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Elastic cartilage


Chondrocytes in lacunae Matrix with elastic fibres

Hyaline cartilage

Chondrocytes in lacunae

Homogenous matrix


White fibrous cartilage

Chondrocytes in lacunae

Matrix with bundles of collagen fibres

Bone (Transverse section) Haversian systems or osteons Volkmans canal Osteocytes in lacunae Interstitial lamellae Concentric lamellae Circumferential lamellae Canaliculi Haversian canal

Bone (Longitudinal section)

Periosteum Circumferential lamellae e Volkmans canal Haversian canal Osteocytes in lacunae

Concentric lamellae Canaliculi

Skeletal muscle (Longitudinal section)

Skeletal muscle fibres

Blood vessel Peripheral nuclei Transverse striations

Connective tissue (epimysium, perimysium,endomysium)

Cardiac muscle

Branched cardiac muscle fibres Central nuclei Connective tissue

Peripheral nerve (Transverse section)

Epineurium Bundles of nerve fibres Perinneurium

Blood vessel

Myelinated axons

Endoneurium Axons (dots)

Spinal (sensory) ganglion

Connective tissue

Groups of pseudounipolar neurons

Bundles of nerve fibres Nuclei of satellite cells

Sympathetic ganglion

Scattered multipolar neurons among nerve fibres Nerve fibres Blood vessel

Connective tissue Nuclei of satellite cells

Medium sized artery

Tunica adventitia

Tunica media (smooth muscle fibres)

Tunica intima Endothelium Sub endothelial connective tissue Internal elastic lamina

Large sized (elastic) artery - aorta

Tunica adventitia

Tunica media

Tunica intima

Large size vein inferior vena cava

Tunica adventitia

Tunica media (smooth muscle fibres)

Tunica intima

Endothelium Sub endothelial connective tissue

Lymph node Connective tissue capsule

Cortex Lymphocytes Lymphatic nodule

Trabeculae & Trabecular sinus Germinal centre Medulla Blood vessel

Spleen Capsule

Red pulp Lymphocytes Sinusoids Trabeculae Lymphocytes Whit pulp Arteriole eccentric in position in germinal center of splenic (Malphigian) corpuscles

Tonsil Tonsillar crypt (stratified squamous epithelium)

Lymphatic nodules Lymphatic tissue

Thymus Capsule Thymic lobule Lymphocytes Cortex Medulla Trabecula Adipose cell Thymic (Hassals) corpuscle

Mucous salivary gland - sublingual Blood vessel

Mucous acini

Interlobular duct

Serous salivary gland - parotid Connective tissue capsule Serous acini

Interlobular duct Intralobular ducts

Mixed salivary gland sub mandibular

Interlobular duct Mucous acini with serous demilune Connective tissue septum Serous acini Intralobular duct

Mucous acini

Thin skin

Epidermis (keratinized stratified squamous epithelium) Stratum corneum Stratum granulosum Stratum spinosum Stratum germinativum Dermal papillae Epidermal papillae Sebaceous gland

Sweat gland Hair follicle Arrector pili muscle

Thick skin

Epidermis (keratinized stratified squamous epithelium) Stratum corneum Stratum lucidum Stratum granulosum Stratum spinosum Stratum basale Dermal papillae Epidermal papillae

Duct of sweat gland

Tongue Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium (mucosa dorsal surface of tongue & the lining of tonsillar crypts) Filiform papilla Circumvallate papilla Core of connective tissue Taste buds Duct of serous glands Serous glands Skeletal muscle

Oesophagus (H&E x100)

Non-kerarinized stratified squamous epithelium

Lamina propria


Muscularis mucosa (smooth muscle fibres) Lymphatic follicle Mucous acini of oesophageal glands Blood vessels Submucosa

Duct of mucous acini Adipose cells

Stomach Mucosa (columnar epithelium) Gastric pits Gastric glands (nuclei of mucous neck cells, parietal or oxyntic cells, chief or peptic or zymogen cells, undifferentiated cells, endocrine cells) Muscularis mucosa Submucosa

Duodenum Villi & lining epithelium (columnar) Intestinal glands Mucosa

Muscularis mucosa

Brunners glands Submucosa

Blood vessels Muscularis externa (smooth muscle fibres) Jejunum

Villi & columnar epithelium Goblet cells

Mucosa Crypts of Liebierkuhn Lamina propria Intestinal glands (Nuclei of paneth or zymogen cells, undifferentiated cells, endocrine cells) Submucosa Musculairs externa

Ileum Villi & columnar epithelium Mucosa

Intestinal gland Lamina propria Muscularis mucosa Payers patches (lymphatic nodule with germinal centre)


Inner circular layer Muscularis externa Outer longitudinal layer Serosa

Large intestine

Intestinal glands

Columnar epithelium & goblet cells Mucosa

Lamina propria Muscularis mucosa

Submucosa Muscularis externa (inner circular & outer longitudinal as 3 taenia coli)


Intestinal glands Columnar epithelium & goblet cells Lamina propria with lymphatic aggregation Muscularis mucosa



Muscularis externa Serosa

Liver Plates of hepatocytes Bile canaliculi between hepatocytes Sinusoids along sides of cords or plates of hepatocytes Central vein Hepatic lobule Bile duct Portal vein Hepatic artery Gall bladder Mucosal folds Portal triad

Simple columnar epithelium

Lamina propria

Fibromuscular coat (smooth muscle fibres, elastic fibres)


Pancreas (H&E x 100)

Pancreatic serous acini

Pancreatic Islet of Langerhans) Interlobular connective tissue septa

Blood vessel

Trachea Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium Sucepithelial connective tissue Seromucous acini Trachealis muscle Perichondrium Hyaline cartilage Adipose cells

Lung Hyaline cartilage Intrapulmonary bronchus Blood vessel Smooth muscle

Alveoli (squamous cells)

Kidney Capsule

Distal convoluted tubule Renal corpuscles

Proximal convoluted tubules


Medullary rays Collecting tubules Medulla Loop of Henle

Ureter Serosa Muscularis externa (outer circular & inner longitudinal smooth muscle layer) Mucosa Transitional epithelium (urothelium) Lumen(star shaped)

Connective tissue


Urinary bladder

Mucosa (transitional epithelium) Connective tissue

Muscularis externa (smooth muscle fibres as inner ongitudinal, middle circular & outer longitudinal layers)

Testis (H&E x 100)

Seminiferous tubules Seminiferous epithelium (nuclai of sustentacular or Sertoli cells, spermatogonia, spermatocytes, spermatids) Spermatozoa Leydig cells Connective tissue

Epididymis (H&E x 100) Ductus epididymis

Blood vessel in connective tissue

Spermatozoa Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with stereocilia

Smooth muscle coat

Smooth muscle fibres

Connective tissue

Vas deferens (H&E x 100) Adventitia Outer longitudinal smooth muscle layer Middle circular smooth muscle layer Blood vessels Inner longitudinal smooth muscle layer Mucosa thrown into folds Pseudostratified columnar epithelium

Prostate (H&E x 100)

Glandular acini Prostatic concretion

Columnar epithelium

Fibromuscular stroma

Ovary Cuboidal epithelium Tunica albuginea

Cortex Primordial follicles Secondary follicle

Developing ovum Theca interna & externa

Follicle in atresia

Uterine tube


Mucosal folds Lamina propria Mucosal folds Epithelium (columnar, ciliated & non-ciliated ->peg cells)

Circular muscle fibers Longitudinal muscle fibers Interstitial connective tissue


Uterine lumen Endometrium Functionalis layer Columnar epithelium

Lamina propria Uterine glands Basalis layer Coiled arteries Myometrium


Intervillous spaces Floating & anchoring villi

Chorion frondosum Trophoblast Connective tissue

Epithelium of amnion

Umbilical cord

Umbilical artery Whartons jelly (mucoid connective tissue)

Umbilical vein Umbilical artery

Umbilical vein


Pars anterior (nuclei of chromophobe & chromophil cells (acidophils & basophils) Sinusoids

Pars intermedia (cystic follicles)

Pars nervosa (nuclei of pituicytes, blood vessels, nerve fibres)


Follicles with colloid Follicular cells(cuboid or columnar) Parafollicular cells

Connective tissue septa Blood vessels

Parathyroid (high power 10x40)

Chief cells

Oxyntic cells

Adrenal gland (suprarenal) Capsule Cortex

Zona glomerulosa

Zona fasciculata

Zona reticularis



Spinal cord

Spinal meninges Dorsal gray horn

Central gray commissure with central canal Ventral gray horn White matter

Cerebrum Piamater 1. Molecular layer 2. External granular layer

3. External pyramidal layer 4. Internal granular layer

5. Internal pyramidal layer

6. Multiform layer


Molecular layer

Purkinje cell layer Interfolial sulcus Granular layer



1. Non- keratinized stratified squamous epithelium 2. Anterior limiting Bowmans membrane 3. Substantia propria)

4. Posterior limiting Descemets membrane 5. Posterior epithelium


1.Pigment cell layer 2.Layer of rods & cones 3. Outer limiting membrane 4. Outer nuclear layer 5. Outer plexiform layer 6. Inner nuclear layer 7. Inner plexiform layer 8. Ganglion cell layer 9. Optic nerve fiber layer 10. Inner limiting membrane

Optic nerve

Central artery of retina

Central vein of Retina

Bundles of optic nerve fibers