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Published by: Asad Imran on Mar 10, 2013
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Frozen yogurt, a replacement of Ice Cream

An Advancement in Food Technology
Well, there was a time when I was totally fascinated with the charms of Ice Cream and at that time I have got a believe that my life is incomplete without Ice-cream. Life goes on and my sense of understanding gone sky-high. I remember the day when there come across me a strange fact, an Unbelievable fact. The story is that I was going through “The Dawn News” when I read a headline “The Story from Walls Ice cream to Milk Ice”. In short, the summary of the article was that “Yummy” launched a case against Walls in which it was stated that as “Walls” was not using any diary product in their co-called Ice cream so they have no privilege to use the word “Ice cream” with their products and hence after the decision of court, “Walls” start writing “Milk Ice” with its products, rather than to write “Ice Cream”. It was also started that “Hico” and “Yummy” are the only Ice Cream producing companies in Pakistan. Afterward, with broken hearted I started to search in depth about the key ingredients that are being used in Ice Cream. I discovered that the garbage being tagged as ice cream is nothing more than a frozen concoction of toxic chemicals with no or little dietary values at all. Common ingredients that a typical Ice Cream have are Butyraldehyde and Amyl acetate (banana oil) for flavor, Diethyl glycol as an substitute of eggs, Aldehyde C-17 as a thickener, Piperonal is used in place of vanilla and lot of other chemicals. Before going to explain each and every aspect of Ice Cream I want to give a touch to Frozen Yogurt and want to tell you about its delicious savour and mouthwatering facts. I bet all of us are well aware with the term Greek Yogurt yogurt. Yogurt is not a new thing in the food world. The history of yogurt is at least 4,000 years. It is valued as a healthy food because of the benefits of live active cultures. The words "Live Active Culture" refer to the living organisms like Thermophilus, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus etc which convert pasteurized milk to yogurt fermentation. I am not going into the detail study of chemistry involved. Yogurt has got many types like Greek-style yogurt, American yogurt and Frozen yogurt blah blah. As far as Greek-style yogurt is concerned it is a type in which the regular yogurt is strained three times to remove more whey leaving a thick paste. Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein as traditional yogurt. This strain of yogurt is appealing to vegetarians, athletes and the elderly who require greater energy.

The preparation stages use heat-treated yogurt which kills the live and active cultures. and can also be blended with fruit in a frozen yogurt blending machine to give it an extra savour. This type of yogurt contains very low fat and can be regarded as a substitute for the ice cream especially for the diabetics’ patient. whey. citric acid. It is also claimed that this type of yogurt is reduced in fat and carbohydrates. All the bio-organisms are destroyed to avoid deterioration of the product. The only difference it has from regular yogurt is that it is colorful and looks charming. Common ingredients which are used are nonfat milk. The frozen yogurt differs from the rest of yogurt types in many aspects. high fructose. The frozen Yogurt resembles the Ice Cream. Peanut Butter flavor has peanut butter. sucrose. mango and so much. It comes in variety of flavors like strawberry. Frozen yogurt Frozen Yogurt Frozen Yogurt Machine . No-sugar flavors have sorbitol. cherry. Frozen yogurt is generally made in an ice cream machine and is typically available with ice cream flavors. corn syrup. Remember that the contents used here contain fats and carbohydrates and you cannot say that this yogurt is fat free but it has reduced fat as compared to that of Ice creams and other desserts like them. natural and artificial flavors. Cookies & Cream has chocolate cookies and vanilla bean seeds. Now come to the main topic and that is frozen yogurt. cocoa processed alkali (if chocolate flavored). yogurt cultures.American yogurt is just an ordinary yogurt or regular yogurt. But anyhow the fact is that the Greek yogurt has got dominance in America has well. or they may simply add in cultures to the mix along with acidifiers medium this will skip the fermentation steps all together. "Frozen yogurt" actually don’t contains live and active cultures. Out of numerous advantages of frozen yogurt over Ice cream a few points are mentioned below. nonfat dry milk.

com/hub/Commercial-Ice-Cream-Ingredients-Will-MakeYOU-Scream  http://www.yogenfruz.com/hub/Homemade-Ice-Cream  http://terrimeredith.lifescript.hubpages. It is interesting to note that following companies have started the production of frozen yogurt on the large scale like Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Islamabad. (By the reference of The Dawn News date 13-11-12).com/article/120017-benefits-frozen-yogurt/#ixzz2C5rmDFu9  http://www. Sugar-free versions of frozen yogurt are readily available as mentioned above for the diabetics.mesafrozenyogurt. DHA phase III.com/whatisgreekyogurt . as the live cultures (if they are not destroyed by the heat treatment) can help digest the lactose.both freezes and melts much slower than ice cream since yogurt has a much higher enthalpy of fusion than milk and thus can be used with a relax mood. SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt Karachi. as least. The need of the hour that such technologies should be flourished which are based on nature mean to say that natural savour and flavors should be entertained in human diet rather than the artificial flavors so that we can eliminate the concoction of toxic chemicals and make our food.com/home/  http://www. commercial area.squidoo. References:  http://maddieruud.hubpages.aspx  http://www.com/health/centers/diabetes_2/articles/can_diabetics_eat_ice_cream . A Canadian company has recently launched its product at 16-Z.com/healthy-yogurt-article. In the epilogue of my article over here is that although advancement in every day science is a good change and have favorable impacts upon the human race and activities. Frozen yogurt is often eaten by lactose-sensitive people in place of ice cream. Frozen yogurt flavored with fructose is marketed for people sensitive to sugar.html  http://www.livestrong. free from chemicals.

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