CPU-Z Readme file

-----------------Version 1.59
November 2011
Contact : cpuz@cpuid.com
Web page: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
Validation page : http://valid.canardpc.com
Hall of Fame : http://valid.canardpc.com/records.php
Forum : http://forum.canardpc.com/forumdisplay.php?f=74
CPUID SDK : http://www.cpuid-pro.com/devkits.php
Configuration file (cpuz.ini)
-----------------------------The configuration file must be named cpuz.ini and be present at the same directo
ry level
as cpuz.exe. It contains the following :
- TextFontName : Font used for the information boxes.
- TextFontSize : Size of the font used for the information boxes.
- TextFontColor : Color of the font used for the information boxes. Value is exp
ressed in hexadecimal, and consists in a classic Red/Green/Blue color code : RRG
- LabelFontName : Font used for the label boxes.
- LabelFontSize : Size of the font used for the label boxes.
- Sensor : Set to OFF (or 0) disables sensor chip detection and voltages measure
ment. 1 to enable.
- PCI : Set to OFF (or 0) disables the PCI information. This disables chipset, S
PD and, depending on the hardware, sensoring information. 1 to enable.
- MaxPCIBus : Sets the maximum PCI bus to scan. Default value is 256.
- DMI : Set to OFF (or 0) disables the DMI (Desktop Management Interface) inform
ation. This concerns BIOS vendor and version, motherboard vendor and revision. 1
to enable.
- SMBus : Set to OFF (or 0) disables SMBus information : SPD, and, depending on
the hardware, sensoring information. 1 to enable.
- Display : Set to OFF (or 0) disables the video card information reported in th
e validator. 1 to enable.
- ShowDutyCycles : Set to 1, switches the alternate clock computation method bas
ed on duty cycles. 0 to disable.
- UseDisplayAPI : Set to 1, uses the display driver to read the display adapters

com/ medias/files/softwares/misc/latency. 3930K and 3820 (SandyBridge-E). -html=filename : Same as "-txt" except it generates the html report.57 .AMD SR56x0 I/O bridge and SP5100 southbridge (Maranello). .Intel Core i7-3960X.58 .txt) in the same directory as the exe file.AMD Llano processors family (K12). . Nano X2/X3.November 2011 .59 . .Intel X79 chipset (Jaketown). .Parameters ----------txt=filename : Launch CPU-Z in ghost mode (no interface appears) and generates the register dump file (.GPU frequency report on Intel Sandy Bridge processor.Intel Sandy Bridge-EP processors preliminary support. . . .February 2011 .P67/H67 stepping report.AMD FX "Bulldozer" processors family (K15). QuadCore. Eden X2.Report TDP on main page when available. .Intel Xeon "Westmere-EX" support.VIA Nano 1000/2000/3000. -core=id : Displays clock speed of core #id (id can be set from 0 to Number of c ores minus one).cpuid.Cores clocks on floating menu.Support for Windows 8.zip History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.AMD Zacate/Ontario processors support. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .AMD Opteron Interlagos and Valencia (Bulldozer). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. . .June 2011 . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. . Keys ---F5 : save the current tab in a bmp file F6 : save the current tab in the clipboard F7 : save cvf file in the current directory Cache Latency Tool -----------------The cache latency tool can be downloaded at that address : http://www.

July 2010 . .October 2010 . Pentium DC E6300 (2. . .AMD 870/880G/890GX + SB800/SB850 chipset. Turion II Ultra and Athlon II Mobile "Caspian" processors.Intel Core i5-760.Fix Core i7 clock bug (1. .VIA VX800 and VX855 chipsets support. Core i3-370M mobile processors. . .Intel Pentium P6000 processor.52 . .AMD AM3 socket detection improved.July 2009 . . . Core i7 980X "Gulftown". .Fix validation issue with AMD Phenom processors (1. 430UM.Intel Core i3/i5/i7 "2000" serie processors (Sandy Bridge) with new logos.55 .ATI Radeon 2100 and Radeon X1250 support. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. .DirectX 11 detection fix.Intel Core i5-450M.AMD Phenom II X6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. .52. Athlon L110.AMD Phenom II.1).ini : UseDisplayAPI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. .Hardware virtualization support now reported as instructions set. Xeon W3565. Athlon II and Sempron II "Caspian" processors.Preliminary support for Intel Pinetrail platform (1.New design with "Graphics" tab. .Improved support for Windows 7. .2) .AMD Phenom X2 "Callisto" and Athlon X2 "Regor" processors. . .Intel Xeon 5600 line (32nm) processors. 540UM. .March 2010 . . .53 .1. Core i5-680.8GHz) and Core 2 Solo processors.Intel Mobile Core i7/i5/i3 "Arrendale" (LV and ULV). Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K processors.Intel Atom Z530.com/cpuz. .AMD Opteron 6-core "Istanbul" processor. . . . . 740QM mobile processors. Sempron II.Introduction of validation rooms.Intel P55 and US15W chipsets preliminary support.AMD Phenom TWKR support.New parameter in cpuz.Intel Core i7-940XM. . .Intel Core i7-880. .56 .Intel Core i5 and Core i3 processors.54 . .Intel "Clarkdale" platform improved support.53.1).Intel P67 chipset.NVIDIA GeForce 320M chipset.VIA VX900/VX900M and VN1000/VN1000M chipsets.AMD Phenom FX-5000. Athlon II X2/X3/X4.php#history . . .New Intel logos. . MD5 checksum : please refer to http://www.53.New HTML report with less information. .cpuid. 840QM. Core i3-550 processors.NVIDIA nForce 980a chipset support. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Intel Core i7 930 & 950. Turion II.December 2009 .Intel Core i7 970 "Gulftown".

AMD Black Edition processors.Intel Atom dual-core version support.50 .cpuid.Intel Core i7 processor. .exe (1.New online validation process.June 2008 .Improved loading time.48) : DB78FBF1F99B7709240B495E59758CCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.New Intel Core 2 models.php#history ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. .48 . . . MD5 cpuz.NVIDIA ION platform.New version with installer.com/cpuz.Improved support for Intel Core i7 (Bloomfield & Gainestown).exe (1. .49) : B836E86B40D7AFAF99D9C512E8CC9FEF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Intel "Clarkdale" processor preliminary support.exe (1.October 2008 .Intel Xeon EX "Dunnington".49 .AMD Phenom II processor.Intel Core 2 Duo S Mobile processors.Improved support for AMD Phenom II processor.February 2009 .exe (1.51 . .Several bug fixes. .47 . MD5 cpuz.47) : A7484EFA3C32BC968C248CB1237FF493 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. . .AMD Puma platform (Turion & Turion Ultra "Griffin").Support for NVIDIA 740i chipset.NVIDIA MCP79/7A chipset.Alternate clock computation method based on "duty cycles" for Intel Core 2 pro cessors (see ShowDutyCycles in cpuz. MD5 checksum : please refer to http://www.AMD Athlon "Kuma" processor support. . .exe (1. . . .46 .50) : E1C827C54F527404EDDA6D65DA0280D8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. MD5 cpuz.August 2008 . . MD5 cpuz.46) : C47432C41EC26156128F7B8E09E884CF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.ini) MD5 cpuz.December 2008 .AMD 790GX / SB750 chipset.April 2009 .

44. 790i chipsets (1. MD5 cpuz.Support for all VIA Model D processors: VIA C7-M. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Fix AMD Phenom detection issue on Windows Vista 64.Support for the new validator (1.2) . VIA Eden .November 2007 . VIA C7-D. .Updated support for VIA chipsets (1. . .2) .Intel XMP profiles support.AMD Phenom and Opteron Barcelona support improved. . .SiS968 southbridge support. VIA Eden. . .44.Intel Atom Z500/Z510/Z520/Z530/Z540 processors.Preliminary support for VIA Isaiah processor.AMD Athlon 64-LE 1600 and 1620 support. 750i.May 2008 . . . .44. .July 2007 . .5 . .AMD 45 nm Phenom (Dened & Shanghai) processors.Memory timings on Intel 5400A/B MCH (Skulltrail).Athlon 64 X2 BE & Sempron LE (TDP 45W).Intel G35 chipset (1. .1) .2 .January 2008 . 780i.45 . .Intel X48 chipset detection.44.-----------------1.Intel Core 2 Duo E7x00 processor.Intel IA64 CPUs support (Itanium / Itanium2)(special thanks to Rami Radi and R ay Hinchliffe).Intel P45 chipset.September 2007 .NVIDIA MCP73 support. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.42 . . MD5 (1. .exe (1. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.44.41 .Intel Skulltrail platform support (Core 2 Extreme QX9775 + 5400B MCH). .2) : 81FB48A6EC7355E8D0DD71ADC2157CF6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.40.Mars 2008 . 750a/780a. .Loading progress.AMD K10 Phenom preliminary support.NVIDIA 650i.Intel Dynamic FSB technology support.44. .Fix detection issues on unlocked Phenom (ES/BE).Intel Wolfdale/Yorkfield/Penryn CPUs support. 680i.SiS671/FX/DX/MX northbridge support. .2) . .45) : DD4E540C04297CF93DC721166C13446E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.NVIDIA nForce 560 chipset support.Memory modules nominal voltage.43 .Current core selection menu (right click on the CPU page).New CPU voltage monitoring.Intel Xeon Tigerton support.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.June 2006 .Lot of bug fixes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Intel Pentium D 925 & 945.VIA P4M890 and P4M900 chipsets. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. . RS700 c hipsets support.VIA CX700/VX700 chipset.Added VIA VT8237A southbridge.Windows Vista 64 support. .NVIDIA 650i and 680i chipset.February 2007 . . . .Added "-core" parameter to display the clock speed of the specified core. . Mobile Core 2 Duo T5200 support.38 .Preliminary support for Intel Penryn CPUs family (45 nm).New parameters "-txt" and "-html" (see above).AMD Athlon 64 "Lima" processor support. . .NVIDIA nForce 520 chipset support.May 2007 . . .New parameter "-console" to generate output in a command prompt (Windows XP on ly). . Pentium E2140/2160 processors recognition. Q33.ATI RS350.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. . .Lot of bug fixes.October 2006 .Core 2 Duo E6850.36 . .Intel P35. RS482.37 .Intel GL960/GM965/PM965 chipsets support. . .40 . Celeron 360. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Intel 5000X/P/Z/V SPD support.Intel Core 2 Quad.Intel Core 2 Duo E6x20. E6650 processors. .New HTML report. RS480/RX480. .VIA P4M800CE chipset support.August 2006 . . Q35.Changed SSE4 to SSSE3 (Supplemental SSE3). RS690.Intel P965 chipset support.Several bug fixes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.AMD Geode LX processor support.New processor information display.39 . .Added Merom XE (X7900/X7800) . X38 chipsets support. . RS400.35 .Added "PCI" and "MaxPCIBus" in the ini file to configure PCI scanning.New icon. RS600/RD600. .AMD Athlon 64 FX-7x processor. RD580/RX580. . .socket 775 Xeon processor. E6750. . G31. G33.ATI SB600 southbridge support. .November 2006 . . .

New Intel logos. .May 2006 .32 . .November 2005 .VIA C7 CPU detection added.Improved support for Intel Conroe/Merom CPUs.FB-DIMM DDR2 SPD information report.Several bugs fixed. . . .Turion 64 X2 logo added. .Core Solo & Core Duo detection improved.Xeon Dual core Dempsey. Pentium EE 965.AMD socket AM2/S1/F (rev F.34. . .ATI RD580 chipset support. K8T900 chipsets support. . .Added K6-2 and K6-III logos.32.Fix SPD detection problem on SiS 964/965/966 southbridges.VIA VT8251 southbridge support. .Intel i975X.Engineering samples Core based CPUs report. . .1 .Celeron 35x Cedar Mill.. .Several bug fixed.33 .Memory Command Rate timing added. Pentium D 805.1 .ULi smbus support improved.Windows Vista product line report.Fixed HyperTransport information misreports (in dump file). .Added Trc (bank cycle time) on i925.Core 2 Duo names and logos added. i945GT chipsets support. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.February 2006 . i945.Fix smbus conflict with ClockGen.31 .April 2006 .Added Trc (bank cycle time) in DDR2 SPD report. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Intel i965 chipset support added. i955. .April 2006 . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Athlon FX-60 detection added.March 2006 .nVidia nForce 550/560/570 (MCP55) chipset support.33. . . i975 chipsets. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. .Athlon64 new memory dividers.) CPUs support. .Celeron M 420/430 Yonah. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.1 . . PT880 Pro. .Added Pentium D 925. .ODC (Odd Divisor Correct) for Athlon64 rev E.Improved support for ATI RS480/482 chipsets. .VIA C7-M CPU detection added.Enhanced Performance Profile (EPP) memory information report.VIA PT880. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. . . .

. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Improved clocks computation.26 .30 .New PCI devices report. . Intel Pentium 4 Cedar Mill and Pres ler.Support for SMBus on latest SiS bridges (964.Support for Intel Pentium 4 6xx CPUs.Restored html report in ghost mode (see "Parameters" chapter above).Support for nVidia nForce4 SLI Intel Edition .VCore display on Pentium M CPUs.Several bugs fixed. . .Intel Xeon Potomac. Intel Xeon Paxville. . Opteron 252 . Intel Pentium M Yonah SC & DC.Support for i955X chipset . 650 and 656 chipsets. AMD Turion.August 2005 . 656 .Improved Windows version report.29 .December 2004 .June 2005 .Several bug fixed.New CPUs support : AMD Opteron socket 939. Intel 915PM chipset.6 .Support for Intel Pentium D.Several bug fixed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 649. . 966) and ULi bridges.Improved stability when several instances of CPU-Z are running in the same tim e. 965. 655FX. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.GeForce 6100/6150 (nForce 410/430) chipsets support.Improved support for latest AMD CPUs.New F7 key to simplifiy the creation of the validation file ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Pentium XE.Switch for VCore report in .28.VCore report on some uGuru mainboards. . .Latest Sempron and Turion support improved.New CPU clock computation. . 655TX..Increased clocks refresh rate. . . .Support for Athlon 64 X2 CPUs .Intel E7520 chipset support. .March 2005 .New validation system.Improved support for SiS 649.Hundred of bug fixes. Pentium M 780 support. Celeron D 3x1 (EM64T).ini file.Bunch of bugs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.28 .February 2005 .Support for SiS chipsets improved : 648FX.Improved support of Transmeta CPUs. .27 . . . .March 2005 . .

April 2004 .DDR2 memory support .New report in one file ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.W83627THF VRM mode . i925X chipsets support .20a .Configuration file .June 2004 .New CPUs : Xeon Nocona.23 .Fix memory size report .Several bugs fixed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Intel i915P/G. Pentium 4 "Prescott" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.25 .Windows 64 support .Clock mode when iconized ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Celeron Prescott .Restored html report .new chipsets support .January 2004 .November 2004 .New button to refresh memory timings .nVidia nForce4 chipset support .SPD read improvement .Fix AGP side band status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .one file package .21 .memory frequency and ratio on nForce2 .External cache latency tool .Intel Pentium 4J support .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Fix several bugs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.24 .22 .KT600 support .new CPU support : Celeron M.September 2004 .Fix some memory leaks (DMI) .New memory SPD page .Intel LGA775 CPUs support .PCI-Express graphic interface support .Intel's CPU number display .AMD Sempron support .New AMD Athlon 64 steppings .October 2003 .