Management Effectiveness Improving Communication Tips for manager

It has been confirmed by extensive research that communication plays a crucial role in development of an organization including management, innovation understanding of clients and coordinated efforts. A manager who communicates ineffectively and do not sit in an organizational climate concerning communication is unlikely to come out with desired results. Developing effective organizational communication, regardless of form, require three things 1. That all the players must have the appropriate skills and understanding to communicate well. 2. This requires a climate or a culture that supports effective communication, involving trust, openness, reinforcement, of good communication practice and shared

responsibilities for making communication effective. 3. It is important that intentional effort is developed on the part of management and staff A good manager will play his role in each of these steps insuring formal training of the staff and providing feedback. It is also important that a climate is developing which is characterized by open communication. Development of communication skills should be brought to the fore front of the organization attention. Here are some useful tips that will help to develop effective organizational communication.  Get a regular feedback from different staff members about your own communication and communication within the organization.  Assess your own communication knowledge and understanding.  Define your own way of organizational communication and develop consensus regarding methods of handling disagreements. Find out how horizontal and vertical communication should work.  Promote the culture of direct communication.  Learn about active listening techniques and use it practically.  Consider undertaking communication audit.

Finally it is suggested that a communication self-assessment checklist should be develop to assess one’s own understanding and application of communication principles. This may also be disturbed staff.

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