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Grand Bassa County, being a microcosm of Liberia, is Ready for Business.

Ready for Business, represents the exhibition of deliberate actions to strengthen social cohesion, build capacities, promote reconciliation and gradually lessen political polarization. It also includes revitalizing the economy through rebuilding critical infrastructure, reviving traditional resource sectors, and establishing a competitive business environment. It also means focusing on improving governance, strengthening justice and restoring confidence in the rule of law. Policies that increasingly put power in the hands of local communities are taking hold, with the passing of the Community Rights Law, endorsement of a National Decentralization Policy, and the creation of county-level ministerial branches for improved government service-delivery. It is these critical changes in how the Government of Liberia functions at National and Local levels that have made this period ripe for Grand Bassa County to develop and set forth a five year Bassa Integrated Development Strategy (BIDS) that is aligned with and will coincide with the National Vision 2030 (NV2030) and the Agenda for Transformation (AFT), as we seek to administer a profound change in our society. The Bassa Integrated Development Strategy, focuses over the next five years on achieving key objectives across four main sector pillars; Peace, Security and Rule of Law, Infrastructure and Economic Transformation, Human Development and Governance and Public Institutions. A fifth pillar on Cross-Cutting Issues, that includes Labor and Employment, Youth Development, Gender, etc. supports these core foundations. A series of activities, projects and programs make up the operational strategy of BIDS, as we seek to positively transform our county for a better today and tomorrow for all citizens of Grand Bassa County.