Nombre: Adrián Peinado Santiago Curso: 4ºC

In this photo I´m wearing normal summer clothes that I usually wear in summer (T-shirt and trousers or jeans) I think it is a comfortable and sportive style.

In this photo I´m wearing normal winter clothes in a snowy day. I think this style is not very comfortable or sportive but it´s the best on winter.

Here I´m with punky hair. I think this style is not the most appropiate for me, but a lot of people actually have it.

Punky style isn´t bad but definitely I don´t think it would be a good idea so I think the best one would be the casual image in summer because it´s the most comfortable and the only one that I feel identified with.

I think so, because I feel identified with the summer style and I try to wear it as much as possible, so punky style or winter style is not my real image.

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