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Questionnaire for the Study of “Implementation of HRIS”.
Company Name: Name of the HOD: 1) In which Sector the company operates? a) Service b) Production c) Others (Plz Specify) TRADING

Date: Informer: -

2) Department wise Strength of the company? Name of the departments. FINANCE MARKETING HR BILLING Department Strength. 20 60 6 18

3) Did you have any other HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules installed previously? YES 4) Why did you felt need for installation of HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules? Eg. To reduce paper work, to reduce manpower…etc… FOR BETTER ACCONTABILITY 5) When did you Installed HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules in your organisation? 2YEARS FROM THIS DATE 6) Operational HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules ( Please Tick) • • • • • • • • Employee Information Systems Position Control Systems Applicant Tracking and Placement Information System Performance Management Information Systems Government Reporting and Compliance Information Systems Payroll Information Systems Recruitment Module. Training Modules.

Other Operational Human Resource Information Systems.• • • • Organization Structure Induction Leave Management. . . 7) Name of the producer of the HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules? GRACE WORKS 8) Which other Companies you thought of when installing HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules? NO IDEA 9) Characteristics of HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules installed: Strongly Agree a) User Friendly b) Compatible c) Reliability d) Efficiency e) Security f) Flexibility g) Maintainability h) Clarity i) Consistency j) Stability k) Accuracy l) Validity: Monthly m) Training Required: Intensive Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Agree Y Undecided Disagree Yearly Any other Moderate Y 10) Approximate Cost of Installation: a) Product cost: - Not needed .

Presentations.blogspot.NO IDEA b) Installation Cost: NO IDEA c) Training cost: ON JOB TRAINING d) Annual maintenance cost: NO IDEA 11) Have you customized the basic HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules package? Intensive Moderate Not needed NOT DONE 12) Which functions in HR you automated? ATTENDENCE PAYROLL 13) What was the installation method? Why? Total HRIS/ HRMS Why? IT DEPEARTMENT SUGGESTION Module wise Y 14) According to you why this HRIS/HRMS/SAP modules is advanced than other similar Products? YES 15) Duration taken by the employees to adopt the changes: 15DAYS 17) Are all system features and utilities fully documented? YES 18) What were the changes in work processes through this selection and how the new processes look like? NOT MUCH AS THE COMPLETE SAP HAS NOT BEEN IMPLEMENTED 19) Commonly faced limitations of the system: LACK OF CUSTOMIZATION For more Notes. Project Reports visit .com mbafin.

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