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48151485 Aquaponics Business Plan

48151485 Aquaponics Business Plan

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Published by: bhardin4411 on Mar 10, 2013
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Development requirements for the Acme Aquaponics' proposed Internet presence and email
campaign marketing system are easy and not complicated. Management is planning to
incorporate an email drip campaign with video into its marketing efforts. This technology will
more effectively market to its customer and potential customer base. It is cost effective
(averaging about $99 per month), especially when compared to the $1,000's spent on print
advertising, mailing and postage. The built-in analytics provide immediate feedback as to the
campaigns effectiveness and who actually viewed the message. Auto responders with a specific
message can be utilized as an immediate follow-up tool.

The Business will be able to create web pages that Acme Aquaponics' hosted web site simply
points to. The created web pages are easily constructed with easy to use templates. Once an
email is entered into the system, they will receive Acme Aquaponics' standard welcome email
and automatically receive periodic emails that are constructed for specific marketing email drip

This new technology (released in June of 2009) will position the organization to achieve name
recognition in front of their current market within its local community. This type of marketing is
cost effective and efficient. The first thing most of us do every day is check our email in-box.

September 21, 2009 Acme Aquaponics’ Business Plan

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