How to Open Your Third Eye Anja Chakra

Safely & Easily
Disclaimer: Third eye practice should be considered as “Spiritual Practice” and is not medical in nature nor is it to be considered as medical advice. One should always consult with a medical doctor prior to beginning any form of mind body practice. Those who suffer from mental disorders or mental diseases should not attempt any of the exercises without the assistance and guidance of their health care professional. Opening the 3rd eye can cause dream like visions or hallucinations that may be unsuitable for anyone afflicted with mental or emotional unbalance.

The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna (brow) chakra in certain Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. It is also spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In New Age spirituality, the third eye may also represent a stage of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images containing deeply personal, spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with significant visions, clairvoyance (which includes the ability to observe chakras and auras), precognition, and out-of-body experiences. Those who have allegedly developed the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers. The 3rd eye is associated with many psychic phenomenon or abilities. Anja chakra or Third Eye is a natural part of every person, but it is a "multi" organ. In other words: it really consists of all the body’s senses and mind working together as a much larger more powerful harmonious sensory organ. The Third Eye is an extraordinary sense that developed through natural evolution: It’s a multi-sensory organ designed to perceive, energy patterns or frequencies and then relay the acquired data back in overlays of information on top of your other senses. Once opened it's a very powerful ability, powerful enough that it literally can drive some people crazy if not understood, accepted and developed correctly. Also due to lack of understanding more people than not mislabel and run away from the ability or take it to strange descriptions... which further muck and murk up the waters of what the Third Eye truly is. The Third Eye as a sense organ can be used in many different ways. It opens up our awareness to many phenomenons around us. It's used by psychics and seers to make connections and answer questions. It's used by energy healers to feel the energy and then manipulate that energy. It's part of an empathic sense where a person can touch and feel the emotions or illness of others. Many other applications exist for how people have used the Third Eye.

The pineal gland Some writers and researchers, including H. P. Blavatsky and Rick Strassman, have suggested that the third eye is in fact the partially dormant pineal gland, which resides between the two hemispheres of the brain. This concept is supported by the pinealocytes, one type of cells within the pineal gland, having a strong resemblance to the photoreceptors of the eye. Additionally, the pineal gland is said to excrete dimethyltryptamine (DMT) or “spirit molecule”, which may be factor, but not in the sense of the psychedelic drug, which induces dreams, near-death experiences, meditation, or hallucinations. Various types of lower vertebrates, such as reptiles and amphibians, can actually sense light via a third parietal eye—a structure associated with the pineal gland—which serves to regulate their circadian rhythms. When the 3rd eye is open, its like having access to your “dream mind” while still being alert or awake, which allows you to perceive or experience a different level of information and interaction with your environment.

Lucid Dreaming and Precognition Long experiences of “Déjà vu” as if you are re-experiencing events.In Summary. however it must be said that these environments. receiving impulsive information. Awareness of anyone astral traveling around you. Seeing the internal organs & anatomy inside your body and others. are predominantly mental visuals for most people. A few may progress to the Guru levels if more spiritually evolved and/or practiced people. Develop remote viewing and awareness over long distances. but steady notable progress will be experienced in several of these areas as you continue the practice exercises outlined in this material. Minds Eye Geometric visions and colors like a kaleidoscope Know the thoughts of other people and their true feelings. Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences. as described in feng shui. It allows the universal spirit. Regular and consistent practice is the Key to opening the 3rd eye. Develop psychic abilities such as: clairvoyance. Become aware of other dimensions in the universe and “inner-verse”. and vice versa those who have animosity towards you. . telepathy and Psychometry (knowing the history of objects). Be far more intuitive. good and bad that flow patterns emitting from buildings. the third is a multi-sense organ of awareness. as witnessed via the third eye. Seeing Auras around people and objects Heightened awareness of those that are attracted to you. As you can see from the list above. Greater awareness of the natural energies. living through you to be aware and conscious of certain environments. you have a lot to look forward to! These things will not occur overnight. What to Expect If you consistently follow the simple instructions in this E-book you will eventually and likely be able to obtain: Greater awareness of yourself and others. These environments can be both external of internal.

Now realize that you have created a picture in your mind’s eye to recall this particular time. Can you hear it in your mind with any detail? . Can you hear the sounds? Try your favorite song. This is your inner screen or third eye vision. etc. Try this with other things.Finding Your Minds Eye Sitting comfortably. What does your car look like? Your Home. Notice exactly where this image is projected within your head. close your eyes and remember where you were yesterday.? Try to recall one of your favorite movie scenes. What does it look like? Create and visualize the entire scenery. like visualizing your signature on a piece of paper.

it should be explained here and now. which is often referred to as Karma. fame. to give yourself unfair advantages by manipulating others. it is much more likely that you would simply fail in your efforts. you gain access through which by your own efforts and selfdiscipline. The exercises that will be presented shortly will induce altered states of conscious awareness. If you do as such. which also applies to the elemental principals previously discussed. you experience worlds or dimensions beyond the everyday norm. As each cause produces its corresponding effect and each deed bears either fruit or consequence it should therefore be accepted as the most exalted law. wealth or even power to annihilate your enemies. Everyone who pursues this knowledge must know and respect this irrefutable law. but you will most certainly pay a heavy Karmic debt if you succeed! However. The Law of Cause & Effect Before we begin with the actual exercises of this course.A Brief Word On Safety All the techniques shown here are perfectly safe as long as you follow the directions and adhere to the clear instructions. intellectually. and your task is to form mental observations and realizations and integrate them into your daily life. If you think that you will be able to use these abilities to effortlessly obtain power over your fellow man. The purpose of this course is to develop every aspect of one’s self physically. Please do not share this information with anybody else. emotionally and spiritually in order to truly benefit mankind “For what you sow. that there is a universal law of cause and effect. you will be sadly disappointed with this course. “For whatsoever a man sows. as they may not be so willing as you are. In presenting you with this resource. then you must expect the universe to give you a lesson on being manipulated yourself! . you shall surely reap”! Hence you are strongly advised against using the knowledge gained through opening your third. The fact that you have bought this course indicates that you are both willing and open to learning correctly. You could certainly pursue selfish needs to obtain honor. that shall he also reap” as the old proverb states.

The Chakra system

The third eye belongs to a system of energy transformers called chakras. These are purely locations within the aura, where different environments (from the different bodies) are brought together and form cone shaped energy wheels often referred to as Chakras or Dan Tiens in Qigong. Yogis and others who practice internal alchemy arts believe that the chakras can be activated by stimulating them with a very powerful energy referred to as the Kundalini.

The Kundalini energy is said to reside ‘dormant’ in ‘normal’ people until such times they experience an ‘awakening’. The kundalini is said to then rise up from its ‘sleeping position’, namely as a coiled energy (like a spring) in the region between the base of the spine and the genital area. From here it travels up through a central channel referred to as the Sushumna nadi. The Sushumna passes through various energy vortices or chakras.

Mystics’ belief that seven major Chakras exist, starting from the lowest and slowest energy wheel located at the base of the spine. This Chakra is very important and conveys to the person a sense of self-preservation and responsibility. Man’s primitive carnal nature is located here. The chakras are located within the Etheric body, associated with the vertical axis of the spine. As one progresses up the spine towards the head, the chakras are thought of as being more evolved. The base Chakra is deemed to be quite basic, and most people will operate from this Chakra or its near neighbor the sex chakra. Over activation of this chakra will lead the person to an over active interest in sex and its associated behaviors and carnal nature.

• Important point The chakras below the neck are really associated with the person’s own experiences in the physical world, and having a sense of personal power and connectivity to everyday life. The chakras above the neck are associated with greater aspirations, spirituality and necessary for true spiritual evolution. In this sense, they allow the person greater insight into increasing levels of universal law. Since the chakras above the neck are associated with more universal aspects of life, development of the anja chakra allows the person to be more aware of:

• Clairvoyance and other related abilities • Development of Intuition, Clairaudience and enhanced hearing • Higher mind and philosophical understanding • Increased inspiration and Empathic knowing • Increased depth and insight into everyday life. Not based upon a set of dogma or religious belief system, but rather on the ability to see what is ‘really’ going on. • Please note that although the third eye will open if you practice the techniques outlined and described shortly, please be vigilant to not anticipate results. Anticipation or expectation leads to a misdirection of focus and hence a dilution of the efficacy of the practice.

Do not practice any of the following exercises during times of emotional unrest, mental disturbance or negativity. This disturbed state may make it difficult to relax and/or can potentially result in unpleasant visions.

Each person needs to take responsibility for their own welfare. The mind can assist or distract a person from their progress. . Preparation for practice • Any clean quiet room free from disturbances is advised. • You may also choose to have a note pad and book close by to record your experiences. • You may choose to have a timepiece to regulate your meditation time. They may try and practice the exercises without fully committing themselves to adequate practice and safety. and you are advised to skip practice of the exercises on days you feel less than 100%. • Wear clothing that will not restrict blood flow. depending upon your level of commitment and circumstances. • There needs to be adequate light to view the meditation aid. You may frighten those you tell. • Each practice session will normally require 20-minutes or more. Might create unnecessary pressure on you to experience more. If your mind gets distracted you will miss out on ‘quality practice’. The people with whom you share may not value what you experience and undermine your progress. and they may treat you accordingly. • Please do not discuss your experiences with others as this may: Dissipate your vital energies.How to open your third eye The following are basic guidelines.

In normal waking consciousness. Make it as square as possible. the light flows into our retinas and we utilize our two eyes for normal vision. This magic Yantra inverses that relationship and provides the unique environment for your third eye to open during the everyday conscious state. causing it to open. Magic Mirror Yantra illustration on the following page. you want to take the time and proper care to make it correctly! 1) Obtain a large plain WHITE poster board from an art store or any store that carries this item. . our physical eyes close and our mind’s eye awakens allowing us to experience dreams. costing less than $10 to make. This is the same type of blank board that one would use to make a presentation or speech with visual aids. yet powerful device that will help quiet the mind while magically turning your third eye inside out. However.5 inches. Cut it into a square piece measuring 3. To construct this Yantra is simple and inexpensive.5 inches by 3. The simple act of concentrating on a Yantra is held to have spiritual and magical benefits within many Yoga traditions. 3) Use a glue stick to apply the black square to the center of the white poster board. When we sleep in black darkness. so that the square is in the middle of the white board. The Magic Mirror Yantra is an exceptionally simple.The Magic Mirror Yantra A Yantra is a tool or instrument utilized in Eastern mysticism to balance the mind and integrate spiritual concepts. Note that this would be turned horizontal. Make sure that all the corner edges are flat to the board. 2) Get a piece of solid black paper with a flat finish (no gloss).


• Have a plain flat finish. • Have a flat finish. (24 x 36 or 36 x 48 inches work great) The black card must be: • As neutrally black as possible.5 by 3. The white card must be: • As neutrally white as possible.Important details. The edges must be as true and straight as possible. • It must be free from creases or blemishes or evidence of adhesive (used to secure it to the white card). • It must be free from creases or blemishes or other optical distractions. • Texturally smooth as possible. • It must be large poster size. • The sides should have dimensions of 3. Silk will accumulate and reflect “Chi” or bio-electricity and is another more expensive option for the construction of your magic mirror yantra. • Texturally smooth as possible like plain white paper.5 inches and should be centered onto the large white poster. Taoist practice utilizes “White Silk” either plain or with a small black circle in the center. . • It must be as square as possible.

plants. The word derives from the Latin for ‘breeze’. It is a composite and combination of all energies. your mind after a couple of minutes will look for anything about the card to get fixated on. cars. • The crispness of color and texture are important. Theosophy defines the aura as the ‘subtle. . TVs. This helps the mandala dominate your visual fields and prevents your mind from wandering all over the place. so can objects absorb different forms of energy: heat. most people’s concentration wavers. indivisible essence that is radiated from all things’. pets and so on. sound and so on. When meditating for more than a few seconds. Everything has an aura because everything absorbs energy. The Aura Everything has an aura. in attempting to open the third eye. because you need to be able to sit in front of it and not be able to see the sides of it very easily. cold. you are temporally suspending normal habitual processes so that you might discover something that would otherwise be ‘normally’ hidden. Unless the cards are without much description. walls.Explanations • The white card has to be large. Couches. Such distractions will decrease the efficacy of the method. However. and hence be distracted from the main exercise. collecting and gathering information and then assessing it. These processes work and are automatic and incredibly fast. Like a glow ball or the numbers of a watch glow in the dark after being placed in the light. The mind has been conditioned to be active and ‘move about’. both subtle and gross that make up the individual or thing. psychic.

We fall under the same rules and principals of energy absorption as animals. Your body has two types of energy: energy from your dimensional body and other energy absorbed through food. Don’t worry about seeing colors or additional . Some things are different.Objects are continually absorbing energy from everything. sound and light sources.from within. The most important property of the Aura seems to be the fact that it contains and reveals INFORMATION about the individual person or object. furniture and everything else. stones. This energy field is directly connected to the person's emotions and nervous system. When you first begin to see the aura. It is absorbed by both living and non-living things. Much like the mirage heat effect radiating from our streets and roads when you look towards the horizon. The human aura radiates from an inner source of energy. Remember science states: “energy can neither be created nor destroyed. it appears as a perimeter outline around the body. It doesn't bounce around into infinity. trees.” This energy must go somewhere. When energy is absorbed it radiates from the objects that absorbed it. That is all you should strive for. Different still is the human aura. NOTE: It is only necessary for a beginner to see the transparent illumination. Plants and animals generate their own source of energy . though they all possess similarities.

then start trying to see color. though if you are able to see color you may find instances or examples of what the color is said to generally represent. For example. . Usually when people talk about the aura they describe it having various colors. Through the practice of watching someone's aura you can actually see the other person's thoughts before you hear them expressed vocally. they will watch what they think. being able to recognize intentions of other people. How to practice and see Auras First of all. you effectively see a lie every time. No one can lie in front of you undetected. After accomplishing this first step. This is not true.layers. universal meaning. We cannot fake the energy emanations of the Aura. They also talk about how each color has a specific. if they do not agree with what this person is saying. especially around and above the head reveal VERY special meanings. to some. They see the energy (transparent illumination) and assume if they don't see color it must not be the aura. In the process they will become better and wiser. Surely. or expect to see color and only see a whitish glow or a clear transparent film. it appears to not even exist. Give up having preconceived expectations and just practice and allow your clairvoyant sense to develop naturally. It shows our True Nature and intentions for everyone to see. Then they feel failure and give up completely. When people realize that their Aura is on display and many people are able to see it. Most people get discouraged from seeing the aura because they immediately look. And they will try to see and improve their own Aura. why do we need to see auras? The colors and intensity of the aura. the entire world will become much better if all people can see and read Auras. The color of the aura is so faint for a novice that.

They work on the following principles: Increase the sensitivity of your eyes. On the next two pages. Aura Yantra 1 Aura Yantra 2 . They are ready to print and use as is.Magic Yantras for Seeing Auras. Extend the range of perceived vibration beyond the visible light by using and training our peripheral vision Increasing focus and visual exposure Enhance optical sensation processing in the brain Enhance the communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain. you are given two Yantras for developing your ability to see and observe auras. information from the right eye or retina sends information to the left hemisphere and the left eye sends information to the right hemisphere. Note. but some prefer to attach them to poster board or to a white wall to have a larger neutral background.



*May create unnecessary pressure on you to experience or anticipate more. • There needs to be adequate light to view the meditation aid.How to use the 3 Yantras Preparation for practice • Any clean quiet room free from disturbances is advised. If you get distracted you will miss out on having a ‘quality practice’. • Wear clothing that will not restrict blood flow. *They may attempt to practice the exercises without fully committing themselves to adequate practice and safety. • Each practice session will normally require between 15-minutes or longer depending upon your level of commitment and circumstances. *In some cases. . *People you share experiences with may not value what you experience and undermine your progress. • Please do not discuss your experiences with others as this may: *Dissipate your vital energies. you may frighten those you tell and they may treat you according to their beliefs and fear. *The mind can assist or distract a person from their progress. • You may also choose to have a note pad and book close by to record your experiences.

You should sit upright on the end of a chair facing your Yantra (Magic Mirror. coffee or soda pop for at least an hour before. but don’t drink tea. You can have Water or juice. though fruit juices or water are fine. This preparation is important because you do not what your attention going to places other than where you decide to concentrate.Preliminary Considerations You should find yourself sitting comfortably in a quiet room where you will be free from any disturbances and distractions. It is recommended that you listen to some soothing relaxing music or sounds of nature recordings a few minutes prior to the exercise to stabilize your mood and relax your mind. If you are feeling ‘hyper’ due to stimulants. Do not eat for at least an hour prior to practice. Aura Yantra 1 or Aura Yantra 2). Alcohol should also be avoided. then that will be a waste of your time because you will not be able to perform the following exercises easily. .

There are just 8 steps that you must do in order to open your third eye safely. Contemplate and record what has occurred in a journal. Use The 3rd eye audio frequencies to stimulate the chakra. 7. Use the Mantras and Mudras to enhance 3rd eye stimulation. 6. taste. . touch & sight). 3. Enter a clam relaxed state of mind via deep breathing. 1. Grounding with the 5 senses (smell. Visualisation for balance and protection. 4. Repeat the breathing relaxation technique and focus within. Meditate and focus on Yantras. sound. 8. which will open your third eye. 5. 2.The 8-steps to Opening the third eye safely.

to enter the body. Just a few minutes is all it takes. Increased emotional stability and mood. but also removes unwanted toxins from the body. More restful sleep and more lucid dreaming. • Breathing allows vital life force (breath of life). Less nervous and physical tension. and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Breathing is very important: • Your breath is the vehicle that subtler unseen aspects of your ‘sense of self’ or identity uses to inhabit the body. Improved circulation.Step 1-Entering a calm relaxed state of mind 1) Listen to calming music or sounds of nature (rain. • Breathing is important for the balance and maintenance of physical. and man became a living soul. It will help you open your third eye! . emotional and mental health. “Qi”. ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ as it may also be referred to. This may sound crazy. Many people suffer mental ills as a result of poor breathing habits. Gen 2:7 The LORD GOD formed man of the dust of the ground. Clearer skin and more youthful looks. vitality and energy levels. Greater ease entering meditation states. • Breathing not only brings in oxygen necessary for all respiration (ADP to ATP energy making processes) within the body. No respiration equals inability to inhabit your physical body and hence you die. birds) This simple step relaxes the mind and senses and prepares you for the meditation practice that follows. waterfall. but is absolutely 100% true! So heed this advice and practice your breathing daily and you will receive many benefits ranging from: Increased health. The word soul is comprised of words meaning dust and air. Clearer more focused thinking.

Every form of ill health and aging is accelerated by a lack of Qi. A very simple yet highly effective breathing practice is to lie down on your back and place some kind of a weight on your stomach such as a bag of sand or a heavy book. . Vajra. Hermetics. Continue this for 5 to 10 minutes. we must get a better understanding of Qi pronounced as “Key or Chee”. The concept of the “Force” utilized by the Jedi Knights in the Stars Wars movies is based entirely on the understanding of Qi. It has long been known in ancient Chinese medicine that the proper flow of Qi is vital to maintaining youthful vigor and health. Unfortunately. physical injuries and wounds heal more rapidly in them because the flow of Qi is stronger. Qi. the cumulative effects of physical. What exactly is Qi? Qi is “Life Force energy” It exists everywhere within us and all around us. Magik. psychological. illness results. It is traditionally associated with air and breath and the act of deep breathing in a variety of ancient traditions (Qigong. Just as the absence of light results in darkness. The reason younger people don't seem to suffer as frequently from serious illness or malaise (depression) is because their life-force energy is strong. as years go by.First. and spiritual factors can compromise the flow and strength of an individual's Qi. the absence or reduction of Qi results in aging and bodily deterioration. etc. which keeps viruses and parasites from developing into more serious full-blown illness. As you become comfortable with this kind of lower belly breathing. is the life-energy flowing through our bodies.). Tantra. This is specifically where Qigong training and breathing practices come in. In much the same way. traveling along pathways known as meridians (kind of like a secondary circulatory system). Inhale fully so the weight rises upwards as a result of your stomach expanding and diaphragm reaching full movement. Many of these effects have yet to be quantified by modern science and medicine. Yoga. Breathe through your nose and exhale fully so that the weight sinks down as your stomach contracts. Thousands of years of observation and research have shown that when the flow of Qi is slowed down or obstructed. it will become more of a daily habit and you will recognize times when you are not breathing from the belly.

you can add visualization and intent to accumulate Qi or “Life Force” from the atmosphere. Within just a short time. Try to feel the energy coming in your legs. It starts to feel as if all the pores on your skin are pulling in air. you should begin to feel as if your entire body is absorbing energy. Just picture yourself as an empty vessel absorbing all the energy of the universe as you slowly draw in your inhaling breath. focus on your lower stomach near the bladder and visualize or feel the energy spinning and rotating in this area. magnetism or electricity. . Practice this breathing method for two weeks and try to apply it to during your routine daily breathing to integrate it into your lifestyle and recharge your energy throughout the day. arms and head.As you advance in this simple practice. This is the essence of all Qigong and Yoga pranayama techniques. As you exhale.

allowing the stomach to contract inwards while mentally making the sound “Ahhhhhh” like taking a warm soothing shower. feel the energy entering and filling your body. . Start a 3rd eye frequency. This is called Jyoti Mudra. remove the headphones. close your eyes and repeat the deep breathing exercise (steps 2-5) for 1 minute. 3) As you inhale. 4) Hold the breath in for a pause of 3 to 4 seconds. 9) When the audio completes. Just gaze at the Yantra and allow your body to breath as it wishes. 5) Exhale fully. Place your thumbs in your ears.Take in a deep breath and hold it in. Feel the energy circulating in the lower stomach. 8) Gaze at the entire black square trying to see it all at once as well as several inches of the white background that surrounds it. Savoring the moment with the “Mmmmmm” sound in your mind. you are ready to begin the practice of opening the third eye. which will run for about 10-minutes. Inhale making the metal sound “Mmmmmm” as if you were enjoying something really tasty. Don’t worry about your breathing at this point. 7) Put on your stereo headphones so that the wires run down your back as opposed to your front. Note: You must use headphones.Step 2: The Magic Mirror Yantra Assuming that you have learned the correct method of belly breathing and absorbing energy from the atmosphere. 2) Begin relaxing via your deep breathing skill. which should be placed horizontally directly in front of you (head height) about 20 to 24 inches from your eyes. 1) Sit upright in a chair with your spine straight and erect. your index fingers press the inside corner of the eyes towards the bridge of the nose and the middle fingers press and close the nostrils. 6) Feeling calm and relaxed look at your Magic Mirror Yantra. 10.

Try to hear it as a sacred name of GOD such as Yahweh (inhale Yah. Again. focus your attention on the third eye center located on your forehead between your eyes as if you were trying to see through your skull. As you listen. Utilize your energy accumulation breathing skills discussed earlier while performing this step.Inhale slowly through the nose bringing energy into the third eye area mentally making the sound “Oooooh”. 13. 12. . keep your thumbs in your ears and eyes closed. keep your thumbs in your ears and listen to internal sounds. exhale Wah) or Allah (inhale Ah.11. mental. Feel the energy flowing into your body and give it the intent to protect you from all physical. Step 3 Focus Within After completing the steps above. 14. Note: keep your thumbs in your ears and eyes closed while making this sound. emotional and spiritual attacks.Exhale when you can no longer comfortably retain the breath vocally making the “Mmmmm” sound feeling it vibrate the third eye as discussed prior. 1) Try to hear the sound of your pulse or blood pumping through your thumbs. Step 4 Protection Visualize GOD or the Universe filling and surrounding your body with protective white light. try to feel your heart beating in your chest as you listen to the sound of the beat or pulse. Hold the in breath for the last time and repeat the Jyoti Mudra. feel your lungs expanding and contracting. 3) Listen to the sound of your inhale and exhale.Exhale when you can no longer comfortably retain the breath vocally making the “Mmmmm” sound aloud feeling it vibrate the third eye location. Then feel your stomach doing the same. 2) Next. exhale Lah).While in Jyoti Mudra. Try to sense the energy moving all the way to the back of your skull.


your Magic Mirror Yantra practice session is finished.Step 5 Grounding 1) Become aware or notice any smells or scents in the air even if its just the air itself. music) • Record your thoughts. How relaxed were you prior to the Yantra meditation? • What were your thoughts primarily focused on? • How easy was it to ‘just look’ at or stay focused on the Yantra? • How neutral were you? Were you eager to ‘see things’? Did you have preconceived expectations? Were you frightened at any point during your practice? Were any physical sensations apparent? Did you notice any heat. If you are not sure what you have experienced. wind chimes. 3) Keep your eyes closed. write down ‘I am not sure what I experienced’. Step 6 Record & Document your experience This section is highly personal. • When you have recorded all of your thoughts. buzzing. humming. Notice if any images or pictures form in your mind as a result of hearing sounds. voices. feelings and experiences in your journal. but unplug your ears and listen to any sounds you can pick up. tingling or changes in temperature? • Did you hear any sounds? If so. anything. However here are guidelines: • Be as honest as you can with yourself. and unique for the individual. . Birds. voices. • Remember to be honest with yourself. cars. 4) Open your eyes and observe your surroundings. 2) Sense your tongue and taste buds and see if you observe any sense of flavor. feelings and experiences. what were they like? How would you describe them? (ringing.

Performing this focus exercise daily will surely bring results. orange sun. This little exercise should only take a couple of minutes. but is very useful for enhanced third eye experiences along with more frequent lucid dreaming. When you record your dreams. white flower Asian dress. Trader Joe’s makes an excellent sublingual that is inexpensive. How to increase the frequency of vivid dreams 1) Take a high quality sublingual B-vitamin complex that has B12. try to write down as much descriptive detail as you can as quickly as possible because the dream experience will begin to fade away. one first thing in the morning immediately after waking from sleep while the pineal gland is still relatively active and another session in the evening when one begins feeling sleepy. mountain background. in the event you recorded a dream. Many choose to do two sessions. Huge Lion made of Fire is my companion. The Dream Diary (Very Important!) Purchase a diary or notebook and keep it by your bedside. Later in the day. De jevu and clairvoyance. you will use your dream diary to recall in your minds eye as much of the imagery as possible. For example: Big open field-green. . Just treat your diary as if it was “Classified Information” and you are in charge of protecting these secrets. snow on top. Do not allow others to view it. You should use a type of shorthand and not worry about complete sentences. Girl is giving me direction. B6 and folic acid. Treat this item as a private and sacred. precognition. pretty women. You must respect these inner communications between the conscious and subconscious mind to fully develop a rapport and sense of trust between these aspects of consciousness.The Magic Mirror Yantra Exercise is the most important tool for opening the Third Eye center as it inverts the minds eye causing it to awaken.

St. allow your eyes to see the red and blue spheres with only your peripheral vision. Seaweed. bananas and peanuts are other examples. 5) Look at your hands several times during the day and ask yourself “Am I dreaming or am I awake?” If you do this frequently and make it a habit. You can also try L-Tryptophan supplements. Stand or sit facing the Yantra. brown rice. When peripheral sensors are stimulated for some time. 4) Some try using mild MAOI inhibitors such as: Passionflower.2) Eat foods that are very high in L-Tryptophan. we experience color sensations. 2) After 30 seconds or so. keeping your eyes open as long as possible. tofu. soy yogurt & soybeans. blue-green algae. Yohimbe. soymilk. 3) Many say that taking a melatonin supplement periodically (1/week) helps induce vivid dreams. Try not to blink. Aura Yantra 1 1)Place the Aura Yantra horizontally in front of you at eye level. Your hands will look a bit different in your dream. much different than when we use direct . you are likely to repeat the behavior in the dream state and thus become “Lucid” during the experience. Once daily is enough. Focus your gaze on the black dot for 30 seconds or more. John’s Wort. Note that the colored areas seem to be surrounded by the “Aura” of a different color. which should be a full arms length away from you. which will cause the conscious mind to become aware during the dream. 6) A Daily seated meditation practice in complete darkness using the Third eye frequency meditation. A very cheap and extremely rich source can be found in powdered nonfat dry milk or whey protein powders.

However. . rather than seeing a true Aura or energy field. focus your gaze on the center of their forehead for 30-seconds or so and then allow your peripheral vision to see the aura. the brighter is the “Aura” around colored areas. To apply this same principle to seeing human auras. Looking at the Yantra with central vision doesn’t allow anything special to occur. this exercise demonstrates the principle of how to focus to see human Auras by making you more aware of certain specific capabilities of your eyesight and your visual perception. Concentration at ONE spot for long enough is the key. because your peripheral sensitivity increases.central vision. The longer you concentrate.

You can either sit or stand for this exercise. Then allow your peripheral vision to see what the central vision cannot.The basic principle is to focus on the centerline or middle of whatever is being viewed. feeling somewhat in a trace state like when you naturally stare at something while your mind drifts. overlooking the circles. daydreams or thinks of other issues. You may even see a total of 4 circles at this time. Aura Yantra 2 1) Place the Yantra horizontally in front of you about arms reach away. 2) Stretch your hand forward so that one of your fingers is between and underneath circles as shown below. 3) Focus your gaze on the tip of your finger for 30-seconds or more. .

Experiment with the distance from your finger to your eyes to achieve a perfect cross. Short and intensive concentration seems to be far better than longer sessions. Seeing the cross is the evidence that the left hemisphere of the brain (connected to the right eye) is communicating with the right hemisphere (connected to the left eye). Experience shows that it is best to start with just a minute or two and gradually increase the time every week. The objective here is to overlap the middle two spheres to see ONE CENTRAL CIRCLE WITH A WHITE CROSS on top of your finger. The merge or cross will initially float and seem unstable.4) Merging the spheres. preferably without blinking. with practice you should be able to achieve and maintain the cross without the finger. Gradually. interrupted by the lack of developed skill. You gain a significant benefit with daily practice of 3-5 minutes of maintaining a perfectly balanced cross. in the middle between the two. While maintaining the cross try to become aware of the other 2 circles as well as everything around using your .

When you can analyze additional surroundings using your peripheral vision. Blue: Positive energy. On the verge of confrontation. the more you will be able to see and thus. the easier it gets. Green: Bad health.peripheral vision. Remember. The more you play with it. Over time you begin to create your own personal list based on your unique experience that is right for you. This is more than enough to get you started. regular practice makes perfect in spiritual training as much as anything else. planning. perhaps spiritual inclined. illness. you are ready to observe and read auras! Reading Auras: When Seeing Colors. having inner turmoil. Holding frustration within. broken bone. the important thing to remember is what each color means to you personally. disease. concentrating mentally. The basic colors and their generalized meanings are as follows: Red: Angry. . Orange: Contemplating revenge. A collapsing aura is the energy of a person who. Black/Brown auras are not aura colors at all but collapsing auras. studying. Similar to red. Yellow: Deep thought. sick. Black/Brown: This is a very misunderstood color and needs special attention. even if you can't find a partner. Go out and practice. it is easy to sit at a location where people are sitting to begin practicing. very positive person. is not producing enough energy. You should see Aura and color visuals around the circles above with your peripheral vision. The energy begins to pull from outside sources rather than radiating from within. good intentions. meaning well to others. through their soul. White: Good energy. good vibration. without loosing focus upon the cross (and the concentration).

However it is of a slightly different nature. . The eyes find it restful and interesting and are able to fix upon it with ease. 3. The stimulation of the retina by the gazing upon the candle flame is similar to that sometimes experienced using the Magic Mirror Yantra. The experience of seeing something in your ‘experience’ with your eyes closed helps the student to psychologically prepare to see things that are not there ‘physically’ in the environment.Supporting Exercises : Candle Meditation Candles made from Bee’s Wax are Best for this type of meditation! 1. 2.

retain the image of the flame. It will usually be a yellow-white. Stay Focused! • If the image begins to fade. If your gaze is steady but your attention is on something else. Keep it steady. • Concentrate fully on the image for 3 minutes and as best as you can keep the image from wavering. remanifest it in your minds eye. • When the 2-3 minutes have elapsed. and the impression made within the brain. • Open your eyes.Meditating upon a candle Place the candle (in its holder) and a match in your meditation area prior to beginning the practice. • Both your attention and gaze must remain fully on the candle flame. [The candle remains lit]. • With your eyes palmed. • Light the candle and place it 50-60 cm from where you will be seated. although many people have reported seeing different colors. close your eyes and place the palms of your hands over them to increase darkness. This is due to repeated stimulation of your cells within the retina. relax and with your concentration. then the efficacy of the technique reduces dramatically. . • You will be aware of an image in your imaginary field of view. • Your gaze and attention must remain together on the candle flame. Begin your breathing and relaxation exercise. Refrain from all other distractions. • Fix your gaze directly on the flame and hold it there steadily (blinking as necessary) for between 2-3 minutes at a time.

although it is highly beneficial in the development of concentration. When this happens. . Each time you catch yourself losing focus.• If your mind wanders. Well done! This is not an easy exercise. • Repeat the gazing at the candle flame for a further 2-3 minutes. Candles Made From Bee’s Wax are the Best for this Mediation!!!! • Then close the eyes as before and re-palm them. and you refocus your mind-you will be building a special set of tools inside yourself. • Hold the image in your minds eye for as long as you can… • After 2-3 minutes…stop and relax. refocus and concentrate. as the retinal cells recover and return to normal. • There will come a time when the image on the retina starts to fade. remove the palms of your hands and open your eyes.

Once you get more comfortable. a box of matches. this is an ability that you already have. gradually increase the training session little by little up to 20 or 30-minutes. When you visualize with your eyes open. While visualizing your object. we are going to raise your thought control abilities to dramatically increase and strengthen your willpower and concentration. begin working on visualizing the image with your eyes open. you will need five different physical objects such as a fork. For some students. Remember. but through practice and perseverance. a knife. To start this exercise. close your eyes and attempt to mentally visualize this object exactly as it looked in reality. This is similar to “day dreaming”. Then. This exercise is complete when you can visualize the object without the slightest interference or mental disturbance for 5-minutes.Gaining Control of Your Mind’s Eye Part II Advanced Trataka exercise: In this section of the course. etc. The objective of this exercise is complete. Place these objects in front of you and focus your eyes on a single object for a while. Your mind does this every time you dream with an amazing level of detail and reality. a ball. Try to memorize every detail pertaining to the shape. you should be unaware of other surroundings as your full concentration is focused on the imagined object. . Do not get frustrated or disappointed with these initial setbacks as everyone experiences them. When you first start practicing this exercise. try to imagine that the object is suspended in mid air immediately in front of you as if you could almost reach out and touch it. this will happen far less frequently and you will eventually be able to hold the image in your mind for longer durations. size and color of the object. pen or pencil. Once you have accomplished holding the image for 5-minutes with your eyes closed. you will only be able to do this for a few seconds before the object disappears from your mind. this particular exercise is much easier than the preceding exercise while for others it is more difficult. when you can mentally hold the image of the object for 5-minutes without interruption. In the beginning. do not work at it for more than 10-minutes per session.

Photographic like memory becomes enhanced. Intuition and knowing seems to increase for all regardless of other abilities. responsible. Some become very empathic and feel the emotional states or health of others easily. Some people are able to see auras easily and others have to work at it. Hearing the thoughts of others may begin to occur. Everybody is to some extent. Frequency of coincidence and Deja vu increases significantly. Exercise To Develop Telepathy . are gradual and indeed natural. ‘sensitive’. As abilities reveal themselves we ask that you handle them in a mature.What to do with your third eye when it is opening? Development of psychic and intuitive abilities. Vivid dreams may resemble or predict events in the future or the past. honest manner and that you fully understand and accept all consequences of any inappropriate use of your power or skills. This can also result in communication with “spirit guides” both visually and auditory. Other people are able to read ‘impressions’ they get off objects (psychometry).

The essence of GOD is eminent in all things. it is pure gold in moral hands. have taught that the spirit of GOD is within us. Please respect all of the information provided. . unless in your heart of hearts you know that the person is moral and upstanding and you are doing so in the interest of mankind.” ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU REAP THAT WHICH YOU SOW. and that they can make a difference to the quality of life of the planet and the people on it. including you! This is why you must “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” and to “Love thy neighbor as thyself. it is transmitted into the universe similar to a radio transmitting a signal. Buddha. etc.”……. Jesus Muhammad. not outside of ourselves. “With extreme power. Development of Mental Telepathy Exercise • Thoughts are created within the mind body. Moses.Understand here and now that there is an ancient law having the sentiment: “Those who are in the know must not abuse or take advantage of those who are not in the know. greedy. All great teachers and masters: Krishna. seen and unseen is of the very essence of the Creator itself. • We are motivated to help the ordinary person discover they are truly great. All there is cannot create with anything but itself. • When you or anyone else has a thought. We are all one with GOD not separate from the creator. lustful or power hungry hands. thus everyone and everything. comes equally extreme responsibility!” You are being entrusted with a significant piece of information that you must not share with others.. • We are motivated to help people discover their true spiritual essence and not to abuse or take advantage of others in the process. but can be a curse in selfish.

• Meditation and opening of the third eye. renders the individual more capable to scan through the range of frequencies at greater speed and thus. • Most people make the mistake of thinking that this scanning occurs on the outside of themselves. • The thoughts you have. whilst remaining gentle and still. within yourself. attune himself or herself to a person. However. By scanning inside themselves. Just like you cannot hear radio stations without the proper receiving equipment.• Telepathy relies upon your mind being able to both transmit as well as receive. • The telepath is able to allow their mind to become open and yet to scan through the frequencies in order to locate a person and know their intentions. the intentions and thoughts of the other person may be known through empathy. are directly related to levels of space you have moment-to-moment. • Similarly thoughts maybe transmitted to the person once a connection is made. you cannot transmit or hear thoughts without developing your mind. . it must occur within the deeper parts of themselves. if the concentration is developed.

This should be fairly simple if you know the person (or have seen them on TV) assuming you have mastered the advanced Trataka exercise. With practice you will gain a great deal of benefit and information from this exercise. whilst still holding their picture in your mind…what do you notice? What do you feel? Can you hear anything? . Be as quiet and still as you can be within yourself. The picture should be preferably 3-dimensional and in color.1) Sit quietly. which is corpse pose or lying down meditation. kindness and gentleness within yourself. 4) Get a picture of the person you wish to contact in your mind.. Don’t abuse it.. breathe in energy and relax and empty your mind. . . 2) Think of the Magic Mirror Yantra and find a sense of peace. Good luck! Supreme Yin (Accumulation of the Water element) The first step of this exercise is to assume the water meditation posture. Use the Mind Gate Mudra.

contracting and imploding. . but don’t fall asleep. There is nothing else in the universe except an infinite ocean of dark blue water and you are directly in the center of it all. astral travel and telepathy. you get colder and colder as you become more magnetically attractive. you experience the coldness and contracting power of this element. Continue to exhale the element until you feel that it has been completely expelled from your entire body. the water element is cold and imploding. Begin to circulate this feeling around your body like a whirlpool vortex. With each breathe out. your body temperature slowly warms toward normal levels and the attractive power and pressure fades away.First. Relax your entire body from head to toe and make yourself as comfortable as possible. The pressure builds from the outside and pushes inward on your body as if you were being squeezed from all sides by strong magnetic force. connection with other dimensional beings. lay down on your back with your palms face down on the ground. Through progressive inhalations. With each inhalation. The inhalation should be very slow. spiritual visions or premonitions. You begin to feel the coldness of the water sensation throughout your entire body. the water element is cool. distant viewing. Whereas the fire element is hot. Whereas the fire element was hot. Now slowly let your body be completely submerged in the water element. Don’t retain the breath for this exercise other than a brief 1-second pause. imagine that you are floating on a giant ocean of cool water. expansive and exploding. Practitioners of this exercise in the Orient have achieved many great phenomena through their control of the Water element. Now. radiating and exploding. you feel cooler and cooler until you are icy cold and your body seems to have its own attracting force or gravitational pull as a result of this condensing water element. Now. greater intuition or ESP. begin to expel this element through your entire body as you exhale. lucid dreaming. drawing things towards you like a vacuum. One of the simplest applications is to keep yourself cool on a hot day but there are many other benefits for you to discover. As you inhale slowly through your entire body (lungs & pores). Some of the paranormal effects of this exercise are: out of body experience. taking much longer than the exhale breath.

Use them in a daily alternation so that you switch from Indigo to Jade on a regular rotation. Just stay relaxed and don’t get distracted by these sensations. A thick clear laminate works best for this tool. Third Eye Power Yantra. You may want more than a single copy. Sit. you may experience external sensations as well such as feeling like the floor is moving. You will likely feel pressure. These are simple tools that produce results. tingling. Print these in color on photo quality paper and the highest quality print resolution or have a professional printer do it. Even place it under your pillow or under your back when sleeping. you will find an Indigo Flower Yantra and a Jade Flower Yantra both of which radiates energy to the third eye center or anja chakra. Have the image laminated to protect it from moisture and wrinkling. warmth or other sensations on your 3rd eye simply from using these yantras. This is a result of your energy and aura actually experiencing the meditation as it plays out in your minds eye. Gaze at it daily for short periods of 1-minute. Both Jade and Indigo are known to stimulate the third eye center.During this exercise. . lay or stand on it when performing any of the third eye exercises provided in this course. On the next 2 pages. This image can also charge drinking water if placed on top and centered on the Yantra.

Indigo .

Jade .

In addition. . 2) After a few minutes. Lying Down Meditation 2 1) Perform your relaxation breathing and energy accumulation visualization while lying down in corpse pose. You may begin to see a very bright white light. place your headphones on and listen to the 3rd eye frequency meditation. these empowerments will activate the other chakras and give you tools to channel healing energy for the benefit of yourself and others. Push your thumbs into the inner corner of your eyes similar to Jyoti Mudra and focus on the center of your head. Many sites offer free Reiki empowerments. 3) Utilize your focus and concentration skills to retain the light as long as possible. Kundalini Reiki is also recommended.Reiki attunement can also speed or enhance third eye opening. You may begin to see what appears to be a blue tunnel or vortex with white light emitting from the center. Just use a search engine using “Free Reiki attunement” as you key words and you should find several sources. We also offer 2 unique empowerments or catalyst for 3rd eye opening (Anja Activation & Psychic Reiki attunements) Just send request.

Move into the light and think of nothing else other than the pleasurable experience of the emanating light itself. “Amazing”. . Don’t be afraid of the light. This is a place within yourself where interesting things are going to happen that are strictly between you and your inner spirit. Allow your body time to adjust and then stand and perform the “yawning X stretch” 7-times to help distribute the energy throughout your body. this is very much like a near death experience. 5) Don’t lose your awareness of the bright white light. “Wow”. traveling inwards to the center.4) Based upon records and literature. 6) Use the emotional triggers of “Mmmmm”. slowly open your eyes and relax. move your awareness into it. 7) Upon finishing this mediation. “Incredible” and “Thank You” as you move inwards.

Practice. you want to breath in energy from the front of your forehead all the way to the back of the skull on the inhale and then reverse the process on the exhale. Breathing through the nose using a yoga type breath where you can actually hear the sound of your breath in the back of your throat as well as feel as slight friction or vibration in the throat from the breath is best. etc. practice. This can be done lying down. standing. during breaks. walking. driving or any other time.). sitting. As you do this. Basically. This will help you accumulate energy “chi or prana” in the anja chakra or upper dan tien. focus on the third eye and connect the sound of your breath to creating a physical vibration or feeling on your forehead. practice! .Third Eye Breathing & Daily Awareness It is highly recommended to include 3rd eye breathing techniques sporadically throughout your daily routine (driving. walking.

Feeling the sound vibrate inside the skull and forehead is the key. inhaling and exhaling the vibrations. Visualize your third eye expanding outwards like the image on the following page. then move it to the forehead vibrating the “Zzzzzzz” sound. Use the following Mudra while staring at the Indigo Flower Yantra. Bring your attention to the space between your eyes at the center of your forehead (your third eye). but connect the index fingers forming a triangular shape. Do you see anything . keep the thumbs on the 3rd eye. There is a slight Mudra change. which rhymes with “home”. Repeat for 1 minute or so. Repeat the mantra for 1 or 2 minutes. which rhymes with “Cream”.Mantras and Mudra The Third eye responds well to the sound Om or Aum. Inhale silently mentally making the Ooooo sound of “Aum” and exhale vocalizing the “Mmmmm” vibration concentrated on the forehead. then front of the skull as you make the “Mmmm” sound. Now with your eyes still closed. Repeat for 1 or 2 minutes. Feel the energy moving from front to back and back to front. The next 3rd eye mantra is the sound Shreem. vibrating the forehead or front skull. Notice the inner screen of your mind. which rhymes with the candy “PEZ”. move it into the center of your skull vibrating a short ESound “Eh”. Vibrate a continued “Vvvvvvv” sound at the back of your skull as you slowly exhale. Plugging the ears as described in the Magic Mirror Yantra exercise is very useful for feeling this vibration. The final sound or mantra is Vez. Earplugs can be used when placing your hands in 3rd eye Mudras. Feel the “E” sound vibrating the back of your skull and slowly move it forward to the center.

shapes. Know in your heart. If nothing comes don't be discouraged. anything at all? Do not judge yourself or expect anything of yourself. colors. Just be aware of images of any sort that come to mind. Like all skills the development or rather the remembrance of it will involve practice and persistence! . Developing this or any other skill may take some time. that simply by bringing your attention to your third eye the skill of clairvoyance has already began to awaken.

The mirror is one of the most basic elements of occult initiation in western schools of esotericism. he could see the realm of Shambhala in his mirror. once told a friend that in deep reflection meditation practice.Mirror Mirror on the Wall Mirror practice will simply amaze you within a little time! How can it be possible for a mirror’s surface to reflect not only our physical image. . but also our aura as well? It is possible to experience or see faces of yourself in both the past and future. The faces of your spirit guides can also appear during the practice of mirror gazing? A well-known Tibetan master by the name of Chogyam Trungpa.

Simply observe ! 9) Record your experience in your diary or journal. the background behind the lights and/or colors). Continue to practice 3rd eye breathing for the remainder of the practice. . lights or patterns that emerge in your mind’s eye! Continue to use the 3rd eye breathing to connect the breath and sound vibration to the imagery in the third eye center. indigo or dark space (i. Keep building up the vibration between the eyebrows for about 1 full minute. 2) The room should be dark with the only source of light coming from a lit candle placed to the right side of your body. 3) Start your timing device and close your eyes and begin relaxing your mind and body. Perform 3rd Eye breathing the entire time. Become aware of the vibration between the eyebrows.1) Sit or stand approximately 3 feet away from a large mirror. Remain in the space for 1 or 2 minutes. 4) After a few minutes. Then close your eyes and observe any colors. 5) Become aware of light or color patterns appearing inside your forehead between the eyebrows. Wear something white to contrast with the darkness. Focus your gaze on the the 3rd eye area of your reflection. Use a silent electric timer or relaxing music that will allow you a total of 15minutes to complete the entire practice. 6) Become aware of the purple. Continue for a minute or longer if you like. breathing in energy as discussed in prior exercises. begin 3rd eye breathing into the forehead while focusing the energy vibrations moving into your 3rd eye. Having trouble seeing colors or lights in your 3rd eye? Gaze intently at the white dot located in the center of the next image for 5-minutes. with your eyes still closed. and connect it to the sound of your breath and throat friction. Use earplugs to block out as much ambient sound as possible. merging your consciousness with this space and feeling “One” with it. 7) Slowly open your eyes and begin gazing directly at your reflection. Connect the sound of your breathing and throat friction to these internal lights trying to amplify them with your breathing.e. 8) Gaze into the mirror for 10-minutes or longer if you prefer.


Now. 4) With the mind relaxed and your thoughts drifting. 1) Pick a dream from your Diary and begin trying to recall it in as much detail as possible. when your mind begins to wander and drift allow it to do so for a minute or two. This is by far the fastest way to enter into these states of awareness. 3) As you become more and more relaxed you may begin to feel a bit sleepy.Astral Projection Remote Viewing Out of Body Experiences To induce Astral projection or an OBE (out of body experience) it is absolutely essential to have a well-kept Dream Diary with various dreams recorded within as previously described. . begin to recall your dream visually in your 3rd eye. This is good. This will allow you to add more detail to your journal as well. 2) Lay down on the floor and perform the “Supreme Yin” meditation exercise. Stage 1: Just witness and allow the dream to repeat somewhat like a recurring dream.

Stage 3: This stage is nearly identical to stage 2. Special Mantras The 4 mantras below are used to enhance 3rd eye experiences.Stage 2: After having successfully repeated a dream. you guide your awareness to a specific location (Astral Travel or Remote Viewing). except instead of recalling a dream at the point of mental drifting. What did you see? Did you interact with anyone? What were they wearing? Was anything out of place? After you have gained success in this practice. Stage 4: This stage is basically the same as stage 2 and 3. It is suggested that you pick a location familiar to you at first (your own home.) Explore and record your results. This can also take you into astral traveling. such as Astral Travel. a common vacation spot. which you should just participate as a passive witness the 1st time (stage 1 process again) and record the results in your diary as an “astral travel” or keep a separate journal for these cases. a friend or relatives house. try exploring a local store that you have never visited. You should only practice one mantra at a time and stay with it everyday for 40 consecutive days before moving on to a new mantra. Your back should be kept straight. etc. Wearing . lucid dreaming. past & future events and more. but this time you will explore it deeper. with your feet flat on the floor. Remote Seeing. always practice at the same time each day in an area where you will not be disturbed. you instead try to recall details from a prior astral experience and then explore it in further going deeper and become more lucid and/or proactive in these unique environments. If possible. The mind has both a natural child like curiosity and fear of the unknown. Do this a couple of times and then actually go to the store and compare your results. so it is always wise to proceed at a slow pace to prevent any negative mental or emotional experiences. the next time you perform this exercise. or try to change it by doing something different. Clairvoyance & Clairaudience. but instead of staying in the dream. The idea here is to become lucid within this state of left and right hemisphere activity. initiate the process again using the same dream. The rules of engagement are to always begin with familiar territory and then slowly enter unfamiliar experiences at a gradual comfortable pace allowing them to become comfortable as well.

serves as a mantra. "The Divine gave my spiritual father.earplugs can also help with feeling the sound vibrations resonate in your mind and body. You should also mentally repeat your selected mantra throughout the day as often as possible. 01777908 0177792244. when recited in Chinese." . This is the sacred code. 1) Om Ham Ksham Chakra Jaa-Grana-Aya Kata-Ya Ayin-Yai Namaha (this mantra is used to open the 3rd eye) 2) Om Ha Sa Kha Prem (Used for Astral Travel and OBE) 3) Om Kreem Kleem Hreem (Used to Transcend Time. Repeat it yourself. All three sounds rhyme with “Cream” 4) Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Hum Hum Hreem Hreem So Ha (Used to acquire any and all attainments) Hum sounds like “whom” 5) Master Zhi Chen Guo’s & Master Zhi Gang Sha’s mind opening number code: 01 777 90 8 0 1 777 922 44 Ling-Yee-Chi-Chi-Chi-Jo-Ling-Bah Ling-Yee-Chi-Chi-Chi-Jo-Are-Are-Suh-Suh Number English Chinese Number Chinese Pronunciation 1 one 2 two yee are sahn 3 three 4 four suh 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten woo lyo chee bah jo shi This is a strange but powerful number-based coding system which. it has tremendous power. "Computers are based on the binary code system of zero and ones such as: 010101. a sacred code to develop and unlock the potential powers of the brain. Master Guo. Space and Matter)." says Master Sha.

At the end of each mantra practice. The root Chakra begins on Sunday with the sound “Lam. I am only attracting more success and things that will bring me greater happiness.” Friday is the 3rd eye (6th) chakra with the sound “Om” and Saturday is the Crown of the head with the sound “Ah. for this I am truly Pleased.” Wednesday is the Heart Chakra (4th) with the sound “Yam. repeat the following affirmation: “Right now. Thankful and at Peace with myself and others.” Monday is the 2nd Chakra or Sacrum with the sound “Vam.” Try chanting the chakra sound on it’s day of the week while listening to the specific frequency for the chakra and try to resonate and “tune” your vocal tones to be in harmony with the chakra’s sound.” followed by the throat chakra (5th) on Thursday with the sound “Ham. in this very moment. Also try to invoke the emotion or attitude of each Chakra. Since likes attract likes. .sourcevibrations.” Bija Seed Sounds & Free Download Go to the following link and download the free chakra tuning frequencies at the bottom of the page: http://www. This is a short practice that can produce significant results.” Tuesday is the 3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus with the sound “Ram. I am attracting happiness and success in all my endeavors because I am already a happy successful Each Chakra is associated with a seed sound (Bija) as well as a day of the week. which is also listed on the table on the following page.

Maoshan Traveling Hands This is an ancient method of spirit travel that was utilized by the Taoist Maoshan sect to astral travel spiritually into unseen dimensions and worlds. which is where much of their esoteric knowledge was obtained. . The method can be done either sitting or lying down with the most important detail being the ability to reach a state boarding on sleep and awake.

Note: in the image above. Place the tip of your thumb so that it touches the middle knuckle of your index finger. turn the thumb side of your hand facing up so that your pinky fingers are parallel to the earth. Breathe naturally through the nose with eyes about 2/3rd closed. When the traveling hands take effect. which looks somewhat like a crystallized spider web. Another Astral Travel & Lucid Dreaming Technique . 4) Now just focus your mind onto the tip of your pinky fingers. lay the right hand on top of the heart center in the middle of your chest and lay the left hand on top of your lower stomach. You may also travel into dark void like space or into the diamond network. a feeling of being lifted out of your head. Then extend your pinky fingers so they are pointing outward. Just simply let yourself go. as if you were breathing through them and simply relax into the practice. a floating sensation. Eyes should overlook the nose. the thumb should be outside the fist and resting on top of the index finger’s middle knuckle. it will happen automatically. 3) If seated. strong sensation of heaviness in the physical body. but do not stare at the tip of it. as if holding a small tube. If you are lying down. In other words. floating off into space or even traveling in real time in the sky. just below your navel. you may experience many different things. then body may move or shake spontaneously. the fingers do not touch your palm. 2) Form the Maoshan Traveling hands mudra by making a unclenched fist. Once you are between being awake and/or half asleep. either sitting or lying down.1) Assume a posture. such as the sound of wind blowing.

Just imagine that there is a large purple sphere of energy (like a softball) that fills your entire neck area. Picture your body filled with the heavy clay of the earth (Brownish red) Do this for 7-days. solidness and density. Air. Both Chinese and Mongolian Chi Kung systems utilize this method to induce lucid dreaming and astral traveling.While visualizing the ball try to invoke feelings of heaviness. Picture your body filled with dark blue water. that any and all dreams and/or imagery perceived is important and that you wish to remember them in as much detail as possible. Picture your body filled with air (traditionally seen as a light greenish-blue mist) Do this for 7-days. warmth (like humidity) and a feeling of floating. Once you obtain skill at achieving the purple ball at will and can actually feel it inside your neck. The throat center is used as the exclusive focal point for your awareness as it is considered to be the location where the disalignment of the physical and ethereal bodies will occur. Water. Set the intention. magnetic like attraction. Fire & Space). Earth. Do this for 7-days Air.While visualizing the ball try to invoke feelings of lightness.While visualizing the ball try to invoke feelings of coldness.This technique is a simple practice that should be done each night as you lay down in bed getting ready to fall asleep. wave like motion or fluidity. . Water. The procedure is simple. the next step is to utilize the elements (Earth.

Begin from a comfortable standing posture with your arms just relaxed at your sides and your knees slightly bent. Imagine that the left eye is a bright radiant sun. X-ray vision for energetic medical diagnosis. Picture the inside of your body. Whether going infinitely small or large the sensation of space is limitless in all directions.While visualizing the ball try to invoke feelings of heat. Space. Do this for 7-days. injury or other ailments. The following meditation technique is practiced by Medical Qigong masters to develop the skill to first see inside their own bodies so that they can then use the same skill to see inside a patients body for diagnosis of disease. while the right eye is a . filled with stars and galaxies.While visualizing the ball try to invoke feelings of infinite size in all directions. simply relax and focus the imagination. After quieting the mind. as being the universe. then start the process all over again with Earth. Nei Guan-Internal Viewing Meditation The best way to practice the Nei Guan Meditation is through relaxed deep abdominal breathing. expansion and radiance. Do this for 7-days.Fire. Picture the body filled with red fire.

and tissues. allowing it to shine down into the body. As the light expands it stimulates the corpus callosum and penetrates the pineal gland. filling the occipital lobes (for internal perceptual vision) and the thalamus for oculomotor control. After a while.bright and luminous moon. and are able to regulate their own physical and energetic body. Both the sun and moon join together at the Third Eye point. they form a bright white ball. As their energies come together. After a relatively short time of constant practice Qigong doctors learn to discern the state of their own organs. Allow both energy and information to gather and expose itself through the Third Eye. illuminating all the internal organs. organs. Next. focus your intention on directing this ball of white light. . which acts as a projector for internal vision. relax and return to a “No Mind” state. Observe and feel the energetic strengths and individual weaknesses of the bones. illuminating the optic chiasm. allowing all of these images to settle. This enables you to see directly inside your own body and view each organ. This light actually gathers around the pituitary gland. This internal diagnostic ability sets the foundation for doctors to extend their Internal-viewing capability outside their own body to use on patients.

Daily walks provide an excellent routine that can have benefits for meditation . sound. smell and feeling. The Indigo Flower and meditation frequency you will surely stimulate your 3rd eye to open. and will allow you to see and become conscious of things that most will never be aware of. intuition. Please take care of your health and eat good foods and exercise. Third eye experiences are not always visual and can include thoughts.Concluding Summary The third eye is an internal organ of unique awareness. impulses. With daily practice using the simple Magic Mirror Yantra procedure.

They should be emotionally neutral. Wishing you the very best on your journey to fully enrich your life’s experience! Opening up your 3rd eye will happen…just keep practicing! Patience. Practice and Perseverance will make this a certainty. Persistence. more so since you are learning about spiritual mysticism and related matters. Wishing you a pleasant inner and outer adventure! Enjoy : ) . You are a valuable member of the society on this planet. Never strain. Success has “u” in it. You can be certain that you will succeed in opening your third eye by following these instructions. As such. Read this material often to make sure that you don’t miss any important details.and dreaming as well. Remember that you are protecting yourself from such energy. With continued practice you will learn to attune yourself to other people’s frequency or vibration. calming and pleasant practices. by practicing your “white light” protection energy method. With regular practice of the exercise. while also avoiding or picking up unnecessary negative energies from people with emotional troubles or health issues. your aura and energy will under go many subtle changes that will begin to influence those around you. push or force yourself during any of the exercises. but it shouldn’t be necessary as it should always be with you growing stronger and stronger as a result of continued daily practice. you will be able to invoke this protective force field at will.

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