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British teenagers abroad

We all know what other nationalities say about the British! Now its time for us to see how British teenagers get on abroad. We asked Mel, Becky and Ian for their views about the people they have met on their travels.

Mel, age 18, in Germany

I just cant believe how punctual Germans are! Everything happens at exactly the time they say it will, and anything goes wrong, everybody gets really bad-tempered. In general, people can be a bit unfriendly if they dont know you, but once youve been introduced, they often invite you to their house for coffee and cakes.

Becky, age 19, in the USA

Americans find British people fascinating, so I spend hours talking to people. Everyones really friendly, but sometimes it gets a bit much. My friends are really funny and we spend a lot of time at parties or at burger bars together. Its very difficult to do anything on your own because someone always wants to come with you!

Ian, age 17, in Finland

When I arrived here, the people I met, especially in shops and restaurants, seemed very serious. But my opinions changed when I made some friends. Finnish people, in fact, love having a good time and are very generous, too! In general, the people are patriotic and are keen to show you their country. They are also hard-working and extremely tidy at home!

A. Read the text and match the nationalities with the adjectives.
1. German 2. American 3. Finnish a. friendly b. kind c. punctual

B.Complete with: the Germans, the Americans or the Finns.

1. _______________like their house to look nice. 2. _______________are very welcoming once they know you. 3. _______________are proud of their country.

4. _______________always do everything together. 5. _______________are very punctual. 6. _______________are extremely friendly.