L'Oreal's Objective


….increase its presence in ASEAN Zone

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taking a uniform approach to marketing and product development pose Click to edit Master subtitle style significant risks of failure Thailand. 23% in Indonesia and 21% in the Philippines. while Malaysia made up 12%. Of this amount 30% of sales were in Thailand.increase its presence in ASEAN Zone markets for cosmetics in the countries of Southeast Asia have many common characteristics but there are wide variations in consumer wealth huge disparity of wealth throughout the region. with a myriad of cultures and an uneven spread of wealth. making it contrast significantly regard with Europe each national market is quite distinct. Brunei.Market Analysis: …. Singapore 7% and Vietnam 5% 3/10/13 . Cambodia and Myanmar combined accounted for less than 2% of the total sales amount. Cosmetics sales in Laos. Indonesia and the Philippines are the largest consumers of beauty pr ASEAN cosmetics sales figures totalled $12.2bn.

has increased its presence in neighbouring Indonesia Procter & Gamble announced that it was relocating its global beauty and gro South Korean skin care companies. star Distribution is the same [throughout Thailand. Brunei and the Philippines the region] Mamonde. have been building on an a AmorePacific has launched its Laneige outlets in a number of countries. Malaysia.increase its presence in ASEAN Zone Unilever. would also be launching “brand shops in Thailand. Sing Click to edit Master subtitle style 3/10/13 . for instance.Competito rs: ….

pharmacies and specialty shops suc sales through aesthetic clinics or beauty salons Click to edit Master subtitle style 3/10/13 .Distributi on ….increase its presence in ASEAN Zone Distribution is the same throughout the region Distribution includes department stores.

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