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SAMPLE OUTLINE OF LESSON PLAN (PRACTICUM) Focus: Theme: Topic: Creative Performance World of Knowledge Animals :Old McDonald

had a Farm

Content Standard:


Pupils will be able to plan, organise and produce creative works for enjoyment.

Learning Standard:

4.3.2 Able to produce simple creative works with guidance based on: (c) action songs 4.3.2 Able to perform with guidance based on : (c) action songs

Objective: Time : Teaching Aids: Extra-Curricular Elements:

By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to perform the action songs in their own creative way. 60 minutes Masks, scissors, cloth pegs, glue, colour papers

Generating Ideas Teaching & Learning Strategy Read and match Notes

Stage/Time/ Activity SET INDUCTION (3 mins) 1. Teacher pastes 10 animal masks on the whiteboard. 2. Teacher reads out simple riddles on animals. 3. Young learners match animal masks to the correct riddles.

Riddles and animal masks.

Young learners need to generate ideas and prepare appropriate masks based on their action song. Practice by recalling Power point presentation More animals. masks and rhythm (sample of three animals). Young learners are required to retain the established “Old MacDonald’ tune and include other animals in their song. 8. Young learners mimic the actions while singing the song. 6. Teacher discusses the moral values in the song. Young learners respond. Teacher sings the action song with appropriate actions. 9. Reinforcement Discussion . PRACTICE STAGE (20 mins) 7. Appropriate masks. Divide young learners into groups. PRODUCTION STAGE (20 mins) 10.Activity Teaching & Learning Strategy Notes PRESENTATION STAGE (15 mins) Presentation 5. Young learners perform their action songs artistically CLOSURE (2 mins) 11.