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Make Money With Youtube

Make Money With Youtube

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Published by Ade Amole
Learn how to make money with and on Youtube


Learn how to make money with and on Youtube


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Published by: Ade Amole on Mar 10, 2013
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Four Ways To Make Money On Youtube
Partnership with youtube 2) Promote affiliate products e.g clickbank product without having any product. 3) Build a list of customers 4) Link to you blog

What you need
• Camera/camcorder or you can use free recording

software e.g Jing, go animate • An idea • You tube Account • Link from affiliate products

Youtube Rules
• YouTube states that to be eligible for monetization, "you

must own all the necessary rights to commercially use all visuals and audio, whether they belong to you or a third party." • Copyrighted videos and playlists of another YouTube user's videos does not qualify for monetization. • Before opting your content into monetization (by clicking the labeled tab when uploading a video), make sure you have all of the necessary rights to use the content commercially — and that includes the background music. You can clear rights to use third-party content on YouTube by submitting written permission from the rights holders.

Create a video that is hilarious and that can go viral

search for keywords (what people are looking for) on youtube

• You could create a ―how to …..do something that you

know about or that you could teach someone that you know would be interested in your video.
• For example, how to exercise at home? How to wash your

hair? Etc.

How to optimize your youtube video for more views
• 1. Include Targeted Keywords in Your Video Title and

Description 2. Utilize Keyword-Rich Tags 3. Promote your video to Boost Popularity/Views 4. Encourage your viewers to Rate and Comment on your video. • 5. Backlink • 6. Share your video on social sites

Promote your youtube video on social sites
• Like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, hubpages, propeller,

pinterest, digg, etc • You can also use your blog, if you’ve got one

Choose A Clickbank product
• Example – type your niche into the find products. And

search for product to promote • I personally look for products that have at least 60% average sales (avg sale)

This is for internet marketing

Avg %sale

For dating niche

How do YouTube Partners earn money?
• Youtube states that

"Our Partner Program is a revenue-sharing program that allows creators and producers of original content to earn money from their videos on YouTube. You can earn revenue from relevant advertisements that run against your videos using Google's proprietary technology. The program is free to join."

How much you make on youtube
• This depends on how many views you get on your

youtube video and how much the ad pays out plus how many people click the ads.

Click the link below for more info http://linemarketing.net/youtubemaking-money

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