0 and their hosts0 at
their hands0 the very thin6s a6ainst #hich they #ere tain6 precautions.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age !2 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B!&4
A saviour to the Children of Israel is .orn@ 7uring the time of the .irth of 1oses -+eace .e u+on him/, *haraoh
commands the illing of all Israelite male ne;.orns .# thro;ing them into the ,ile River@ The mother of 1oses -+eace
.e u+on him/ conceals him for three months and at last una.le to hide him an# longer +laces him in the ,ile River in an
ar of .ulrushes@ The *haraoh=s ;ife Asi#a ;ho is one of the devout, +ics him u+@
). So 7e sent this inspiration to the mother o. 1oses! ASucle <thy child=0 but #hen thou hast
.ears about him0 cast him into the river0 but .ear not nor 6rieve! .or 7e shall restore him to
thee0 and 7e shall mae him one o. 9ur messen6ers.D
K. Then the people o. Pharaoh piced him up <.rom the river=! <*t #as intended= that <1oses=
should be to them an adversary and a cause o. sorro#! .or Pharaoh and 5aman and <all= their
hosts #ere men o. sin.
&. The #i.e o. Pharaoh said! A<5ere is= Eoy o. the eye0 .or me and .or thee! slay him not. *t may
be that he #ill be use to us0 or #e may adopt him as a son.D /nd they perceived not <#hat they
#ere doin6=?
$I. 2ut there came to be a void in the heart o. the mother o. 1oses! She #as 6oin6 almost to
disclose his <case=0 had 7e not stren6thened her heart <#ith .aith=0 so that she mi6ht remain a
<.irm= believer.
$$. /nd she said to the sister o. <1oses=0 AFollo# himD so she <the sister= #atched him in the
character o. a stran6er. /nd they ne# not.
$%. /nd #e ordained that he re.used suc at .irst0 until <5is sister came up and= said! AShall * point
out to you the people o. a house that #ill nourish and brin6 him up .or you and be sincerely
attached to himGD...
$(. Thus did 7e restore him to his mother0 that her eye mi6ht be com.orted0 that she mi6ht not
6rieve0 and that she mi6ht no# that the promise o. /llaah is true! but most o. them do not
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B)&1!
1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ has reached maturit# and is no; .eing +re+ared for an im+ortant call of dut#@
7uring this time, 1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ accidentall# ills an $g#+tian ;hilst defending a fello; Israelite@
$@. 7hen he reached .ull a6e0 and #as .irmly established <in li.e=0 7e besto#ed on him #isdom
and no#led6e! .or thus do 7e re#ard those #ho do 6ood.
$'. /nd he entered the city at a time #hen its people #ere not #atchin6! and he .ound there t#o
men .i6htin60 + one o. his o#n reli6ion0 and the other0 o. his .oes. -o# the man o. his o#n
reli6ion appealed to him a6ainst his .oe0 and 1oses struc him #ith his .ist and made an end o.
him. 5e said! AThis is a #or o. Evil <Satan=! .or he is an enemy that mani.estly misleads?D
$N. 5e prayed! A9 my 3ord? * have indeed #ron6ed my soul? :o Thou then .or6ive me?D So </llaah=
.or6ave him! .or 5e is the 9.t+For6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
$). 5e said! A9 my 3ord? For that Thou hast besto#ed Thy Brace on me0 never shall * be a help to
those #ho sin?D
$K. So he sa# the mornin6 in the city0 looin6 about0 in a state o. .ear0 #hen behold0 the man #ho
had0 the day be.ore0 sou6ht his help called aloud .or his help <a6ain=. 1oses said to him! AThou
art truly0 it is clear0 a quarrelsome .ello#?D
$&. Then0 #hen he decided to lay hold o. the man #ho #as an enemy to both o. them0 that man
said! A9 1oses? *s it thy intention to slay me as thou sle#est a man yesterdayG Thy intention is
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 40 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
none other than to become a po#er.ul violent man in the land0 and not to be one #ho sets
thin6s ri6ht?D
%I. /nd there came a man0 runnin60 .rom the .urthest end o. the ,ity. 5e said! A9 1oses? The
,hie.s are tain6 counsel to6ether about thee0 to slay thee! so 6et thee a#ay0 .or * do 6ive thee
sincere advice.D
%$. 5e there.ore 6ot a#ay there.rom0 looin6 about0 in a state o. .ear. 5e prayed A9 my 3ord?
Save me .rom people 6iven to #ron6+doin6.D
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B14&'1
1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ leaves his land of .irth and heads out to the land of 1ad#an@
%%. Then0 #hen he turned his .ace to#ards <the land o.= 1adyan0 he said! A* do hope that my 3ord
#ill sho# me the smooth and strai6ht Path.D
%(. /nd #hen he arrived at the #aterin6 <place= in 1adyan0 he .ound there a 6roup o. men
#aterin6 <their .locs=0 and besides them he .ound t#o #omen #ho #ere eepin6 bac <their
.locs=. 5e said! A7hat is the matter #ith youGD They said! A7e cannot #ater <our .locs= until
the shepherds tae bac <their .locs=! /nd our .ather is a very old man.D
%@. So he #atered <their .locs= .or them4 then he turned bac to the shade0 and said! A9 my 3ord?
Truly am * in <desperate= need o. any 6ood that Thou dost send me?D
%'. /.ter#ards one o. the <damsels= came <bac= to him0 #alin6 bash.ully. She said! A1y .ather
invites thee that he may re#ard thee .or havin6 #atered <our .locs= .or us.D So #hen he came
to him and narrated the story0 he said! AFear thou not! <#ell= hast thou escaped .rom unEust
%N. Said one o. the <damsels=! A9 my <dear= .ather? En6a6e him on #a6es! truly the best o. men .or
thee to employ is the <man= #ho is stron6 and trustyD...
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B''&'4
1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ gets married@
%). 5e said! A* intend to #ed one o. these my dau6hters to thee0 on condition that thou serve me
.or ei6ht years4 but i. thou complete ten years0 it #ill be <6race= .rom thee. 2ut * intend not to
place thee under a di..iculty! thou #ilt .ind me0 indeed0 i. /llaah #ills0 one o. the ri6hteous.D
%K. 5e said! A2e that <the a6reement= bet#een me and thee! #hichever o. the t#o terms * .ul.il0
let there be no ill+#ill to me. 2e /llaah a #itness to #hat #e say.D
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B')&%
The call of *ro+hethood comes to 1oses and to his elder .rother Aaron -+eace .e u+on them/@ "ince 1oses has a stutter,
Aaron is a.le to hel+ him, -+eace .e u+on them/@
"igns from Allaah are given to 1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ so that he ma# sho; them to *haraoh as evidence of his
%&. -o# #hen 1oses had .ul.illed the term0 and #as travellin6 #ith his .amily0 he perceived a .ire
in the direction o. 1ount Tur. 5e said to his .amily! ATarry ye4 * perceive a .ire4 * hope to brin6
you .rom there some in.ormation0 or a burnin6 .irebrand0 that ye may #arm yourselves.D
(I. 2ut #hen he came to the <.ire=0 a voice #as heard .rom the ri6ht ban o. the valley0 .rom a
tree in hallo#ed 6round! A9 1oses? 8erily * am /llaah0 the 3ord o. all ,reation...
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 41 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
($. A-o# do thou thro# thy rod?D 2ut #hen he sa# it movin6 <o. its o#n accord= as i. it had been a
snae0 he turned bac in retreat0 and retraced not his steps! 9 1oses?D <*t #as said=0 A:ra#
near0 and .ear not! .or thou art o. those #ho are secure.
(%. A1ove thy hand into thy bosom0 and it #ill come .orth #hite #ithout stain <or harm=0 and dra#
thy hand close to thy side <to 6uard= a6ainst .ear. Those are the t#o credentials .rom thy 3ord
to Pharaoh and his ,hie.s! .or truly they are a people rebellious and #iced.D
((. 5e said! A9 my 3ord? * have slain a man amon6 them0 and * .ear lest they slay me.
(@. /nd my brother0 /aron0 he is more eloquent o. ton6ue than *0 there.ore send him #ith me as
an aider0 veri.yin6 me! surely * .ear that they #ould reEect me.
('. 5e said! A7e #ill certainly stren6then thy arm throu6h thy brother0 and invest you both #ith
authority0 so they shall not be able to touch you! #ith 9ur Si6n shall ye triumph0 + you t#o as
#ell as those #ho .ollo# you.D
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B'2&!5 "ee also 4!B5'@
$$. 2ut #hen he came to the .ire0 a voice #as heard! A9 1oses?
$%. A8erily * am thy 3ord? There.ore <in 1y presence= put o.. thy shoes! thou art in the sacred
valley Tu#a.
$(. A* have chosen thee! listen0 then0 to the inspiration <sent to thee=.
$@. A8erily0 * am /llaah! There is no 6od but *! So serve thou 1e <only=0 and establish re6ular prayer
.or celebratin6 1y praise.
<ur=an & "urah Ta Ha '0B11&14
1oses and Aaron -+eace .e u+on them/ return to the land of their .irth and hence to *haraoh@
(N. 7hen 1oses came to them #ith 9ur clear si6ns0 they said! AThis is nothin6 but sorcery .aed
up! never did #e head the lie amon6 our .athers o. old?D
(). 1oses said! A1y 3ord no#s best #ho it is that comes #ith 6uidance .rom 5im and #hose end
#ill be best in the 5erea.ter! certain it is that the #ron6+doers #ill not prosper.D
(K. Pharaoh said! A9 ,hie.s? -o 6od do * no# .or you but mysel.! there.ore0 9 5aman? 3i6ht me a
<iln to bae brics= out o. clay0 and build me a lo.ty palace0 that * may mount up to the 6od o.
1oses! but as .ar as * am concerned0 * thin <1oses= is a liar?D
(&. /nd he #as arro6ant and insolent in the land0 beyond reason0 + 5e and his hosts! they thou6ht
that they #ould not have to return to Fs?
@I. So 7e seized him and his hosts0 and 7e .lun6 them into the sea! -o# behold #hat #as the end
o. those #ho did #ron6?
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B!4&40
The stor# is related ;ith more detail in the seventh <ur=anic cha+ter@
$I(. Then a.ter them 7e sent 1oses #ith 9ur si6ns to Pharaoh and his chie.s0 but they #ron6.ully
reEected them! So see #hat #as the end o. those #ho made mischie..
$I@. 1oses said! A9 Pharaoh? * am a messen6er .rom the 3ord o. all ,reation0 +
$I'. 9ne .or #hom it is ri6ht to say nothin6 but truth about /llaah. -o# have * come unto you
<people=0 .rom your 3ord0 #ith a clear <Si6n=! So let the ,hildren o. *srael depart alon6 #ith
$IN. <Pharaoh= said! A*. indeed thou hast come #ith a Si6n0 sho# it .orth0 + i. thou tellest the
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$I). Then <1oses= thre# his rod0 and behold? *t #as a serpent0 plain <.or all to see=?
$IK. /nd he dre# out his hand0 and behold? *t #as #hite to all beholders?
$I&. Said the ,hie.s o. the people o. Pharaoh! AThis is indeed a sorcerer #ell+versed.
$$I. A5is plan is to 6et you out o. your land! then #hat is it ye counselGD
$$$. They said! AJeep him and his brother in suspense <.or a #hile=4 and send to the cities men to
$$%. /nd brin6 up to thee all <our= sorcerers #ell+versed.D
$$(. So there came the sorcerers to Pharaoh! They said0 Ao. course #e shall have a <suitable=
re#ard i. #e #in?D
$$@. 5e said! AYea0 <and more=0 + .or ye shall in that case be <raised to posts= nearest <to my
$$'. They said! A9 1oses? 7ilt thou thro# <.irst=0 or shall #e have the <.irst= thro#GD
$$N. Said 1oses! AThro# ye <.irst=.D So #hen they thre#0 they be#itched the eyes o. the people0
and struc terror into them! .or they sho#ed a 6reat <.eat o.= ma6ic.
$$). 7e put it into 1osesM mind by inspiration! AThro# <no#= thy rodD! and behold? it s#allo#s up
strai6ht a#ay all the .alsehoods #hich they .ae?
$$K. Thus truth #as con.irmed0 and all that they did #as made o. no e..ect.
$$&. So the <6reat ones= #ere vanquished there and then0 and #ere made to loo small.
$%I. 2ut the sorcerers .ell do#n prostrate in adoration.
$%$. Sayin6! A7e believe in the 3ord o. all ,reation0 +
$%%. AThe 3ord o. 1oses and /aron.D
$%(. Said Pharaoh! A2elieve ye in 5im be.ore * 6ive you permissionG Surely this is a tric0 #hich ye
have planned in the city to drive out its people! but soon shall ye no# <the consequences=.
$%@. A2e sure * #ill cut o.. your hands and your .eet on apposite sides0 and * #ill cause you all to
die on the cross.D
$%'. They said! 3o? 7e are about to return unto our 3ord?
$%N. A2ut thou dost #rea thy ven6eance on us simply because #e believed in the Si6ns o. our
3ord #hen they reached us? 9ur 3ord? Pour out on us patience and constancy0 and tae our
souls unto thee as 1uslims <#ho bo# to thy #ill=?
$%). Said the chie.s o. PharaohOs people! A7ilt thou leave 1oses and his people0 to spread mischie.
in the land0 and to abandon thee and thy 6odsGD 5e said! ATheir male children #ill #e slay4
<only= their .emales #ill #e save alive4 and #e have over them <po#er= irresistible.D
$%K. Said 1oses to his people! APray .or help .rom /llaah0 and <#ait= in patience and constancy! .or
the earth is /llaahOs0 to 6ive as a herita6e to such o. 5is servants as 5e pleaseth4 and the end
is <best= .or the ri6hteous.
$%&. They said! A7e have had <nothin6 but= trouble0 both be.ore and a.ter thou camest to us.D 5e
said! A*t may be that your 3ord #ill destroy your enemy and mae you inheritors in the earth4
that so 5e may try you by your deeds.D
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B10!&'2
7ue to *haraoh=s defiance and o.stinac# to let the Children of Israel go, great calamit# is .rought to him and his +eo+le
over man# #ears@ The *haraohHs ;ife Asi#a ;anted to disassociate herself from her hus.andHs evil doings@
/nd /llaah sets .orth0 as an e>ample to those #ho believe the #i.e o. Pharaoh! 2ehold she said! H9
my 3ord? 2uild .or me0 in nearness to Thee0 a mansion in the Barden0 and save me .rom Pharaoh
and his doin6s0 and save me .rom those that do #ron6H4
<ur=an 6 "urah at&Tahrim -Aanning/ 44B11
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$(I. 7e punished the people o. Pharaoh #ith years <o. drou6hts= and shortness o. crops4 that they
mi6ht receive admonition.
$($. 2ut #hen 6ood <times= came0 they said0 AThis is due to us4D 7hen 6ripped by calamity0 they
ascribed it to evil omens connected #ith 1oses and those #ith him? 2ehold? *n truth the
omens o. evil are theirs in /llaahOs si6ht0 but most o. them do not understand?
$(%. They said <to 1oses=! A7hatever be the Si6ns thou brin6est0 to #or there#ith thy sorcery on
us0 #e shall never believe in thee.
$((. So 7e sent <pla6ues= on them! 7holesale death0 3ocusts0 3ice0 Fro6s0 /nd 2lood! Si6ns openly
sel.+e>plained! but they #ere steeped in arro6ance0 + a people 6iven to sin.
$(@. Every time the penalty .ell on them0 they said! A9 1oses? 9n your behal. call on thy 3ord in
virtue o. his promise to thee! *. thou #ilt remove the penalty .rom us0 #e shall truly believe
in thee0 and #e shall send a#ay the ,hildren o. *srael #ith thee.D
$('. 2ut every time 7e removed the penalty .rom them accordin6 to a .i>ed term #hich they had
to .ul.il0 + 2ehold? They broe their #ord?
$(N. So 7e e>acted retribution .rom them! 7e dro#ned them in the sea0 because they reEected
9ur Si6ns and .ailed to tae #arnin6 .rom them.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B1!0&!4
@$. /nd #arnin6s came in truth unto the house o. Pharaoh
@%. The <people= reEected all 9ur Si6ns4 but 7e seized them #ith such Penalty <as comes= .rom 9ne
E>alted in Po#er0 able to carry out 5is 7ill.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&<amar -The 1oon/ 54B41&'
&I. /nd 7e brou6ht the ,hildren o. *srael across the sea0 and Pharaoh #ith his hosts pursued them
in rebellion and trans6ression0 till0 #hen the <.ate o.= dro#nin6 overtoo him0 he e>claimed! *
believe that there is no 6od save 5im in 7hom the ,hildren o. *srael believe0 and * am o. those
#ho surrender <unto 5im=.
&$. 7hat? -o#? 7hen hitherto thou hast rebelled and been o. the #ron6+doersG
&%. 2ut this day 7e save thee in thy body that thou mayst be a portent .or those a.ter thee. 3o?
1ost o. manind are heedless o. 9ur portents.
<ur=an & "urah Qunus -Jonah/ 10B20&'
/nd verily 7e inspired 1oses0 sayin6! Tae a#ay 1y slaves by ni6ht and strie .or them a dry path in
the sea0 .earin6 not to be overtaen0 neither bein6 a.raid <o. the sea=.
<ur=an & "urah Ta Ha '0B))
The Children of Israel are victorious and inherit the land@
/nd 7e made a people0 considered #ea <and o. no account=0 inheritors o. lands in both east and
#est0 + lands #hereon 7e sent do#n 9ur blessin6s. The .air promise o. thy 3ord #as .ul.illed .or the
,hildren o. *srael0 because they had patience and constancy0 and 7e levelled to the 6round the
6reat #ors and .ine buildin6s #hich Pharaoh and his people erected <#ith such pride=.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B1!)
1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ s+ends 40 nights on 1ount Tur, a mountain in "inai, $g#+t@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 44 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$@%. 7e appointed .or 1oses thirty ni6hts0 and completed <the period= #ith ten <more=! thus #as
completed the term <o. communion= #ith his 3ord0 .orty ni6hts. /nd 1oses had char6ed his
brother /aron <be.ore he #ent up=! A/ct .or me amon6st my people! :o ri6ht0 and .ollo# not
the #ay o. those #ho do mischie..D
$@(. 7hen 1oses came to the place appointed by Fs0 and his 3ord addressed him0 5e said! A9 my
3ord? Sho# <Thysel.= to me0 that * may loo upon thee.D /llaah said! A2y no means canst thou
see 1e <direct=4 2ut loo upon the mount4 i. it abide in its place0 then shalt thou see 1e.D
7hen his 3ord mani.ested 5is 6lory on the 1ount0 5e made it as dust. /nd 1oses .ell do#n in
a s#oon. 7hen he recovered his senses he said! ABlory be to Thee? To Thee * turn in
repentance0 and * am the .irst to believe.D
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B14'&4!
1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ is given scri+ture, the Taurat and the Ten Commandments .oth in He.re;@
$@@. </llaah= said! A9 1oses? * have chosen thee above <other= men0 by the mission * <have 6iven
thee= and the #ords * <have spoen to thee=! tae then the <revelation= #hich * 6ive thee0 and
be o. those #ho 6ive thans.D
$@'. /nd 7e ordained la#s .or him in the tablets in all matters0 both commandin6 and e>plainin6
all thin6s0 <and said=! ATae and hold these #ith .irmness0 and enEoin thy people to hold .ast
by the best in the precepts! soon shall * sho# you the homes o. the #iced0 + <5o# they lie
$@N. Those #ho behave arro6antly on the earth in de.iance o. ri6ht + them #ill * turn a#ay .rom 1y
si6ns! Even i. they see all the si6ns0 they #ill not believe in them4 and i. they see the #ay o.
ri6ht conduct0 they #ill not adopt it as the #ay4 but i. they see the #ay o. error0 that is the
#ay they #ill adopt. For they have reEected our si6ns0 and .ailed to tae #arnin6 .rom them.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B144&4
The T$, Commandments are scattered throughout the <ur=an@ The section on "cri+tures +rovides some com+arative
"ome among the Children of Israel .egin the ;orshi+ of a golden calf during the a.sence of 1oses and in the +resence
of Aaron, -+eace .e u+on them/@ Aaron -+eace .e u+on him/ tries to sto+ them, .ut ;ithout success@
$@K. The people o. 1oses made0 in his absence0 out o. their ornaments0 the ima6e o. cal.0 <.or
#orship=! it seemed to lo#! did they not see that it could neither spea to them0 nor sho#
them the #ayG They too it .or #orship and they did #ron6.
$@&. 7hen they repented0 and sa# that they had erred0 they said! A*. our 3ord have not mercy
upon us and .or6ive us0 #e shall indeed be o. those #ho perish.D
$'I. 7hen 1oses came bac to his people0 an6ry and 6rieved0 he said! AEvil it is that ye have done
in my place in my absence! did ye mae haste to brin6 on the Eud6ment o. your 3ordGD 5e put
do#n the tablets0 seized his brother by <the hair o.= his head0 and dra66ed him to him. /aron
said! ASon o. my mother? The people did indeed recon me as nau6ht0 and #ent near to
slayin6 me? 1ae not the enemies reEoice over my mis.ortune0 nor count thou me amon6st
the people o. sin.D
$'$. 1oses prayed! A9 my 3ord? For6ive me and my brother? /dmit us to Thy mercy? For Thou art
the 1ost 1erci.ul o. those #ho sho# mercy?D
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 45 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$'%. Those #ho too the cal. <.or #orship= #ill indeed be over#helmed #ith #rath .rom their
3ord0 and #ith shame in this li.e! thus do 7e recompense those #ho invent <.alsehoods=.
$'(. 2ut those #ho do #ron6 but repent therea.ter and <truly= believe0 + verily thy 3ord is
therea.ter 9.t+For6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
$'@. 7hen the an6er o. 1oses #as appeased0 he too up the tablets! in the #ritin6 thereon #as
6uidance and 1ercy .or such as .ear their 3ord.
$''. /nd 1oses chose seventy o. his people .or 9ur place o. meetin6! #hen they #ere seized #ith
violent quain60 he prayed! A9 my 3ord? *. it had been Thy #ill Thou couldst have destroyed0
lon6 be.ore0 both them and me! #ouldst Thou destroy us .or the deeds o. the .oolish ones
amon6 usG this is no more than Thy trial! by it Thou causest #hom Thou #ilt to stray0 and
Thou leadest #hom Thou #ilt into the ri6ht path. Thou art our Protector! so .or6ive us and
6ive us Thy mercy4 .or Thou art the best o. those #ho .or6ive.
$'N. A/nd ordain .or us that #hich is 6ood0 in this li.e and in the 5erea.ter! .or #e have turned
unto Thee.D 5e said! A7ith 1y punishment * visit #hom * #ill4 but 1y mercy e>tendeth to all
thin6s. That <mercy= * shall ordain .or those #ho do ri6ht0 and practise re6ular charity0 and
those #ho believe in 9ur si6ns4 +
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B14%&54
K'. </llaah= said! A7e have tested thy people in thy absence! the Samiri has led them astray.D
KN. So 1oses returned to his people in a state o. indi6nation and sorro#. 5e said! A9 my people?
:id not your 3ord mae a handsome promise to youG :id then the promise seem to you lon6 <in
comin6=G 9r did ye desire that 7rath should descend .rom your 3ord on you0 and so ye broe
your promise to meGD
K). They said! A7e broe not the promise to thee0 as .ar as lay in our po#er! but #e #ere made to
carry the #ei6ht o. the ornaments o. the <#hole= people0 and #e thre# them <into the .ire=0
and that #as #hat the Samiri su66ested.
KK. AThen he brou6ht out <o. the .ire= be.ore the <people= the ima6e o. a cal.! *t seemed to lo#! so
they said! This is your 6od0 and the 6od o. 1oses0 but <1oses= has .or6otten?D
K&. ,ould they not see that it could not return them a #ord <.or ans#er=0 and that it had no po#er
either to harm them or to do them 6oodG
&I. /aron had already0 be.ore this said to them! A9 my people? ye are bein6 tested in this! .or
verily your 3ord is </llaah= 1ost Bracious4 so .ollo# me and obey my command.D
&$. They had said! A7e #ill not abandon this cult0 but #e #ill devote ourselves to it until 1oses
returns to us.D
&%. <1oses= said! A9 /aron? 7hat ept thee bac0 #hen thou sa#est them 6oin6 #ron60
&(. AFrom .ollo#in6 meG :idst thou then disobey my orderGD
&@. </aron= replied! A9 son o. my mother? Seize <me= not by my beard nor by <the hair o.= my
head? Truly * .eared lest thou shouldst say0 OThou has caused a division amon6 the children o.
*srael0 and thou didst not respect my #ord?OA
&'. <1oses= said! A7hat then is thy case0 9 SamiriGD
&N. 5e replied! A* sa# #hat they sa# not! so * too a hand.ul <o. dust= .rom the .ootprint o. the
1essen6er0 and thre# it <into the cal.=! thus did my soul su66est to me.D
&). <1oses= said! ABet thee 6one? 2ut thy <punishment= in this li.e #ill be that thou #ilt say0 Otouch
me notO4 and moreover <.or a .uture penalty= thou hast a promise that #ill not .ail! -o# loo at
thy 6od0 o. #hom thou hast become a devoted #orshipper! 7e #ill certainly <melt= it in a
blazin6 .ire and scatter it broadcast in the sea?D
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 44 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
&K. 2ut the 6od o. you all is the 9ne /llaah! there is no 6od but 5e! all thin6s 5e comprehends in
5is no#led6e.
&&. Thus do 7e relate to thee some stories o. #hat happened be.ore! .or 7e have sent thee a
1essa6e .rom 9ur o#n Presence.
<ur=an & "urah Ta Ha '0B%5&22
'$. /nd remember 7e appointed .orty ni6hts .or 1oses0 and in his absence ye too the cal. <.or
#orship=0 and ye did 6rievous #ron6.
'%. Even then 7e did .or6ive you4 there #as a chance .or you to be 6rate.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B51&'
;esus <peace be upon him= ;esus <peace be upon him=
The stor# of Jesus -Ara.ic 6 #sa, +ronounced Besaa/ is scattered in 1! cha+ters of the <ur=an@ "ome of the verses in the
Hol# <ur=an refer to *ro+het Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ as sim+l# GJesus=, .ut others refer to him .# the a++ellation,
GAl 1aseeh=, ;hich means Gthe 1essiah= or Gthe Anointed 3ne=@
His .irth is a uni>ue miracle, .ut his message is the same as the +revious +ro+hets and that of *ro+het 1uhammad
-+eace .e u+on him/ after him i@e@ to su.mit to the 3ne (od@
?ie 1oses -+eace .e u+on him/, Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ is directl# descended from the line of A.raham, Isaac and
Jaco. -+eace .e u+on them/@ "+ecificall#, Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ also descends directl# from Aaron -the elder
.rother of 1oses/@ Therefore, 1ar# -Ara.ic & !aryam/ and Jesus -+eace .e u+on them/ came from a no.le line of
+ro+hets and +riests ;ho +reached the ;orshi+ and o.edience of the 3ne (od@
The names of 1ar#=s -+eace .e u+on her/ +arents ;ere Imraan and Hannah@ Imraan ;as a +riest of the highest order,
much res+ected .# the communit#@ The father of Aaron and 1oses -+eace .e u+on them/ ;as also called Imraan@
((. /llaah did choose /dam and -oah0 the .amily o. /braham0 and the .amily o. O*mraan above all
people0 +
(@. 9..sprin60 one o. the other! /nd /llaah heareth and no#eth all thin6s.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B!!&4
Hannah, at an old age, +ra#s to (od for a child that she ;ould dedicate to the service of (od and ;ho ;ould +reach in
the Tem+le of Jerusalem@ In her mind she ;anted a male child as onl# males could +reach in the Tem+le@ Imraan has a
dream in ;hich he sees a son@ He tells Hannah ;ho is over:o#ed@ (od ans;ers Hannah=s su++lication .ut grants her a
female child & 1ar#, the mother of Jesus@
('. 2ehold? The #i.e o. *mraan said! A9 my 3ord? * do dedicate unto Thee #hat is in my stomach
.or Thy special service! So accept this o. me! For Thou 5earest and Jno#est all thin6s.D
(N. 7hen she #as delivered0 she said! A9 my 3ord? 2ehold? * am delivered o. a .emale child?D+ /nd
/llaah ne# best #hat she brou6ht .orth+ A/nd no #ise is the male 3ie the .emale. * have
named her 1ary0 and * commend her and her o..sprin6 to Thy protection .rom the Evil 9ne0 the
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B!5&4
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ is or+haned ;hilst she is still #oung@ Her father dies ;hen she is a.out t;o months old and
her mother dies ;hen she is a.out siC #ears old@ This is ver# similar to the stor# of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on
him/ ;hose father died .efore he ;as .orn and his mother died ;hen he ;as siC #ears of age ;hilst on a visit to her
hus.and=s grave@
At the death of 1ar#=s -+eace .e u+on her/ father, man# +eo+le come for;ard to .e her guardian@ A dis+ute arises as to
;ho it should .e, since it ;as an honour that man# +eo+le desired due to the high esteem that Imraan ;as held among
the +eo+le@ The dis+ute is resolved .# 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/, the .rother&in&la; of 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/@
Through (od=s ins+iration, *ro+het 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ho is a descendent of "olomon -+eace .e u+on
him/, ass the candidates to assem.le at a river earl# in the morning@ $ach interested +art# is ased to thro; an iron
+en into the flo;ing river@ 8hosever +en remains afloat on the river is the "ign from (od that he is the +referred
choice@ 8hile others failed, 9aari#ah=s +en remains afloat, .# a miracle@ A further dis+ute arises at this +oint, as some
.elieve that some tricer# is involved@ 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/ attem+ts the same miracle t;o more times,
.efore all the assem.led +eo+le acce+t that he is indeed the rightful guardian of 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/@
This is o. the tidin6s o. thin6s hidden. 7e reveal it unto thee <1uhammad=. Thou #ast not present
#ith them #hen they thre# their pens <to no#= #hich o. them should be the 6uardian o. 1ary0 nor
#ast thou present #ith them #hen they quarrelled <thereupon=.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B44
Ri6ht 6raciously did her 3ord accept her! 5e made her 6ro# in purity and beauty! To the care o.
Raariyah #as she assi6ned . . .
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B!)
1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ gro;s u+ as a +ious 1uslim and is held in high honour .# Allaah@ 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ is
uni>ue in that she is the onl# ;oman ;ho is mentioned .# Allaah .# name in the <ur=an and has a <ur=anic "urah named
after her i@e@ "urah 12 entitled G1ar#am=@ 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/ teaches 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ the religion
of their forefathers i@e@ the su.mission to the 3ne true (od@
@%. 2ehold? The an6els said! A9 1ary? /llaah hath chosen thee and puri.ied thee+ chosen thee
above the #omen o. all nations.
@(. A9 1ary? 7orship Thy 3ord devoutly! Prostrate thysel.0 and bo# do#n <in prayer= #ith those
#ho bo# do#n.D
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B4'&!
Imraan, the father of 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/, during his time ;as una.le to have a male heir ;ho ;ould continue the
message of the ;orshi+ of the 3ne (od@ The same situation a++lies to 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/@ 9aari#ah -+eace
.e u+on him/ is anCious to have an heir from himself or from the +osterit# of Jaco. -+eace .e u+on him/@ He fears that
after he is gone the message of Islam ;ill fade a;a# ;ith him and hence the +eo+le ;ill not .e saved in the hereafter@
9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/ does not have an#one he trusts to tae over the role of a messenger@ Hence his des+air is
not for selfish reasons for having a +rogen# .ut for the concern he has for the +eo+le=s s+iritual ;elfare@ 9aari#ah
-+eace .e u+on him/ +ra#s to (od for a wali -successor or heir/@
3n one occasion ;hen 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/ enters the +rivate cham.ers of 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/, he sees
her eating food that ;as out of season@ The food came directl# from heaven from (od@ Here he +ra#s for an heir@ This
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
results in the .irth of a miraculous son John -Ara.ic & 'ahya/ as he 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/ ;as old as ;as his
;ife al&Qash.i= -$lisa.eth/ a descendent of Aaron -+eace .e u+on him/@
(). 7henever Raariyah #ent into the sanctuary #here she <1ary= #as0 he .ound that she had
.ood. 5e said! 9 1ary? 7hence cometh unto thee this <.ood=G She ans#ered! A*t is .rom /llaah.
/llaah 6iveth #ithout stint to #hom 5e #ill.D
(K. There did Raariyah pray to his 3ord0 sayin6! A9 my 3ord? Brant unto me .rom Thee a pro6eny
that is pure! .or Thou art 5e that heareth prayer?
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B!)&% "ee also 54B!!@
(. 2ehold? 5e cried to his 3ord in secret0
@. Prayin6! A9 my 3ord? *n.irm indeed are my bones0 and the hair o. my head doth 6listen #ith
6rey! but never am * unblest0 9 my 3ord0 in my prayer to Thee?
'. A-o# * .ear <#hat= my relatives <and collea6ues= <#ill do= a.ter me! but my #i.e is barren! so
6ive me an heir as .rom Thysel.0 +
N. A<9ne that= #ill <truly= represent me0 and represent the posterity o. ;acob4 and mae him0 9
my 3ord? 9ne #ith #hom Thou art #ell+pleased?D
). <5is prayer #as ans#ered=! A9 Raariyah? 7e 6ive thee 6ood ne#s o. a son! 5is name shall be
Yahya <;ohn=! on none by that name have 7e con.erred distinction be.ore.D
K. 5e said! A9 my 3ord? 5o# shall * have a son0 #hen my #i.e is barren and * have 6ro#n quite
decrepit .rom old a6eGD
&. 5e said! ASo <it #ill be= thy 3ord saith0 Othat is easy .or 1e! * did indeed create thee be.ore0
#hen thou hadst been nothin6?OA
$I. <Raariyah= said! A9 my 3ord? Bive me a Si6n.D AThy Si6n0D #as the ans#er0 AShall be that thou
shalt spea to no man .or three ni6hts0 althou6h thou art not dumb.D
$$. So Raariyah came out to his people .rom him chamber! 5e told them by si6ns to celebrate
/llaahOs praises in the mornin6 and in the evenin6.
<ur=an & "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B!&11
The +rinci+le of not s+eaing ;as something that had .een +ractised .efore and since, the +ur+ose of ;hich ;as to
remain aloof from the affairs of the ;orld and sta# focused on ;orshi+@ Qah#a -+eace .e u+on him/ is .orn and is
honoured ;ith *ro+hethood@ 9aari#ah -+eace .e u+on him/ and his ;ife al&Qash.i= ;ere the s#m.ols of +iet# and
So 7e listened to him! and 7e 6ranted him Yahya! 7e cured his #i.eOs <barrenness= .or him. They
#ere ever quic in emulation in 6ood #ors4 they used to call on Fs #ith love and reverence0 and
humble themselves be.ore Fs.
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B20
$%. </nd it #as said unto his son=! 9 Yayha? 5old .ast the Scripture. /nd #e 6ave him #isdom #hen
a child0
$(. /nd compassion .rom 9ur presence0 and purity4 and he #as devout0
$@. /nd duti.ul to#ard his parents. /nd he #as not arro6ant0 rebellious.
$'. Peace on him the day he #as born0 and the day he dieth and the day he shall be raised alive?
<ur=an & "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B1'&5
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 42 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
(od, through angels, inform 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ the arrival of a hol# son even though she is un;ed@ "he ass (od
ho; this can .eV
@'. 2ehold? The an6els <malaika= said! A9 1ary? /llaah 6iveth thee 6lad tidin6s o. a 7ord .rom 5im!
his name #ill be 1essiah ;esus0 the son o. 1ary0 held in honour in this #orld and the 5erea.ter
and o. <the company o.= those nearest to /llaah4
@N. A5e shall spea to the people in childhood and in maturity. /nd he shall be <o. the company= o.
the ri6hteous.D
@). She said! A9 my 3ord? 5o# shall * have a son #hen no man hath touched meGD 5e said! AEven
so! /llaah createth #hat 5e #illeth! 7hen 5e hath decreed a plan0 5e but saith to it0 O2e0O and
it is?
@K. A/nd /llaah #ill teach him the 2oo and 7isdom0 the 3a# and the *nEil </ramaic scripture 6iven
to ;esus=0
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B45&%
1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ secludes herself in the tem+le of Jerusalem facing east@ "he +laces herself in a state of
devotion and ;orshi+ to the 3ne (od@
7uring this time, (a.riel -+eace .e u+on him/ a++ears and announces the gift of a hol# son@ (a.riel -+eace .e u+on
him/ .reathes into 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ and she conceives@ This is not dissimilar to the .reathing into Adam and
$ve -+eace .e u+on them/, ;hich .rings them to life@
$N. /nd mae mention o. 1ary in the Scripture0 #hen she had #ithdra#n .rom her people to a
chamber looin6 East0
$). /nd had chosen seclusion .rom them. Then 7e sent unto her 9ur Spirit < 6uh= and it assumed
.or her the lieness o. a per.ect man.
$K. She said! 3o? * see re.u6e in the 2ene.icent 9ne .rom thee0 i. thou art Bod+.earin6.
$&. 5e said! A-ay0 * am only a messen6er <rasul= .rom thy 3ord0 <to announce= to thee the 6i.t o. a
holy son.
%I. She said! A5o# shall * have a son0 seein6 that no man has touched me0 and * am not unchasteGD
%$. 5e said! ASo <it #ill be=! Thy 3ord saith0 Othat is easy .or 1e! and <7e #ish= to appoint him as a
Si6n unto men and a 1ercy .rom FsO! *t is a matter <so= decreed.D
<ur=an & "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B14&'1
/nd <remember= her #ho 6uarded her chastity! 7e breathed into her o. 9ur Spirit <6uh=0 and 7e
made her and her son a si6n .or all peoples.
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B21
/nd 1ary the dau6hter o. O*mraan0 #ho 6uarded her chastity4 and 7e breathed into <her body= o.
9ur Spirit <6uh=4 and she testi.ied to the truth o. the #ords o. her 3ord and o. 5is Revelations0 and
#as one o. the devout <servants=.
<ur=an 6 "urah at&Tahrim -Aanning/ 44B1'
The similitude o. ;esus be.ore /llaah is as that o. /dam4 5e created him .rom dust0 then said to
him! A2eD. /nd he #as.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B52
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 50 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The similitude .et;een Jesus and Adam -+eace .e u+on them/ is further em+hasised .# the fact that their names occur
in the <ur=an at '5 times each in addition to the fact that neither +ro+het had a father@
The .irth of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/@ In her anguish of child.irth, (a.riel -+eace .e u+on him/ ass her to shae a
dead +alm tree, ;hich miraculousl# .ears dates@ 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ is s+ecificall# commanded not to s+ea to
an# +erson, a fast through s+eech@ This .ecomes a significant command in line ;ith 12B!0&! .elo;@
%%. So she conceived him0 and she retired #ith him to a remote place.
%(. /nd the pains o. childbirth drove her to the trun o. a palm+tree! She cried <in her an6uish=!
A/h? 7ould that * had died be.ore this? 7ould that * had been a thin6 .or6otten and out o.
%@. 2ut <a voice= cried to her .rom beneath the <palm+tree=! ABrieve not? For thy 3ord hath
provided a rivulet beneath thee4
%'. A/nd shae to#ards thysel. the trun o. the palm+tree! *t #ill let .all .resh ripe dates upon
%N. ASo eat and drin and cool <thine= eye. /nd i. thou dost see any man0 say0 O* have vo#ed a .ast
to </llaah= 1ost Bracious0 and this day #ill * enter into not tal #ith any human bein6OA
%). /t len6th she brou6ht the <babe= to her people0 carryin6 him <in her arms=. They said! A9 1ary?
Truly an amazin6 thin6 hast thou brou6ht?
<ur=an & "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B''&)
The dream of Imraan, the maternal grandfather of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/, man# #ears earlier comes true@ He had in
fact seen the vision of a grandson@
8hen 1ar# -+eace .e u+on her/ .rings forth her son at fort# da#s old, she is accused of .eing a ;iced ;oman@ The
+eo+le +oint out to her that she comes from a no.le line, that of *ro+het Aaron -+eace .e u+on him/ himself@
The first of man# miracles of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ occurs@ At the age of 40 da#s old, he s+eas@ This results in the
charge against 1ar# .eing dro++ed, also the charge against 9aari#ah as he had .een falsel# accused concerning 1ar#=s
condition and finall# confirming that Jesus ;as indeed a miraculous .a.# and a +ro+het@ *eace .e u+on them all@ The
stor# clearl# sho;s that the +lans of (od cannot .e overcome .# an#one@ If (od decrees a matter, it is done@
%K. A9 sister o. /aron? Thy .ather #as not a man o. evil0 nor thy mother a #oman unchaste?D
%&. 2ut she pointed to the babe. They said! A5o# can #e tal to one #ho is a child in the cradleGD
(I. 5e said! A* am indeed a servant o. /llaah! 5e hath 6iven me revelation and made me a prophet4
($. A/nd 5e hath made me blessed #heresoever * be0 and hath enEoined on me Prayer and ,harity
as lon6 as * live4
(%. /nd <hath made me= duti.ul to#ard her #ho bore me0 and hath not made me arro6ant0 unblest.
((. /nd peace on me on the day * #as born0 and on the day * die0 and on the day * am raised to
(@. Such <#as= ;esus the son o. 1ary! <it is= a statement o. truth0 about #hich they <vainly=
<ur=an & "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B'%&!4
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ is a +ro+het and +reaches the .elief of the 3ne (od@ The ,e; Testament, ;hich the
Christians .elieve in, confirms this@ Refer to ?ue 1!B!!&4M )B14M '4B12, John 4B14M 1), etc@ 5rom the 10N of the Ping
James version of the ,e; Testament, ;here Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ actuall# s+eas, there are no +assages ;here
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 51 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ himself states that he should .e ;orshi++ed nor does he himself claim to .e the begotten
"on of (od@ In addition, an# reference to the ;ord begotten is not +resent in the ,e; Revised "tandard Iersion of the
Ai.le, ;hich is .ased on the earliest no;n (ree manuscri+ts and ;as removed .# fift# Christian theologians of the
highest eminence as an addition ;hen it ;as added in the earlier edition of the Revised "tandard Iersion of the Ai.le@
Thus he a++ears sim+l# as a "on of (od ;ithin the conteCt of a 1essenger of (od as this title ;as used generall# at the
time hence confirming ;hat the <ur=an has revealed to man@
D+nd 5esus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O #sraelA The =ord our >od is
O)B =ordC
The ,e; Testament & 1ar 1'B'2 "ee also John 5B!0, 1atthe; 5B1), 1ar 10B1% and ?ue 4B%@
"imilar eCam+les of conteCt can .e found ;here Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ is descri.ed as the son of 7avid i@e@ on the
same s+iritual and genealogical +ath of 7avid -+eace .e u+on him/@ In the ,e; Testament, on over eight# occassions
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ is referred to as the son of 1an@
Thus the teaching of the begotten "on of (od is a teaching of the Christian church, not that of Jesus -+eace .e u+on
him/ himself@
'I. AO<* have come to you=0 to attest the 3a# #hich #as be.ore me. /nd to mae la#.ul to you part
o. #hat #as <2e.ore= .orbidden to you4 * have come to you #ith a Si6n .rom your 3ord. So .ear
/llaah0 and obey me.
'$. AO*t is /llaah 7ho is my 3ord and your 3ord4 then #orship 5im. This is a 7ay that is strai6ht.OD
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B50&1
To aid him, Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ is given scri+ture -In:il/ confirming ;hat ;as revealed in the +ast@
/nd in their .ootsteps 7e sent ;esus the son o. 1ary0 con.irmin6 the 3a# that had come be.ore him!
7e sent him the *nEil! therein #as 6uidance and li6ht0 and con.irmation o. the 3a# that had come
be.ore him! a 6uidance and an admonition to those #ho .ear /llaah.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B44
*t is 5e 7ho sent do#n to thee <step by step=0 in truth0 the 2oo0 con.irmin6 #hat #ent be.ore it4
and 5e sent do#n the 3a# <o. 1oses= and the *nEil <o. ;esus= be.ore this0 as a 6uide to manind0 and
5e sent do#n the criterion <o. Eud6ment bet#een ri6ht and #ron6=.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B!
"ome among the +eo+le diso.e# Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ and ;orshi+ their false gods@
'). 7hen <;esus= the son o. 1ary is held up as an e>ample0 behold0 thy people raise a clamour
thereat <in ridicule=?
'K. /nd they say0 A/re our 6ods best0 or heGD This they set .orth to thee0 only by #ay o.
disputation! yea0 they are a contentious people.
'&. 5e #as no more than a servant! 7e 6ranted 9ur .avour to him0 and 7e made him an e>ample
to the ,hildren o. *srael.
<ur=an & "urah az & 9uhruf -3rnaments of (old/ 4!B5)&2
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 5' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ is further su++orted ;ith a series of miracles, in order to convince the +eo+le of his
*ro+hethood and true message of Islam@ 7isci+les hel+ Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/@ Refer also !B42@
$I&. 9ne day #ill /llaah 6ather the messen6ers to6ether0 and as! A7hat #as the response ye
received <.rom men to your teachin6=GD They #ill say! A7e have no no#led6e! it is Thou 7ho
no#est in .ull all that is hidden.D
$$I. Then #ill /llaah say! A9 ;esus the son o. 1ary? Recount 1y .avour to thee and to thy mother.
2ehold? * stren6thened thee #ith the 5oly Spirit0 so that thou didst spea to the people in
childhood and in maturity. 2ehold? * tau6ht thee the 2oo and 7isdom0 the 3a# and the *nEil
and behold? Thou maest out o. clay0 as it #ere0 the .i6ure o. a bird0 by 1y leave0 and thou
breathest into it and it becometh a bird by 1y leave0 and thou healest those born blind0 and
the lepers0 by 1y leave. /nd behold? Thou brin6est .orth the dead by 1y leave. /nd behold? *
did restrain the ,hildren o. *srael .rom <violence to= thee #hen thou didst sho# them the clear
Si6ns0 and the unbelievers amon6 them said! OThis is nothin6 but evident ma6ic.O
$$$. A/nd behold? * inspired the disciples to have .aith in 1e and 1ine 1essen6er! they said0 O7e
have .aith0 and do thou bear #itness that #e bo# to /llaah as 1uslimsD.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B102&11
'%. 7hen ;esus .ound Fnbelie. on their part 5e said! A7ho #ill be 1y helpers to <the #or o.=
/llaahGD Said the disciples <Huwariyun=! A7e are /llaahOs helpers! 7e believe in /llaah0 and do
thou bear #itness that #e are 1uslims.
'(. A9ur 3ord? 7e believe in #hat Thou hast revealed0 and #e .ollo# the 1essen6er4 then #rite us
do#n amon6 those #ho bear #itness.D
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B5'&!
"ome among the Children of Israel diso.e# Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/@ He curses them for their diso.edience@
)K. ,urses #ere pronounced on those amon6 the ,hildren o. *srael #ho reEected Faith0 by the
ton6ue o. :avid and o. ;esus the son o. 1ary! because they disobeyed and persisted in
)&. -or did they <usually= .orbid one another the iniquities0 #hich they committed! evil indeed
#ere the deeds0 #hich they did.
KI. Thou seest many o. them turnin6 in .riendship to the Fnbelievers. Evil indeed are <the #ors=
#hich their souls have sent .or#ard be.ore them <#ith the result=0 that /llaahOs #rath is on
them0 and in torment #ill they abide.
K$. *. only they had believed in /llaah0 in the Prophet0 and in #hat hath been revealed to him0
never #ould they have taen them .or .riends and protectors0 but most o. them are rebellious
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B)%&%1
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ is assem.led ;ith his hel+ers@ After all that the# seen and heard, the# as the +ro+het for
#et another miracle@ 5ood and drin from heaven@
$$%. 2ehold? The disciples0 said! A9 ;esus the son o. 1ary? ,an thy 3ord send do#n to us a table set
<#ith viands= .rom heavenGD Said ;esus! AFear /llaah0 i. ye have .aith.D
$$(. They said! A7e only #ish to eat thereo. and satis.y our hearts0 and to no# that thou hast
indeed told us the truth4 and that #e ourselves may be #itnesses to the miracle.D
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 5! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$$@. Said ;esus the son o. 1ary! A9 /llaah our 3ord? Send us .rom heaven a table set <#ith viands=0
that there may be .or us + .or the .irst and the last o. us + a solemn .estival and a si6n .rom
thee4 and provide .or our sustenance0 .or thou art the best Sustainer <o. our needs=.D
$$'. /llaah said! A* #ill send it do#n unto you! 2ut i. any o. you a.ter that resisteth .aith0 * #ill
punish him #ith a penalty such as * have not in.licted on any one amon6 all the peoples.D
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B11'&5
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ tells the +eo+le that another +ro+het ;ill come after him, ;hose name ;ill .e Ahmad -an
alternative name for 1uhammad/@
/nd remember0 ;esus0 the son o. 1ary0 said! A9 ,hildren o. *srael? * am the messen6er o. /llaah
<sent= to you0 con.irmin6 the 3a# <#hich came= be.ore me0 and 6ivin6 Blad Tidin6s o. a 1essen6er
to come a.ter me0 #hose name shall be /hmad.D 2ut #hen he came to them #ith ,lear Si6ns0 they
said0 Athis is evident sorcery?D
<ur=an & "urah as&"aff -The Rans/ 41B4
AThose #ho .ollo# the messen6er0 the unlettered Prophet0 #hom they .ind mentioned in their o#n
<scriptures=0 + in the 3a# and the *nEil4 + .or he commands them #hat is Eust and .orbids them #hat
is evil4 he allo#s them as la#.ul #hat is 6ood <and pure= and prohibits them .rom #hat is bad <and
impure=4 5e releases them .rom their heavy burdens and .rom the yoes that are upon them. So it
is those #ho believe in him0 honour him0 help him0 and .ollo# the li6ht #hich is sent do#n #ith
him0 + it is they #ho #ill prosper.D
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B15)
"ome of the dis.elievers among the Children of Israel +lotted against Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/@ The# falsel#
com+lained to the ruler that he misguided +eo+le, discouraged them from o.e#ing the ruler and caused division among
the +eo+le@ The# also .las+heme Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ of .eing an illegitimate son@ Ho;ever as the ruler attem+ts
to round him u+, Allaah lifts him u+ from his house to the lo;est heaven alive@ In +lace of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/
another individual is ca+tured in the house in the darness@ He is given the a++earance of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/
and is crucified instead@
It is im+ortant to note that in the +ast, messengers of (od were illed@ Refer to 'B41, !B'1, !B11', etc@
'@. /nd <the unbelievers= plotted and planned0 and /llaah too planned0 and the best o. planners is
''. 2ehold? /llaah said! A9 ;esus? * #ill tae thee and raise thee to 1ysel. and clear thee <o. the
.alsehoods= o. those #ho blaspheme4 * #ill mae those #ho .ollo# thee superior to those #ho
reEect .aith0 to the :ay o. Resurrection! Then shall ye all return unto me0 and * #ill Eud6e
bet#een you o. the matters #herein ye dispute.
'N. A/s to those #ho reEect .aith0 * #ill punish them #ith terrible a6ony in this #orld and in the
5erea.ter0 nor #ill they have anyone to help.D
'). A/s to those #ho believe and #or ri6hteousness0 /llaah #ill pay them <in .ull= their re#ard4
but /llaah loveth not those #ho do #ron6.D
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B54&) "ee also !B20@
$'). That they said <in boast=0 A7e illed 1essiah ;esus the son o. 1ary0 the 1essen6er o. /llaahD4
+ but they illed him not0 nor cruci.ied him0 but so it #as made to appear to them0 and those
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 54 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
#ho di..er therein are .ull o. doubts0 #ith no <certain= no#led6e0 but only conEecture to
.ollo#0 .or o. a surety they illed him not! +
$'K. -ay0 /llaah raised him up unto 5imsel.4 and /llaah is E>alted in Po#er0 7ise4 +
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B15)&15%
After the de+arture of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ from this ;orld, +eo+le .egin their false ;orshi+ of Jesus -+eace .e
u+on him/ as a "on of (od des+ite mem.ers of Jesus= -+eace .e u+on him/ famil# to follo; the true message of Islam
given .# Jesus and John -+eace .e u+on them/@ In +articular James -half .rother of Jesus through 1ar#=s marriage to
her cousin 'usuf, son of 'a(qub/ s+ent a +eriod of thirt# #ears in giving the message of ;orshi++ing the 3ne true (od
alone@ It ;as *aul ;ho .egan the dissemination of the true message of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ .# ;a# of a series of
visions, ;hich ultimatel# +roduced the religion that the Christians reverted to and still follo; toda#@ In ?ue !B!% it
states that Adam is the son of (odU It seems that references to individuals as sons of (od are .eing stated in general
terms in the ,e; Testament as follo;ers of (od rather than as a +h#sical relationshi+@ Refer also to Isaiah 4'B% and
Romans %B14@
$$N. /nd behold? /llaah #ill say! A9 ;esus the son o. 1ary? :idst thou say unto men0 #orship me
and my mother as 6ods in dero6ation o. /llaahOGD 5e #ill say! ABlory to Thee? -ever could *
say #hat * had no ri6ht <to say=. 5ad * said such a thin60 thou #ouldst indeed have no#n it.
Thou no#est #hat is in my heart0 * no# not #hat is in Thine. For Thou no#est in .ull all
that is hidden.
$$). A-ever said * to them au6ht e>cept #hat Thou didst command me to say0 to #it0 O#orship
/llaah0 my 3ord and your 3ordO4 and * #as a #itness over them #hilst * d#elt amon6st them4
#hen Thou didst tae me up Thou #ast the 7atcher over them0 and Thou art a #itness to all
$$K. A*. Thou dost punish them0 they are Thy servant! *. Thou dost .or6ive them0 Thou art the
E>alted in po#er0 the 7ise.D
$$&. /llaah #ill say! AThis is a day on #hich the truth.ul #ill pro.it .rom their truth! theirs are
6ardens0 #ith rivers .lo#in6 beneath0 + their eternal 5ome! /llaah #ell+pleased #ith them0
and they #ith /llaah! That is the 6reat salvation0 <the .ul.ilment o. all desires=.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B114&2
The historical facts surrounding the introduction of the Gtrinit#= ;as first coined .# Tertullian
, refer to the gos+el of
John@ Initiall# the Revised "tandard Iersion of the Ai.le contained the reference to the trinit# .ut ;as later removed in
a later edition as the original (ree manuscri+t did not contain the conce+t of the Gtrinit#=@
9 People o. the 2oo? ,ommit no e>cesses in your reli6ion! -or say o. /llaah au6ht but the truth.
1essiah ;esus the son o. 1ary #as <no more than= a messen6er o. /llaah0 and 5is 7ord0 #hich 5e
besto#ed on 1ary0 and a Spirit proceedin6 .rom 5im! so believe in /llaah and 5is messen6ers. Say
not ATrinityD! desist! it #ill be better .or you! .or /llaah is one /llaah! Blory be to 5im! <.ar e>alted
is 5e= above havin6 a son. To 5im belon6 all thin6s in the heavens and on earth. /nd enou6h is
/llaah as a :isposer o. a..airs.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B1)1 "ee also 4!B%1&'@
<uintus "e+timius 5lorens Tertullianus anglicised as Tertullian -c@ 140 6 c@ ''0 C$/ ;as a +rolific earl# Christian author from Carthage
in the Roman +rovince of Africa@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 55 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
They have taen as lords beside /llaah their rabbis and their mons and the 1essiah son o. 1ary0
#hen they #ere bidden to #orship only 9ne /llaah. There is no /llaah save 5im. 2e 5e Blori.ied
.rom all that they ascribe as partner <unto 5im=?
<ur=an & "urah at&Tau.a -The Re+entance/ 2B!1
*t is not be.ittin6 to <the maEesty o.= /llaah that 5e should be6et a son. Blory be to 5im? 7hen 5e
determines a matter0 5e only says to it0 A2eD0 and it is.
<ur=an & "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B!5
@. /nd to #arn those #ho say! /llaah hath chosen a son0
'. -o no#led6e have they o. such a thin60 nor had their .athers. *t is a 6rievous thin6 that issues .rom
their mouths as a sayin6 #hat they say is nothin6 but .alsehood?
N. Yet it may be0 i. they believe not in this statement0 that thou <1uhammad= #ilt torment thy soul #ith
6rie. over their .ootsteps.
). 3o? 7e have placed all that is on the earth as an ornament thereo. that 7e may try them! #hich o.
them is best in conduct.
<ur=an & "urah al&Pahf -The Cave/ 1%B4&)
)%. They surely disbelieve #ho say! 3o? /llaah is the 1essiah0 son o. 1ary. The 1essiah <himsel.=
said! 9 ,hildren o. *srael0 #orship /llaah0 my 3ord and your 3ord. 3o? 7hoso ascribeth partners
unto /llaah0 .or him /llaah hath .orbidden paradise. 5is abode is the Fire. For evil+doers there
#ill be no helpers.
)(. They do blaspheme #ho say! /llaah is one o. three in a Trinity! .or there is no 6od e>cept 9ne
/llaah. *. they desist not .rom their #ord <o. blasphemy=0 verily a 6rievous penalty #ill be.all
the blasphemers amon6 them.
)@. 7hy turn they not to /llaah0 and see 5is .or6ivenessG For /llaah is 9.t+.or6ivin60 1ost
)'. 1essiah the son o. 1ary #as no more than a messen6er4 many #ere the messen6ers that
passed a#ay be.ore him. 5is mother #as a #oman o. truth. They had both to eat their <lie
other mortals= .ood. See ho# /llaah doth mae 5is si6ns clear to them4 yet see in #hat #ays
they are deluded a#ay .rom the truth?
)N. Say! A7ill ye #orship0 besides /llaah0 somethin6 #hich hath no po#er either to harm or
bene.it youG 2ut /llaah0 + 5e it is that heareth and no#eth all thin6s.D
)). Say! A9 people o. the 2oo? E>ceed not in your reli6ion the bounds <o. #hat is proper=0
trespassin6 beyond the truth0 nor .ollo# the vain desires o. people #ho #ent #ron6 in times
6one by0 + #ho misled many0 and strayed .rom the even #ay.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B)'&)
$II. Yet they mae the ;inns equals #ith /llaah0 thou6h /llaah did create the ;inns4 and they
.alsely0 havin6 no no#led6e0 attribute to 5im sons and dau6hters. Praise and 6lory be to 5im?
<For 5e is= above #hat they attribute to 5im?
$I$. To 5im is due the primal ori6in o. the heavens and the earth! 5o# can 5e have a son #hen 5e
hath no consortG 5e created all thin6s0 and 5e hath .ull no#led6e o. all thin6s.
$I%. That is /llaah0 your 3ord? There is no 6od but 5e0 the ,reator o. all thin6s! then #orship ye
5im! and 5e hath po#er to dispose o. all a..airs.
$I(. -o vision can 6rasp 5im0 but 5is 6rasp is over all vision! 5e is above all comprehension0 yet is
acquainted #ith all thin6s.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 54 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$I@. A-o# have come to you0 .rom your 3ord0 proo.s <to open your eyes=! i. any #ill see0 it #ill be
.or <the 6ood o.= his o#n soul4 i. any #ill be blind0 it #ill be to his o#n <harm=! * am not <here=
to #atch over your doin6s.D
$I'. Thus do #e e>plain the si6ns by various <symbols=! that they may say0 AThou hast tau6ht <us=
dili6ently0D and that 7e may mae the matter clear to those #ho no#.
$IN. Follo# #hat thou art <1uhammad= tau6ht by inspiration .rom thy 3ord! there is no 6od but 5e!
and turn aside .rom those #ho Eoin 6ods #ith /llaah.
$I). 5ad /llaah #illed0 they had not been idolatrous. 7e have not set thee as a eeper over them0
nor art thou responsible .or them.
$IK. Revile not ye those #hom they call upon besides /llaah0 lest they out o. spite revile /llaah in
their i6norance. Thus have 7e made allurin6 to each people its o#n doin6s. *n the end #ill
they return to their 3ord0 and 7e shall then tell them the truth o. all that they did.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B100&%
The follo;ers of the true message of Islam as given .# Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ initiall# attem+ted to s+read the
message among the +eo+le .ut soon gave u+ and lived in isolated communities rather than continuing the s+read of
Islam to the +eo+le@
Then0 in their #ae0 7e .ollo#ed them up #ith <others o.= 9ur messen6ers! 7e sent a.ter them
;esus the son o. 1ary0 and besto#ed on him the Bospel4 and 7e ordained in the hearts o. those #ho
.ollo#ed him ,ompassion and 1ercy. 2ut the 1onasticism #hich they invented .or themselves0 7e
did not prescribe .or them! <7e commanded= only the seein6 .or the Bood Pleasure o. /llaah4 but
that they did not .oster as they should have done. Yet 7e besto#ed0 on those amon6 them #ho
believed0 their <due= re#ard0 but many o. them are rebellious trans6ressors.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hadid -The Iron/ 5)B')
Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ill return to $arth from the lo;est heaven -he ;ill descend at the time of +ra#er at da;n
on a 1as:id at the eastern +art of 7amascus, in "#ria/@ He is a "ign of the Hour i@e@ the 7a# of Judgement@ The follo;ers
of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ dis+ersed into different sects@
N$. /nd <;esus= shall be a Si6n <.or the comin6 o.= the 5our <o. ;ud6ment=! there.ore have no doubt
about the <5our=0 but .ollo# ye 1e! this is a Strai6ht 7ay.
N%. 3et not the Evil 9ne hinder you! .or he is to you an enemy avo#ed.
N(. 7hen ;esus came #ith ,lear Si6ns0 he said! A-o# have * come to you #ith 7isdom0 to mae
clear to you some o. the <points= on #hich ye dispute! there.ore .ear /llaah and obey me.
N@. AFor /llaah0 5e is my 3ord and your 3ord! so #orship ye 5im! this is a Strai6ht 7ay.D
N'. 2ut sects .rom amon6 themselves .ell into disa6reement! then #oe to the #ron6+doers0 .rom
the Penalty o. a Brievous :ay?
<ur=an & "urah az & 9uhruf -3rnaments of (old/ 4!B41&5
(N. 8erily /llaah is my <;esus is speain6 here= 3ord and your 3ord! 5im there.ore serve ye! this is
a 7ay that is strai6ht.
(). 2ut the sects di..er amon6 themselves! and #oe to the unbelievers because o. the <comin6=
;ud6ment o. a 1omentous :ay?
(K. 5o# plainly #ill they see and hear0 the :ay that they #ill appear be.ore Fs? 2ut the unEust
today are in error mani.est?
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 5) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
(&. 2ut #arn them o. the :ay o. :istress0 #hen the matter #ill be determined! .or <behold0= they
are ne6li6ent and they do not believe?
@I. *t is 7e 7ho #ill inherit the earth0 and all bein6s thereon! to Fs #ill they all be returned.
<ur=an & "urah 1ar#am -1ar#/ 12B!4&40
1uhammad <peace be upon him= 1uhammad <peace be upon him=
*ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ ;as .orn in 1aah, Ara.ia around 5)0 C$@ The name 1uhammad -+eace .e
u+on him/ means Gthe *raised one=@ A# name, 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/, is mentioned four times in the <ur=an@
He is referred to in other ;a#s@ 5or eCam+le, the Ara.ic ;ord 7ul -"a#/ is used in the <ur=an ;here Allaah is directing
the *ro+het to instruct, in +articular, the un.elievers@ The +ro+hethood of 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ mared the
restoration of Islam after man# centuries, ;hich had .een long lost due to idolatr# and other false ;orshi+ of (od@
Say! * am no ne# thin6 amon6 the messen6ers <o. /llaah=0 nor no# * #hat #ill be done #ith me or
#ith you. * do but .ollo# that #hich is inspired in me0 and * am but a plain #arner.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ah>af -The 7unes/ 44B2
*ro+het 1uhammad=s -+eace .e u+on him/ father, A.dullah .in A.dul 1uttali. died .efore his .irth@ His grandfather,
A.dul 1uttali. .in Hashim looed after him ;hen he ;as or+haned at siC ;hen his mother Aminah .int 8aha. died@ At
eight, his grandfather died and he came under the care of his +aternal Uncle A.u Tali. .in A.dul 1uttali.@
N. :id 5e not .ind thee <1uhammad= an orphan and 6ive thee shelter <and care=G
). /nd 5e .ound thee #anderin60 and 5e 6ave thee 6uidance.
K. /nd 5e .ound thee in need0 and made thee independent.
<ur=an & "urah ad&7huha -The 1orning Hours, 1orning Aright/ 2!B4&%
The full stor# of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ is too eChaustive to cover here@ Ho;ever here is a flavour@
1uhammad is not the .ather o. any o. your men0 but <he is= the 1essen6er o. /llaah0 and the Seal o.
the Prophets! and /llaah has .ull no#led6e o. all thin6s.
<ur=an & "urah al&Ahzaa. -The Clans/ !!B40 "ee also 4%B'2@
7e have not sent thee but as a universal <1essen6er= to men0 6ivin6 them 6lad tidin6s0 and #arnin6
them <a6ainst sin=0 but most men understand not.
<ur=an 6 "urah "a.a -"a.a, or the Cit# of "a.a/ !4B'%
$I). 7e sent thee not0 but as a 1ercy .or all creation <manind0 Einn0 etc.=.
$IK. Say! A7hat has come to me by inspiration is that your /llaah is 9ne /llaah. 7ill ye there.ore
bo# to 5is 7ill <in *slam=GD
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B10)&%
/nd thus have 7e0 by 9ur ,ommand0 sent inspiration to thee! thou ne#est not <be.ore= #hat #as
Revelation0 and #hat #as Faith4 but 7e have made the <QurOan= a 3i6ht0 #here#ith 7e 6uide such
o. 9ur servants as 7e #ill4 and verily thou dost 6uide <men= to the Strai6ht 7ay0+
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ 4'B5'@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 5% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
/nd #hatever the 1essen6er <1uhammad= 6ives you0 tae it0 and #hatever he .orbids you0 leave it.
/nd .ear /llaah! truly /llaah is severe in punishment.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hashr -The $Cile/ 52B)
%. 2y the QurOan0 .ull o. 7isdom0
(. Thou art indeed one o. the messen6ers <1uhammad=0
@. 9n a Strai6ht 7ay.
<ur=an & "urah Qaseen -Qaseen/ !4B'&4
/nd thou <standest= on an e>alted standard o. character.
<ur=an 6 "urah at&Tahrim -Aanning, *rohi.ition/ 4%B4
Ye have indeed in the /postle o. Bod a beauti.ul pattern <o. conduct= .or any one #hose hope is in
Bod and the Final :ay0 and #ho en6a6es much in the praise o. Bod.
<ur=an & "urah al&Ahzaa. -The Clans/ !!B'1
*t is such as obey /llaah and 5is 1essen6er0 and .ear /llaah and do ri6ht0 that #ill #in.
<ur=an & "urah an&,ur -The ?ight/ '4B5'
*t is true thou <1uhammad= #ilt not be able to 6uide every one0 #hom thou lovest4 but /llaah 6uides
those #hom 5e #ill and 5e no#s best those #ho receive 6uidance.
<ur=an & "urah al&<asas -The "tor#/ '%B54 "ee also 4B1'5@
The follo;ing image sho;s the name of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ in the language of the Ara.ic <ur=an@
1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ in Ara.ic
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 52 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
9ther Prophets <peace be upon them= 9ther Prophets <peace be upon them=
"ome stories of other +ro+hets are also given in the <ur=an@ This gives us a +assage of events through man=s histor#@
Here=s a flavour of some of these verses@
For 7e assuredly sent amon6st every People a messen6er0 <#ith the ,ommand=0 AServe /llaah0 and
esche# EvilD! o. the People #ere some #hom /llaah 6uided0 and some on #hom error became
inevitably <established=. So travel throu6h the earth0 and see #hat #as the end o. those #ho denied
<the Truth=.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B!4
8erily 7e have sent thee in truth0 as a bearer o. 6lad tidin6s0 and as a #arner! and there never #as
a people0 #ithout a #arner havin6 lived amon6 them <in the past=.
<ur=an & "urah 5atir -The Creator/ !5B'4
ASay <9 1uhammad=! #e believe in /llaah and that #hich is revealed to us and that #hich #as
revealed to /braham and *shmael0 and *saac and ;acob0 and their children0 and that #hich 1oses
and ;esus received and that the prophets received .rom their 3ord. 7e mae no distinction
bet#een any o. them and unto 5im #e have surrendered.D
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1!4
K@. 7e 6ave him *saac and ;acob! all <three= 6uided! and be.ore him0 7e 6uided -oah0 and amon6
his pro6eny0 :avid0 Solomon0 ;ob0 ;oseph0 1oses0 and /aron! thus do 7e re#ard those #ho do
K'. /nd Raariya and ;ohn0 and ;esus and Elias! all in the rans o. the ri6hteous!
KN. /nd *smaOil and Elisha0 and ;onas0 and 3ot! and to all 7e 6ave .avour above the nations!
K). <To them= and to their .athers0 and pro6eny and brethren! 7e chose them0 and #e 6uided
them to a strai6ht #ay.
KK. This is the 6uidance o. /llaah! 5e 6iveth that 6uidance to #hom 5e pleaseth0 o. 5is
#orshippers. *. they #ere to Eoin other 6ods #ith 5im0 all that they did #ould be vain .or
K&. These #ere the men to #hom 7e 6ave the 2oo0 and authority0 and prophethood! i. these
<their descendants= reEect them0 2ehold? 7e shall entrust their char6e to a ne# people #ho
reEect them not.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B%4&2
To :avid 7e 6ave Solomon0 + 5o# e>cellent in 9ur service? Ever did he turn <to Fs=?
<ur=an & "urah "ad -"ad 6 A..reviated ?etters/ !%B!0
2y /llaahOs #ill they routed them4 and :avid sle# Boliath4 and /llaah 6ave him po#er and #isdom
and tau6ht him #hatever <else= 5e #illed. /nd did not /llaah ,hec one set o. people by means o.
another0 the earth #ould indeed be .ull o. mischie.! 2ut /llaah is .ull o. bounty to all the #orlds.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'51
$(&. So also #as ;onah amon6 those sent <by Fs=.
$@I. 7hen he ran a#ay <lie a slave .rom captivity= to the ship <.ully= laden0
$@$. 5e <a6reed to= cast lots0 and he #as condemned!
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 40 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$@%. Then the bi6 Fish did s#allo# him0 and he had done acts #orthy o. blame.
$@(. 5ad it not been that he <repented and= 6lori.ied /llaah0
$@@. 5e #ould certainly have remained inside the Fish till the :ay o. Resurrection.
$@'. 2ut 7e cast him .orth on the naed shore in a state o. sicness.
<ur=an & "urah as&"affat -Those dra;n u+ in Rans/ !)B1!2&45
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 41 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The Scriptures The Scriptures
7uring the +ast man# thousands of #ears, some of the +ro+hets have received scri+ture in languages that the +ro+hets
and their +eo+le s+oe@ 1ention of the eCistence of these revealed scri+tures are given in the <ur=an@ 3ther scri+tures
ma# also have .een revealed in the +ast@
3nl# the 7ur(an is a.solutel# authentic toda# ;ithout alteration@ Although there are three versions of the Ten
Commandments i@e@ the Je;ish, Catholic and *rotestant versions, the# do contain the man# essential elements of Islam@
The first scri+ture -scrolls or souhouf revealed in He.re; to A.raham -+eace .e u+on him// has not survived intact and
is not mentioned .# name in the <ur=an@ It is sim+l# referred to as the scrolls@
The 3ld Testament is .ased on the original Torah -Taurat revealed in He.re; to 1oses -+eace .e u+on him// and is filled
;ith countless contradictions and inaccuracies@
The #n,il -revealed in Aramaic to Jesus -+eace .e u+on him// did not survive and is not the ,e; Testament as man#
1uslims and others .elieve, ;hich the Christians read toda#@ The four (os+els are a man&made selection of much
modified teCts that ;ere lost, ;hich in turn de+ended on oral traditions ;hich are not verifia.le@ The# ;ere ;ritten
man# decades after Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/ and ;ere chosen .# Irenaeus
-Aisho+ of ?ugdunum in (aul no; ?#on,
5rance/ out of a.out t;ent# seven such gos+els from an original set of a.out eight# that ;ere around in the earl# da#s
of Christianit# after the time of Jesus -+eace .e u+on him/@ $Cce+t for the four gos+els, the rest ;ere deemed
heretical@ Christians caught in +ossession of them ;ere, in some cases, tortured and +ut to death@ "ome of these
gos+els ;ere uncovered in ,ag Hammadi $g#+t in 1245 ;ith their translation com+leted .# 12%0@ The# sho;ed a
different +icture to that of the acce+ted four canonical gos+els e@g@ the divinit# and crucifiCion of Jesus -+eace .e u+on
him/, etc@
The *salms are loosel# .ased on the original Gabur -revealed in He.re; to 7avid -+eace .e u+on him//@
5inall#, the 7ur(an ;as revealed in Ara.ic to 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ over a +eriod of t;ent#&three #ears of his
*ro+hethood .et;een 410&4!! C$@ The verses ;ere memorized .# *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ho in turn
gave them to one of man# scri.es in +articular to 9ahid .in Tha.it ;ho +h#sicall# ;rote the ;ords on various materials@
*ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ himself ;as unlettered and therefore una.le to ;rite the ;ords do;n@
'$. *t is not .ittin6 .or a man that /llaah should spea to him e>cept by inspiration0 or .rom behind
a veil0 or by the sendin6 o. a messen6er to reveal0 #ith /llaahMs permission0 #hat /llaah #ills!
.or 5e is 1ost 5i6h0 1ost 7ise.
'%. /nd thus have 7e0 by 9ur ,ommand0 sent inspiration to thee! thou ne#est not <be.ore= #hat
#as Revelation0 and #hat #as Faith4 but 7e have made the <QurOan= a 3i6ht0 #here#ith 7e
6uide such o. 9ur servants as 7e #ill4 and verily thou dost 6uide <men= to the Strai6ht 7ay0+
<ur=an & "urah ash&"hura -Consultation/ 4'B51&' "ee also 4'B!@
9r do they envy manind .or #hat /llaah hath 6iven them o. his bountyG 2ut 7e had already 6iven
the people o. /braham the 2oo and 7isdom0 and con.erred upon them a 6reat in6dom.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B54
Irenaeus -circa 1!0 6 '0'/ a (ree, ;as raised in an orthodoC Christian famil#@ In 1)0 C@$@ Irenaeus made the im+ortant decision to
determine ;hich of the thirt# odd gos+els ;ould .e added to the Ai.le and claimed that the# ;ere divinel# ins+ired@ The gos+els
chosen ;ere that of 1atthe; -)0 6 100 C@$@/, 1ar -40 6 )0 C@$@/, ?ue -%0 6 100 C@$@/ and John -20 6 110 C@$@/ ;hilst among those that
;ere re:ected ;ere the gos+els of Aarna.as, James, Judas, 1ar# 1agdalene, 1arcion, *hili+, Thomas, etc@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The 2oos o. /braham and 1oses.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADala -The 1ost High/ %)B12 "ee also '1B4% and 4B54@
7e 6ave unto 1oses the Scripture0 and 7e appointed it a 6uidance .or the ,hildren o. *srael0 sayin6!
,hoose no 6uardian beside 1e.
<ur=an & "urah al&Israa= -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B'
'(. 7e did a.oretime 6ive 1oses the <2oo o.= Buidance0 and 7e 6ave the boo in inheritance to
the ,hildren o. *srael0 +
'@. / Buide and a 1essa6e to men o. Fnderstandin6.
<ur=an & "urah al&(haafir -The 5orgiver/ 40B5!&54
K@. Say <9 1uhammad=! 7e believe in /llaah and that #hich is revealed unto us and that #hich
#as revealed unto /braham and *shmael and *saac and ;acob and the tribes0 and that #hich
#as vouchsa.ed unto 1oses and ;esus and the prophets .rom their 3ord. 7e mae no
distinction bet#een any o. them0 and unto 5im #e have surrendered.
K'. /nd #hoso seeeth as reli6ion other than the Surrender <to /llaah= it #ill not be accepted .rom
him0 and he #ill be a loser in the 5erea.ter.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B%4&5
7e verily 6ave 1oses the Scripture and placed #ith him his brother /aron as minister.
<ur=an & "urah al&5ur>an -The Criterion/ '5B!5
-o Eust estimate o. /llaah do they mae #hen they say! A-othin6 doth /llaah send do#n to man <by
#ay o. revelation=D Say! A7ho then sent do#n the 2oo #hich 1oses brou6htG + a li6ht and 6uidance
to man! 2ut ye mae it into <separate= sheets .or sho#0 #hile ye conceal much <o. its contents=!
therein #ere ye tau6ht that #hich ye ne# not+ neither ye nor your .athers.D Say! A/llaah <sent it
do#n=D! Then leave them to plun6e in vain discourse and tri.lin6.
<ur=an & "urah al&An=aam -Cattle/ 4B21 "ee also 5B44@
The Ten Commandments, given to 1oses -+eace .e u+on him/ are scattered throughout the <ur=an@ These
commandments are :ust as essential to Judaism and Christianit# as the# are to 1uslims and res+ected as such@
Then0 #hen the an6er o. 1oses abated0 he too up the tablets0 and in their inscription there #as
6uidance and mercy .or all those #ho .ear their 3ord.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B154 "ee also )B150@
The TE- ,ommandments The 5oly QurMan
$. Thou shalt have no other 6ods be.ore 1e.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B!
/llaah .or6iveth not that partners should be set up
#ith 5im4 but 5e .or6iveth anythin6 else0 to #hom
5e pleaseth4 to set up partners #ith /llaah is to
devise a sin most heinous indeed.
<ur=an & "urah ,isa -The 8omen/ 4B4%
"ee also !B4), 4B%%, 4B104, '%B)0, 4)B12 and 11'B1&4@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
%. Thou shalt not mae unto thee any 6raven ima6e0
or any lieness o. any thin6 that is in heaven above0
or that is in the earth beneath0 or that is in the
#ater under the earth...
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B4
/nd <as .or= those #ho eep o.. .rom the #orship o.
the idols and turn to /llaah0 they shall have 6ood
ne#s0 there.ore 6ive 6ood ne#s to 1y servants.
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B1)
"ee also 14B!5@
(. Thou shalt not tae the name o. the 3ord your Bod
in vain.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B)
/nd mae not /llaahOs <name= an e>cuse in your
oaths a6ainst doin6 6ood0 or actin6 ri6htly0 or
main6 peace bet#een persons4 .or /llaah is 9ne
7ho heareth and no#eth all thin6s.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B''4
"ee also 4B140, 4B4%, 4B10%, and )B1%0@
@. Remember the Sabbath day0 to eep it holy.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B%
9 ye #ho believe? 7hen the call is proclaimed to
prayer on Friday <the :ay o. /ssembly=0 hasten
earnestly to the Remembrance o. /llaah0 and leave
o.. business <and tra..ic=! That is best .or you i. ye
but ne#?
<ur=an & "urah al&Jumah -The Congregation/ 4'B2
"ee also 'B45, 4B4), 4B154, )B14!, and 14B1'4@
'. 5onour thy .ather and thy mother.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B1'
Thy 3ord hath decreed that ye #orship none but
5im0 and that ye be ind to parents. 7hether one
or both o. them attain old a6e in thy li.e0 say not to
them a #ord o. contempt0 nor repel them0 but
address them in terms o. honour.
<ur=an & "urah al&Isra -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B'!
"ee also 'B%!@
N. Thou shalt not murder.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B1!
1atthe; 5B'1
-or tae li.e + #hich /llaah has made sacred +
e>cept .or Eust cause. /nd i. anyone is slain
#ron6.ully0 #e have 6iven his heir authority <to
demand qisas or to .or6ive=! but let him not e>ceed
bounds in the matter o. tain6 li.e4 3o? he #ill be
<ur=an & "urah al&Isra -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B!!
"ee also 5B!'@
). Thou shalt not commit adultery.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B14
/nd come not near unto adultery. 3o? it is an
abomination and an evil #ay.
<ur=an & "urah al&Isra -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B!'
"ee also '4B'&! and '5B4%&)0@
K. Thou shalt not steal.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B15
The thie.0 male or .emale0 you shall mar their
hands as a punishment .or their crime0 and to serve
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 44 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
1atthe; 5B!0
as an e>ample .rom Bod. Bod is /lmi6hty0 1ost
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B!%&2
"ee also 40B1'@
&. Thou shalt not bear .alse #itness a6ainst thy
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B14
/nd <no# that the true servants o. Bod are= those
#ho do not bear #itness to .alsehood.
<ur=an & "urah al&5ur>an -The Criterion/ '5B)'
$I. Thou shalt not tae your nei6hbourMs 6oods and all
that belon6s to him.
The 3ld Testament 6 $Codus '0B1)
:o not covet the bounties that Bod has besto#ed
more abundantly on some o. you than on others.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B!'
Say <9 1uhammad=! A,ome0 * #ill recite #hat your 3ord has prohibited you .rom! ;oin not anythin6
in #orship #ith 5im4 be 6ood and duti.ul to your parents4 ill not your children because o. poverty +
7e provide sustenance .or you and .or them4 come not near to shame.ul deeds #hether committed
openly or secretly0 and ill not anyone #hom /llaah has .orbidden0 e>cept .or a Eust cause
<accordin6 to *slamic la#=. This 5e has commanded you that you may understand.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B151
9 Prophet? *. believin6 #omen come unto thee0 tain6 oath o. alle6iance unto thee that they #ill
ascribe no thin6 as partner unto /llaah0 and #ill neither steal nor commit adultery nor ill their
children0 nor produce any lie that they have devised bet#een their hands and .eet0 nor disobey
thee in #hat is ri6ht0 then accept their alle6iance and as /llaah to .or6ive them. 3o? /llaah is
For6ivin60 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&1umtahanah -"he 8ho is Tested/ 40B1'
N). 9 1essen6er? Proclaim the <messa6e= #hich hath been sent to thee .rom thy 3ord. *. thou didst
not0 thou #ouldst not have .ul.illed and proclaimed 5is mission. /nd /llaah #ill de.end thee
.rom men <#ho mean mischie.=. For /llaah 6uideth not those #ho reEect Faith.
NK. Say! 9 People o. the Scripture? Ye have nau6ht <o. 6uidance= till ye observe the Torah and the
Bospel and that #hich #as revealed unto you .rom your 3ord. That #hich is revealed unto thee
<1uhammad= .rom thy 3ord is certain to increase the contumacy and disbelie. o. many o. them.
2ut 6rieve not .or the disbelievin6 .ol.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B4)&% "ee also )B'&!@
"ome among the Je;s in authorit# changed the ;ord of (od for their +ersonal selfish aims@
@$. 9 1essen6er? 3et not those 6rieve thee0 #ho race each other into unbelie.! <#hether it be=
amon6 those #ho say A7e believeD #ith their lips but #hose hearts have no .aith4 or it be
amon6 the ;e#s0 + men #ho #ill listen to any lie0 + #ill listen even to others #ho have never so
much as come to thee. They chan6e the #ords .rom their <ri6ht= times and places! they say0 A*.
ye are 6iven this0 tae it0 but i. not0 be#are?D *. any oneOs trial is intended by /llaah0 thou hast
no authority in the least .or him a6ainst /llaah. For such + it is not /llaahOs #ill to puri.y their
hearts. For them there is dis6race in this #orld0 and in the 5erea.ter a heavy punishment.
@%. <They are .ond o.= listenin6 to .alsehood0 o. devourin6 anythin6 .orbidden. *. they do come to
thee0 either Eud6e bet#een them0 or decline to inter.ere. *. thou decline0 they cannot hurt
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 45 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
thee in the least. *. thou Eud6e0 Eud6e in equity bet#een them. For /llaah loveth those #ho
Eud6e in equity.
@(. 2ut #hy do they come to thee .or decision0 #hen they have <their o#n= la# be.ore themG +
Therein is the <plain= command o. /llaah4 yet even a.ter that0 they #ould turn a#ay. For they
are not <really= People o. Faith.
@@. *t #as 7e #ho revealed the la# <to 1oses=! therein #as 6uidance and li6ht. 2y its standard
have been Eud6ed the ;e#s0 by the prophets #ho bo#ed <as in *slam= to /llaahOs #ill0 by the
rabbis and the doctors o. la#! .or to them #as entrusted the protection o. /llaahOs boo0 and
they #ere #itnesses thereto! there.ore .ear not men0 but .ear me0 and sell not my si6ns .or a
miserable price. *. any do .ail to Eud6e by <the li6ht o.= #hat /llaah hath revealed0 they are <no
better than= Fnbelievers.
@'. 7e ordained therein .or them! A3i.e .or li.e0 eye .or eye0 nose .or nose0 ear .or ear0 tooth .or
tooth0 and #ounds equal .or equal.D 2ut i. any one remits the retaliation by #ay o. charity0 it is
an act o. atonement .or himsel.. /nd i. any .ail to Eud6e by <the li6ht o.= #hat /llaah hath
revealed0 they are <-o better than= #ron6+doers.
@N. /nd in their .ootsteps 7e sent ;esus the son o. 1ary0 con.irmin6 the 3a# that had come be.ore
him! 7e sent him the *nEil! therein #as 6uidance and li6ht0 and con.irmation o. the 3a# that
had come be.ore him! a 6uidance and an admonition to those #ho .ear /llaah.
@). 3et the People o. the Bospel Eud6e by that #hich /llaah hath revealed therein. 7hoso Eud6eth
not by that #hich /llaah hath revealed! such are evil+livers.
@K. To thee 7e sent the Scripture in truth0 con.irmin6 the scripture that came be.ore it0 and
6uardin6 it in sa.ety! so Eud6e bet#een them by #hat /llaah hath revealed0 and .ollo# not their
vain desires0 diver6in6 .rom the Truth that hath come to thee. To each amon6 you have #e
prescribed a la# and an open #ay. *. /llaah had so #illed0 5e #ould have made you a sin6le
people0 but <5is plan is= to test you in #hat 5e hath 6iven you! so strive as in a race in all
virtues. The 6oal o. you all is to /llaah4 it is 5e that #ill sho# you the truth o. the matters in
#hich ye dispute4
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B41&%
&'. -or sell the covenant o. /llaah .or a miserable price! .or #ith /llaah is <a prize= .ar better .or
you0 i. ye only ne#.
&N. 7hat is #ith you must vanish! #hat is #ith /llaah #ill endure. /nd 7e #ill certainly besto#0
on those #ho patiently persevere0 their re#ard accordin6 to the best o. their actions.
&). 7hoever #ors ri6hteousness0 man or #oman0 and has Faith0 verily0 to him #ill 7e 6ive a ne#
3i.e0 a li.e that is 6ood and pure and 7e #ill besto# on such their re#ard accordin6 to the
best o. their actions.
&K. 7hen thou dost read the QurOan0 see /llaahOs protection .rom Satan the reEected one.
&&. -o authority has he over those #ho believe and put their trust in their 3ord.
$II. 5is authority is over those only0 #ho tae him as patron and #ho Eoin partners #ith /llaah.
$I$. 7hen 7e substitute one revelation .or another0+ and /llaah no#s best #hat 5e reveals <in
sta6es=0+ they say0 AThou art but a .or6erD! but most o. them understand not.
$I%. Say0 the 5oly Spirit has brou6ht the revelation .rom thy 3ord in Truth0 in order to stren6then
those #ho believe0 and as a Buide and Blad Tidin6s to 1uslims.
$I(. 7e no# indeed that they say0 A*t is a man that teaches him.D The ton6ue o. him they
#icedly point to is notably .orei6n0 #hile this is /rabic0 pure and clear.
$I@. Those #ho believe not in the Si6ns o. /llaah0+ /llaah #ill not 6uide them0 and theirs #ill be a
6rievous Penalty.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 44 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$I'. *t is those #ho believe not in the Si6ns o. /llaah0 that .or6e .alsehood! it is they #ho lie?
$IN. /ny one #ho0 a.ter acceptin6 .aith in /llaah0 utters Fnbelie.0+ e>cept under compulsion0 his
heart remainin6 .irm in Faith + but such as open their breast to Fnbelie.0 on them is 7rath
.rom /llaah0 and theirs #ill be a dread.ul Penalty.
$I). This because they love the li.e o. this #orld better than the 5erea.ter! and /llaah #ill not
6uide those #ho reEect Faith.
$IK. Those are they #hose hearts0 ears0 and eyes /llaah has sealed up0 and they tae no heed.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B25&10% "ee also 'B'&), 1!, 4B'5, )B1))&2, 10B100&1 and 41B5@
7e have sent thee <1uhammad= inspiration0 as 7e sent it to -oah and the 1essen6ers a.ter him! #e
sent inspiration to /braham0 *shmael0 *saac0 ;acob and the Tribes0 to ;esus0 ;ob0 ;onah0 /aron0 and
Solomon0 and to :avid 7e 6ave the Psalms.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B14!
$I'. 2e.ore this 7e #rote in the Psalms0 a.ter the 1essa6e <6iven to 1oses=! A1y servants the
ri6hteous0 shall inherit the earth.D
$IN. 8erily in this <QurOan= is a 1essa6e .or people #ho #ould <truly= #orship /llaah.
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B105&4 "ee also 4B14!@
The <ur=an contains 114 cha+ters -surah=s/ com+rising of a total of 4,'!4 verses@ 7ifferent +hrases are used to descri.e
the <ur=an such as the 1anifest Aoo -Eitabun !ubin & 10B41, 11B4, ')B)5/, Recording Aoo -Eitabun Hafi% 6 50B4/,
Hidden Aoo -Eitabun !aknun 6 54B)%/, $ssence of the Aoo -Ummul Eitab 6 1!B!2, 4!B!&4/, The Aoo -al-Eitab 6 4'B1),
)%B'2/, etc@ The <ur=an sim+l# re&affirms the message given in the +ast :ust as the In:il did@ *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace
.e u+on him/ himself ;as referred to as the ;aling <urHan as he ;ould emulate the <urHan to the letter@
/nd be.ore this0 #as the 2oo o. 1oses as a 6uide and a mercy! /nd this 2oo con.irms <it= in the
/rabic ton6ue4 to admonish the unEust0 and as Blad Tidin6s to those #ho do ri6ht.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ah>af -The 7unes/ 44B1' "ee also 44B!0@
9 ye #ho believe? 2elieve in /llaah and 5is messen6er and the Scripture #hich 5e hath revealed
unto 5is messen6er0 and the Scripture #hich 5e revealed a.oretime. 7hoso disbelieveth in /llaah
and 5is an6els and 5is scriptures and 5is messen6ers and the 3ast :ay0 he verily hath #andered .ar
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B1!4
$I&. Say! H*. the ocean #ere in <#here#ith to #rite out= the #ords o. my 3ord0 sooner #ould the
ocean be e>hausted than #ould the #ords o. my 3ord0 even i. #e added another ocean lie
it0 .or its aid.H
$$I. Say! H* am but a man lie yourselves0 <but= the inspiration has come to me0 that your /llaah is
one /llaah! #hoever e>pects to meet his 3ord0 let him #or ri6hteousness0 and0 in the
#orship o. his 3ord0 admit no one as partner.
<ur=an & "urah al&Pahf -The Cave/ 102&10
@I. That this is verily the #ord o. an honoured messen6er4
@$. *t is not the #ord o. a poet! little it is ye believe?
@%. -or is it the #ord o. a soothsayer! little admonition it is ye receive.
@(. <This is= a 1essa6e sent do#n .rom the 3ord o. the 7orlds.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
@@. /nd i. the messen6er #ere to invent any sayin6s in 9ur name0
@'. 7e should certainly seize him by his ri6ht hand0
@N. /nd 7e should certainly then cut o.. the artery o. his heart!
@). -or could any o. you #ithhold him <.rom 9ur #rath=.
@K. 2ut verily this is a 1essa6e .or the /llaah+.earin6.
@&. /nd 7e certainly no# that there are amon6st you those that reEect <it=.
'I. 2ut truly <Revelation= is a cause o. sorro# .or the Fnbelievers.
'$. 2ut verily it is Truth o. assured certainty.
'%. So 6lori.y the name o. thy 3ord 1ost 5i6h.
<ur=an & "urah al&Ha>>a -The "ure Realit#/ 42B40&5'
8erily 7e have revealed the 2oo to thee <1uhammad= in Truth0 .or <instructin6= manind. 5e0
then0 that receives 6uidance bene.its his o#n soul! but he that strays inEures his o#n soul. -or art
thou set over them to dispose o. their a..airs.
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B41 "ee also !2B1&', 102B1&4@
5e it is 7ho has sent do#n to thee <1uhammad= the 2oo <QurMan=. *n it are verses that are entirely clear
<muhkamat ayat=4 they are the .oundation o. the 2oo! others are alle6orical <mutashabihat ayat=. 2ut
those in #hose hearts there is a deviation <.rom the truth= they .ollo# the part thereo. that is alle6orical0
seein6 discord <al-fitnah=0 and searchin6 .or its hidden meanin6s0 but no one no#s its hidden meanin6s
e>cept /llaah. /nd those #ho are .irmly 6rounded in no#led6e say! A7e believe in the 2oo4 the #hole
o. it is .rom our 3ord!D and none #ill 6rasp the 1essa6e e>cept men o. understandin6.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B)
<5ere is= a 2oo0 #hich 7e have sent do#n unto thee0 .ull o. blessin6s0 that they may mediate on
its Si6ns0 and that men o. understandin6 may receive admonition.
<ur=an & "urah "ad -"ad 6 A..reviated ?etters/ !%B'2
/ boo <QurMan=0 #hich #e have revealed to you <1uhammad= so that you may lead the people .rom
out o. the darnessMs into the li6ht by their 3ordOs leave to the path o. the /ll+1i6hty0 the
<ur=an & "urah I.rahim -A.raham/ 14B1 "ee also !%B%) and )!B1&5.
This is the 2oo <QurMan=4 in it is 6uidance sure0 #ithout doubt0 to those #ho .ear /llaah4
<ur=an "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B' "ee also !5B!1@
This is a clear messa6e .or manind in order that they may be #arned thereby0 and that they may
no# that 5e is only 9ne Bod0 and that men o. understandin6 may tae heed.
<ur=an & "urah I.rahim -A.raham/ 14B5'
$. These are verses o. the QurOan0 a boo that maes <thin6s= clear4
%. / 6uide! and 6lad tidin6s .or the believers0 +
(. Those #ho establish re6ular prayers and 6ive in re6ular charity0 and also have <.ull= assurance o.
the herea.ter.
@. /s to those #ho believe not in the 5erea.ter0 7e have made their deeds pleasin6 in their eyes4
and so they #ander about in distraction.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 4% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
'. Such are they .or #hom a 6rievous Penalty is <#aitin6=4 and in the 5erea.ter theirs #ill be the
6reatest loss.
N. /s to thee0 the QurOan is besto#ed upon thee .rom the presence o. one #ho is #ise and all+
<ur=an & "urah an&,aml -The Ant/ ')B1&4
%. / per.ect <scripture= to #arn o. severe retribution .rom 5im0 and to deliver 6ood ne#s to the
believers #ho lead a ri6hteous li.e0 that they have earned a 6enerous recompense.
(. 7herein they #ill abide .or ever4
<ur=an & "urah al&Pahf -The Cave/ 1%B'&!
The de+th of meaning and .eaut# of the original Ara.ic <ur=an can never .e ade>uatel# translated in an# other
<*t is= a QurOan in /rabic0 #ithout any crooedness <therein=! in order that they may 6uard a6ainst
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B'% "ee also 4'B)@
/nd 7e have indeed made the QurOan easy to understand and remember! then is there any that #ill
receive admonitionG
<ur=an 6 "urah al&<amar -The 1oon/ 54B40
$&%. 8erily this is a Revelation .rom the 3ord o. the 7orlds!
$&(. 7ith it came do#n the Spirit o. Faith and Truth+
$&@. To thy heart and mind0 that thou mayest admonish
$&'. *n the perspicuous /rabic ton6ue.
$&N. 7ithout doubt it is <announced= in the mystic 2oos o. .ormer peoples.
$&). *s it not a Si6n to them that the 3eaned o. the ,hildren o. *srael ne# it <as true=G
<ur=an & "urah ash&"huara -The *oets/ '4B12'&)
The first verses ;ere revealed in a cave on 1ount Hira -1ountain of ?ight/, at the outsirts of 1aah ;here *ro+het
1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ used to go to meditate@ It ;as, ;hen he ;as 40 #ears old, that he ;ent to 1ount Hira
in the Islamic month of Ramadhan ;hen angel (a.riel -+eace .e u+on him/ a++ears .efore him and ass him to read
-iqra/@ In re+l#, *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ sa#s he cannot read@
$. Proclaim? <9r read?= *n the name o. thy 3ord and ,herisher0 7ho created+
%. ,reated man0 out o. a <mere= clot o. con6ealed blood!
(. Proclaim? /nd thy 3ord is 1ost 2ounti.ul0 +
@. 5e 7ho tau6ht <the use o.= the pen0 +
'. Tau6ht man that #hich he ne# not.
<ur=an & "urah al&Ala> -The Clot/ 24B1&5
D+nd the book is deliered to him that is not learned, saying, 6ead this, # pray thee2 and he saith, # am not
The 3ld Testament & Isaiah '2B1' "ee also "ong of "olomon 5B14@
The remaining fourteen verses of the cha+ter ;ere revealed months later@ Cha+ter 4% is considered to .e the neCt
cha+ter to have .een revealed@ After the final verse -5B!/ of the <ur=an ;as revealed, *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 42 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
u+on him/ recited the <ur=an three times in succession to archangel (a.riel -+eace .e u+on him/ over a +eriod of some
da#s@ Ultimatel# it is Allaah ;ho is the (uardian in collecting +ro+agating the <urHan@
$). *t is .or Fs to collect it and to promul6ate it!
$K. 2ut #hen 7e have promul6ated it0 .ollo# thou its recital <as promul6ated=!
$&. -ay more0 it is .or Fs to e>plain it <and mae it clear=!
<ur=an & "urah al&<i#aama -The Resurrection/ )5B1)&12
The suhuf or sheets of the <ur=an ;ith the verses given in the correct order ;ritten .# the *ro+het=s main scri.e 9a#d
I.n Tha.it -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith him/ ;as entrusted to A.u Aar as&"iddi> -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith him/, the
first Cali+h of Islam -4!'&4!4 C$/@ It ;as later entrusted to Umar I.n al&Phatta. -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith him/, the
second Cali+h of Islam -4!4&444 C$/ and then to his daughter and ;ife of the *ro+het, Hafsah .int Umar -ma# Allaah .e
+leased ;ith her/ ;ho had also memorized the <ur=an@ 1an# co+ies of this original ;ere made during the time of the
third Cali+h of Islam -444&454 C$/, Uthman I.n Affan -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith him/ and sent to man# 1uslim
+rovinces far and ;ide@
7uring his time ;ith the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/, 9a#d I.n Tha.it -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith him/ studied the
languages of He.re; and Aramaic in order to hel+ the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ ;rite on his .ehalf to the Je;s and
"ome of the cha+ters in the <ur=an are named after the +ro+hets or other e# figures@
,hapter $I S Qunus -Jonah/ ,hapter $& S 1ar#am -1ar#/
,hapter $$ S Hud -He.er/ ,hapter %$ S An.i#a -the *ro+hets/
,hapter $% S Qusuf -Jose+h/ ,hapter ($ S Luqman
,hapter $@ S I.rahim -A.raham/ Chapter 47 – Muhammad
,hapter $) S Aani Israel -the Children of Israel/ Chapter 71 – Nuh (Noah)
Say! A*. the #hole o. manind and ;inns #ere to 6ather to6ether to produce the lie o. this QurOan0
they could not produce the lie thereo.0 even i. they baced up each other #ith help and support.
<ur=an & "urah al&Israa= -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B%%
Surely 7e have revealed the 1essa6e and 7e #ill most surely be its Buardian.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hi:r -The Roc/ 15B2 "ee also 54B))&%0 and %5B'1&'@
The #ord o. thy 3ord doth .ind its .ul.ilment in truth and in Eustice! -one can chan6e 5is #ords! .or
5e is the one #ho heareth and no#eth all.
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B115
/nd 7e reveal the Scripture unto thee as an e>position o. all thin6s0 and a 6uidance and a mercy
and 6ood tidin6s .or those #ho have surrendered <to /llaah=.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B%2
Those #ho reEect our si6ns are dea. and dumb0+ in the midst o. darness pro.ound! #hom /llaah
#illeth0 5e leaveth to #ander! #hom 5e #illeth0 5e placeth on the #ay that is strai6ht.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )0 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B!2
Say <9 1uhammad=! A7hat thin6 is most #ei6hty in evidenceGD Say! A/llaah is #itness bet#een me
and you4 This QurOan hath been revealed to me by inspiration0 that * may #arn you and all #hom it
reaches. ,an ye possibly bear #itness that besides /llaah there is another /llaahGD Say! A-ay? *
cannot bear #itness?D Say! A2ut in truth 5e is the one /llaah0 and * truly am innocent o. <your
blasphemy o.= Eoinin6 others #ith 5im.D
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B12
Say! Thou6h the sea became in .or the 7ords o. my 3ord0 verily the sea #ould be used up be.ore
the #ords o. my 3ord #ere e>hausted0 even thou6h 7e brou6ht the lie thereo. to help.
<ur=an & "urah al&Pahf -The Cave/ 1%B102
There are some +eo+le ;ho ;ill tr# to recite <ur=anic verses out of conteCt@
/nd #hen thou recitest the QurOan0 see re.u6e in /llaah .rom Satan the outcast.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B2%
1an# commit the <ur=an to memor#, taing several #ears@
/nd 7e have indeed made the QurOan easy to understand and remember! then is there any that #ill
receive admonitionG
<ur=an 6 "urah al&<amar -The 1oon/ 54B40
In addition to the <urHan ;e have also a collection of *ro+hetic traditions -hadith/ ;hich have .een gathered during and
after the time of 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/@ These traditions giove some detailed information regarding some e#
+rinci+les and ho; the# are +ractised@
The Five Pillars o. *slam The Five Pillars o. *slam
There are man# fundamentals in Islam, of ;hich the five +illars of Islam are ;ell no;n@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )1 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
A*slam is to testi.y that there is no 6od but /llaah and 1uhammad is the messen6er o. /llaah0 to
per.orm the prayers0 to pay the Raah0 to .ast in Ramadhan0 and to mae the pil6rima6e to the
5ouse i. you are able to do so.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
The Shahadah -the declaration of faith/ is not onl# to .e sim+l# recited, .ut to fundamentall# .elieve in the t;o
+rinci+les i@e@ the .elief and ;orshi+ of the 3ne (od alone and that 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ is a
messenger of (od@ The declaration isB There is no deit# .ut Allaah, and 1uhammad is the messenger of
The "hahadah & ?a ilaha illAllaah 1uhammadur RasulAllaah
This is the declaration -.ut in a more +ersonal ;a#/ that a 1uslim revert +roclaims in order to re&enter into Islam i@e@
A/shMhadu an la ilaha ill /llaah. 7a ashMhadu ana 1uhammad ar+rasull/llaah.D & I .ear ;itness that there is no deit#
.ut Allaah@ And I .ear ;itness that 1uhammad is the 1essenger of Allaah@
The <true= believers are those only #ho believe in /llaah and 5is messen6er and a.ter#ard doubt
not0 but strive #ith their #ealth and their lives .or the cause o. /llaah. Such are the sincere.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hu:raat -The Inner A+artments/ 42B15
E>cept .or those #ho repent0 mend <their lives= hold .ast to /llaah0 and puri.y their reli6ion as in
/llaahOs si6ht! i. so they #ill be <numbered= #ith the believers. /nd soon #ill /llaah 6rant to the
believers a re#ard o. immense value.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B144
Jno#0 there.ore0 that there is no true deity but /llaah0 and as .or6iveness .or thy .ault0 and .or the
men and #omen #ho believe! P
<ur=an & "urah 1uhammad -1uhammad/ 4)B12
9h you #ho believe0 .ear /llaah and believe in his Prophet0 and 5e #ill besto# on you a double
portion o. 5is 1ercy! 5e #ill provide .or you a 3i6ht by #hich ye shall #al <strai6ht in your path=0
and 5e #ill .or6ive you <your past=! .or /llaah is 9.t+For6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hadid -The Iron/ 5)B'%
-ay0 + #hoever submits 5is #hole sel. to /llaah and is a doer o. 6ood0 + he #ill 6et his re#ard #ith
his 3ord4 on such shall be no .ear0 nor shall they 6rieve.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B11'
-ot a messen6er did 7e send be.ore thee <1uhammad= #ithout this inspiration sent by Fs to him!
that there is no 6od but *4 there.ore #orship and serve 1e.
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B'5
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Say <1uhammad to the people=! A9 People o. the 2oo <;e#s and ,hristians=? ,ome to common
terms as bet#een us and you! That #e #orship none but /llaah4 that #e associate no partners #ith
him4 that #e erect not0 .rom amon6 ourselves0 3ords and patrons other than /llaah.D *. then they
turn bac0 say ye! A2ear #itness that #e <at least= are 1uslims <bo#in6 to /llaahOs 7ill=.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B44
9n the :ay #hen some .aces #ill be <lit up #ith= #hite0 and some .aces #ill be <in the 6loom o.=
blac! To those #hose .aces #ill be blac0 <#ill be said=! H:id ye reEect Faith a.ter acceptin6 itG
Taste then the penalty .or reEectin6 Faith.H
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B104 "ee also !B20@
Salah -+ra#er/ does not sim+l# re>uire +ra#ing at the correct times, .ut to +ut .od# and soul into the +ra#er in a
su.missive, res+ectful, concentrated -khushoo/ and devoted ;a#, not +roud or arrogant@ This then has the
effect to increase the +iet# and (od&consciousness -taqwa/ of the 1uslim and hence acts as a shield from
committing sins, insha&Allaah@ 7uring the +ra#er, 1uslims +rostrate themselves to the ground, not elevate
themselves a.ove others thus eC+ressing their utmost humilit# .efore the ?ord of the Universe@ It=s a time to
detach ourselves from the chores of the ;orld and to connect ;ith our Creator in order to than Allaah and
to as for forgiveness, guidance, +atience and s+iritual strength in our lives and for the Ummah -the
.rotherhood of 1uslims/ etc@ A feeling of +eace, tran>uillit# and a s+iritual cleanliness should come over us
during and after the +ra#er, in;ardl# and out;ardl#@ 5or, maCimum effect, those 1uslims ;ho don=t
understand Ara.ic, it is im+ortant to gras+ each line of the +ra#er in our minds@
A7orship 5im as i. you are seein6 5im and i. you canMt do that then #orship 5im as i. 5e is
#atchin6 you.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
The ;orshi+ of our Creator is not for the .enefit of our Creator even though it is directed to;ards Him@ Rather it is for
our .enefit@ It is the remem.rance of the created to;ards the Creator that gives the individual the s+iritual
strength to fight against tem+tation and .e full# li.erated from Satan and his evil ;his+erings@ Hence ;e have com+lete
control of ourselves and are trul# free@ As the .enefit of each +ra#er .egins to ;ear off, it is time to reconnect ;ith our
Creator again and so o.tain continuing salvation and +eace of mind and strength@
1uslims +ra# five times a da# -5a:r 6 .et;een da;n .ut .efore sunrise, 9ohur 6 shortl# after the sun reaches its zenith,
Asr 6 mid afternoon, 1aghri. 6 shortl# after sunset L Isha 6 after t;ilight/@
/nd #hen ye are in sa.ety0 observe proper #orship. 7orship at .i>ed times hath been enEoined on
the believers.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B10!
9 ye #ho believe? bo# do#n0 prostrate yourselves0 and adore your 3ord4 and do 6ood4 that ye may
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B)) "ee also *salm 25B4@
* created the Einn and humanind only that they mi6ht #orship 1e.
<ur=an & "urah az&9aari#at -The 8inno;ing 8inds/ 51B54
$. Success.ul indeed are the 2elievers
%. Those #ho humble themselves in their prayers
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah al&1u=minun -The Aelievers/ '!B1&'
$'. 9nly those believe in 9ur revelations #ho0 #hen they are reminded o. them0 .all do#n
prostrate and hymn the praise o. their 3ord0 and they are not scorn.ul.
$N. 7ho .orsae their beds <.or FaEr prayer= to cry unto their 3ord in .ear and hope0 and spend o.
that 7e have besto#ed on them.
<ur=an & "urah as&"a:da -The *rostration/ !'B15&4 "ee also )!B4@
/ttend re6ularly to your prayers <salah=0 includin6 the middle prayer <+sr= and stand up #ith all
devotion be.ore Bod.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'!%
%$. 9 manind? 7orship your 3ord0 7ho hath created you and those be.ore you0 so that ye may
#ard o.. <evil=.
%%. 7ho has made the earth your couch0 and the heavens your canopy4 and sent do#n rain .rom
the heavens4 and brou6ht .orth there#ith Fruits .or your sustenance4 then set not up rivals
unto /llaah #hen ye no# <the truth=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'1&'
/nd be stead.ast in prayer and re6ular in charity! /nd #hatever 6ood ye send .orth .or your souls
be.ore you0 ye shall .ind it #ith /llaah! .or /llaah sees 7ell all that ye do.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B110
/nd establish re6ular prayers at the t#o ends o. the day and at the approaches o. the ni6ht! For
those thin6s0 that are 6ood remove those that are evil! 2e that the #ord o. remembrance to those
#ho remember <their 3ord=!
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B114 "ee also !!B41&! and 4%B2@
Establish re6ular prayers + at the sunOs decline till the darness o. the ni6ht0 and the mornin6 prayer
and readin6! .or the prayer and readin6 in the mornin6 carry their testimony.
<ur=an & "urah al&Israa= -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B)%
1en are re>uired to assem.le at the local 1as:id to +ra# ;hile ;omen o.tain the same re;ard if the# +ra# at home@ To
assem.le at the 1as:id at the correct times, the 1uezzin +roclaims the call to +ra#er@ The call to +ra#er ;as first
+erformed .# a com+anion of the *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ called Ailal -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith
him/@ This is ;hat he deliveredB&
/llaah is Breat -said four times/
* bear #itness that there is no deity e>cept /llaah -said t;o times/
* bear #itness that 1uhammad is the messen6er o. /llaah -said t;o times/
,ome to prayer -said t;o times/
,ome to success -said t;o times/
/llaah is Breat -said t;o times/
There is no deity but /llaah -said once/
7uring the time of the migration of the 1uslims to 1adina -ancient name & 'athrib/, the 1uslims ;ere commanded to
face the direction -qiblah/ of Jerusalem ;here man# +ro+hets of old had +reached@ After a la+se of siCteen months,
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
during an +sr +ra#er, (od commanded the 1uslims to change their direction to the Pa=a.ah in 1aah ;here *ro+het
1uhammad=s -+eace .e u+on him/ heart trul# desired@ This in no ;a# demeaned the im+ortance of Jerusalem, ;hich
;as still regarded as a hol# cit#@ The 1as:id ;here the command ;as given ;as thereafter no;n as the 1as:id of t;o
7iblahs@ The facing of one +articular direction .# all 1uslims around the ;orld s#m.olises a common .ond of unit#,
harmon# and +ur+ose@ It is im+ortant to note that it is (od ;ho is ;orshi++ed, not the Pa=a.ah@
$@%. The .ools amon6 the people #ill say! A7hat hath turned them .rom the Qiblah to #hich they
#ere usedGD Say! To /llaah belon6 both East and 7est! 5e 6uideth #hom 5e #ill to a 7ay that
is strai6ht.
$@(. Thus0 have 7e made o. you an Fmmat Eustly balanced0 that ye mi6ht be #itnesses over the
nations0 and the 1essen6er a #itness over yourselves4 and 7e appointed the Qiblah to #hich
thou #ast used0 only to test those #ho .ollo#ed the 1essen6er .rom those #ho #ould turn on
their heels <.rom the Faith=. *ndeed it #as <a chan6e= momentous0 e>cept to those 6uided by
/llaah. /nd never #ould /llaah 1ae your .aith o. no e..ect. For /llaah is to all people 1ost
surely .ull o. indness0 1ost 1erci.ul.
$@@. 7e see the turnin6 o. thy .ace <.or 6uidance to the heavens! no# Shall 7e turn thee to a
Qiblah that shall please thee. Turn then Thy .ace in the direction o. the Sacred 1asEid!
7herever ye are0 turn your .aces in that direction. The people o. the 2oo no# #ell that
that is the truth .rom their 3ord. -or is /llaah unmind.ul o. #hat they do.
$@'. Even i. thou #ert to brin6 to the people o. the 2oo all the Si6ns <to6ether=0 they #ould not
.ollo# Thy Qiblah4 nor art thou 6oin6 to .ollo# their Qiblah4 nor indeed #ill they .ollo# each
otherOs Qiblah. *. thou a.ter the no#led6e hath reached thee0 7ert to .ollo# their <vain=
desires0 + then #ert thou *ndeed <clearly= in the #ron6.
$@N. The people o. the 2oo no# this as they no# their o#n sons4 but some o. them conceal the
truth0 #hich they themselves no#.
$@). The Truth is .rom thy 3ord4 so be not at all in doubt.
$@K. To each is a 6oal to #hich /llaah turns him4 then strive to6ether <as in a race= to#ards all that
is 6ood. 7heresoever ye are0 /llaah #ill brin6 you to6ether. For /llaah 5ath po#er over all
$@&. From #hencesoever Thou startest .orth0 turn Thy .ace in the direction o. the Sacred 1asEid4
that is indeed the truth .rom the 3ord. /nd /llaah is not unmind.ul o. #hat ye do.
$'I. So .rom #hencesoever Thou startest .orth0 turn Thy .ace in the direction o. the Sacred
1asEid4 and #heresoever ye are0 Turn your .ace thither! that there be no 6round o. dispute
a6ainst you amon6 the people0 e>cept those o. them that are bent on #icedness4 so .ear
them not0 but .ear 1e4 and that * may complete 1y .avours on you0 and ye 1ay <consent to=
be 6uided.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B14'&50
It is a re>uirement that +rior to +ra#er the ;orshi++er +erforms a.lution to certain +arts of the .od# so that heOshe is
in a mental state of +urit# and near to (od@ In addition, the act of ;ashing the .od# cleanses a;a# the sins,
meta+horicall# s+eaing@ Hence ;hen standing for +ra#er, the 1uslim .egins hisOher +ra#er ;ith the correct state of
mind@ It is also im+ortant to .e dressed in a modest ;a#@
A7hen you stand up to pray0 per.orm your prayer as i. it #ere your last.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
9 ye #ho believe? 7hen ye prepare .or prayer0 #ash your .aces0 and your hands <and arms= to the
elbo#s4 Rub your heads <#ith #ater=4 and <#ash= your .eet to the anles. *. ye are in a state o.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )5 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
ceremonial impurity0 bathe your #hole body. 2ut i. ye are ill0 or on a Eourney0 or one o. you cometh
.rom o..ices o. nature0 or ye have been in contact #ith #omen0 and ye .ind no #ater0 then tae .or
yourselves clean sand or earth0 and rub there#ith your .aces and hands0 /llaah doth not #ish to
place you in a di..iculty0 but to mae you clean0 and to complete his .avour to you0 that ye may be
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B4
9 ,hildren o. /dam? 7ear your beauti.ul apparel at every time and place o. prayer! eat and drin!
2ut #aste not by e>cess0 .or /llaah loveth not the #asters.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B!1
The o+ening +art of the +ra#er includes the first cha+ter -"urah/ of the <ur=an, given .elo;@
$. *n the -ame o. /llaah0 the 2ene.icent0 the 1erci.ul
%. Praise be to /llaah0 3ord o. all ,reation0
(. The 2ene.icent0 the 1erci.ul.
@. 1aster o. the :ay o. ;ud6ment0
'. Thee alone #e #orship4 Thee alone #e beseech .or help.
N. Sho# us the strai6ht path0
). The path o. those #hom You have .avoured <the 1uslims=4 not the <path= o. those #ho have
incurred TYourU displeasure <re.errin6 to the ;e#s=0 nor those #ho have 6one astray <re.errin6
to the ,hristians=.
<ur=an & "urah al&5atiha -The 3+ening/ 1B1&) Com+are *salm 5 verse %@
It is interesting to note that ;hen the .lessings of Allaah have .een mentioned in the last verse the# have .een
mentioned in the second +erson such that Allaah is directl# referred to - The path o. those #hom You have .avoured/@
Ho;ever in the latter +art of the verse, it is mentioned in the third +erson such that Allaah is not directl# referred to
-not the <path= o. those #ho have incurred TYourU displeasure0 nor those #ho have 6one astray/@ "ee also verses
5B10%, )B1%4, and 5%B14@
8hen the +ra#er is conducted in congregation, the ;orshi++ers collectivel# sa# Ameen -3 Allaah res+ond to our
su++lication/ in unison to acce+t the +ra#er@
A7hen the *mam <the person #ho leads the prayer #hen in con6re6ation= says /meen then say
/meen .or indeed the one #hose /meen coincides #ith the /meen o. the an6els #ill have his
previous TminorU sins .or6iven.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
The +o;er of +ra#er is that the 1uslims, insha&Allaah -(od ;illing/, are strengthened s+irituall# and that their lies ho+e
of salvation in this ;orld and in the neCt@ The ;orshi+ of (od also +rovides us ;ith less anCiet# concerning the +ro.lems
;e face and confidence of a successful outcome in our lives@
/nd see help in patience and prayer4 and truly it is heavy e>cept .or those #ho humble themselves
be.ore /llaah.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B45
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah al&5atiha -The 3+ening/ 1B1&)
A7hen 1y servants as thee concernin6 1e0 * am indeed close <to them=! * listen to the prayer o.
every suppliant #hen he calleth on 1e! 3et them also0 #ith a #ill0 3isten to 1y call0 and believe in
1e! That they may #al in the ri6ht #ay.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1%4
/nd your 3ord hath said! Pray unto 1e and * #ill hear your prayer.
<ur=an & "urah al&(haafir -The 5orgiver/ 40B40 "ee also ')B4' and 40B45@
A/ servant is nearest to his 3ord #hen he is in prostration...D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Establish #orship0 pay the poor+due0 and bo# your heads #ith those #ho bo# <in #orship=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B4!
Say! A1y 3ord hath commanded Eustice4 and that ye set your #hole selves <to 5im= at every
time and place o. prayer0 and call upon 5im0 main6 your devotion sincere as in 5is si6ht! such as
5e created you in the be6innin60 so shall ye return.D
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B'2
Recite #hat is sent o. the 2oo by inspiration to thee0 and establish re6ular Prayer! .or Prayer
restrains .rom shame.ul and unEust deeds4 and remembrance o. /llaah is the 6reatest <thin6 in li.e=
#ithout doubt. /nd /llaah no#s the <deeds= that ye do.
<ur=an & "urah al&DAna.ut -The "+ider/ '2B45
/nd per.orm Salah and 6ive Raah and obey the 1essen6er that you may receive mercy.
<ur=an & "urah an&,ur -The ?ight/ '4B54
''. <9 manind?= ,all upon your 3ord humbly and in secret. 3o? 5e loveth not a66ressors.
'N. :o no mischie. on the earth0 a.ter it hath been set in order0 but call on 5im #ith .ear and
lon6in6 <in your hearts=! .or the 1ercy o. /llaah is <al#ays= near to those #ho do 6ood.
<ur=an & "urah al&Araf -The Heights/ )B55&4 "ee also )B'0 and '1B40@
$'%. There.ore remember 1e0 * #ill remember you. Bive thans to 1e0 and reEect not 1e.
$'(. 9 ye #ho believe? see help #ith patient perseverance and prayer4 .or /llaah is #ith those
#ho patiently persevere.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B15'&!
Individuals ;ho are una.le to +ra# in the normal manner of standing and .o;ing can +ra# in other ;a#s@
1en #ho celebrate the praises o. /llaah0 standin60 sittin60 and lyin6 do#n on their sides0 and
contemplate the <#onders o.= creation in the heavens and the earth0 <7ith the thou6ht=! A9ur 3ord?
-ot .or nau6ht 5ast Thou created <all= this? Blory to Thee? Bive us salvation .rom the penalty o. the
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B121 "ee also 4B10!@
*ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ ;as ased .# (od to stand in +ra#er some +art of the night@ This is a s+ecial
occasion, ;here in the stillness of the night, the ;orshi++er is a.le to .ond dee+l# ;ith his Creator@
3o? Thy 3ord no#eth ho# thou <1uhammad= eepest vi6il sometimes nearly t#o+thirds o. the
ni6ht0 or <sometimes= hal. or a third thereo.0 as do a party o. those #ith thee. /llaah measureth the
ni6ht and the day. 5e no#eth that ye count it not0 and turneth unto you in mercy. Recite0 then0 o.
the QurOan that #hich is easy .or you. 5e no#eth that there are sic .ol amon6 you0 #hile others
travel in the land in search o. /llaahOs bounty0 and others <still= are .i6htin6 .or the cause o. /llaah.
So recite o. it that #hich is easy <.or you=0 and establish #orship and pay the poor+due0 and <so=
lend unto /llaah a 6oodly loan. 7hatsoever 6ood ye send be.ore you .or your souls0 ye #ill .ind it
#ith /llaah0 better and 6reater in the recompense. /nd see .or6iveness o. /llaah. 3o? /llaah is
For6ivin60 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&1uzzammil -5olded in (arments/ )!B'0
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$N. 7ho .orsae their beds to cry unto their 3ord in .ear and hope0 and spend o. that 7e have
besto#ed on them.
$). -o soul no#eth #hat is ept hid .or them o. Eoy0 as a re#ard .or #hat they used to do.
<ur=an & "urah as&"a:da -The *rostration/ !'B14&)
$N. Those #ho say! 9ur 3ord? 3o? 7e believe. So .or6ive us our sins and 6uard us .rom the
punishment o. Fire4
$). Those #ho sho# patience0 Firmness and sel.+control4 #ho are true <in #ord and deed=4 #ho
#orship devoutly4 #ho spend <in the #ay o. /llaah=4 and #ho pray .or .or6iveness in the early
hours o. the mornin6.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B14&)
Those #ho spend the ni6ht in adoration o. their 3ord prostrate and standin64
<ur=an & "urah al&5ur>an -The Criterion/ '5B44
A*n the last third o. every ni6ht our Rabb descends to the lo#er+most heaven and says4 H7ho is
callin6 1e0 so that * may ans#er himG 7ho is asin6 1e so that may * 6rant himG 7ho is seein6
.or6iveness .rom 1e so that * may .or6ive himGH
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "ahih al&Auhari, Hadith <udsi
APrayer is the .irst thin6 one #ill be questioned about on the :ay o. ;ud6ment.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
Those ;ho do not +ra# ;ill .e >uestioned@
@$. /nd <as= o. the Sinners!
@%. 7hat has brou6ht you into hellG
@(. They #ill ans#er! 7e #ere not o. those #ho prayed
@@. /nd #e used not to .eed the poor4
<ur=an & "urah al&1udathir -The Cloaed 3ne/ )4B41&44
The re;ard for +ra#ing at the Pa=a.ah is full of a.undance@
A9ne prayer in my 1asEid is better than one thousand prayers else#here0 e>cept al+1asEid al+
5araam0 and one prayer in al+1asEid al+5aram is better than one hundred thousand prayers
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih al&Auhari, "ahih 1uslim
Raah -charit#/ is a ma:or com+onent of Islam as it is in most societies@ 5or a societ# to .e trul# e>uita.le in a moral
sense, it needs to care for the +oor and the dis+ossessed living around them@
The ;ord 9aah is derived from the Ara.ic root G9aa= ;hich means Gto gro;=, Gto +urif#=, and Gto .less=@ Accordingl#,
the act of giving 9aah means +urif#ing oneHs ;ealth, ;hich ;as granted us from (od in trust, to gain (odHs .lessing in
order to gro; in +urit# and righteousness i@e@ it hel+s us to care for others and drives a;a# selfishness, greed and the
am.ivalence to;ards the suffering of others@ Conse>uentl#, it also hel+s the +oor from +ossi.le :ealous# and dislie to
those ;ho are ;ealth#@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age )2 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The giving and receiving of 9aah assists in eradicating the large im.alances in societ# and hel+s to eliminate +overt#
and all that it entails in terms of corru+tion, social and moral +ro.lems ;ithin communities@ 8ealth should not .e the
sole mono+ol# of the rich .ut shared amongst societ#@ As a side note, the same a++lies to the giving of inheritance in
Islam@ Refer to 52B)@
A5e is not a believer #ho eats his .ill #hile his nei6hbour remains hun6ry by his side.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
A minimum threshold -nisaab/ is allo;a.le .efore 9aah is +a#a.le@ If the nisaa. is reached over a continuous t;elve
lunar months, 1uslims are re>uired to give '@5N of their ;ealth to the +oor 1uslims ideall# among their local
communit# or other;ise around the ;orld@ Relatives and close friends have +riorit#@
The ;ealth can include such items as gold, silver, mone#, merchandise, cro+s, fruit, livestoc, and minerals@ The nisaa.
varies de+ending u+on the t#+e of ;ealth@ In regard to +ure gold -'4 carat/ *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
stated that the nisaa. amount is e>uivalent to %5 grams ;hilst of +ure silver it is 525 grams or their cash e>uivalents@
*t is not ri6hteousness that ye turn your .aces to#ards east or #est4 but it is ri6hteousness + to
believe in /llaah and the 3ast :ay0 and the /n6els0 and the 2oo <QurMan=0 and the 1essen6ers4 to
spend o. your substance0 out o. love .or 5im0 .or your in0 .or orphans0 .or the needy0 .or the
#ay.arer0 .or those #ho as0 and .or the ransom o. slaves4 to be stead.ast in prayer0 and practice
re6ular charity4 to .ul.il the contracts #hich ye have made4 and to be .irm and patient0 in pain <or
su..erin6= and adversity0 and throu6hout all periods o. panic. Such are the people o. truth0 the
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1)) "ee also 2B40 and 1)B'4&)@
%. The true believers are those #hose hearts are .illed #ith a#e at the mention o. Bod0 and
#hose .aith 6ro#s stron6er as they listen to 5is revelations. They are they #ho put their trust
in their 3ord0 pray stead.astly and 6ive in alms .rom 7e 6ave them.
(. 7ho establish #orship and spend o. that 7e have besto#ed on them.
@. Such in truth are the believers! they have 6rades o. di6nity #ith their 3ord0 and .or6iveness0
and 6enerous sustenance!
<ur=an & "urah al&Anfal -The "+oils of 8ar/ %B'&4 Com+are ;ith 'B10@
A1any are the creatures that carry not their o#n provision4 /llaah provides .or them and .or you.D
<ur=an & "urah al&DAna.ut -The "+ider/ '2B40
A9 you #ho believe? Spend out o. #hat 7e have provided .or you.D
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'54
So eep your duty to /llaah as best ye can0 and listen0 and obey0 and spend4 that is better .or your
souls. /nd #hoso is saved .rom his o#n 6reed0 such are the success.ul.
<ur=an & "urah at&Tagha.un -1utual 7isillusion, Haggling/ 44B14 "ee also 2B!4@
2elieve in /llaah and 5is messen6er0 and spend <in charity= out o. the <substance= #hereo. 5e has
made you heirs. For0 those o. you #ho believe and spend <in charity=0 + .or them is a 6reat Re#ard.
<ur=an & "urah al&Hadid -The Iron/ 5)B)
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %0 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
AEvery 6ood action is a charity and it is 6ood action to meet a .riend #ith a smilin6 .ace.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
The 9aah must of course .e given in good grace and intentions -niya/@
%N$. The parable o. those #ho spend their substance in the #ay o. /llaah is that o. a 6rain o.
corn! it 6ro#eth seven ears0 and each ear 5ath a hundred 6rains. /llaah 6iveth mani.old
increase to #hom 5e pleaseth! /nd /llaah careth .or all and 5e no#eth all thin6s.
%N%. Those #ho spend their substance in the cause o. /llaah0 and .ollo# not up their 6i.ts
#ith reminders o. their 6enerosity or #ith inEury0+.or them their re#ard is #ith their
3ord! on them shall be no .ear0 nor shall they 6rieve.
%N(. Jind #ords and the coverin6 o. .aults are better than charity .ollo#ed by inEury. /llaah
is .ree o. all #ants0 and 5e is 1ost+Forbearin6.
%N@. 9 ye #ho believe? ,ancel not your charity by reminders o. your 6enerosity or by inEury0
+ lie those #ho spend their substance to be seen o. men0 but believe neither in /llaah
nor in the 3ast :ay. They are in parable lie a hard0 barren roc0 on #hich is a little
soil! on it .alls heavy rain0 #hich leaves it <;ust= a bare stone. They #ill be able to do
nothin6 #ith au6ht they have earned. /nd /llaah 6uideth not those #ho reEect .aith.
%N'. /nd the lieness o. those #ho spend their substance0 seein6 to please /llaah and to
stren6then their souls0 is as a 6arden0 hi6h and .ertile! heavy rain .alls on it but maes
it yield a double increase o. harvest0 and i. it receives not 5eavy rain0 li6ht moisture
su..iceth it. /llaah seeth #ell #hatever ye do.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'41&5
In man# cases ;here +ra#er is mentioned, this is follo;ed .# charit#@ A# +ra#er, ;e hel+ ourselves and .# charit# ;e
hel+ others ;ho are in need@ Here=s one of numerous eCam+les@
/nd they have been commanded no more than this! To #orship /llaah0 o..erin6 5im sincere
devotion0 bein6 true <in .aith=4 to establish re6ular prayer4 and to practise re6ular charity4 and that
is the Reli6ion Ri6ht and Strai6ht.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa##ina -The Clear *roof/ 2%B5
Saum -fasting/ is a +ractice that has .een +erformed over thousands of #ears .# Je;s, Christians and 1uslims@ There are
'2&!0 fasts -from da;n to sunset/ in the 2th Islamic lunar month of Ramadhan@ It reminds us .# hunger and
thirst and other constraints, to learn god&consciousness -taqwa/, from avoiding committing sins .# an# of
our five senses and +erforming good deeds, learning +atience, control and disci+line ourselves, etc@ The
month is s+lit into three +arts i@e@ 1erc#, 5orgiveness and li.ration from the Hellfire@ All these are o.tained
through disci+line, good deeds and +ra#er@
?ie all the other actions, follo;ing the commands of Allaah is incum.ent on those ;ho have reached the age of
+u.ert#@ Those ;ho are ased to fast .ut are una.le to e@g@ ill health, +regnanc#, travelling, etc@ there is an eCem+tion
to mae u+ the fasts later@ 5or those ;ho face long&term +ro.lems such as ill health, the# are totall# eCem+t from
fasting .ut are ased to feed a +oor +erson for each fasting da#@
$K(. A9 you #ho believe4 the Fastin6 <as-$aum= is prescribed to you as it #as prescribed .or those
be.ore you0 so that ye may become pious <al-!uttaqHn=.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %1 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$K@. <Fast= .or a .i>ed number o. days4 but i. any o. you is ill0 or on a Eourney0 the prescribed
number <Should be made up= .rom days later. For those #ho can do it <7ith hardship=0 is a
ransom0 the .eedin6 o. one that is indi6ent. 2ut he that #ill 6ive more0 o. his o#n .ree #ill0 +
it is better .or him. /nd it is better .or you that ye .ast0 i. ye only ne#.
$K'. Ramadhan is the <month= in #hich #as sent do#n the QurOan0 as a 6uide to manind0 also
clear <Si6ns= .or 6uidance and Eud6ment <bet#een ri6ht and #ron6=. So every one o. you #ho
is present <at his home= durin6 that month should spend it in .astin60 but i. any one is ill0 or
on a Eourney0 the prescribed period <should be made up= by days later. /llaah intends every
.acility .or you4 5e does not #ant to put you to di..iculties. <5e #ants you= to complete the
prescribed period0 and to 6lori.y 5im in that 5e has 6uided you4 and perchance ye shall be
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1%!&5
The notion of .ecoming +ious is .ased on the +ractice of learning self&restraint from doing .ad deeds and controlling
our desires -nafs/ and at the same time +roactivel# and consciousl# doing good deeds@ This is de+endant on our +ersonal
actions and .ehaviour and is not o.tained onl# as a natural conse>uence of merel# going through the motions of hunger
and thirst@ 8e need to tae control of our lives rather than let the ;his+ers of Satan seduce us on the +ath of
unrighteousness and remove us from grace@ Hence the month of Ramadhan .rings us .ac on the +ath of righteousness
and hel+s us to guard ourselves from evil@ The re;ard of a fasting +erson increases as he inclines to;ards good deeds
and diminishes as he inclines to;ards .ad deeds@
A7hoever stands to pray in Ramadhan #ith sincere .aith and hope .or the re#ard o. /llaah #ill have
his past sins .or6iven.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "ahih al&Auhari L "ahih al&1uslim
1uslims +ractice +iet# during the ;aing hours and not at night ;hen ;e are aslee+@ Those ;ho s+end their
time in slee+ during the da# merel# to +ass the time are not follo;ing the true s+irit or +ur+ose of the fast@ Ultimatel#
the +ractice of self&restraint -from hunger and thirst as ;ell/ and o.taining +iet#, during the month of Ramadhan,
serves us a reminder of ho; to .ear hardshi+s and self&disci+line in our dail# lives throughout the #ear@ Hence
Ramadhan is a cue of ho; ;e should .ehave as good 1uslims and .ecome model citizens throughout our lives@ After all,
if ;e can den# ourselves from food and drin during the da# ;hen these things are la;ful -halal/, surel# it ;ill hel+ us
to refrain from those things, ;hich are unla;ful -haram/@ Hence fasting +urifies and trains the soul@
It ;as the +ractice of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ during the last ten da#s of Ramadhan to seclude himself
from the +eo+le in order to focus on his ;orshi+ of (od@ This is a +ractice that has continued toda#@ The *ro+het -+eace
.e u+on him/ eC+lained that those ;ho s+ent their time in the remem.rance of Allaah in the odd nights of the last ten
da#s ;ith faith and ho+ing for its re;ard ;ill have all of his +revious sins forgiven@ 7uring one of these odd nights, the
angels descend to earth follo;ed .# the "+irit -(a.riel & +eace .e u+on him/@ This night is referred to the ,ight of
$. 7e have indeed revealed this <1essa6e= in the -i6ht o. Po#er!
%. /nd #hat #ill e>plain to thee #hat the ni6ht o. po#er isG
(. The -i6ht o. Po#er is better than a thousand months.
@. The an6els and the Spirit descend therein0 by the permission o. their 3ord0 #ith all decrees.
'. <The ni6ht is= Peace until the risin6 o. the da#n.
<ur=an & "urah al&<adr -The ,ight of *o;er/ 2)B1&5
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
In Islam, an# good deeds +erformed are re;arded ten times over@ Hence if there are thirt# fasts in the lunar month of
Ramadhan, 1uslims are re;arded as if the# had fasted three hundred@ There are !55 da#s in the Islamic calendar, ;here
each ne; month is .ased on the ne; moon@ It ;as the +ractice of the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/, to fast a further siC
fasts in the neCt month of "ha;;al ;hich ;ere o+tional@ The reason .ehind this ;as to o.tain a re;ard of siCt# fasts
maing u+ the shortfall of the 55 da#s@ Hence the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ used to sa# that if the 1uslims, on a
voluntar# .asis, fasted a further siC fasts in the month of "ha;;al, it ;ould .e as if the# had fasted for a ;hole #ear@
The end of the month of Ramadhan is mared .# a cele.ration called $id&ul&5itr, ;hich .egins ;ith $id +ra#ers on 1st of
"ha;;al@ In Islamic countries it is a +u.lic holida#@ 7uring the month of Ramadhan .ut .efore the $id +ra#ers, a
monetar# sum called 9aatul&ul&5itr must .e given for each mem.er of the household@ This serves t;o +ur+oses@
According to *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/, the giving of 9aatul&ul&5itr nullified the minor sins committed
during the fasting month@ In addition to this, the +oor ;ere a.le to en:o# a meal during the cele.ration of $id@ The
value of 9aatul&ul&5itr is .ased on the cost of su++l#ing food for one individual@ Hence the 9aatul&ul&5itr varies from
countr# to countr#@
The im+ortance of the month of Ramadhan is that all the divine scri+tures ;ere revealed in this month@
AThe 2oos o. /braham #ere revealed on the .irst ni6ht o. the month o. Ramadhan4 the Torah #as
revealed on the si>th o. the month o. Ramadhan4 the *nEil #as revealed on the thirteenth o. the
month o. Ramadhan4 the Rabur #ere revealed on the ei6hteenth o. the month o. Ramadhan0 and
the 5oly QurOan #as revealed on the t#enty+.ourth o. the month o. Ramadhan.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
5aEE literall# means Hto set out for a +laceH@ Islamicall# ho;ever it refers to the annual +ilgrimage that 1uslims mae to
1aah from all +arts of the ;orld ;ith the intention of +erforming certain religious rites once in their
lifetime in a hum.le manner@ Ha:: is the largest gathering of 1uslims from around the ;orld@ It is a unif#ing
+rocess sho;ing the .rotherhood of man ;ith Islam and their ;orshi+ of the 3ne and onl# True god Allaah@
The +ur+ose of these rites is to come close to Allaah and see His forgiveness@ This is achieved +h#sicall#,
mentall#, ver.all# and s+irituall#@ The soul of ever# 1uslim #earns to visit 1aahM ;here the first house of
;orshi+ ;as .uiltM ;here Allaah ordered *ro+het A.raham -+eace .e u+on him/ to settle his famil# and .uild
the Pa=a.ah ;ith his son Ishmael -+eace .e u+on him/M ;here the .lessed ;ell of 9um 9um flo;sM ;here
1uslims collectivel# turn to in +ra#er in unit#M ;here the last 1essenger of Allaah 1uhammad -+eace .e
u+on him/, ;as .orn and ;here, the *ilgrims .egin their >uest for forgiveness@ A >uest that taes them on
GThe Journe# of a ?ifetime= 6 The Ha::@ *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ himself +erformed four
Umrah=s -minor +ilgrimage ;hich +ardons minor sins/ and one Ha:: -ma:or +ilgrimage ;hich +ardons all
The first ten da#s of the Islamic month of 7hu al&Hi::ah, are es+eciall# re;arding@
$. 2y the :a#n
%. /nd ten ni6hts
<ur=an & "urah al&5a:r -The 7a;n, 7a#.rea/ %2B1&' "ee also ''B'%@
HThere are no days in #hich ri6hteous deeds are more beloved to /llaah than these ten days Tthe
.irst ten days o. :hu al+5iEEahU.H
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ re+orted .# Ahmad
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The Ha:: is +erformed during fiveWsiC da#s .et;een the %th and 1'W1!th of the Islamic month of 7hu al&Hi::ah -the last
month of the Islamic calendar/@ *ilgrims must have no o.ligations in terms of mone#, caring for others, etc@
.efore maing the intention to +erform the Ha::@ In addition, .efore setting out, a +ilgrim ideall#, should
redress all ;rongs, +lan to have enough halal funds for his o;n :ourne# and for the maintenance of his
famil# ;hile he is a;a#, and +re+are himself for good conduct throughout the Ha:: +eriod@ 8omen should .e
accom+anied .# a mahram e@g@ father, hus.and, son -must .e a.ove the age of +u.ert#/, .rother, etc@
There are three t#+es of Ha:: i@e@ Ifraad, <iraan and Tamatt=u@ Ha:: Tamatt=u, the most commonl#
+erformed is descri.ed here@
%N. /nd #hen 7e assi6ned .or /braham the place o. the 5ouse0 sayin6 A:o not associate /nythin6
#ith 1e0 and puri.y 1y 5ouse .or those #ho 6o around it and .or those #ho stand and bo# and
prostrate themselves in #orship.
%). /nd proclaim the Pil6rima6e amon6 humanind! They #ill come to you on .oot and on every
camel made lean by travellin6 deep0 distant ravines.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B'4&)
$&). For 5aEE are the months #ell no#n. *. any one undertaes that duty therein0 3et there be no
obscenity0 nor #icedness0 nor #ran6lin6 in the 5aEE. /nd #hatever 6ood ye do0 <be sure=
/llaah no#eth it. /nd tae a provision <#ith you= .or the Eourney0 but the best o. provisions
is ri6ht conduct <at+Taq#a=. So .ear 1e0 9 ye that are #ise.
$&K. *t is no sin .or you that ye see the bounty o. your 3ord <by tradin6=. 2ut0 #hen ye press on in
the multitude .rom O/ra.ah0 remember /llaah by the sacred monument <1ount /ra.ah & 5abal
+rafah=. Remember 5im as 5e hath 6uided you0 althou6h be.ore ye #ere o. those astray.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B12)&%
A/n Fmrah to another Fmrah is an e>piation .or #hat is <all minor sins= bet#een them. /nd the
re#ard .or 5aEE 1abroor <the one that is accepted by /llaah= is nothin6 e>cept Paradise.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih Auhari, "ahih 1uslim
A7hoever per.orms 5aEE .or /llaahMs pleasure and does not have any marital relations #ith his #i.e0
and does not do evil or sins then he #ill return <a.ter 5aEE .ree .rom all sins= as i. he #ere born
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih Auhari
The follo;ing is a ste+ .# ste+ guide to +erforming the Ha::, .eginning ;ith the Umrah@
• All +ilgrims must +lace themselves in a state of ihraam -comes from the ;ord haraam/ i@e@ +lace themselves in
a state of certain +rohi.itions@ 1en should ;ear t;o +ieces of cloth -com+rising of the rida(a the u++er cloth
and the i%aar the lo;er cloth/ to s#m.olise sim+licit#, hum.leness and e>ualit# ;ith other male +ilgrims
irres+ective of their ;ealth and +osition@ 1en should not ;ear an# clothing that forms the sha+e of the .od#@
8omen must also ;ear sim+le loose clothing to cover themselves from their head do;n eCce+t for their face
and hands@ 1en should not directl# cover their head, unless it is for shading +ur+oses such as an um.rella@
Aeing in a state of ihraam +laces .oth men and ;omen ;here.# the# have made the intention of Ha:: -or
Umrah/ and thus are +rohi.ited from certain acts e@g@ deli.eratel# cutting the nails and an# hair on #our .od#,
hunting, ;earing +erfume, using +erfumed soa+, marital rights, ;rangling, etc@ There is nothing ;rong in
;earing ;rist;atches, e#e glasses, and hearing aids or to ;ear mone# .elts@ 1en should ;ear sim+le foot;ear,
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
such as sandals, ;hich do not form the natural sha+e of an# +art of the .od#, ;hilst ;omen can ;ear an#
comforta.le foot attire@ 8omen should not ;ear the ni>a., although the# can lo;er their garments over their
faces in front of non mahram men@
• The +ilgrims .egin their Ha:: .# +erforming the Umrah -minor +ilgrimage/ on their initial a++roach to 1aah
from one of the five al&1i>ats -"tation of Ihraam/ fiCed .# the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/@
7hul&Hulaifah -no; no;n as as&"ail al&Pa.eer/ 6 for the +eo+le of 1adinah
Al&Juhfah -no; no;n as Ra.igh/ 6 for the +eo+le of $g#+t, "#ria etc@
<arn Al&1anazil 6 for the +eo+le of Pu;ait and the eastern and central +rovinces of Ara.ia
7hatu& GIr> & for the +eo+le of Ira>
Qalamlam 6 for the +eo+le of Qemen
• 1uslims coming to 1aah ;ith the intention of +erforming Umrah or Ha:: must not cross a 1i>at ;ithout first
entering into the state of ihraam, unless the# live ;ithin the area .et;een the 1i>at and al&1as:id al&Haraam@
In this case the# +lace themselves in a state of ihraam either at home or :ust .efore entering al&1as:id al&
Haraam@ The distances from the al&1i>ats to al&1as:id al&Haram in 1aah range from 50 to 450 ilometres@
• Qou can +erform the Ha:: on .ehalf of someone else -;ho ma# .e una.le +h#sicall# to do so/ ;hether the# are
alive or +assed a;a# +roviding #ou have initiall# +erformed the Ha:: for #ourself@
• The +ilgrim +lace themselves in a state of ihraam after cli++ing their nails, grooming themselves e@g@ for men
to trim their moustache, etc@ and ideall# +erform ghusl -.ath/ or wudhu -a.lution/@ 5or men the# ;ear the t;o
unstitched +ieces of cloth, covering .oth their shoulders ;ith the u++er cloth@ It is "unnah for men to a++l#
+erfume before entering the state of ihraam and there is no +ro.lem if an# trace or smell remains after
entering ihraam@ ,o +erfume should .e a++lied after entering the state of ihram@
• 1ae the niya -intention/ for +erforming the Ha:: for #ourself or the name of the +erson for ;hom #ou are
+erforming the Ha::, .# initiall# +erforming the Umrah
=abayk +llaahumma Umrah
5ere * am0 9 /llaah0 .or Fmrah
• The +ilgrim can +ra# t;o units of nafl -non&o.ligator#/ +ra#er .efore or at the mi>at, as ;ould normall# occur
after +erforming wudhu -a.lution/ or ;hen entering a 1as:id, if the +ilgrim is at the mas:id@ There are no nafl
+ra#ers for entering the state of ihraam itself@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %5 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
• 1en should call out the follo;ing Talbiyah -this sho;s affirmation of our tawhid i@e@ acce+ting the 3neness of
Allaah/ loudl# ;hilst ;omen should not raise there voice .ut recite it >uietl# i@e@
=abayk +llaahumma labayk.
=abaykalaa sharikalakala bayk. #nul-
humda wa ni(mata laka wal mulk, la
sharika lak.
5ere * am0 9 /llaah at Thy ,ommand? 5ere * am at Thy
,ommand? You have no partner4 5ere * am at Thy ,ommand?
Yours is all Praise and Brace and :ominion and You have no
The *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ould sa# the Talbiyah during his Ha:: ;hen he ;ould ride, ;hen he ;ould
rise to a high +lace or go do;n in a valle#, after the o.ligator# +ra#ers and to;ards the end of the night@ Hence
;e can recite the Talbiyah ;hen ;e .oard the +lane, ;hen ;e land, ;hen ;e .oard the coach or leave the
coach, etc@
A-o 1uslim #ho be6ins his day and he ,alls out the "albiyah until the sun sets e>cept all his sins
disappear and he returns lie #hen his mother 6ave birth to him.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
• The +ilgrims +roceed to 1aah continuing reciting the Talbiyah@ The +ilgrim on arriving at the al&1as:id al&
Haram in 1aah sto+s reciting the Talbiyah :ust .efore facing the al-Ha,ar al-+swad -one of the corners of the
Pa=a.ah/@ $ntering al&1as:id al&Haram, as in an# mas:id, one should do so ;ith his right foot first, and sa#
D#n the name of +llaah, and blessings and peace be upon the !essenger of +llaah. ) Allaah* forgive me my
sins and open to me the gates of +our mercy, # seek refuge with +llaah the +lmighty and in His noble
Countenance and His eternal power from the accursed $atan.C
• The +ilgrim should no; +erform the tawaf -circuiting the Pa=a.ah seven times in a counter cloc;ise direction/
in a state of wudhu -a.lution/, unless it is time for an o.ligator# or funeral +ra#er@ This is the Ta;af&Al&<adoom
-Circumam.ulation of Arrival/@ There is no re>uirement to +ra# t;o nafl +ra#ers as one ;ould do normall# in
an# other 1as:id in this situation of Umrah@ The tawaf .egins at the corner of the Pa=a.ah containing the al-
Ha,ar al-+swad -Alac "tone/ and ending the seventh circuit also at the al-Ha,ar al-+swad@ This sho;s ho; our
lives revolve around (od and focuses our attentions mentall# and +h#sicall# to;ards Him@
• It is "unnah for men to .are their right shoulder -al-#dhtiba(a/ in this tawaf onl#, as it is the first tawaf@
• 8hen in line ;ith the al-Ha,ar al-+swad the +ilgrim, if +ossi.le, isses -istilam/ or touches the al-Ha,ar al-
+swad@ 5ailing this, the +ilgrim sa#s /ismillah -In the name of Allaah/ follo;ed .# takbir -+llaahu +kbar 6
Allaah is (reat/ .# +ointing the right hand, +alm for;ard, in the direction of the al-Ha,ar al-+swad@ 7uring the
tawaf the +ilgrim +raises and glorifies Allaah, recites the <ur=an and maes an# su++lications to Him as He
+leases .e it in a tongue the# understand@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
al&Ha:ar al&As;ad
• U+on reaching the Ruun&e&Qemeni -*illar of Qemen/ corner, so called as it is in the direction facing Qemen,
touch it if +ossi.le and sa# takbir other;ise do nothing@ It is "unnah to recite the follo;ing <ur=anic
su++lication .et;een this corner and the al-Ha,ar al-+swadB &
A9ur 3ord? Bive us 6ood in this #orld and 6ood in the 5erea.ter0 and de.end us .rom the torment o.
the Fire?D
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'01
• In the first three circuits men should ;al .risl# -al-ramal/, .ut in the last four circuits of the tawaf ;al in a
normal +ace@ The right shoulder can no; .e covered ;hen the tawaf has .een com+leted@
• $ach su.se>uent time that the +ilgrim reaches al-Ha,ar al-+swad, #ou onl# recite the takbir -+llaahu +kbar 6
Allaah is (reat/ .# +ointing the right hand, +alm for;ard@
• After com+leting the tawaf, it is "unnah to +ra# t;o units of nafl +ra#er .ehind the !aqam-e-#brahim -"tation
of A.raham/, ;hich is ;ithin the +recincts of the Pa=a.ah@ If it is difficult, due to congestion, to find s+ace
near !aqam-e-#brahim then the nafl +ra#er can .e offered an#;here ;ithin the Pa=a.ah +recinct@ 1uhammad
-+eace .e u+on him/ +ra#ed "urah 102 & Al&Pafirun in the first unit and "urah 11' & Al&Ihlas in the second unit@
Remember 7e made the 5ouse a place o. assembly .or men and a place o. sa.ety4 and tae ye the
$tation of +braham as a place o. prayer4 and 7e covenanted #ith /braham and *smaOil0 that they
should sancti.y 1y 5ouse .or those #ho compass it round0 or use it as a retreat0 or bo#0 or prostrate
themselves <therein in prayer=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1'5
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
!aqam-e-#brahim -"tation of A.raham/
• After com+leting the nafl +ra#er, it is "unnah to drin as much as +ossi.le from the ;ell of 9um 9um facing the
direction of the Pa=a.ah@ 8hilst drining, the +ilgrim should +raise, than and su++licate to Allaah@
AThe #ater o. Rum Rum is 6ood .or #hatever one intends <#hile drinin6 it=.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
• The final stage of the Umrah is to +erform the $ai(y -endeavour/@ This emulates the struggle that A.raham=s
-+eace .e u+on him/ ;ife Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/ ;ent through in her effort to o.tain ;ater for her infant
son Ishmael -+eace .e u+on him/ man# centuries ago@ Hence this s#m.olises the struggle ;e must go through in
maintaining a +erfect ;a# of life as 1uslims in our com+lete su.mission and o.edience to Allaah through His
• It is "unnah, +rior to .eginning the $ai(y, to touch the al-Ha,ar al-+swad@ Ho;ever this ma# not .e +ossi.le
due to congestion of the +eo+le@ There is no re>uirement to .e in a state of wudhu to +erform the $ai(y@
• The $ai(y is .egun .# going to 1t@ "af;ah and ;aling to;ards 1t@ 1ar;ah -a.out 450 metres a;a#/, t;o
mountains near.#@ 8hen reaching 1t@ "af;ah or 1t@ 1ar;ah, it is "unnah to ascend the mountain, face the
Pa=a.ah and recite the follo;ing <ur=anic verse
*ndeed as+Sa.#ah and al+1ar#ah are amon6 the Symbols o. /llaah.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B15%
• Qou can no; mae an# other su++lication@ *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ ;ould +roclaim three
times, maing su++lications in .et;een
AThere is no 6od0 but /llaah alone0 #ith no partner or associate. 5is is the dominion0 all praise is
due to 5im0 and 5e is able to do all thin6s0 there is no 6od0 but /llaah alone. 5e eeps 5is promise0
.orti.ies 5is soldiers0 the only 9ne to de.eat the armiesD.
• (reen +osts mar that +art of the +assage .et;een the t;o mountains ;here Ha:ara -+eace .e u+on her/
;aled .risl#@ 1en can +erform the ramal -;al .risl#/ .et;een these t;o green marers, .ut this is not
o.ligator#@ The $ai(y is com+leted ;hen seven courses have .een com+leted .et;een 1t@ "af;ah or 1t@
1ar;ah so that #ou end u+ at 1t@ 1ar;ah@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
1t@ "af;ah and 1t@ 1ar;ah *assage;a# -"ai=#/
• The final act of +erforming the Umrah is for men to shave -halq/ or shorten -taqsir/ the hair on their heads@
"having is .etter than shortening .ecause the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ +ra#ed for those ;ho shaved three
times and +ra#ed for those ;ho shortened, once@ The onl# eCce+tional case is ;hen the time of Ha:: is a.out
to come@ It is .etter for him to shorten so that he leaves some of his hair to .e shaved or shortened in the
+ilgrimage stage@ 8omen should onl# do taqsir i@e@ gather all their hair together and cut a finger&ti+ length of
hair from the end@ Hair from all the area of the head should .e cut and not taing the hair from some +arts and
leaving some from other +arts, as man# +eo+le do@ "having or shortening the hair s#m.olises a ne; .eginning
for the +erson so that he is cleansed from sin from (od@
• This no; com+letes the Umrah +art of the Ha::@ The state of ihraam is no; lifted and +ilgrims can resume
their normal lives@
The neCt ste+ is the actual da#s of Ha:: itself i@e@ .et;een %th and 1'W1!th of 7hu al&Hi::ah@
7hen the day o. Tar#iyah came they <the 1uslims= .aced to#ards 1ina and started the Talbiyah and
/llaahMs 1essen6er rode out...
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih 1uslim
Route taen .# the *ilgrims
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age %2 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Kth :ay o. :hu al+5iEEah <Tar#iyah :ay=
• In the morning, the +ilgrim +laces themselves in a state of ihraam from an#;here he sta#s ;here he intends to
+erform the rites of Ha:: assuming the# are ;ithin the +recincts of 1aah@
• All the +ilgrims regularl# recite the Talbiyah during the da#s of Ha:: .eginning ;ith the introductor# Talbiyah
recited once onl#
+llaahumma labayk a bi Ha,,ah
5ere * am0 9 /llaah0 .or the 5aEE
=abayk +llaahumma labayk.
=abaykalaa sharikalakala bayk. #nul-
humda wa ni(mata laka wal mulk, la
sharika lak.
5ere * am0 9 /llaah at Thy ,ommand? 5ere * am at Thy
,ommand? You have no partner4 5ere * am at Thy ,ommand?
Yours is all Praise and Brace and :ominion and You have no
• The +ilgrims +roceed to 1ina continuing to recite the Tal.i#ah ;here he +ra#s his five +ra#ers ;ithout
com.ining .ut +erforming ' units for 4 units of +ra#ers@ It is "unnah to +ra# the 9uhr +ra#er at 1ina@
• 3ne should s+end the time in 1ina constructivel# .# reciting the <ur=an, maing su++lications to Allaah,
sending +eace and .lessings to the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/, etc@
• The +ilgrims sta# in 1ina this night@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 20 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
&th :ay o. :hu al+5iEEah <:ay o. /ra.ah=
• After sunrise, the +ilgrims +re+are to set out from 1ina to the *lains of Arafat -denotes Pno;ledge/ reciting
Tal.i#ah and sa#ing Ta.ir@ This is ;here the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ gave his last sermon -G5are;ell
"ermon=/, in the Uranah valle# in the *lains of Arafat ;hilst he ;as on his +ilgrimage i@e@ 2th 7a# of 7hu al&
Hi::ah 10 A@H@ It ;as on this occasion that the final <ur=anic verse -5B!/ ;as revealed@
• It is "unnah for the +ilgrim to sta# in ,amirah, in the *lains of Arafat till after midda#, if +ossi.le@ ?isten to the
Phut.ah -sermon/ at 1as:id ,amirah@ ,ote that +art of 1as:id ,amirah is not ;ithin the *lains of Arafat@
• If it is not +ossi.le to get to ,amirah, the Ha:: guide ma# +rovide a short Phut.ah in the *lains of Arafat@
• Com.ine in advance and shorten 9uhr and Asr +ra#ers at ,amirah or at the *lains of Arafat@
• *ilgrims must remain ;ithin the .oundaries of the *lains of Arafat to +erform the wuquf -sto++ing/ i@e@
standing or sitting, +raising and +ra#ing to Allaah@ The valle# of UHrana, ;hich is near.#, is not +art of Arafat@
• The +ilgrim is recommended to raise their hands and face the <i.lah ;hile su++licating as the *ro+het -+eace
.e u+on him/ did 6 E#o one is worthy of worship* e-cept Allaah Alone* He has no partner* for Him is the
&ingdom and for Him are all the praises, He gives life and death and He has control over all things, F
1ae other su++lications in .et;een and remem.er Allaah often till sunset@
• "ee sincere forgiveness from Allaah for all +ast sins and see His +rotection in the future from "atan@
Say! A9 my Servants #ho have trans6ressed a6ainst their souls? :espair not o. the 1ercy o. /llaah!
.or /llaah .or6ives all sins! .or 5e is 9.t+For6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B5! "ee also 'B15', 4B110 etc@
AThe one #ho repents .rom sin is lie the one #ho has no sins.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
In light of the a.ove and other teCts of the <ur=an and "unnah, it .ecomes clear that ;hen a servant sincerel# re+ents
to Allaah, it is certainl# acce+ted, insha&Allaah@ Ho;ever, there are three conditions for the re+entance to .e acce+ted,
to desist from the sin, to regret having done it and to resolve never to commit it again@
• "end +eace and .lessings on the 1essenger of Allaah -+eace .e u+on him/@
• The ;hole of the *lains of Arafat is reserved for wuquf@ If the +ilgrim can ee+ the 1ountain of Arafat -5abal
+rafah/ .et;een themselves and the <i.lah, it ;ill .e .etter@ It is not "unnah to clim. the mountain@ The
*ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ sat on his camel and made his su++lications@
• The *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ is re+orted to have ased (od to +ardon the sins -those committed against
(od/ of +ilgrims ;ho did ;u>uf at Arafat, and ;as granted this +ra#er@ Thus, the ho+eful +ilgrims +re+are to
leave this +lain :o#full#, feeling re.orn ;ithout sin and intending to turn over a ne; leaf, insha&Allaah@
• After sunset the +ilgrim moves from the *lains of Arafat to 1uzadalifah, siC miles a;a#, continuing ;ith seeing
Allaah=s forgiveness es+eciall# at the time of 1aghri. and taing full advantage of it@
• The +ilgrim +erforms, in com.ination the 1aghri. +ra#er and shortened Isha +ra#er follo;ed .# 8itr +ra#er@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 21 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
• Collect sevent# +e..les for stoning the ,amarat in the coming da#s@ The +e..les should .e the size of a +ea@
The +e..les do not have to .e collected at 1uzdalifah .ut can .e collected in 1ina or near the ,amarats@
• "lee+ till da;n@ The *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ gave the o+tion for ;omen, the old, the ;ea and the sic to
leave 1ina after midnight, or disa++earance of the moon to .eat the cro;ds@
Then pass on at a quic pace .rom the place #hence it is usual .or the multitude so to do0 and as
.or /llaahOs .or6iveness. For /llaah is 9.t+.or6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B122
$Ith :ay o. :hu al+5iEEah </n+-ahr + :ay o. Sacri.ice=
• *ilgrims +ra# 5a:r in 1uzadlifah@
• After 5a:r face the <i.lah ;hilst in wuquf of 1uzadlifah, ee+ +raising Allaah, reciting Talbiyah and
su++lication to Allaah@
• Aefore sunrise, +roceed to 1ina reciting Talbiyah -the idol ;orshi++ers of 1aah used to leave 1uzadlifah
after the sun had risen/@
• 7o not sto+ at the valle# of 1uhassir as #ou a++roach it .ut continue on to 1ina@ This is ;here the +unishment
of Allaah descended u+on the +eo+le of the $le+hant -as "a.hil 5il/ after an arm# of disvelievers marched from
Qemen under the command of A.raha to demolish the Pa=a.ah during A.dul 1uttali.=s leadershi+ of <uraish@
• If #ou have not done so alread#, +ic u+ seven +e..les from an#;here in 1uzadalifah or on the road to 1ina@
• 3ne sto+s sa#ing the Talbiyah ;hen starting the ramy mentioned in the neCt ste+@
• Arrive at the largest ,amarah i@e@ Jamarah al&=A>a.ah -the closest ,amarah, of the three ,amarats, to 1aah/,
after sunrise, and thro; +e..les -ramy/, using the right hand, seven +e..les one .# one reciting takbir
-Allaahu A.ar/ ;ith ever# +e..le@ The +e..les can .e thro;n u+ until sunset although it is "unnah to do so
.efore noon@ The act of thro;ing the +e..les and sa#ing takbir is to do dhikr -remem.rance of Allaah/ i@e@
acno;ledging Allaah=s greatness@ ,ote that the +ilgrim is not stoning "atan ;hich is a common misconce+tion
as "atan is a :inn and is invisi.le to us and can=t .e +h#sicall# stoned unlie at the time ;hen A.raham -+eace
.e u+on him/ ;as ased to sacrifice his son, ;hen "atan a++eared in +h#sical form@ $ach ,amarah mars the
location ;here "atan a++eared@
• 3ffer an animal for slaughter -Had#/@ The +ilgrim eats from the <ur.ani -sacrifice/ and distri.utes some to the
+oor@ This is a reminder of A.rahamHs -+eace .e u+on him/ ;illingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael -+eace .e
u+on him/ according to (odHs command@
*t is not their meat nor their blood0 that reaches /llaah! it is your piety that reaches 5im! 5e has
thus made them subEect to you0 that ye may 6lori.y /llaah .or 5is Buidance to you and proclaim the
6ood ne#s to all #ho do ri6ht.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B!)
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 2' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Jamarah al&=A>a.ah -+revious, current/
• Ideall# men shave -halq/ the hair from all +arts of #our head .ut can shorten if the# ;ish@ It is .etter to shave
the head as it is "unnah@ 8omen are to cut onl# a fingerti+ of their hair@
Truly did /llaah .ul.il the vision .or 5is 1essen6er! ye shall enter the Sacred 1asEid0 i. /llaah #ills0
#ith minds secure0 heads shaved0 hair cut short0 and #ithout .ear. For 5e ne# #hat ye ne# not0
and 5e 6ranted0 besides this0 a speedy victory.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&5ath -Iictor#/ 4%B')
• At this time all the +rohi.itions of the state of ihraam are lifted s#m.olising a rene;al, a com+lete cleansing
of sins eCce+t for marital rights, so #ou can ;ear #our normal clothes, cut #our nails, a++l# +erfume, etc@
Then let them mae an end o. their unemptness and pay their vo#s and 6o around the /ncient
5ouse <the JaMabah=.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B'2
• The a.ove order of actions follo;s that of "unnah@ Ho;ever due to forgetfulness the order can change@
AThe Prophet <peace be upon him= stood in 1ina durin6 the Fare#ell 5aEE0 #hile the people ased
him questions and he ans#ered them. / man ased0 L9 Prophet o. /llaah? * #as not alert and * have
shaved my head be.ore slau6hterin6 my animal.M The Prophet <peace be upon him= said0 LThere is
no harm4 6o and slau6hter your animal.M /nother man ased L* slau6htered the animal be.ore * thre#
pebbles.M The Prophet <peace be upon him= told him0 LThere is no harm4 6o and thro# the
pebbles.MD The narrator said0 A7hoever ased the Prophet <peace be upon him= about anythin6
done be.ore or a.ter the other0 he told him0 L-o harm done. Bo and do <#hatever you missed=.MD
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih Auhari, Iolume 1, Aoo !, ,um.er 1'4@
• Return to 1aah and +erform the main tawaf -Ta;af al&Ifadah or Ta;af az&9i#aarah i@e@ 1ain
Circumam.ulation/, read t;o units of nafl +ra#er, drin from 9um 9um and +erform $ai(y@ ,ote that in this
tawaf, men do not .are their right shoulders in their normal clothes or ;al .risl# -al-ramal/@
• All the +rohi.itions of the state of ihraam are no; lifted@
• 3ffer 9uhr +ra#er in 1aah if +ossi.le@
• 1ae #our ;a# .ac to 1ina and sta# the night@
$$th :ay o. :hu al+5iEEah <Tashriq :ay=
• Qou should maintain the five +rescri.ed +ra#ers ;hile s+ending nights at 1ina@
• Recite the <ur=an and do abadah -;orshi+/ as much as +ossi.le@ "a# the Ta.ir as much as +ossi.le and send
.lessings to the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ .# reciting darud as +ra#ed in salah@
• 1ae #our ;a# to all three ,amarats starting ;ith the smallest to the largest i@e@ Jamarah al&Ula, Jamarah al&
8usta and Jamarah al&=A>a.ah res+ectivel#@ Thro; -ramy/ seven +e..les at each of the three ,amarats after
9uhr as +er "unnah although some 1uslim scholars have given +ermission that +ilgrims can leave after Isha
• The action of thro;ing -ramy/ the +e..les and sa#ing the takbir is to acno;ledge Allaah=s greatness@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 2! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
• After +erforming the ramy at the small ,amarah, #ou face the <i.lah ;ith the small ,amarah on #our left and
ee+ 1as:id Phaif on #our right@ Then #ou su++licate to Allaah as much as +ossi.le as the *ro+het -+eace .e
u+on him/ did@
• After +erforming the ramy at the middle ,amarah ;ith seven +e..les, #ou ee+ it on #our right facing <i.lah
and su++licate to Allaah as much as +ossi.le@
• *erform ramy at Jamarah al&=A>a.ah and do not stand for su++lication as +er "unnah@
• "ta# the night in 1ina@
,elebrate the praises o. /llaah durin6 the /ppointed :ays <:ays o. Tashriq=. 2ut i. any one hastens
to leave in t#o days0 there is no blame on him0 and i. any one stays on0 there is no blame on him0 i.
his aim is to do ri6ht. Then .ear /llaah0 and no# that ye #ill surely be 6athered unto 5im.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'14&)
$%V$(th :ay o. :hu al+5iEEah <Tashriq :ay=
• After 9uhr, #ou +erform the ramy at each of the three ,amarats successivel# as in the +revious da#@
• After +erforming the ramy, if #ou ;ant to leave sooner, #ou are allo;ed to do so@
• Qou have to leave .efore sunset and mae fare;ell tawaf -Ta;af al&8ada/ at al&1as:id al&Haram in 1aah
;ithout al-#dhtiba(a i@e@ men should cover their right shoulder@
• It is .etter for the +ilgrim to sta# late for +erforming the ramy@
• It is .etter to +ra# during #our sta# in 1ina on the 7a#s of Tashri> in 1as:id Phaif if +ossi.le@
• The Ha:: is com+lete, *raise .e to Allaah@ 1a# Allaah acce+t the Ha:: as Ha:: 1a.roor of all 1uslims and
transform our future lives in the .est ;a#@ The fare;ell tawaf is the final act .# the +ilgrim .efore de+arting
from 1aah@
The end of Ha:: is mared .# a cele.ration called $id&ul&Adha and is cele.rated .# all 1uslims around the ;orld@ The
$id for those ;ho are not attending the Ha:: .egins ;ith +ra#ers at the local 1as:id and the# ma# also +a# to;ards a
sacrifice and o.tain a re;ard for this@ The meat is distri.uted among the +oor and famil# mem.ers@
$id 1u.ara
In an# acts of ;orshi+ in Islam ;hether it .e the five +illars of Islam or other righteous deeds, the re;ards are +lentiful,
.ut an# acts of diso.edience and unrighteousness are dealt ;ith a minimum recording@
A*. a person embraces *slam and upholds his reli6ion #ell0 /llaah #ill .or6ive all his past sins. From
that point on#ard0 the deeds are treated thus! a 6ood deed is <recorded= as ten to seven hundred
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 24 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
equivalents #hereas an evil deed is <recorded= as one or /llaah may .or6ive it alto6ether <so it #ill
not be counted=.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih al&Auhari
H8erily /llaah has recorded the 6ood deeds and the evil deeds.H Then he clari.ied that! H7hosoever
intends to do a 6ood deed but does not do it0 /llaah records it #ith 5imsel. as a complete 6ood
deed4 but i. he intends it and does it0 /llaah records it #ith 5imsel. as ten 6ood deeds0 up to seven
hundred times0 or more than that. 2ut i. he intends to do an evil deed and does not do it0 /llaah
records it #ith 5imsel. as a complete 6ood deed4 but i. he intends it and does it0 /llaah records it
do#n as one sin6le evil deed.H
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih al&Auhari and "ahih 1uslim
;ihad ;ihad
Jihad, ;hich is s#non#mousl# referred inaccuratel# in the 8est as GHol# 8ar=, is in fact to do ;ith struggle, to strive or
self&eCertion@ This struggle can tae man# forms@ 5or eCam+le, struggling against tem+tation and thus living a virtuous
life, this is a common struggle for all 1uslims@ 1ore nota.l# Jihad is sometimes to do ;ith militar# struggle against
aggressionWo++ressionWt#rann# and enslavement .# non&1uslims to;ards 1uslims .ecause of their faith@ This t#+e of
struggle ;ill not .e conducted .# most 1uslims and then often onl# until the reason for the struggle no longer eCists as
the follo;ing verses ;ill sho;@
(&. To those a6ainst #hom #ar is made0 permission is 6iven <to .i6ht=0 because they are #ron6ed4 +
and verily0 /llaah is most po#er.ul .or their aid4+
@I. <They are= those #ho have been e>pelled .rom their homes in de.iance o. ri6ht0 + <.or no cause=
e>cept that they say0 Hour 3ord is /llaahH. :id not /llaah chec one set o. people by means o.
another0 there #ould surely have been pulled do#n monasteries0 churches0 syna6o6ues0 and
1asEids0 in #hich the name o. /llaah is commemorated in abundant measure. /llaah #ill
certainly aid those #ho aid his <cause=4 + .or verily /llaah is .ull o. Stren6th0 E>alted in 1i6ht0
<able to en.orce 5is 7ill=.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B!2&40 "ee also 'B'44, 2B1'&15, 111@
216. Fi6htin6 is prescribed .or you0 and ye dislie it. 2ut it is possible that ye dislie a thin6 #hich
is 6ood .or you0 and that ye love a thin6 #hich is bad .or you. 2ut /llaah no#eth0 and ye
no# not.
217. They as thee concernin6 .i6htin6 in the Prohibited 1onth. Say! HFi6htin6 therein is a 6rave
<o..ence=4 but 6raver is it in the si6ht o. /llaah to prevent access to the path o. /llaah0 to deny
5im0 to prevent access to the Sacred 1asEid0 and drive out its members.H Tumult and
oppression are #orse than slau6hter. -or #ill they cease .i6htin6 you until they turn you bac
.rom your .aith i. they can. /nd i. any o. you Turn bac .rom their .aith and die in unbelie.0
their #ors #ill bear no .ruit in this li.e and in the 5erea.ter4 they #ill be companions o. the
Fire and #ill abide therein.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'14&)
There are rules of engagement of ;ar that need to .e o.served as in all civilised societies@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 25 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
9 you #ho believe? 2e ever stead.ast in your devotion to Bod0 bear #itness to truth in all equity4
and never let the hatred o. anyone lead you into the sin o. deviatin6 .rom Eustice. 2e Eust! this is
closest to bein6 Bod+conscious <taqwa=.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B% "ee also 4B1!5@
A:o not dishonour a treaty. :o not mutilate the dead. :o not ill #omen. :o not ill children. :o
not ill the old. :o not .i6ht those #ho are #ithout #eapons. :o not .i6ht those #ho are en6a6ed in
#orship <priests0 rabbis0 etc.=. Jill only those #ho come at you. :o not cut do#n trees. :o not burn
crops. /nd do not poison the #ells o. your enemies.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
The militar# form of Jihad deals ;ith fighting ;ith those ;ho o++ress and fight the 1uslims and +revent 1uslims from
freel# +ractising their faith@ There is no conce+t in Islam for 1uslims to go out and see non&1uslims and for no other
reason than that, the# are attaced and illed@ Islam is not onl# a religion of +eace .ut voluntaril# invites others to :oin
in the universal .elief chosen .# our common Creator@
$&I. Fi6ht in the cause o. /llaah those #ho .i6ht you0 but do not trans6ress limits4 .or /llaah loveth
not trans6ressors.
$&$. /nd slay them #herever ye catch them0 and turn them out .rom #here they have Turned you
out4 .or tumult and oppression are #orse than slau6hter4 but .i6ht them not at the Sacred
1asEid0 unless they <.irst= .i6ht you there4 but i. they .i6ht you0 slay them. Such is the re#ard
o. those #ho suppress .aith.
$&%. 2ut i. they cease0 /llaah is 9.t+.or6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
$&(. /nd .i6ht them on until there is no more tumult or oppression0 and there prevail Eustice and
.aith in /llaah4 but i. they cease0 3et there be no hostility e>cept to those #ho practise
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B120&! "ee also %B5)&)5 and 41B4@
74. 3et those .i6ht in the #ay o. /llaah #ho sell the li.e o. this #orld .or the other. 7hoso .i6hteth
in the #ay o. /llaah0 be he slain or be he victorious0 on him 7e shall besto# a vast re#ard.
75. /nd #hy should ye not .i6ht in the cause o. /llaah and o. those #ho0 bein6 #ea0 are ill+treated
<and oppressed=G + 1en0 #omen and children0 #hose cry is! A9ur 3ord? Rescue us .rom this
to#n0 #hose people are oppressors4 and raise .or us .rom thee one #ho #ill protect4 and raise
.or us .rom thee one #ho #ill help?D
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B)4&)5 "ee also 4B25 and 2B41@
/nd i. ye are slain0 or die0 in the #ay o. /llaah0 .or6iveness and mercy .rom /llaah are .ar better
than all they could amass.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B15)
E>cept those #ho see re.u6e #ith a people bet#een #hom and you there is a covenant0 or <those
#ho= come unto you because their hearts .orbid them to mae #ar on you or mae #ar on their
o#n .ol. 5ad /llaah #illed 5e could have 6iven them po#er over you so that assuredly they #ould
have .ou6ht you. So0 i. they hold aloo. .rom you and #a6e not #ar a6ainst you and o..er you peace0
/llaah allo#eth you no #ay a6ainst them.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B20
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 24 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
). *t may be that /llaah #ill ordain love bet#een you and those o. them #ith #hom ye are at
enmity. /llaah is 1i6hty0 and /llaah is For6ivin60 1erci.ul.
K. /llaah .orbids you not0 #ith re6ard to those #ho .i6ht you not .or <your= Faith nor drive you out
o. your homes0 .rom dealin6 indly and Eustly #ith them! .or /llaah loveth those #ho are Eust.
&. /llaah only .orbids you0 #ith re6ard to those #ho .i6ht you .or <your= Faith0 and drive you out o.
your homes0 and support <others= in drivin6 you out0 .rom turnin6 to them <.or .riendship and
protection=. *t is such as turn to them <in these circumstances= that do #ron6.
<ur=an & "urah al&1umtahanah -"he 8ho is Tested/ 40B)&2 "ee also !B125, 5B51, 14B20 and 40B1@
AYou do not do evil to those #ho do evil to you0 but you deal #ith them #ith .or6iveness and
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
1uch is said a.out ho; Islam as a .elief should .e forced on non&1uslims and that this is a dut# of all 1uslims@ ,othing
can .e further from the truth@ This ;as a +ractice that the idol ;orshi++ers, during the time of *ro+het 1uhammad
-+eace .e u+on him/ used, to +ersuade 1uslims to return to their +agan .eliefs@
An#one ;ho ;ishes to acce+t Islam must do so .# their o;n free ;ill other;ise it ;ill not .e acce+ted .# (od@
There is no compulsion in reli6ion. The ri6ht direction is hence.orth distinct .rom error. /nd he #ho
reEecteth .alse deities and believeth in /llaah hath 6rasped a .irm handhold0 #hich #ill never brea.
/llaah is 5earer0 Jno#er.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'54
*nvite <all= to the 7ay o. thy 3ord #ith #isdom and beauti.ul preachin64 and ar6ue #ith them in
#ays that are best and most 6racious! .or thy 3ord no#eth best0 #ho have strayed .rom 5is Path0
and #ho receive 6uidance.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B1'5
*t is not .or any soul to believe save by the permission o. /llaah. 5e hath set uncleanness <in a
spiritual #ay= upon those #ho have no sense.
<ur=an & "urah Qunus -Jonah/ 10B100
(iving the message of Islam .# dialogue is the ideal ;a#, as the o+ening verses in this document sho;s@ It is ultimatel#
(od ;ho decides .# virtue of the actions of individuals that ;ill determine ;ho ;ill .e guided@ 8e cannot fathom ;hat
is in the hearts of other +eo+leM onl# the# and (od no; this@
/nd strive .or /llaah #ith the endeavour0 #hich is 5is ri6ht. 5e hath chosen you and hath not laid
upon you in reli6ion any hardship4 the .aith o. your .ather /braham <is yours=. 5e hath named you
1uslims o. old time and in this <Scripture= that the messen6er may be a #itness a6ainst you0 and
that ye may be #itnesses a6ainst manind. So establish #orship0 pay the poor+due0 and hold .ast to
/llaah. 5e is your Protectin6 .riend. / blessed Patron and a blessed 5elper?
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ha:: -The *ilgrimage/ ''B)%
7hatever 6ood0 <9 man?= happens to thee0 is .rom /llaah4 but #hatever evil happens to thee0 is
.rom thy <o#n= soul0 and 7e have sent thee as a messen6er to <instruct= manind. /nd enou6h is
/llaah .or a #itness.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 2) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B)2
Some 5e hath 6uided! 9thers have <by their choice= deserved the loss o. their #ay4 in that they
too the evil ones0 in pre.erence to /llaah0 .or their .riends and protectors0 and thin that they
receive 6uidance.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B!0
7ho receiveth 6uidance0 receiveth it .or his o#n bene.it! #ho 6oeth astray doth so to his o#n loss!
-o bearer o. burdens can bear the burden o. another! nor #ould 7e visit #ith 9ur 7rath until 7e
had sent an messen6er <to 6ive #arnin6=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Israa= -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B15 "ee also !5B1%@
A-o# have come to you0 .rom your 3ord0 proo.s <to open your eyes=! i. any #ill see0 it #ill be .or
<the 6ood o.= his o#n soul4 i. any #ill be blind0 it #ill be to his o#n <harm=! * am not <here= to #atch
over your doin6s.D
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B104
9 ye #ho believe? Tae not into your intimacy those outside your rans! They #ill not .ail to corrupt
you. They only desire your ruin! Ran hatred has already appeared .rom their mouths! 7hat their
hearts conceal is .ar #orse. 7e have made plain to you the Si6ns0 i. ye have #isdom.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B11%
In the first .attle during 1uhammad=s -+eace .e u+on him/ +ro+het hood, the Aattle of Aadr, the 1uslims secured a
great victor# after the enem# of one thousand in strength marched north to do .attle ;ith the 1uslims ;hich onl#
num.ered :ust over three hundred@ This victor# in the Aattle of Aadr is referred to in the follo;ing o+ening verse ;here
angels ;ere sent .# Allaah to assist the 1uslims@ 1uslims gave their allegiance to the *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ to
assist him in this struggle@
$. 8erily 7e have 6ranted thee a mani.est 8ictory!
%. That /llaah may .or6ive thee thy .aults o. the past and those to .ollo#4 .ul.il 5is .avour to thee4
and 6uide thee on the Strai6ht 7ay4
(. /nd that /llaah mi6ht help you #ith a mi6hty help.
@. *t is 5e 7ho sent do#n tranquillity into the hearts o. the 2elievers0 that they may add .aith to
their .aith4+ .or to /llaah belon6 the Forces o. the heavens and the earth4 and /llaah is Full o.
Jno#led6e and 7isdom4+
'. That 5e may admit the men and #omen #ho believe0 to Bardens beneath #hich rivers .lo#0 to
d#ell therein .or aye0 and remove their evil deeds .rom them4+ and that is0 in the si6ht o.
/llaah0 the hi6hest achievement <.or man=0+
N. /nd that 5e may punish the 5ypocrites0 men and #omen0 and the Polytheists men and #omen0
#ho ima6ine an evil opinion o. /llaah. 9n them is a round o. Evil! the 7rath o. /llaah is on
them! 5e has cursed them and 6ot 5ell ready .or them! and evil is it .or a destination.
). For to /llaah belon6 the Forces o. the heavens and the earth4 and /llaah is E>alted in Po#er0
Full o. 7isdom.
K. 7e have truly sent thee as a #itness0 as a brin6er o. Blad Tidin6s0 and as a 7arner!
&. *n order that ye <9 men= may believe in /llaah and 5is 1essen6er0 that ye may assist and
honour 5im0 and celebrate 5is praise mornin6 and evenin6.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 2% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$I. 8erily those #ho pli6ht their .ealty to thee do no less than pli6ht their .ealty to /llaah! the
5and o. /llaah is over their hands! then any one #ho violates his oath0 does so to the harm o.
his o#n soul0 and any one #ho .ul.ils #hat he has covenanted #ith /llaah0+ /llaah #ill soon
6rant him a 6reat Re#ard.
<ur=an & "urah al&5ath -Iictor#, Con>uest/ 4%B1&10 Refer also to the Aattle of Uhud@
:eath and the 5erea.ter :eath and the 5erea.ter
3ur return is ultimatel# to our Creator ;here ;e ;ill all face Judgement for all the deeds that ;e have committed and
the intentions in ;hich the# ;ere conducted@ 3ur life here on earth is a transient one, ;hile the life to
come is infinite@
%'&. 9r tae another e>ample o. the one <Prophet Ezra= #ho passed by a hamlet #hich has .allen
do#n upon its roo.s. 5e e>claimed! A5o# can /llaah brin6 this dead to#nship bac to li.eGD
Thereupon /llaah caused him to die0 and a.ter one hundred years brou6ht him bac to li.e.
/llaah ased! A5o# lon6 did you remain hereGD 5e replied! APerhaps a day or part o. a day.D
/llaah said! A-ay? You have remained here .or one hundred years! no# Eust have a loo at
your .ood and drin4 they have not rotten4 and then loo at your doney and see that his very
bones have decayed. 7e have done this to mae you a Si6n .or manind. 3oo at the bones o.
your doney ho# 7e brin6 them to6ether then clothe them #ith .lesh and brin6 him bac to
li.e? 7hen this all #as sho#n clearly to him he said! A-o# * no# that /llaah has po#er over
%NI. 2ehold? /braham said! A1y 3ord? Sho# me ho# Thou 6ivest li.e to the dead.D 5e said! A:ost
thou not then believeGD 5e said! AYea? but to satis.y 1y o#n undertain6.D 5e said! ATae
.our birds4 Tame them to turn to thee4 put a portion o. them on every hill and call to them!
They #ill come to thee <Flyin6= #ith speed. Then no# that /llaah is E>alted in Po#er0 7ise.D
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'52&40
Every soul shall have a taste o. death! and 7e test you by evil and by 6ood by #ay o. trial. To Fs
must ye return.
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B!5 "ee also 4B40, 10B4, !2B) and 40B4%@
7hoso desireth the harvest o. the 5erea.ter0 7e 6ive him increase in its harvest. /nd #hoso
desireth the harvest o. the #orld0 7e 6ive him thereo.0 and he hath no portion in the 5erea.ter.
<ur=an & "urah ash&"hura -Consultation/ 4'B'0 "ee also 10B2&10, 10B'5&!0, 4'B'1&!, 4'B!4 and 52B1%@
/llaah #ill eep .irm those #ho believe0 #ith the #ord that stands .irm in this #orld and in the
5erea.ter. /nd /llaah #ill cause to 6o astray those #ho are Ralimun <polytheists and #ron6+doers0
etc.=0 and /llaah does #hat 5e #ills.
<ur=an & "urah I.rahim -A.raham/ 14B') "ee also ''B12&'4@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 22 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
K. *t #as 7e 7ho created man0 and 7e no# #hat dar su66estions his soul maes to him! .or
7e are nearer to him than <his= Eu6ular vein.
&. 2ehold0 t#o <6uardian an6els= appointed to learn <his doin6s= learn <and noted them=0 one
sittin6 on the ri6ht and one on the le.t.
$I. 5e uttereth no #ord but there is #ith him an observer ready.
$$. /nd the stupor o. death #ill brin6 Truth <be.ore his eyes=! AThis #as the thin6 #hich thou
#ast tryin6 to escape?D
<ur=an 6 "urah <af -the ?etter <af/ 50B14&12
$NK. Those #ho reEect Faith and do #ron60+ /llaah #ill not .or6ive them nor 6uide them to any #ay+
$N&. E>cept the #ay o. 5ell0 to d#ell therein .or ever. /nd this to /llaah is easy.
$)I. 9 1anind? The 1essen6er hath come to you in truth .rom /llaah! believe in him! *t is best .or
you. 2ut i. ye reEect Faith0 to /llaah belon6 all thin6s in the heavens and on earth! /nd /llaah
is /ll+no#in60 /ll+#ise.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B14%&)0
/nd #ho does more #ron6 than he #ho invents a lie a6ainst /llaah or reEects the Truth #hen it
reaches himG *s there not a home in 5ell .or those #ho reEect FaithG
<ur=an & "urah al&DAna.ut -The "+ider/ '2B4%
/nd pursue not that o. #hich thou hast no no#led6e4 .or every act o. hearin60 or o. seein6 or o.
<.eelin6 in= the heart #ill be enquired into <on the :ay o. Reconin6=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Israa= -The ,ight Journe#/ 1)B!4
5o# disbelieve ye in /llaah #hen ye #ere dead and 5e 6ave li.e to you? Then 5e #ill 6ive you
death0 then li.e a6ain0 and then unto 5im ye #ill return.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'% "ee also 15B'!, ''B4 L 4)B'.
Shall 7e treat those #ho believe and #or deeds o. ri6hteousness0 the same as those #ho do
mischie. on earthG Shall 7e treat those #ho 6uard a6ainst evil0 the same as those #ho turn aside
.rom the ri6htG
<ur=an & "urah "ad -"ad 6 A..reviated ?etters/ !%B'%
$). /nd /llaah has produced you .rom the earth 6ro#in6 <6radually=0
$K. /nd in the End 5e #ill return you into the <earth=0 and raise you .orth <a6ain at the
<ur=an & "urah ,uh -,oah/ )1B1)&%
A/nd behold? Ye come to us bare and alone as 7e created you .or the .irst time . . .D
<ur=an & "urah al&An=aam -Cattle/ 4B24
8e are +romised .# (od, that those of our famil# mem.ers ;ith faith ;ill .e among us in heaven .ut those ;ho ;ere
not ;ill enter hell fire@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 100 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
/nd those #ho believe and #hose .amilies .ollo# them in Faith0 + to them shall 7e Eoin their
.amilies! -or shall 7e deprive them <o. the .ruit= o. au6ht o. their #ors! <Yet= is each individual in
pled6e .or his deeds.
<ur=an & "urah at&Tur -The 1ount/ 5'B'1
%%. Those #ho patiently persevere0 seein6 the countenance o. their 3ord4 Establish re6ular
prayers4 spend0 out o. <the 6i.ts= 7e have besto#ed .or their sustenance0 secretly and openly4
and turn o.. Evil #ith 6ood! .or such there is the .inal attainment o. the <eternal= home0+
%(. Bardens o. perpetual bliss! they shall enter there0 as #ell as the ri6hteous amon6 their .athers0
their spouses0 and their o..sprin6! and an6els shall enter unto them .rom every 6ate <#ith the
%@. APeace unto you .or that ye persevered in patience? -o# ho# e>cellent is the .inal home?D
%'. 2ut those #ho brea the ,ovenant o. /llaah0 after havin6 pli6hted their #ord thereto0 and cut
asunder those thin6s #hich /llaah has commanded to be Eoined0 and #or mischie. in the
land4+ on them is the curse4 .or them is the terrible home?
<ur=an & "urah ar&RaDad -The Thunder/ 1!B''&5 "ee also 40B%, 4!B)0 and 51B15&12@
9 ye #ho believe? Save yourselves and your .amilies .rom a Fire #hose .uel is 1en and Stones0 over
#hich are <appointed= an6els stern <and= severe0 #ho .linch not <.rom e>ecutin6= the ,ommands
they receive .rom /llaah0 but do <precisely= #hat they are commanded.
<ur=an 6 "urah at&Tahrim -Aanning/ 44B4 Com+are and contrast ;ith !1B!!@
Those ;ho enter heaven ;ill .e in .liss and ;ill en:o# the fruits of their la.our and .e married to .eautiful com+anions
;hile those ;ho enter hell fire ;ill .e in torment@
2ut 6ive 6lad tidin6s to those #ho believe and #or ri6hteousness0 that their portion is Bardens0
beneath #hich rivers .lo#. Every time they are .ed #ith .ruits there.rom0 they Say! A7hy0 this is
#hat #e #ere .ed #ith be.ore0D .or they are 6iven thin6s in similitude4 and they have therein
companions pure <and holy=4 and they abide therein <.or ever=.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'5
/llaah hath promised to 2elievers0 men and #omen0 6ardens under #hich rivers .lo#0 to d#ell
therein0 and beauti.ul mansions in 6ardens o. everlastin6 bliss. 2ut the 6reatest bliss is the 6ood
pleasure o. /llaah! that is the supreme .elicity.
<ur=an & "urah at&Tau.a -The Re+entance/ 2B)' "ee also 4B1''@
%(. /nd hell is brou6ht near that day4 on that day man #ill remember0 but ho# #ill the
remembrance <then avail him=G
%@. 5e #ill say! H/h? 7ould that * had sent .orth <6ood deeds= .or <this= my <Future= 3i.e?H
%'. For0 that :ay0 5is ,hastisement #ill be such as none <else= can in.lict0
%N. /nd 5is bonds #ill be such as none <other= can bind.
%). <To the ri6hteous soul #ill be said!= H9 <thou= soul0 in <complete= rest and satis.action?
%K. H,ome bac thou to thy 3ord0+ #ell pleased <thysel.=0 and #ell+pleasin6 unto 5im?
%&. HEnter thou0 then0 amon6 1y devotees?
(I. HYea0 enter thou 1y 5eaven?
<ur=an & "urah al&5a:r -The 7a;n, 7a#.rea/ %2B'!&!0
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 101 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
(K. Every soul #ill be <held= in pled6e .or its deeds.
(&. E>cept the ,ompanions o. the Ri6ht 5and.
@I. *n 6ardens they #ill as one another
@$. ,oncernin6 the 6uilty!
@%. A7hat led you into 5ell FireGD
@(. They #ill ans#er! 7e #ere not o. those #ho prayed
@@. A-or #ere #e o. those #ho .ed the poor4
@'. A2ut #e used to tal vanities #ith vain talers4
@N. A/nd #e used to deny the :ay o. ;ud6ment0
@). AFntil there came to us <the 5our= that is certain.D
@K. Then #ill no intercession o. <any= intercessors pro.it them.
<ur=an & "urah al&1udathir -The Cloaed 3ne/ )4B!%&4%
). /nd ye shall be sorted out into three classes.
K. Then <there #ill be= the ,ompanions o. the Ri6ht 5and4 + 7hat #ill be the ,ompanions o. the
Ri6ht 5andG
&. /nd the ,ompanions o. the 3e.t 5and0 + #hat #ill be the ,ompanions o. the 3e.t 5andG
$I. /nd those Foremost <in Faith= #ill be Foremost <in the 5erea.ter=.
$$. These #ill be those -earest to /llaah!
$%. *n Bardens o. 2liss!
$(. / number o. people .rom those o. old0
$@. /nd a .e# .rom those o. later times.
$'. <They #ill be= on Thrones encrusted <#ith 6old and precious stones=0
$N. Reclinin6 on them0 .acin6 each other.
$). Round about them #ill <serve= youths o. perpetual <.reshness=0
$K. 7ith 6oblets0 <shinin6= beaers0 and cups <.illed= out o. clear+.lo#in6 .ountains!
$&. -o a.ter+ache #ill they receive there.rom0 nor #ill they su..er into>ication!
%I. /nd #ith .ruits0 any that they may select!
%$. /nd the .lesh o. .o#ls0 any that they may desire.
%%. /nd <there #ill be= ,ompanions #ith beauti.ul0 bi60 and lustrous eyes0 +
<ur=an & "urah al&8a>ia -The $vent, The Inevita.le/ 54B)&'' "ee also 44B51&)@
@$. The ,ompanions o. the 3e.t 5and0 + #hat #ill be the ,ompanions o. the 3e.t 5andG
@%. <They #ill be= in the midst o. a Fierce 2last o. Fire and in 2oilin6 7ater0
@(. /nd in the shades o. 2lac Smoe!
@@. -othin6 <#ill there be= to re.resh0 nor to please!
@'. For that they #ere #ont to be indul6ed0 be.ore that0 in #ealth <and lu>ury=0
@N. /nd persisted obstinately in #icedness supreme?
@). /nd they used to say0 A7hat? 7hen #e die and become dust and bones0 shall #e then indeed
be raised up a6ainG +
<ur=an & "urah al&8a>ia -The $vent, The Inevita.le/ 54B41&4) "ee also 44B4!&50@
$($. Fear the Fire0 #hich is prepared .or those #ho reEect Faith!
$(%. /nd obey /llaah and the 1essen6er4 that ye may obtain mercy.
$((. 2e quic in the race .or .or6iveness .rom your 3ord0 and .or a Barden #hose #idth is that <o.
the #hole= o. the heavens and o. the earth0 prepared .or the ri6hteous0 +
$(@. Those #ho spend <.reely=0 #hether in prosperity0 or in adversity4 #ho restrain an6er0 and
pardon <all= men4 + .or /llaah loves those #ho do 6ood4 +
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 10' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
$('. /nd those #ho0 havin6 done somethin6 to be ashamed o.0 or #ron6ed their o#n souls0
earnestly brin6 /llaah to mind0 and as .or .or6iveness .or their sins0 + and #ho can .or6ive
sins e>cept /llaahG + /nd are never obstinate in persistin6 no#in6ly in <the #ron6= they have
$(N. For such the re#ard is .or6iveness .rom their 3ord0 and Bardens #ith rivers .lo#in6
underneath0 + an eternal d#ellin6! 5o# e>cellent a recompense .or those #ho #or <and
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B1!1&1!4
:id ye thin that ye #ould enter 5eaven #ithout /llaah testin6 those o. you #ho .ou6ht hard <*n 5is
,ause= and remained stead.astG
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B14'
@%. 2ut those #ho believe and #or ri6hteousness0 + no burden do 7e place on any soul0 but that
#hich it can bear0 + they #ill be ,ompanions o. the Barden0 therein to d#ell <.or ever=.
43. /nd 7e remove #hatever rancour may be in their hearts. Rivers .lo# beneath them. /nd they
say! The praise to /llaah0 7ho hath 6uided us to this. 7e could not truly have been led ari6ht i.
/llaah had not 6uided us. 8erily the messen6ers o. our 3ord did brin6 the Truth. /nd it is cried
unto them! This is the Barden. Ye inherit it .or #hat ye used to do.
<ur=an & "urah al&ADraaf -The Heights/ )B4'&4!
)I. Save him #ho repenteth and believeth and doth ri6hteous #or4 as .or such0 /llaah #ill
chan6e their evil deeds to 6ood deeds. /llaah is ever For6ivin60 1erci.ul.
)$. /nd #hosoever repenteth and doeth 6ood0 he verily repenteth to#ard /llaah #ith true
repentance +
<ur=an & "urah al&5ur>an -The Criterion/ '5B)0&)1
9 reassured soul Return to your 3ord0 #ell+pleased and pleasin6 Tto 5imU and enter amon6 1y
Tri6hteousU servants and enter 1y Paradise.
<ur=an & "urah an&,aml -The Ant/ ')B!0
$. The <:ay= o. -oise and ,lamour!
%. 7hat is the <:ay= o. -oise and ,lamourG
(. /nd #hat #ill e>plain to thee #hat the <:ay= o. -oise and ,lamour isG
@. <*t is= a :ay #hereon men #ill be lie moths scattered about0
'. /nd the mountains #ill be lie carded #ool.
N. Then0 he #hose balance <o. 6ood deeds= #ill be <.ound= heavy0
). 7ill be in a li.e o. 6ood pleasure and satis.action.
K. 2ut he #hose balance <o. 6ood deeds= #ill be <.ound= li6ht0+
&. 7ill have his home in a Pit.
$I. /nd #hat #ill e>plain to thee #hat this isG
$$. <*t is= a Fire 2lazin6 .iercely?
<ur=an & "urah al&<ari#a -The Calamit#/ 101B1&11
N. For those #ho reEect their 3ord <and ,herisher= is the Penalty o. 5ell! and evil is <such=0
). 7hen they are cast therein0 they #ill hear the <terrible= dra#in6 in o. its breath even as it
blazes .orth0
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 10! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
K. /lmost burstin6 #ith .ury! Every time a Broup is cast therein0 its Jeepers #ill as0 H:id no
7arner come to youGH
&. They #ill say! HYes indeed4 a 7arner did come to us0 but #e reEected him and said0 O/llaah
never sent do#n any <1essa6e=! ye are nothin6 but an e6re6ious delusion?OH
$I. They #ill .urther say! H5ad #e but listened or used our intelli6ence0 #e should not <no#= be
amon6 the ,ompanions o. the 2lazin6 Fire?H
$$. They #ill then con.ess their sins! but .ar #ill be <For6iveness= .rom the ,ompanions o. the
2lazin6 Fire?
$%. /s .or those #ho .ear their 3ord unseen0 .or them is For6iveness and a 6reat Re#ard.
$(. /nd #hether ye hide your #ord or publish it0 5e certainly has <.ull= no#led6e0 o. the secrets
o. <all= hearts.
$@. Should 5e not no#0+ 5e that createdG and 5e is the 9ne that understands the .inest mysteries
<and= is #ell+acquainted <#ith them=.
<ur=an & "urah al&1ul -The "overeignt#/ 4)1B4&14
It is im+ortant that throughout our lives ;e as for forgiveness again and again and +urif# our souls so that at the time
of death ;e remain in a state of Islam@ Those ;ho deli.eratel# re:ect (od -after no;ing He eCists/ and in addition set
u+ +artners and do not trul# re+ent ;ill not enter heaven@ All others ;ill .e +unished or forgiven as (od +leases@
*. any one does evil or #ron6s his o#n soul but a.ter#ards sees /llaahOs .or6iveness0 he #ill .ind
/llaah 9.t+.or6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B110 "ee also 'B140, 4B1)&1%, 4B54, '5B)0&1, 4'B'5, 4'B!0, !4 etc@
Say! A9 my Servants #ho have trans6ressed a6ainst their souls? :espair not o. the 1ercy o. /llaah!
.or /llaah .or6ives all sins! .or 5e is 9.t+For6ivin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B5! "ee also 'B!), 14B110, '0B%', !%B44, !2B5, 40B4', )1B10, etc@
7hoso doeth ri6ht0 it is .or his soul0 and #hoso doeth #ron60 it is a6ainst it.
<ur=an & "urah al&Jathi#a -Crouching/ 45B15
/nd lo? 8erily * am For6ivin6 to#ard him #ho repenteth and believeth and doeth 6ood0 and
a.ter#ard #aleth ari6ht.
<ur=an & "urah Ta Ha '0B%'
/llaah .or6iveth not that partners should be set up #ith 5im4 but 5e .or6iveth anythin6 else0 to
#hom 5e pleaseth4 to set up partners #ith /llaah is to devise a sin 1ost heinous indeed.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B4%
Jno#est thou not that unto /llaah belon6eth the Soverei6nty o. the heavens and the earthG 5e punisheth
#hom 5e #ill0 and .or6iveth #hom 5e #ill. /llaah is /ble to do all thin6s.
<ur=an & "urah al&1a=aida -The Ta.le "+read/ 5B40
Those #ho avoid 6reat sins and shame.ul deeds0 only <.allin6 into= small .aults0 + verily thy 3ord is
ample in .or6iveness. 5e no#s you #ell #hen 5e brin6s you out o. the earth0 /nd #hen ye are
hidden in your mothersO #ombs. There.ore Eusti.y not yourselves! 5e no#s best #ho it is that
6uards a6ainst evil.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,a:m -The "tar/ 5!B!'
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 104 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
H9 Son o. /dam0 as lon6 as you supplicate to 1e and have hope in me * #ill pardon you in spite o.
#hat you have done0 and * do not care. 9 Son o. /dam0 i. your sins #ere so numerous as to reach
the lo.ty re6ions o. the sy0 then you ased 1y .or6iveness0 * #ould .or6ive you0 and * do not care. 9
Son o. /dam0 i. you #ere to meet 1e #ith enou6h sins to .ill the earth0 then you met 1e0 not
associatin6 anythin6 #ith 1e <in #orship=0 * shall 6reet you #ith its equivalent in .or6iveness.OH
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ Re+orted .# at&Tirmithi, Hadith <udsi ,o@ !4
An#one ;hom ;e ;rong in this ;orld, ;e ;ill have to +a# ;ith our good deeds@ Those +arts of our .odies that commit
sin ;ill s+ea regarding the sins that it committed@
(I. ,ertainly you shall die and certainly they shall die.
($. Then on the :ay o. Resurrection0 you shall settle your disputes be.ore your 3ord.
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B!0&1
HYe did not see to hide yourselves0 lest your hearin60 your si6ht0 and your sins should bear
#itness a6ainst you? 2ut ye did thin that /llaah ne# not many o. the thin6s that ye used to do?
<ur=an & "urah 5ussilat -$C+lained in 7etail/ 41B''
9n no soul doth /llaah Place a burden 6reater than it can bear. *t 6ets every 6ood that it earns0 and
it su..ers every ill that it earns...
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'%4
9 ye #ho believe? Fear /llaah as 5e should be .eared0 and die not e>cept in a state o. *slam.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B10'
$I. 9 ye #ho believe? Shall * lead you to a bar6ain that #ill save you .rom a 6rievous PenaltyG
$$. That ye believe in /llaah and 5is 1essen6er0 and that ye strive in the ,ause o. /llaah0 #ith
your property and your persons! That #ill be best .or you0 i. ye but ne#?
$%. 5e #ill .or6ive you your sins0 and admit you to Bardens beneath #hich Rivers .lo#0 and to
beauti.ul mansions in Bardens o. Eden <+den=! that is indeed the Supreme /chievement.
$(. /nd another <.avour #ill 5e besto#=0 #hich ye do love0+ help .rom /llaah and a speedy victory.
So 6ive the Blad Tidin6s to the 2elievers.
<ur=an & "urah as&"aff -The Rans/ 41B10&1! "ee also 2%B%.
$. 7hen the earth is shaen to her <utmost= convulsion0
%. /nd the earth thro#s up her burdens <.rom #ithin=0
(. /nd man cries <distressed=! O7hat is the matter #ith herGO+
@. 9n that :ay #ill she declare her tidin6s!
'. For that thy 3ord #ill have 6iven her inspiration.
N. 9n that :ay #ill men proceed in companies sorted out0 to be sho#n the deeds that they <had
). Then shall anyone #ho has done an atomOs #ei6ht o. 6ood0 see it?
K. /nd anyone #ho has done an atomOs #ei6ht o. evil0 shall see it.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&9alzala -The $arth>uae/ 22B1&% "ee also %4B1&'5@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 105 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
A7hen the human bein6 dies0 his actions dissociate .rom him e>cept three thin6s! a continuous
donation0 bene.icial no#led6e0 or a pious child #ho supplicates .or him.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ "ahih 1uslim
A trum+et ;ill .e .lo;n .# angel Israfil -+eace .e u+on him/ to mar the da# of resurrection and :udgement@
/nd the trumpet is blo#n and lo? .rom the 6raves they hie unto their 3ord0
<ur=an 6 "urah Qasin !4B51 "ee also 50B'0@
*t is 5e #ho created the heavens and the earth in true <proportions=! the day 5e saith0 A2e0D
behold? *t is. 5is #ord is the truth. 5is #ill be the dominion the day the trumpet #ill be blo#n. 5e
no#eth the unseen as #ell as that #hich is open. For 5e is the 7ise0 #ell acquainted <#ith all
<ur=an & "urah al&AnDaam -The Cattle/ 4B)!
NK. The Trumpet #ill <Eust= be sounded0 #hen all that are in the heavens and on earth #ill s#oon0
e>cept such as it #ill please /llaah <to e>empt=. Then #ill a second one be sounded0 #hen0
behold0 they #ill be standin6 and looin6 on?
N&. /nd the Earth #ill shine #ith the Blory o. its 3ord! the Record <o. :eeds= #ill be placed <open=4
the prophets and the #itnesses #ill be brou6ht .or#ard and a Eust decision pronounced
bet#een them4 and they #ill not be #ron6ed <in the least=.
)I. /nd each soul is paid in .ull .or #hat it did. /nd 5e is 2est /#are o. #hat they do.
)$. The Fnbelievers #ill be led to 5ell in cro#d! until0 #hen they arrive0 there0 its 6ates #ill be
opened. /nd its eepers #ill say0 A:id not messen6ers come to you .rom amon6 yourselves0
rehearsin6 to you the Si6ns o. your 3ord0 and #arnin6 you o. the 1eetin6 o. This :ay o. yoursGD
The ans#er #ill be! ATrue! but the :ecree o. Punishment has been proved true a6ainst the
)%. <To them= #ill be said! AEnter ye the 6ates o. 5ell0 to d#ell therein! and evil is <this= /bode o.
the /rro6ant?D
)(. /nd those #ho eep their duty <practised taqwa= to their 3ord are driven unto the Barden in
troops till0 #hen they reach it0 and the 6ates thereo. are opened0 and the #arders thereo. say
unto them! Peace be unto you </salaam+o+/layum=? Ye are 6ood0 so enter ye <the Barden o.
deli6ht=0 to d#ell therein4
)@. They #ill say! APraise be to /llaah0 7ho has truly .ul.illed 5is Promise to us0 and has 6iven us
<this= land in herita6e! 7e can d#ell in the Barden as #e #ill! ho# e>cellent a re#ard .or those
#ho #or <ri6hteousness=?D
)'. /nd thou #ilt see the an6els surroundin6 the Throne <:ivine= on all sides0 sin6in6 Blory and
Praise to their 3ord. The :ecision bet#een them <at ;ud6ment= #ill be in <per.ect= Eustice0 and
the cry <on all sides= #ill be0 APraise be to /llaah0 3ord o. all ,reation?D
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B4%&)5 "ee also 1%B22&10%, '0B10'&11', '!B101&11%, ')B%)&20, 50B'0&
45, 42B1!&!2, )4B%&11 and )%B1%&40@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 104 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The End o. the Fniverse The End o. the Fniverse
The ending of the universe ;ill occur one da#@ Aoth the sun and the moon ;ill come to an end@
/llaah it is 7ho raised up the heavens #ithout visible supports0 then mounted the Throne0 and
compelled the sun and the moon to be o. service0 each runneth unto an appointed term4 5e
ordereth the course4 5e detaileth the revelations0 that haply ye may be certain o. the meetin6 #ith
your 3ord.
<ur=an & "urah ar&RaDad -The Thunder/ 1!B' "ee also 44B!@
Seest thou not that /llaah mer6es -i6ht into :ay and he mer6es :ay into -i6ht4 that 5e has
subEected the sun0 and the moon <to his 3a#=0 each runnin6 its course .or a term appointed4 and
that /llaah is #ell+acquainted #ith all that ye doG
<ur=an & "urah ?u>man -?u>man/ !1B'2
5e created the heavens and the earth in true <proportions=! 5e maes the -i6ht overlap the :ay0
and the :ay overlap the -i6ht! 5e has subEected the sun and the moon <to 5is la#=! Each one
.ollo#s a course .or a time appointed. *s not 5e the E>alted in Po#er + 5e 7ho .or6ives a6ain and
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B5
(od has chosen a +re&determined time ;hen and ho; the universe ;ill come to an end@
7e created not the heavens and the earth and all that is bet#een them save #ith truth0 and .or a
term appointed! 2ut those #ho reEect Faith turn a#ay .rom that #hereo. they are #arned.
<ur=an 6 "urah al&Ah>af -The 7unes/ 44B!
9ne day the earth #ill be chan6ed to a di..erent earth0 and so #ill be the heavens0 and <men= #ill be
marshalled .orth0 be.ore /llaah0 the 9ne0 the *rresistible.
<ur=an & "urah I.rahim -A.raham/ 14B4%
The :ay #hereon they #ill <all= come .orth! not a sin6le thin6 concernin6 them is hidden .rom
/llaah. 7hose #ill be the dominion that :ayGD That o. /llaah0 the 9ne the *rresistible?
<ur=an & "urah al&(haafir -The 5orgiver/ 40B14
5e is the First and the 3ast0 and the 9ut#ard and the *n#ard4 and 5e is Jno#er o. all thin6s.
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 10) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
<ur=an & "urah al&Hadid -The Iron/ 5)B!
The :ay #hen 7e shall roll up the heavens as a recorder rolleth up a #ritten scroll. /s 7e be6an
the .irst creation0 7e shall repeat it. <*t is= a promise <bindin6= upon Fs. 3o? 7e are to per.orm it.
<ur=an & "urah al&An.i#aa -The *ro+hets/ '1B104 "ee also 10B!4, ')B44, !2B4) and 50B15@
The verse is referred to in scientific circles as the Colla+sing Theor# or the Aig Crunch, ;here as a result of gravit#, the
universe ;ill slo; do;n and im+lode ;ithin itself in its centre and .ecome a singularit# and then re&eC+lode i@e@ an
infinite se>uence of Aig Aangs and Aig Crunches@ Research in this area, .# the scientific communit#, continues@
,onclusions ,onclusions
The original +ristine message of A.raham, 1oses and Jesus -+eace .e u+on them/ etc@ ;as the same as the message
follo;ed .# 1uslims toda# through the <urHan and authentic "unnah of 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/@ It is onl#
through time that the true religion of Judaism and in +articular Christianit# has changed@ Islam and 1uslims ma# seem
strange to those ;ho are not of the Islamic faith, .ut Islam ;as strange in the +ast@ The A.rahamic religion comes to an
end .# the culmination of the <ur=anic revelation and +erfected for all to follo; thereafter as 1uslims follo; toda#@
A*slam be6an as a stran6er and #ill return to bein6 a stran6er so 6lad tidin6s <or a certain hu6e tree
in Paradise= is .or those #ho are stran6e.D They ased0 H9 1essen6er o. /llaahH 7ho are the
stran6ersGH 5e replied0 HThose #ho recti.y <themselves and others= #hen the people are corrupt.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
The ;orshi+ and acce+tance of our Creator and His la;s governing our dail# lives is for our +ersonal good as ;ell as the
;elfare of our families and societ# in general@ (od ass us to control our o;n lives rather than the soft .ut deceiving
voice of Satan should tae over@ After all, (od has a++ointed angels to record our deeds@
$I. 2ut verily over you <are appointed an6els= to protect you0 +
$$. Jind and honourable0 + 7ritin6 do#n <your deeds=!
$%. They no# <and understand= all that ye do.
<ur=an & "urah al&Infitaar -The Aelievers/ %'B10&'
Instead of com+laining to +eo+le ;hen struc .# calamit#, one must mae it a ha.it to as Allaah alone for refuge@
Ho;ever, there is no harm to mention #our +ro.lem to +eo+le and share their o+inion@
A2e mind.ul o. /llaah and /llaah #ill protect you. 2e mind.ul o. /llaah and you #ill .ind 5im in .ront
o. you. *. you as0 as only /llaah and i. you see help0 see help only .rom /llaah. /nd no# that i.
all the nations #ere to 6ather to6ether to bene.it you0 they #ould bene.it you only #ith somethin6
that /llaah had already prescribed .or you0 and i. they 6ather to6ether to harm you0 they #ould
harm you only #ith somethin6 that /llaah had already prescribed .or you. The pens have been li.ted
and the pa6es are dry.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
It is im+ortant to ensure that the surrounding environment is conducive to this ideal ;a# of life that is I"?A1@ A great
re;ard is +romised for all .elieving men and ;omen@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 10% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
7hoever #ors ri6hteousness0 man or #oman0 and has Faith0 verily0 to him #ill 7e 6ive a ne# 3i.e0
a li.e that is 6ood and pure and 7e #ill besto# on such their re#ard accordin6 to the best o. their
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B2) "ee also 40B40@
For 1uslim men and #omen0 + .or believin6 men and #omen0 .or devout men and #omen0 .or true
men and #omen0 .or men and #omen #ho are patient and constant0 .or men and #omen #ho
humble themselves0 .or men and #omen #ho 6ive in ,harity0 .or men and #omen #ho .ast <and
deny themselves=0 .or men and #omen #ho 6uard their chastity0 and .or men and #omen #ho
en6a6e much in /llaahOs praise0 + .or them has /llaah prepared .or6iveness and 6reat re#ard.
<ur=an & "urah al&Ahzaa. -The Clans/ !!B!5
AThe one #ho 6uides to 6ood #ill be re#arded equally.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
$. Those #ho reEect /llaah and hinder <men= .rom the Path o. /llaah0+ their deeds #ill /llaah
render astray <.rom their mar=.
%. 2ut those #ho believe and #or deeds o. ri6hteousness0 and believe in the <Revelation= sent
do#n to 1uhammad + .or it is the Truth .rom their 3ord0 + 5e #ill remove .rom them their ills
and improve their condition.
<ur=an & "urah 1uhammad -1uhammad/ 4)B1&' "ee also 1%B'2&44@
*. any do deeds o. ri6hteousness0+ be they male or .emale + and have .aith0 they #ill enter 5eaven0
and not the least inEustice #ill be done to them.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B1'4
$$. For those #ho believe and do ri6hteous deeds0 #ill be Bardens4 beneath #hich rivers .lo#!
That is the 6reat Salvation0 <the .ul.ilment o. all desires=0
$%. Truly stron6 is the Brip <and Po#er= o. thy 3ord.
$(. *t is 5e 7ho creates .rom the very be6innin60 and 5e can restore <li.e=.
$@. /nd 5e is the 9.t+For6ivin60 Full o. 3ovin6+Jindness0
$'. 3ord o. the Throne o. Blory0
<ur=an & "urah al&Auroo: -The Constellations/ %5B11&1'
((. /nd he #ho brin6s the Truth and he #ho con.irms <and supports= it + such are the men #ho do
(@. They shall have all that they #ish .or0 in the presence o. their 3ord! such is the re#ard o.
those #ho do 6ood!
('. So that /llaah #ill turn o.. .rom them <even= the #orst in their deeds and 6ive them their
re#ard accordin6 to the best o. #hat they have done.
<ur=an 6 "urah az&9umar -The (rou+s/ !2B!!&!5
Say <9 1uhammad=! A* am but a man lie yourselves0 <but= the inspiration has come to me0 that your
/llaah is one /llaah! #hoever e>pects to meet his 3ord0 let him #or ri6hteousness0 and0 in the
#orship o. his 3ord0 admit no one as partner.
<ur=an & "urah al&Pahf -The Cave/ 1%B110
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 102 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
ASeein6 no#led6e is a duty that is imposed on every male and .emale 1uslim. *t is most surely that
/llaah loves seeers o. no#led6eD.
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
A2e mind.ul o. /llaah0 and /llaah #ill be mind.ul o. you.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
In the .eginning *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ encountered great o++osition to the +oint that those ;ho did
not acce+t his message ;ished and +lotted to ill him@ Ho;ever he esta.lished a ;hole communit# .ased on the notion
of collective effort, mutual res+ect and real +artnershi+@ 8hen he emigrated from his +lace of .irth, 1aah, to the
cit# of 1adina he +aired u+ +eo+le of .oth the cities, instilled in them a sense of +ride and honour, dee+ conviction and
love, and united them .# faith@ To;ards the end of his life he, .# the aid of Allaah, received ;ide acce+tance not onl#
from his message .ut from his character@ Toda# the ;orld is lit .# the light of Islam and getting .righter each da#@
A-one o. you #ill have .aith till he #ishes .or his <1uslim= brother #hat he lies .or himsel..D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
A9 our 3ord? ,over <us= #ith Thy For6iveness0 me0 my parents0 and <all= 2elievers0 on the :ay that
the Reconin6 #ill be established?D
<ur=an & "urah I.rahim -A.raham/ 14B41 "ee also 4'B'5.
A9ur 3ord? mae o. us 1uslims0 bo#in6 to Thy <7ill=0 and o. our pro6eny a people 1uslim0 bo#in6 to
Thy <#ill=4 and sho# us our place .or the celebration o. <due= rites4 and turn unto us <in 1ercy=4 .or
Thou art the 9.t+Returnin60 1ost 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B1'%
To /llaah do belon6 the unseen <secrets= o. the heavens and the earth0 and to 5im 6oeth bac every
a..air <.or decision=! then #orship 5im0 and put thy trust in 5im! and thy 3ord is not unmind.ul o.
au6ht that ye do.
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B1'!
9ur 3ord? ,ause not our hearts to stray a.ter Thou hast 6uided us0 and besto# upon us mercy .rom
Thy Presence. 3o? Thou0 only Thou0 art the 2esto#er.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B%
-ay0 but <the chosen o. /llaah is= he #ho .ul.illeth his pled6e and #ardeth o.. <evil=4 .or lo? /llaah
loveth those #ho #ard o.. <evil=.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B)4
. . . *n 5im * trust <tawakkul= and unto 5im * turn <repentant=.
<ur=an & "urah Hud -The *ro+het Hud/ 11B%% "ee also 5B'!, !B152, %B44 and 11B1'!@
So say <9 1uhammad=! A9 my 3ord? 6rant Thou .or6iveness and mercy .or Thou art the 2est o. those
#ho sho# mercy?D
<ur=an & "urah al&1uDminoon -The Cleaving/ '!B11%
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 110 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Say0 <9 1uhammad0 to manind=! *. ye love /llaah0 .ollo# me4 /llaah #ill love you and .or6ive you
your sins. /llaah is For6ivin60 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B!1
$''. 2e sure #e shall test you #ith somethin6 o. .ear and hun6er0 some loss in 6oods or lives or the
.ruits <o. your toil=0 but 6ive 6lad tidin6s to those #ho patiently persevere0
$'N. 7ho say0 #hen a..licted #ith calamity! ATo /llaah 7e belon60 and to 5im is our returnD <innaa
lilaahi wa innaa ilaiyhi raa,i(oon=
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B155&4
8hatever suffering ;e go through in this life is finite, .ut our re;ard in the Hereafter insha&Allaah ;ill .e infinite@
3n 5rida# the 2
of 1arch 4!' C$ -2
of 7hul Hi::ah 10 AH of the Islamic calendar/ in the Uranah Ialle# of 1ount Arafat,
*ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ delivered his fare;ell sermon .efore maing his ;a# .ac to 1adina@ This is
;hat he said@
A9 People0 lend me an attentive ear0 .or * donOt no# #hether0 a.ter this year0 * shall ever be
amon6st you a6ain. There.ore listen to #hat * am sayin6 to you care.ully and tae these #ords to
those #ho could not be present here today.
9 People0 Eust as you re6ard this month0 this day0 this city as Sacred0 so re6ard the li.e and property
o. every 1uslim as a sacred trust. Return the 6oods entrusted to you to their ri6ht.ul o#ners. 5urt
no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you #ill indeed meet your 3ord0 and that 5e
#ill indeed recon your deeds. /llaah has .orbidden you to tae usury <*nterest=0 there.ore all
interest obli6ation shall hence.orth be #aived... 2e#are o. Satan0 .or your sa.ety o. your reli6ion.
5e has lost all hope that he #ill ever be able to lead you astray in bi6 thin6s0 so be#are o. .ollo#in6
him in small thin6s.
9 People0 it is true that you have certain ri6hts #ith re6ard to your #omen0 but they also have
ri6hts over you. Remember that you have taen them as your #ives only under /llaahOs trust and
#ith 5is permission. *. they abide by your ri6ht then to them belon6s the ri6ht to be .ed and clothed
in indness. :o treat your #omen #ell and be ind to them .or they are your partners and
committed helpers. /nd it is your ri6ht that they do not mae .riends #ith any one o. #hom you do
not approve0 as #ell as never to be unchaste.
9 People0 listen to me in earnest0 #orship /llaah0 say your .ive daily prayers <Salah=0 .ast durin6 the
month o. Ramadhan0 and 6ive your #ealth in Raah. Per.orm 5aEE i. you can a..ord to. You no#
that every 1uslim is the brother o. another 1uslim. You are all equal. -obody has superiority over
other e>cept by piety and 6ood action. Remember0 one day you #ill appear be.ore /llaah and
ans#er .or your deeds. So be#are0 do not astray .rom the path o. ri6hteousness a.ter * am 6one.
9 People0 no prophet or apostle #ill come a.ter me and no ne# .aith #ill be born. Reason #ell0
there.ore0 9 People0 and understand my #ords #hich * convey to you. * leave behind me t#o thin6s0
the QurOan and my e>ample0 the Sunnah and i. you .ollo# these you #ill never 6o astray. /ll those
#ho listen to me shall pass on my #ords to others and those to others a6ain4 and may the last ones
understand my #ords better than those #ho listen to me directly. 2e my #itness0 9 /llaah0 that *
have conveyed your messa6e to your people.H
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 111 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The final ;ords in 'B154 -ATo /llaah 7e belon60 and to 5im is our returnD/ ;ere the last ;ords s+oen .# *ro+het
1uhammad -+eace and .lessings of Allaah .e u+on him/ ;hen he +assed a;a#@
8hen A.u Aar as&"iddi> -the *ro+het=s .est com+anion/ learnt of the *ro+het=s death, he .roe the ne;s to a disma#ed
1uslim communit#@ The dis.elief of the ne;s ;as over;helming@ The *ro+het -+eace .e u+on him/ had .een the leader,
the guide and the .earer of 7ivine revelation through ;hom the# had .een .rought from idolatr# and .ar.arism into the
;a# of (od@ He had sho;n com+assion and indness to .oth 1uslims and non&1uslims@ Ho; could he dieU
A.u Aar as&"iddi> -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith him/ addressed the 1uslims, sa#ing
DO people, erily whoeer worshipped !uhammad, behold* !uhammad is indeed dead. /ut whoeer worships >od,
behold* >od is alie and will neer die.C
A.u Aar as&"iddi> -ma# Allaah .e +leased ;ith him/ concluded .# reciting a verse from the <ur=an@ 3n hearing these
;ords, the +eo+le ;ere consoled@ 7es+ondenc# gave +lace to confidence and tran>uillit#@
1uhammad is no more than a messen6er! many 7ere the messen6er that passed a#ay be.ore him. *.
he died or #ere slain0 #ill ye then Turn bac on your heelsG *. any did turn bac on his heels0 not
the least harm #ill he do to /llaah4 but /llaah <on the other hand= #ill s#i.tly re#ard those #ho
<serve 5im= #ith 6ratitude.
<ur=an & "urah al&DImraan -The 5amil# of DImraan/ !B144
I +ra# that Allaah, 1ost High, 1ost 5orgiving and to Him .e all (lor# and *raise acce+ts this small .ut hum.le effort in
understanding the .eaut# of Islam and forgive me for an# errors that I ma# have made involuntaril#@
1a# Allaah .less and forgive again and again the Ummah of 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/@ 1a# Allaah continuousl#
hel+ and guide us on the +ath that He chose through the "unnah of 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ and ee+ us
steadfast@ 8homsoever Allaah guides no can misguide and ;homsoever Allaah removes His guidance no one can guide@
8ith Allaah on our side, ;e ;ill succeed in this life and the hereafter and never ;ill ;e .e ;ronged or un:ustl# dealt
;ith, insha&Allaah@
5ad /llaah #illed 5e could have made you <all= one nation0 but 5e sendeth #hom 5e #ill astray and
6uideth #hom 5e #ill0 and ye #ill indeed be ased o. #hat ye used to do.
<ur=an 6 "urah an&,ahl -The Aee/ 14B2!
Islam is a :ourne# of a lifetime and not to .e seen as a +assing +hase@ Islam enriches the soul :ust as food and drin
nourishes the .od#@ Islam +rovides +eace ;ithin oneself and ;ith our Creator@
1an# ;ho are not of the Islamic faith are discovering and eC+eriencing the (reatness and 1erc# of Allaah and Islam@
This is a sign in ;hich the Truth is manifesting itself@ 1a# Allaah, All&Pno;ing, The Hearer, the "eer, assist these
individuals ;ith reasoning and give them strength to enter Islam@ 1a# the curious human s+irit al;a#s succeed insha&
... H9ur 3ord? ,ondemn us not i. #e .or6et or .all into error4 our 3ord? 3ay not on us a burden 3ie
that #hich Thou didst lay on those be.ore us4 9ur 3ord? 3ay not on us a burden 6reater than #e
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 11' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
have stren6th to bear. 2lot out our sins0 and 6rant us .or6iveness. 5ave mercy on us. Thou art our
Protector4 5elp us a6ainst those #ho stand a6ainst .aith.H
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'%4
*raise and glor# .e to Allaah, the 1ost (reat, the 3ft 5orgiving, and the Creator of the entire universe in harmon#@ 1a#
Allaah .less 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ the no.lest and gentlest of characters, sent as a merc# to manind@
D+shhadu an laa ilaaha ill-+llaah wahdahu laa shareeka lah, wa ashhadu anna !uhammadan &abduhu wa rasooluhu -I
.ear ;itness that there is no god eCce+t Allaah alone ;ith no +artner or associate, and I .ear ;itness that 1uhammad is
the 1essenger of Allaah/F@
5o# to 5o# to Per.orm the Per.orm the
Prayer Prayer
The follo;ing teCt is first given in $nglish follo;ed .# the e>uivalent +rabic sounding ;ords@
Tahrima <Startin6 the prayer=
Allaah is (reat
+llaahu akbar
Thana <9ptional openin6 o. the prayer=
3 Allaah, (lor# and *raise are for #ou, and .lessed is Qour name, and high is Qour 1a:est# and none is ;orth# of ;orshi+
.ut Qou
subhanakallIhumma wa bi hamdika wa tabarakasmuka wa ta&ala ,adduka wa la ilaha ghairuk
Taa##udh <Seein6 protection .rom Satan=
I see shelter in Allaah from the re:ected "atan
a&udhu billahi minash-shaitanir-ra,im
Qiyaam <Standin6 and readin6 the openin6 chapter o. the QurOan=
1@ In the ,ame of Allaah, the Aeneficent, the 1erciful
bismilllahir rahmanir rahim
'@ *raise .e to Allaah, ?ord of all Creation,
alhamdulillIhi rabbil-&Ilamïn
!@ The Aeneficent, the 1erciful@
4@ 1aster of the 7a# of Judgment,
mIliki yaumiddin
5@ Thee -alone/ ;e ;orshi+M Thee -alone/ ;e .eseech for hel+@
iyyIka na&budu wa iyyIka nasta&ïn
4@ "ho; us the straight +ath,
)@ The +ath of those ;hom Qou have favoured -the 1uslims/M not the -+ath/ of those ;ho have earned JQourK
anger -the Je;s/, nor those ;ho have gone astra# -the Christians/@
sirItalladhïna ana&mta &alaihim ghairil-maghdJbi &alaihim waladdIllïn
<ur=an & "urah al&5atiha -The 3+ening/ 1B1&)
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 11! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Qiraat <Recitation o. any other QurOanic verses. 5ereOs an e>ample.=
1@ "a# He is Allaah the 3ne and 3nl#
qul huwallIhu ahad
'@ Allaah the $ternal A.solute
!@ He .egetteth not nor is He .egotten
lam yalid wa lam yJlad
4@ And there is none lie unto Him
wa lam yakullahJ kufuwan ahad
<ur=an & "urah al&Ihlaas -"incerit#/ 11'B1&4
Ruu <2o#in6=
Allaah is (reat
+llaahu akbar
(lor# .e to Allaah, 1ost (reat -re+eat ! times/
subbana rabbiyal-&a%im
Ieril# Allaah listens to one ;ho *raises Him@
sami&+llaahu liman hamidah
3h our ?ord, all *raises .e to Qou
rabbna wa lakal-hamd
Allaah is (reat
+llaahu akbar
SaEdah <Prostration=
(lor# .e to Allaah, 1ost High -re+eat ! times/
subbana rabbiyal-a&la.
Allaah is (reat
+llaahu akbar
(lor# .e to Allaah, 1ost High -re+eat ! times/
subbana rabbiyal-a&la.
/dhaar <Sittin6 position bet#een the SaEdahOs=
3 AllaahV 5orgive meM have merc# on meM Jstrengthen meMK Jraise m# ranMK guide meM J+ardon meMK sustain meM
+llaahumaghfirlee warhumnee ?wa,buornee@ ?warf&unee@ wahdeenee ?waFafeenee@ waFarruknee
3 m# ?ordV 5orgive me, forgive me@
6abaghfirlee yigfirlee
Tashahhud <Sittin6 position=
All ver.al and +h#sical acts of ;orshi+ and financial sacrifices are due to Allaah
attahiyyatu lillahi wassalawatu wattayyibatu
*eace .e on #ou, 3 *ro+het, and the merc# of Allaah and His .lessings
assalamu &alaika ayyuhannabiyyu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
*eace .e on us and on the righteous servants of Allaah
assalamu &alaina wa &ala &ibadillahissalihin
I .ear ;itness that there is none ;orth# of ;orshi+ .ut Allaah
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 114 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
ash-hadu alla ilaha ill+llaahu
And I .ear ;itness that 1uhammad is His servant and His messenger@
wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan &abduhu wa rasuluh
:arud <Sendin6 blessin6s to the .amily o. Prophet 1uhammad <peace be upon him==
3 Allaah, let Qour .lessing come u+on 1uhammad, and the famil# of 1uhammad as #ou .lessed I.rahim and his famil#,
trul# Qou are the *raise;orth# and (lorious
allIhumma salli &ala muhammadiKnLwwa &ala ali muhammadin kama sallaita &alI ibrahïma wa &ala ali ibrahïma innaka
3 Allaah, .less 1uhammad and the famil# of 1uhammad as Qou .lessed I.rahim and his famil#, trul# Qou are the
*raise;orth# and (lorious
+llaahumma barik &ala muhammadiKnLwwa &ala ali muhammadin kama bIrakta &ala ibrahïma wa &ala ali ibrahïma
innaka hamidumma,id
:ua <Personal supplications=
3ur ?ord, .esto; on us good in this ;orld and good in the hereafter and shield us from the torment of the fire
<ur=an & "urah al&Aa>ara -The Heifer/ 'B'01
rabbana atina fiddunya hasanataKnLwwa fil akhirati hasanataKnLwwa qina &adhabannar
T3ur ?ordV (rant unto us ;ives and offs+ring ;ho ;ill .e the comfort of our e#es, and give us -the grace/ to lead the
<ur=an & "urah al&5ur>an -The Criterion/ '5B)4
rabbana hub lana min u%waa,eenaa wa %uri aatenaa qurata aiyooniaa,ulna lilmutaqeena imaama
"ome other dua=s can .e found in the follo;ing <ur=anic verses@ 3ther +ersonal dua=s can also .e made@
'B1'%, 'B'50, 'B'%5&4, !B%, !B14, !B14), !B121, !B12!&4, )B1'4, 10B%5&4, 14B40&1, 1%B10, '!B102, '5B45, 40B)&%, 52B10,
40B4&5, etc@
Tasleem <Endin6 the prayer=
*eace and the merc# of Allaah .e on #ou -turning head right/
assalamu &alaikum wa rahmatullah
*eace and the merc# of Allaah .e on #ou -turning head left/
assalamu &alaikum wa rahmatullah
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 115 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Prophets o. /llaah0 as 1entioned in the QurMan Prophets o. /llaah0 as 1entioned in the QurMan
/dam /dam < <.irst prophet o. *slam .irst prophet o. *slam= =
*dris <Enoch= *dris <Enoch=
-uh <-oah= -uh <-oah=
5ud 5ud <5eber <5eber + 6reat 6reat 6randson o. -uh + 6reat 6reat 6randson o. -uh= =
Salih <Shelah= Salih <Shelah=
*brahim </braham= *brahim </braham=
TReceived the Souhou. <the Scrolls= in 5ebre#U TReceived the Souhou. <the Scrolls= in 5ebre#U
*smaMil <*shmael *smaMil <*shmael S eldest son o. *brahim S eldest son o. *brahim= =
*sMhaq <*saac *sMhaq <*saac S youn6est son o. *brahim S youn6est son o. *brahim= =
3ut <3ot 3ut <3ot S nephe# o. *brahim S nephe# o. *brahim= =
YaMqub <;acob YaMqub <;acob S son o. *sMhaq S son o. *sMhaq= =
Yusu. <;oseph Yusu. <;oseph S second youn6est son o. YaMqub S second youn6est son o. YaMqub= =
ShuMaib <;ethro= ShuMaib <;ethro=
/yub <;ob= /yub <;ob=
1usa <1oses= 1usa <1oses=
TReceived the Taurat <the Torah or the 3a#= C the Ten ,ommandments both in 5ebre#U TReceived the Taurat <the Torah or the 3a#= C the Ten ,ommandments both in 5ebre#U
5arun </aron 5arun </aron S elder brother o. 1usa S elder brother o. 1usa= =
:huMl+i.l <Ezeiel= :huMl+i.l <Ezeiel=
:a#ud <:avid= :a#ud <:avid=
TReceived the Rabur <the Psalms= in 5ebre#U TReceived the Rabur <the Psalms= in 5ebre#U
Suliman <Solomon Suliman <Solomon S son o. :a#ud S son o. :a#ud= =
*lias <Elias= *lias <Elias=
/l+Yasa <Elisha= /l+Yasa <Elisha=
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 114 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Yunus <;onah= Yunus <;onah=
Raariyah <Rechariah= Raariyah <Rechariah=
Yahya <;ohn Yahya <;ohn S son o. Raariyah S son o. Raariyah= =
*sa <;esus *sa <;esus S son o. 1ary S son o. 1ary= =
TReceived the *nEil0 in /ramaicU TReceived the *nEil0 in /ramaicU
1uhammad <the Seal o. the Prophets= 1uhammad <the Seal o. the Prophets=
TReceived the QurMan0 in /rabicU TReceived the QurMan0 in /rabicU
<Peace and /llaahMs blessin6s be upon them all= <Peace and /llaahMs blessin6s be upon them all=
Frequency o. Prophets names in the QurMan Frequency o. Prophets names in the QurMan
1usa 1usa S $(K S $(K
*brahim *brahim + )' + )'
Yusu. S (N Yusu. S (N
3ut + %) 3ut + %)
/dam0 /dam0 *sa *sa0 -uh S %' 0 -uh S %'
Suliman S %% Suliman S %%
5arun S %I 5arun S %I
:a#ud :a#ud0 *sMhaq S $) 0 *sMhaq S $)
YaMqub S $N YaMqub S $N
ShuMaib S $$ ShuMaib S $$
Salih S $I Salih S $I
5ud0 *smaMil0 Raariyah S ) 5ud0 *smaMil0 Raariyah S )
Yahya S ' Yahya S '
/yub0 Yunus0 /yub0 Yunus0 1uhammad 1uhammad S @ S @
/l+Yasa0 *dris0 :huMl+i.l S % /l+Yasa0 *dris0 :huMl+i.l S %
*lias + $ *lias + $
<Peace and /llaahMs blessin6s be upon them all= <Peace and /llaahMs blessin6s be upon them all=
The +ro+hets mared in red received scri+ture@ *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ is mentioned .# name, in the
<ur=an, four times i@e@ !B144, !!@40, 4)B' and 4%B'2@ He is referred to .# his title as a +ro+het more than ')0 times@
Cha+ter 4) in the <ur=an itself is named 1uhammad@ *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ is also addressed .# (od
directl# in the <ur=an .# the ;ord >ul -"a#/@ (od is instructing his 1essenger to give the message to the +eo+le, in
+articular to un.elievers, as (od does not address the un.elievers directl#@
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 11) of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
2ut those #ho believe in /llaah and 5is messen6ers and mae no distinction bet#een any o. them0
unto them /llaah #ill 6ive their #a6es4 and /llaah #as ever For6ivin60 1erci.ul.
<ur=an & "urah an&,isaa= -The 8omen/ 4B15'
A* am most close to ;esus0 son o. 1ary0 amon6 the #hole o. manind in this #orldly li.e and the ne>t
li.e. They said! /llaahOs 1essen6er ho# is itG Thereupon he said! Prophets are brothers in .aith0
havin6 di..erent mothers. Their reli6ion is0 ho#ever0 one and there is no /postle bet#een us
<bet#een * and ;esus ,hrist=.D
A sa#ing of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "ahih 1uslim Aoo !0, ,um.er 5%!4
Family Tree o. Prophet 1uhammad < Family Tree o. Prophet 1uhammad < = =
< <Pe Pe ace ace
and and
/llaahMs blessin6s be on the prophets /llaahMs blessin6s be on the prophets= =
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 11% of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
/dam /dam
*dris *dris
-uh -uh
*brahim *brahim
*sMhaq *sMhaq *smaMil *smaMil
YaMqub YaMqub
Yusu. Yusu.
5ebre# prophets includin6 5ebre# prophets includin6
1usa0 :a#ud C *sa 1usa0 :a#ud C *sa
/bdullah + /minah /bdullah + /minah
1uhammad 1uhammad
3inea6e o. Prophet 1uhammad < 3inea6e o. Prophet 1uhammad < = =
/dam /dam
Shith +W /n#as +W Qinan +W 1ahlaMil +W Yarid +W Shith +W /n#as +W Qinan +W 1ahlaMil +W Yarid +W *dris *dris <pbuh= <pbuh= +W +W
1atulsalh +W 3ami +W 1atulsalh +W 3ami +W -uh -uh <pbuh= <pbuh= +W Sham +W /r.ahshad +W +W Sham +W /r.ahshad +W
Shalih +W /bir +W Falih +W RaMu +W SaruM +W -ahur +W /zar +W Shalih +W /bir +W Falih +W RaMu +W SaruM +W -ahur +W /zar +W
*brahim *brahim <pbuh= <pbuh= +W +W *smaMil *smaMil <pbuh= <pbuh= +W 5aidir +W /ram +W L/d#a +W +W 5aidir +W /ram +W L/d#a +W
7azzi +W Sami +W Rarih +W -ahith +W 1usar +W /iham +W /.nad +W 7azzi +W Sami +W Rarih +W -ahith +W 1usar +W /iham +W /.nad +W
/isar +W :eshan +W /id +W /rMa#i +W Yalhan +W Yahzin +W /isar +W :eshan +W /id +W /rMa#i +W Yalhan +W Yahzin +W
Yathrabi +W Sanbir +W 5amdan +W /d+:aMa +W LFbaid +W L/bqar +W Yathrabi +W Sanbir +W 5amdan +W /d+:aMa +W LFbaid +W L/bqar +W
/id +W 1ahi +W -ahish +W ;ahim +W Tabih +W Yadla. +W 2ildas +W /id +W 1ahi +W -ahish +W ;ahim +W Tabih +W Yadla. +W 2ildas +W
5aza +W -ashid +W L/##am +W 9bai +W Qam#al +W 2uz +W /#s +W 5aza +W -ashid +W L/##am +W 9bai +W Qam#al +W 2uz +W /#s +W
Salaman +W 5umaisiM +W /dd +W /dnan Salaman +W 5umaisiM +W /dd +W /dnan +W 1aMad +W 1aMad +W -izar +W +W -izar +W
1udar +W *lias +W 1udriah +W Jhuzaiman +W Jinana +W /n+-adr +W 1udar +W *lias +W 1udriah +W Jhuzaiman +W Jinana +W /n+-adr +W
1ali +W Fahr +W Bhalib +W 3oMi +W JaMb +W 1urra +W Jilab +W 1ali +W Fahr +W Bhalib +W 3oMi +W JaMb +W 1urra +W Jilab +W
Qusayy +W /bd 1una. +W 5ashim +W /bdul 1uttalib +W /bdullah +W Qusayy +W /bd 1una. +W 5ashim +W /bdul 1uttalib +W /bdullah +W
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 112 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
1uhammad 1uhammad
< <Peace and /llaahMs blessin6s be upon them all Peace and /llaahMs blessin6s be upon them all= =
*ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ is a direct descendant from *ro+het Adam through *ro+het I.rahim and
to his first&.orn son *ro+het Isma=il through the male line -+eace .e u+on them/@
The /ttributes o. Bod The /ttributes o. Bod
-ame -ame Translation Translation Some QurManic 8erses Some QurManic 8erses
Allaah The (od
1B1, !B1%, 5B102, 4B1'4, )B1%0, %B40, 14B21, '0B%,
5)B5, N'!(, )@!'N, %5B'0
Ar Rahman The Aeneficent
1B!, 1)B110, 12B5%, '1B11', ')B!0, !4B5', 50B!!,
55B1, 52B'', )%B!%
Ar Rahim The 1erciful
'B14!, (!($, @!$II, 5B!, 5B2%, 11B41, 1'B5!, 1'B44,
'4B2, (I!', !4B5%
Al 1ali The Ping
%I!$$@, %(!$$N, '&!%(, N%!$, 114B'
Al <uddus The Hol#
'&!%(, N%!$
As "alaam The Aesto;er of *eace
Al 1u=1in The (ranter of "ecurit#
Al 1uha#min The *rotector
Al Aziz The 1ight#
!B4, 4B15%, 2B40, 2B)1, 4%B), '&!%(, N$!$
Al Ja..ar The Com+eller
Al 1utaa..ir The 1a:estic
Al Phali> The Creator
N!$I%, $(!$N, (&!N%, @I!N%, '&!%@
Al Aari The 1aer
Al 1usa;;ir The "ha+er
Al (haffar The 5orgiver
%I!K%, (K!NN, (&!', @I!@%, )$!$I
Al <ahar The "u.duer
$(!$N, $@!@K, (K!N', (&!@, @I!$N
Al 8aha. The Aesto;er
(!K, (K!&, !%B!5
Ar Razza> The *rovider
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1'0 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Al 5attah The Judge
Al Alim The All&Pno;ing
'B15%, (!&%, 4B!5, '4B41, ((!@I, ('!(K, 5)B4
Al <a.id The 8ithholder
Al Aasit The $C+ander
Al Phafid The Hum.ler
Ar Rafi The $Calter
Al 1u=izz The Aesto;er of Honour
Al 1udhill The Humiliator
As "ami The All&Hearing
%!$%), %!$(), %!%'N, K!$), @&!$
Al Aasir The All&"eeing
@!'K, $)!$, @%!$$, 4'B'), ')!@, 4)B12
Al Haam The Judge
Al Adil The Just
Al ?atif The "u.tle 3ne
4B10!, %%!N(, !1B14, !!B!4, N)!$@
Al Pha.ir The All&A;are
N!$K, $)!(I, @&!$(, 52B1%, N(!$$
Al Halim The 5ore.earing
%!%%', %!%(', $)!@@, ''B52, ('!@$
Al Azim The (reat
%!%'', @%!@, 'N!&N
Al (haffur The 5orgiving
%!$)(, %B42, $N!$$I, 41B!', NI!)
Ash "haur The A++reciative
!5B!0, ('!(@, @%!%(, N@!$)
Al Ali## The 1ost High
%!%'', 4B!4, ($!(I, 4'B4, @%!'$
Al Pa.ir The 1ost (reat
$(!&, ''B4', ($!(I, (@!%(, 40B1'
Al Hafiz The *reserver
$$!'), !4B'1, 4'B4
Al 1u>it The "ustainer
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1'1 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Al Hasi. The Reconer
@!N, 4B%4, !!B!2
Al Jalil The 1a:estic
Al Parim The (enerous
')B40, %'B4
Al Ra>i. The 8atchful
@!$, '!$$)
Al 1u:i. The Res+onsive
Al 8asi The All&$m.racing
%!$$', 'B'41, 'B'4%, !B)!, '!'@
Al Haim The 8ise
'B1'2, 'B'40, ($!%), @N!%, ')!$, 44B'
Al 8adud The ?oving
$$!&I, %5B14
Al 1a:eed The 1ost (lorious
Al Aa=ith The Resurrector
Ash "hahid The 8itness
@!)&, 4B144, %%!$), @$!'(, @K!%K
Al Ha>> The Truth
4B4', %%!N, '!B114, ($!(I
Al 8ail The 7is+oser of Affairs
!B1)!, @!$)$, %K!%K, ((!(, )(!&
Al <a;i## The 1ost "trong
%%!@I, ''B)4, @%!$&, ')!%', 5%B'1
Al 1atin The Authoritative
Al 8ali## The *rotector
(!NK, @!@', )!$&N, @%!%K, @'!$&
Al Hamid The *raise;orth#
$@!$, $@!K, ($!$%, ($!%N, 41B4'
Al 1uhsi The Reconer
Al 1u.di The 3riginator
$I!@, $I!(@, %)!N@, %&!$&, K'!$(
Al 1u=id The Restorer to ?ife
$I!@, $I!(@, %)!N@, %&!$&, K'!$(
Al 1uh#i The (iver of ?ife
(!$'N, )!$'K, 15B'!, !0B50, 5)B'
Al 1umit The Causer of 7eath
(!$'N, )!$'K, 15B'!, ')!%
Al Ha## The $ver&?iving
%!%'', !B', '0B111, '5B5%, 40B45
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1'' of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Al <a##um The "elf&"u.sisting
%!%'', !B', '0B111
Al 8a:id The "elf&"ufficient
Al 1aa:id The (lorified
Al 8ahid The 3ne
%!$N(, '!)(, &!($, $K!$$I, ()!@
As "amad The $ternall# Aesought
Al <adir The 3mni+otent
4B45, @N!((, )5B40, %4B%
Al 1u>tadir The *o;erful
1%B45, 54B4', '@!''
Al 1u>addim The $C+editer
Al 1u=ahhir The 7ela#er
Al A;;al The 5irst
Al Ahir The ?ast
Az 9ahir The 1anifest
Al Aatin The Hidden
Al 8ali The *rotector
Al 1uta=ali The 1ost $Calted
Al Aarr The Aenign
At Ta;;a. The Acce+tor of Re+entance
%!(), 'B1'%, @!N@, @&!$%, $$I!(
Al 1unta>im The ?ord of Retri.ution
(%!%%, 4!B41, 44B14
Al GAfu;; The *ardoner
@!&&, @!$@&, %%!NI
Ar Rauf The Clement
(!(I, 2B11), ')!&, '&!$I
1ali al&1ul The 3;ner of the Pingdom
The ?ord of 1a:est# and
''!%), ''!)K
Al 1u>sit The $>uita.le
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1'! of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Al Jame The (atherer
Al (hani## The All&"ufficient
%!%N(, !B2), (&!), @)!(K, ')!%@
Al 1ughni The $nricher
Al 1ani The *reventer of Harm
Ad 7arr The Afflicter
An ,afi The Aenefiter
An ,ur The ?ight
Al Hadi The (uide
Al Aadi The 3riginator
%!$$), N!$I$
Al Aa>i The $verlasting
Al 8arith The Ultimate Inheritor
Al Rashid The (uide
Al "a.r The *atient
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1'4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
Recommended 3iterature and 3ins Recommended 3iterature and 3ins
QurMan C 5adith
• htt+BOO;;;@usc@eduOde+tO1"AO>uranO The Hol# <ur=an in three $nglish translations@
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*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1'4 of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul
The "tatus of 8oman in Islam .# 7r@ Jamal Aada;i
• *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/ & "eal of the *ro+hets@
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• *ro+hets of Islam@
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• The first four Cali+hs@
• Com+anions of *ro+het 1uhammad -+eace .e u+on him/
• Imam Auhari -%10 & %%1/ 6 Collector of Hadith
• Imam 1uslim -circa %1) & %)5/ 6 Collector of Hadith
• Imam A.u 7a=ud -%1) & %)0/ 6 Collector of Hadith
• Imam 1ali I.n Anas -)1' & )25/ 6 Collector of Hadith
• Imam Ahmad I.n Han.al -)%0 & %55/ 6 Collector of Hadith
• Imam I.n Pathir -1!01 & 1!)!/ 6 8riter of tafsir -commentar#/ of the <ur=an
• 1uhammad 1armadue 8illiam *icthall -1%)5&12!4/ 6 5irst 1uslim $nglish translator of the <ur=an@
• 1uhammad Asad -1200&122'/ 6 $nglish translator of the <ur=an
• Qusuf Islam -124% & / 6 A ;ell no;n male Aritish revert to Islam@
• Ru>ai##ah 8aris 1a>sood -124' & / 6 A ;ell no;n female Aritish revert to Islam and a 1uslim scholar@
htt+BOOmem.ers@aol@comORu>ai##ahO, htt+BOO;;;@islamfortoda#@comOru>ai##ah@htm
• Aiogra+h# search of im+ortant 1uslims
*slam 6 *ure and "im+le *age 1') of 1') Aziz Ahmad Rasul

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