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Everything You Need To Know About

Meeting, Dating, & Seducing Women
By Joseph Matthews

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Everything You Need To Know About Meeting, Dating & Seducing Women

Table Of Contents
Introduction .................................................................................................................. 2 How To Instantly Boost Your Confidence......................................................... 4 How To Meet Women ................................................................................................ 6 How To Meet Women On The Internet .............................................................. 8 Know Exactly What To Say To A Woman ........................................................ 10 How To Attract Younger Women ....................................................................... 12 How To Be Funny And Interesting Around Women................................... 13 How To Generate Attraction With Women .................................................... 15 How To Be Persistent With Women.................................................................. 18 How To Make A Woman Your Girlfriend........................................................ 19 How To Seduce A Woman...................................................................................... 22 How To Rock Her World In Bed ......................................................................... 25 How To Have A Threesome................................................................................... 28 How To Pick Up A Stripper ................................................................................... 30 Other Resources ........................................................................................................ 32 Putting It All Together............................................................................................. 36

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Everything You Need To Know About Meeting, Dating & Seducing Women

Hi there, and welcome to “Everything You Need To Know About Meeting, Dating, & Seducing Women.” If you’ve ever struggled with women and relationships, this special report is going to really open your eyes. My name is Joseph Matthews, and I used to be a COMPLETE loser with women. To give you an idea of what I look like, I’m overweight, bald, and generally have the appearance of Tony Soprano’s lovechild. Because of this, I was always massively insecure around women. I’d had my heart broken on more than one occasion, and at times felt like I’d never be happy. Then, something happened to me that was so traumatic, I made a conscious decision to make meeting, dating, & seducing women my ultimate goal in life. After all, everyone deserves to be happy, and to me, finding the right girl meant happiness. Over the years, I must have gone out thousands of times, dating literally HUNDREDS of women. Not all were beauty queens, that’s for sure, but 99% of them were amazing girls. Even though my looks didn’t change much, my success with women did. I learned how to improve my confidence, build attraction, and become a skilled lover. The things I learned have allowed me to be with women most men only dream of, including: • • • • • • Strippers Porn Stars Models Actresses Successful Businesswomen College Co-Eds

Just to name a few. It has been an incredible adventure for me, and the success I’ve achieved with the ladies has been beyond my wildest dreams. In 2004, I even wrote a book teaching guys what it is I do that makes me so successful. It’s called The Art Of Approaching, and it contains everything any man needs to know to get the woman he desires. (Hey, if a fat, bald, ugly guy like me can do it, ANYONE can!) Since I released my book, I have literally helped THOUSANDS of men meet the right woman for them. Some have referred to me as a “real life Hitch,” but I’m just some dude who figured a few things out. Nothing more.

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Wishing you success. If you haven’t already signed up for my free daily newsletter where I share all my best tips and tactics on how to meet women. enjoy my book! I hope you use it to get real results with women as quickly as possible. You’ll even notice that I reference a number of different resources in this book. Many people have gotten a lot out of my course. know what I’m saying? . Dating & Seducing Women This report your reading right now is meant to help the average guy get started learning everything he needs to know to have ultimate success and power with women. I can’t promise I’ll respond. if you can. And if you really think that this manual is good. and I would encourage you to check out all of them if you can. please share it with your friends. However.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. and I am very proud of it. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. if there’s just one specific aspect of dating you’re interested in. and you wouldn’t want to miss out. All Rights Reserved www. it is possible to see immediate results just from the tactics I cover in this report. So I would encourage you to read the whole thing. So now all that’s out of the way.artofapproaching. feel free to email me directly and ask. Or.com. I would also encourage you to take a serious look at my course The Art Of Approaching. skip right to that section! I designed this manual to quickly help any guy with any aspect of his love life. but I’ll certainly try! You can reach me at questions@artofapproaching. Just be sure to confirm your subscription to get the emails. These are all resources I used in my journey to become more successful with the ladies.-) If you have any questions outside this manual.S. then please click here to do so right now! I’m always coming up with new and better ways to get good with women.com 3 . We always gotta help our brutha’s out. P.

and you are unsure what to do. have a song you listen to in order to pump yourself up! It can be any song that makes you feel good and excited. I think this is a horrible idea. you want to learn to love who you are. You can act as confident as you want. if you ask any woman what the most attractive quality is in men. nervousness. before you go out to meet women. I recommend having a “Confidence Song. Copyright Bizlancer Inc.” Nothing is sexier to women than a man who is confident in himself. Let’s face it. Instead. but the minute you get rejected by a girl. Personally. you open yourself up to severe depression. what would it be? I’m willing to bet that whatever it is. and uncertainty all manifest themselves in ways which destroy confidence. is that they’re never really sure what it means to actually “be confident.” (Trust me. So what I recommend is.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. just listen to that song again in your mind to try and recapture that feeling. A lot of so-called “dating coaches” out there will advise you to “fake it until you make it. And if you ever feel yourself losing confidence. So if you are with a girl. Fear. what you like. excited. and be secure in what you believe.com 4 . happy – any number of things. Dating & Seducing Women How To Instantly Boost Your Confidence The first step in getting good with women is learning how to be more confident in yourself. they will almost always say “Confidence. To me. however.” If I were to ask you what your definition of confidence is. your definition of confidence is different from mine and most other guys out there. The problem most guys face. what you dislike.” It’s about knowing who you are. confidence is really just “secure self-knowledge.act confident until you ARE confident. and how to act in any given situation. it’s not as cheesy as it sounds. One trick I teach in my course is a great way to instantly boost your confidence. or go out on a date. you lose that feeling of confidence that can make you so attractive to the ladies. All Rights Reserved www.artofapproaching.” In other words . Music can make us feel sad. This is a great way to start your journey to becoming more successful with women.) Understand that music has a power to instantly change our emotions.

So if you can change your body language. you can change what you’re feeling. Building confidence is a process of learning to love yourself and be comfortable with thinking positively about yourself. not to mention effective. emotions follow the body. Both of these guys are really good friends of mine.com 5 . Instead. Far too many guys get used to thinking about themselves in a negative fashion – so much so that they don’t believe anything good when it comes to themselves! Two people who really helped me get a handle on my confidence are Carlos Xuma and Lance Mason. Carlos really breaks down how to become an “Alpha Man.” and it has nothing to do with crushing beer cans on your forehead and being a jerk to everyone you meet.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. I highly recommend it. All Rights Reserved www. so no matter how many times you might fail or get rejected. it’s not painful to you.artofapproaching. And Lance’s Physical Confidence website is all about how to do exactly that. Dating & Seducing Women But if you want to really do well with women. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. and it is VERY powerful. See. (Seriously. it’s about developing a powerful belief system that makes you confident and attractive to every woman you meet. I would strongly suggest you check out one of these websites. This is a system of using your body language to change your emotional state. If you’re looking to jack up your confidence quickly. One of the best confidence courses out there in my opinion is Carlos’s Alpha Man Immersion course. you’ll have to create confidence in yourself that is unshakable. this is good stuff!) Lance also has a great method he calls Physical Confidence.

Dating & Seducing Women How To Meet Women Knowing how to meet women is probably the single most important skill any man looking to improve his love life could acquire. 2. but let’s just say that when you do this. sleep with her. you’ve already begun talking to her “non verbally. Here’s some simple tricks to help you do both… First. the greater the odds of you finding one that will be right for you! So if you can’t meet girls. A big mistake lots of guys make is they’ll try to meet women who aren’t interested in meeting them. Knowing what girls are open to being approached.” So when you do start talking. everything else will be all the more difficult. All Rights Reserved www. This is a simple technique I teach in my course to help find girls who are open to meeting you. most IMPORTANT step in the dating process.com 6 . They key to meeting women without rejection comes down to two things… 1. it becomes a much easier task! Copyright Bizlancer Inc. lock your eyes on her face. or get into a relationship with her! It all starts with your ability to successfully meet the woman you desire without getting rejected. Success with women is a numbers game. when you see a girl you like. That’s the reason I made The Art Of Approaching in the first place. If you can’t meet a girl. meeting women was probably the biggest hurdle I had to overcome before I was able to become really successful with my love life. Instead.artofapproaching.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. Saying the right thing when you do approach them. Why? Because it is the single. perform the Eye Contact Test. I was able to have some incredible success. The more women you meet. much easier indeed. This leads to rejection and hurt feelings. guess what? She’s open to meeting you! I go into why this works in much more detail in my course. Frankly. and wait for her to make eye contact with you. smile at her. you can’t date her. If she smiles back. When she does. to teach guys how to make the hardest part in the process simple! Once I conquered the ability to meet any woman I wanted. And everything else that comes after the initial meet became much.

artofapproaching. These are all lines I’ve tested to ensure that they will not only get a good response from the girl. Second. See. have a really good Opener. but lead into an interesting conversation. You can’t go wrong. But the best pick up lines are actually ones that get the girl talking to you! And chances are. An Opener is my fancy word for a pick-up line that really works. (All the best pick up lines. are “invisible. Copyright Bizlancer Inc.”) I always have a favorite opener of mine memorized and ready to go. Or you can also check out my friend Lance Mason’s excellent site Fearless First Impressions. Lance and I have had marathon phone calls talking about our different techniques for meeting smoking hot women. All Rights Reserved www. cheesy jokes. and I can honestly say that next to me. I give away over 40 of my best Openers in my course. Its best to have one that fits every situation you’re in. pick up lines have a bad rap! Many people think they’re stupid. Dating & Seducing Women Try this technique next time you’re out and you see a woman you like. in my opinion. they won’t even notice it’s a pick up line. when you DO start talking to her. that you can then transition into asking for her number. his stuff is some of the best out there! So if you’re really looking to easily meet hot girls anywhere you find yourself. just in case your mind goes blank and you can’t think of anything situational. or even a date! Check out my website for more details. check out my stuff or Lance’s. either.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting.com 7 .

(And I’m not exactly looking like Brad Pitt. All Rights Reserved www. Most of the time. But luckily.artofapproaching. and he doesn’t have to do a single thing! They contact HIM. These two guys are EXPERTS at meeting hot girls on the internet. And you know what? He creates KILLER online profiles that get literally HUNDREDS of responses from hot girls. I can easily get 20 dates lined up. but ingeniously devious. he learned how to test the sites he was creating to make sure his websites actually performed the task they were designed to do. So Dave went ahead an applied this type of testing to his online dating endeavors.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. I know how to get around these obstacles. its easy. Easily.com 8 . this is what happens with internet dating… • • • • The women never look like their pictures The truly hot girls never write back Your profile never gets any hits You can’t get the girl to meet you in person And that’s just a handful of obstacles you face when online dating. When he was designing websites. After one session of mailing profiles. either!) Now. mostly because of my friends Dave Miz and John Alanis. and its gosh-darn effective! One of the great benefits of meeting women online is that you can actually go to websites where women are basically raising their hand and saying “Hey! I’m single and looking for a man!” You can’t beat that! And the sheer numbers of women you’re able to date from the internet is ridiculous. Dave’s profile creating secrets are really simple. Dating & Seducing Women How To Meet Women On The Internet One of my favorite past times is meeting women on the internet. It all comes down to: Copyright Bizlancer Inc. a lot of guys actually have a hard time using the internet to find good women. Dave is a guy who comes out of a website design background. It’s quick.

Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. and enjoy tons of emails back from the women I send it to. my other friend John Alanis picks up! John likes to boast that he’s the “King of letting them come to you!” John jokes that he never approaches women. balding.com 9 . But this guy gets more women than he knows what to do with! See. Dating & Seducing Women • • • • Choosing a great headline Choosing the right picture Writing great profiles that make him irresistible Knowing the tricks so that he shows up for as many searches as possible Dave was able to date close to 400 women in 4 years thanks to his methods! That’s a hundred women a year he gets to hook up with. and 99% of them are lame. I use some of his “pre-written” material myself. Check out John’s site Women Approach You to discover what he’s doing that works so damn well online. John is a short. John has a background in marketing. older man with a thick Texas drawl.artofapproaching. women approach him. In fact. If you know how to make yourself stand out. All Rights Reserved www. Sending emails to women on online dating sites is a real art form. chances are you’ll get a butt-load of responses. Check out his site Insider Internet Dating for more information. because any woman worth emailing is probably getting emails from literally HUNDREDS of guys. and he knows how to write emails to send to women online that get an insane 90% response rate! That means that 90% of the women he emails check out his profile and get back to him. Just so you know. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. because of his online techniques. And where Dave leaves off.

and have her actually be interested in what we were talking about.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. To fix this. that material is stories women love to hear.” They’ll begin to resort to boring questions. hoping to find something to talk about. boring stories. I turned to two resources. The second was Carlos Xuma’s R. He teaches you how to be funny.artofapproaching. who collected some of the best “routines” out there for talking to women. Magic Bullets is written by a good friend of mine named Nick Savoy.A. Unfortunately. they want to be fascinated. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. and romanced! So knowing exactly what to say to a woman to achieve all these things is extremely important. Much like when a stand-up comedian gets up on stage and does his routines for the audience.E. The first resource is a book called Magic Bullets. routines are basically pre-tested stories you can recite to people to entertain them. Carlos really has a good understanding of what it takes to engage women and get them to feel connected to you. See. and go-nowhere conversational threads. You want to be able to keep a conversation going with a girl and build emotional connections and attraction while doing so. The problem with this is that you will eventually lose the girl’s interest if you resort to this! Women don’t want to be bored.com 10 . entertained. how to deal with difficult conversationalists. All Rights Reserved www. Memorizing a few of the Magic Bullets routines will ensure you are never at a loss for words when you’re out on a date. and even covers some sneaky NLP mind-control techniques. Game course. You’re basically taking material you know people will enjoy and reciting it for them. Dating & Seducing Women Know Exactly What To Say To A Woman Anyone who’s ever suffered through the dreaded “awkward silence” during a date knows that being able to carry on a conversation with a girl is VITAL to success in both love and relationships.L. One of my personal challenges was being able to keep a conversation going with a girl I was attracted to. that make you more attractive! This is great if you’re a guy who never knows what to say. In the case of Magic Bullets. intrigued. most guys just try talking to “fill the void.

artofapproaching. but I like to combine the two to get a truly original way of having conversations with women. with good vibes and good emotions. Dating & Seducing Women Carlos’s material is a little more natural than the Magic Bullets method. All Rights Reserved www. excellent stuff. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. All-in-all. It’s a combination of good material.com 11 .Everything You Need To Know About Meeting.

artofapproaching. would a 21 year old girl really be attracted to a 45 year old man? Well. Regan switched the issue from him being “too old” to Mondale being “too young and inexperienced. In the end. Frankly. it’s a disadvantage. Regan said “I would never. Just remember what Ronald Regan said to Walter Mondale when he was attacked in the debates for being too old to be president. short Texas dude. it’s acceptable for younger women to date older men. use my opponent’s youth and inexperience against him. Lots of girls do it. engaging.com 12 . Most definitely. or what their nationality is. and lots of girls find older men sexy. what they look like. Being older is an ADVANTAGE. It’s their YOUTH that is an obstacle! But here’s the real key… having a young personality is all it takes to attract younger women! Being funny. interesting. no matter how old they are. you have to do the same thing. Don’t believe me? My friend John Alanis hooks up with women younger than him all the time! And he’s an old. Copyright Bizlancer Inc.” In one simple sentence. you can get a girl of any age. the answer is YES.” When it comes to women. attraction is all about creating emotion. All Rights Reserved www. After all. You know things about women they have yet to discover. and up to date on pop culture is all you need to hold your own with the younger guys.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. You know how to take care of them. They believe that if they are significantly older than the girl they want to be with. In my course Pure Personality. You know how best to please a woman. When asked what role age played in being President. Dating & Seducing Women How To Attract Younger Women One of the biggest problems older guys have is thinking that age is an issue when attracting women. All you have to do is just keep from falling into the trap that being older is a disadvantage. ever. and if you can do that. I go into great detail on how men can attract any woman they want. Check out how he does it on his website and you’ll see how it’s possible.

you talk about how you plan on marrying her and then taking all her money.com 13 . Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when teasing a woman: • Never tease her about her physical appearance.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. David called this technique “Cocky & Funny.” It was a way of acting around a girl which not only made you funny and interesting. The book was called Double Your Dating. you’re basically making fun of her in a good natured way. etc. you talk about how she needs to stop lusting after you. I came across a book which taught me one of the most valuable skills I’d ever learned when it came to dating. In short. is a bad idea! Never tease her about her religious beliefs. And girls REALLY respond well to this type of thing. but that’s all stuff she has control over and can change. because they don’t know how to tease properly. Dating & Seducing Women How To Be Funny And Interesting Around Women When I was first starting my journey to becoming good with women. Instead of talking about the reasons why she should fall in love with you. etc. The only problem with this system is that too many guys do it WRONG. The concept is simple – tease the girl you are with the same way you would your bratty little sister. And it was the first book I’d ever read which really taught a simple method of being funny and interesting around women. hairstyle. All Rights Reserved www. it was also extremely effective at creating attraction. They actually end up insulting the girl. you should never make fun of. It’s okay to tease about her fashion choices.” you’re treating them like real people – something most guys don’t think to do. like her nose. In this sense. Instead of telling her how beautiful she is. Any belief she feels passionate about.. every chance you get. written by David DeAngelo. weight. or making her mad.artofapproaching. because then you’d be attacking the core of who she is. you’re treating the girl you’re with the exact opposite way most guys who are looking to hook up with her would. because you aren’t treating them like a “special princess. • Copyright Bizlancer Inc. face. Teasing her about something she can’t change.

and definitely got me started on the right path. and it’s a great way to create sexual tension. Things like saying something dumb. Copyright Bizlancer Inc.com 14 . you definitely need to check out Double Your Dating if you haven’t already.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. Don’t always give a direct answer. and ask what you can do to make it up to her. It’s a great course. All Rights Reserved www. If she teases back. Roll with the punches. or being clumsy. Play against her expectations.artofapproaching. Make her work for what she wants a little. But don’t let a mess up stop you from teasing! Women LOVE to be teased. it’ll also be a LOT of fun. show you can take it. tell her she gets three guesses. don’t be afraid to apologize and let her know you didn’t mean to be rude. Dating & Seducing Women • • • • • Point out the things she does that are stupid or foolish. and let her know it won’t work. and give her props for holding her own. Always make her the sexual predator. If you want to learn more about how to tease girls the right way. If she asks what you do for a living. Doing all this will not only make you stand out from all the other guys in her life. etc. Make it so that you come off as NOT trying to impress her or be romantic. Don’t just come out and say what you do. Misinterpret everything she does as a way of seducing you. Should you ever cross a line and take the teasing too far.

women are more susceptible to letting emotion win out over logic.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. They can. babies can’t talk. it doesn’t matter what you look like. But you need to be aware of the differences in how men and women think. the easier it is to get women attracted to you. because it means that as long as you can trigger the emotions of attraction in a woman. If we see a beautiful girl. Dating & Seducing Women How To Generate Attraction With Women No matter what you look like. how old you are.artofapproaching. We respond to situations based on logic. We are the hunter-gatherers by nature. They can only communicate through empathy. All Rights Reserved www. logically we want to have sex with her! It’s that simple. They have to be. to really understand how attraction works. Sure. and are hard-wired to respond to stimulus differently than women. Understand a key point – attraction is an emotion! And emotions are not logical. you CAN get her attracted to you! In my course Pure Personality. The mistake comes in when men believe women see the world the same way they do. But while men can control their emotions with logic. That’s not to say women can’t be logical. no matter what you look like. or how much money you have in the bank – it is possible for you to GENERATE attraction with any woman you want. in order to care for children! After all. how tall you are. They are more emotional by nature. Speaking from experience. but you’d be wrong. these three factors are KEY to getting any woman you desire incredibly attracted to you. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. Social Proof 2. I cover all the different facets of generating attraction based on the following things: 1. Women are designed differently. So women naturally have to be more attuned to their emotional state to provide for their offspring. it stands to reason that the more physically attractive you are. but it’s true. or what your ethnicity is. You may not believe me. Men are very logical creatures. Storytelling 3. This is good news to any guy who doesn’t look like a male-model.com 15 . Being Entertaining You may not think these three things can actually get a girl attracted to you.

This is about making sure the people around you are having FUN. So whenever she’s around you. How many times have you felt excited. For instance. social proof can be created! It all comes down to knowing how to introduce yourself to lots of people and use those introductions to leverage public option. because proper storytelling generates intense emotional connections and emotions.) Storytelling: Telling stories is another key factor in generating attraction.com 16 . Dating & Seducing Women So how do you utilize these three factors? Let’s break it down: Social Proof: Social proof is basically using what other people believe about you to prove that what they believe is true. but trust me – it works! The problem is a lot of guys don’t know how to get the social proof they need to prove they are attractive. or read a book. All Rights Reserved www. she’s experiencing all sorts of incredible emotions. Understand – if you can have fun with a woman. other people are more inclined to believe it! Sounds stupid. guess what? She feels good! Copyright Bizlancer Inc. people will tend to think you really do have a million dollars. because when a girl is having fun. Think about it – every time you watch a movie or TV show. If you want to learn more about creating social proof. you gotta be a guy people love to be around! This isn’t just about being a “dancing monkey” for people’s amusement. But luckily. Being Entertaining: Finally. and make you like them. I go into great detail about how to do it there. happy. So if you have other people saying you’re an attractive man. That’s social proof. you really need to check out Pure Personality for yourself. That’s why they’re so good with the ladies! So learn how to use storytelling to influence what other people think and feel about you. you can say you have a million dollars. I know.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. (This is a very involved process. you are able to influence how other people feel about you! All the best “natural” seducers I’ve ever met are also the best storytellers. and when you know how to tell great stories. sad. you are being told a story.artofapproaching. They’ll tell you stories about their life that completely capture your imagination. you can sleep with her! Fun is the key aspect of attraction. which I can’t get into in this short report. or amazed when being told a story? Stories influence emotions. about yourself. and you’ll be well on your way to creating attraction with any woman. but no one will believe you. and she’s associating all those feelings to YOU. But if you have five people saying you have a million dollars.

It’s easier than you think. but you have to remember that if you’re not having a good time. then my Pure Personality course is definitely worth checking out.com 17 .artofapproaching. Dating & Seducing Women And when that happens. Be the life of the party. Try and have fun yourself! Do the things you like to do. the girl will actively seek to be around you so she can experience those good emotions as much as possible. Carlos is truly an amazing teacher (I know I’ve learned a lot from him!). Storytelling can help you be entertaining. All Rights Reserved www. and his tactics really work. others won’t be either. I strongly suggest you check him out when you get a chance. talk about the things you like to talk about.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. This is where attraction comes into play. My good buddy Carlos Xuma also has his own spin on how to create attraction with his website Secrets Of The Alpha Man. and allow your good emotions to energize those around you. Again. if you really want to learn how to attract women.

get her number. I’d get together with her. but his stuff is still pretty good.” since it’s the societal equivalent of knocking the girl out with your club and dragging her back to your cave. Until the girl flat out tells you “I’m not interested. the greater your chances of getting the girl you want! If you want to check out Gunwitch’s teachings for yourself. try. trying to keep from experiencing being hurt. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. and they will always give you the same answer: Persistence! Ever hear that old saying “If at first you don’t succeed. no matter what. if they could just “hang in there” and stay the course. He taught me his method of persistence and how to use it to go after the women I desired. keep calling.com 18 . you’re not actually physically harming anyone! You’re just not giving up. the more persistent you are. If she’s not returning your phone calls. This is because most guys are not emotionally strong enough to be persistent with women! They sense the rejection coming on. it’s an old saying for a reason – because it’s true! However. keep trying. I actually used to suffer from this issue a great deal myself. most guys give up at the first sign of trouble when it comes to getting the woman they want. and get the sense that I wasn’t doing well. Of course. If she’s too busy to meet up. Or. All Rights Reserved www. Then I met a guy who calls himself Gunwitch. keep pushing. and give themselves TIME to create attraction. just be persistent! Offer the girl new opportunities to get her to do what you want – constantly. and they turn tail and run. Some people call his aggressive method of meeting women “cavemaning. they could actually get the girl that’s giving them problems. Don’t be creepy or overbearing while you do it.” you have to look at the situation as though you have a chance. stop bothering me. Dating & Seducing Women How To Be Persistent With Women One of the biggest mistakes men make when pursuing a woman is that they GIVE UP. and then give up after a few phone calls. Gunwitch’s philosophy is “Make the ho say NO. But 9 times out of 10. and bail. Trust me when I say. But ask anyone who’s successful in life how they achieved what they did.artofapproaching.” And though ol’ Gunny is a bit rough around the edges with his motto. I’d meet a girl. there’s something to that. If she’s not sure she wants to go home with you.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. try again?” Well. Gun isn’t a “professional” dating coach. you can do so by visiting his webste.

true seduction is all about emotions. you will not be able to make the girl your girlfriend. getting a girl to agree to be your girlfriend is a simple task. awkward. she won’t be able to relax. most guys have NOT done the job properly. or uncomfortable around you. Emotions will always override logic! And without these emotions I just described. it’s easy to make a woman feel comfortable.com 19 . And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that! Once you find a girl you like. Have her feel comfortable around you. long-term relationship with. trust. or if you’ve been stuck in the “Friend Zone.artofapproaching. you have to do three things: 1. Luckily.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. 2. you will never be able to create connections with her or get her attracted to you. They haven’t bothered to create comfort. I want you to be my girlfriend.” or if you’ve just gone on a couple of dates – that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to turn her into your girlfriend just because you want it. It needs to be there for the other two emotions to take place. overwhelmed. If a girl knows you’re pushing hard to have sex with her. They haven’t been able to cultivate feelings of attraction. If you have just been admiring the girl from afar. Dating & Seducing Women How To Make A Woman Your Girlfriend Every guy out there has met that “one special girl” that he’s decided he wants to have a fulfilling. If you’ve done your job right. To successfully make a girl into your girlfriend. or rapport with the girl. They may not have even gotten her to agree to a date yet! Understand that making a girl into your girlfriend has less to do with how YOU feel and everything to do how SHE feels. there’s no reason why you shouldn’t settle down and make her your girlfriend. Have her feel physically attracted to you. It’s as easy as looking her in the eye and saying “I like you. Have her feel strong emotional connections to you 3. If a girl feels nervous. All Rights Reserved www. The first thing you need to do is BACK OFF. So you need to be Copyright Bizlancer Inc. Remember. So how do you create these emotions? Making her feel comfortable: Comfort is a building block emotion. Care for the job?” Unfortunately. Don’t make her feel any pressure from you sexually.

find commonalities between the two of you. We tend to be attracted to people who share similar traits to ourselves. tell her about a time where you were almost in an accident. tell her about your best vacation ever. quickly and easily. The second thing you have to do is – HAVE FUN.com 20 . (I explain all this in my course Pure Personality. I use the techniques all the time and they work great! Making her feel attracted: This final step is the most important one. All Rights Reserved www. Lots of guys get stuck after the “comfort” and “emotional connection” stages. Dating & Seducing Women laid back when you’re around the girl you like. and this usually ends up landing them in the “friend zone. Keep in mind that attraction is way more than just about your looks. that’s for sure.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. its never a bad idea to amp that attraction up. However. my course Renegade Rapport is all about how to do this. this is easy. which is all about how to create attraction. doing fun activities. Are you both from the same town? Do you both like the same music? Are you a fan of the same TV show or sports team? Whatever the two of your share in common. some guys need to work a bit harder – and even if she’s already attracted to you. but fail at attraction.” If you succeed with the other two emotions. but you don’t want her to feel like your ultimate agenda is sex. and these traits are established through emotional connections. Now. In addition to that. You should always look your best. share stories about your experiences in life based on the stories she tells you. emotional connections are the glue that will bind her to you. and emotions can be created. and telling fascinating stories are all great ways of accomplishing this. If she was almost in a terrible car accident. you need to be able to flirt with her. and the stronger the bond that’s created. If the girl has a good time when she is with you. no matter what you look like.) Copyright Bizlancer Inc. Making strong emotional connections: If comfort is the foundation you build the relationship on.artofapproaching. but attraction is an EMOTION. If you want to know more about comfort building and establishing strong emotional connections. she’ll even look forward to seeing you! Joking around. find it! These are the things that create emotional connections. To do this. The more a girl learns about you. you will have a hard time convincing the girl to be yours. In fact. If she had a great vacation to the Bahamas. she will be relaxed around you. if you are a good looking guy and she’s already attracted to the way you look. the more connections will be established.

this should be easy. Lots of guys don’t think of themselves as “sexy. If you’re looking to keep a girl and have a long. ask her if she’s trying to get you drunk so she can have her way with you – you know.com 21 . I highly recommend you check out Stephen and his teachings. But attraction also requires a certain amount of sexuality to be present. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. Once comfort is established. and his insights will help any guy get the girl he wants. and you have those strong emotional connections. Touching always creates sexual tension. Pay attention to how she reacts.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting.” but women sure do! So you need to start being sexy around the girl. The best way to do this is to start joking about sex. take advantage of you. Initiate physical contact – touching on the hand. Dating & Seducing Women The best way to generate attraction is to have FUN with the girl. how she’s trying to seduce you. wrist. Start cracking jokes about how much she wants you.artofapproaching. You can read his book on his “How To Get A Girlfriend” website. All Rights Reserved www. If she buys you a drink. etc. If you want more details on how to get a girl into a relationship. you can successfully get any girl to become your girlfriend. knee. (Just don’t over-step your boundaries while doing it!) If you can create all three of these emotions. healthy relationship. He’s an amazing relationship coach. that kind of thing. etc. Massage her lightly. it’s time to start amping up the sexual tension in the relationship. If a girl has fun with you. my friend Stephen Nash has written an amazing book about how to do exactly that. but also how to KEEP her happy in a relationship. And if you’ve been doing that since the comfort building phase. she will be attracted to you.

But in addition. It’s not a good feeling! And what tends to happen when we experience feelings we don’t like is we seek to get rid of them! And when it comes to SEXUAL tension. My good buddy Derek Vitalio. Other guys can pull the trigger and make their move. If you want to successfully seduce women. but to me. there wouldn’t be any tension! Think of it like this – if a girl flat out KNOWS you’re into her. you must also know how to TAKE ACTION. So when you make your move. seduction is really the process of getting a woman to sleep with you.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. the girl will RUN towards Copyright Bizlancer Inc. He has a background in hypnosis. Confused? Well. she can be made to FEEL arousal by you. but they haven’t created the necessary arousal to make it work. she has the power to say “yes” or “no” to your advances. the bad feelings the girl was experiencing go away. When this happens. Derek creates arousal by generating intense SEXUAL TENSION. creator of Seduction Science. And when that happens.” You’re letting the girl know that you’re attracted to her and want to have sex with her. the only way to get rid of those bad feelings is to GET SEXUAL.com 22 . Some guys can get a girl aroused. and uncertainty. and they are replaced by GOOD feelings. This is of key importance.artofapproaching.” you prevent the girl from having the power to decide if she wants to have sex with you. So let’s over each in turn… Feelings Of Arousal: The most important thing to remember when it comes to making a woman feel aroused is that arousal is an EMOTION. but you’re also doing things to make her think you might NOT want to have sex with her. so by sending “mixed signals” and creating “sexual tension. Sexual tension can also be defined called “mixed signals. the girl experiences a great deal of doubt. But YOU want to have the power in the interaction. This is the “tension” aspect of sexual tension. All Rights Reserved www. you need to create intense feelings of arousal in the girl you are with. Dating & Seducing Women How To Seduce A Woman A lot of guys have their own definition of what it means to “Seduce” a woman. but then chicken out when it comes to the action. you must do BOTH. If you weren’t confused. that’s okay. and emotions can be created! So even if a girl isn’t aroused by you. nervousness. and hypnosis is just a way of influencing people’s emotional state. is a master at this. And in order to do that.

and it works great! If you want to get really good at knowing exactly how to get a girl you like to sleep with you. you have to guide her into the bedroom. check out his website here. The two resources I recommend if you want to discover how to hypnotize women into feeling intense states of arousal are Advanced Sexual Hypnosis by my good friend Copyright Bizlancer Inc. and then gradually apply a little more pressure. she’s ready to be kissed! Cup her cheek with your hand deliberately go in for the kiss. tension is unpleasant. Are her pupils dilated? (You know.artofapproaching. Start with a soft kiss.com 23 . especially when it comes to seduction. My course. Look her in the eyes. There are a few more really good resources for creating seduction. and it can be VERY powerful. Consistent Close. Taking Action: But the key to creating sexual tension is that YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!!!! If you let sexual tension linger too long. and start escalating. and take the lead.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. Dating & Seducing Women those good feelings as fast as she can! Which means she’ll be ready and willing to hop in the sack as soon as possible. but hypnosis is really about discovering the secrets to influencing people’s emotions. Sometimes. is all about my action plan for getting women into bed within the first three dates. it will trigger the girl to move away from you. This is why some girls can act cold and distant after having a great first date. Kissing is the first thing you gotta do to start the ball rolling. If there is no alternative. It’s a very powerful and effective system I’ve developed. If you want to learn more about how my friend Derek creates powerful arousal in women. the tension will actually drive the girl away from you! Remember. because it will relieve the sexual tension. guys create powerful sexual tension without knowing it. When sexual tension has been successfully created. Pay attention to the cues the girl gives you. so the girl naturally tries to protect herself from feeling that way again. I know it might sound cheesy. when the black center of her eye is really big?) Are her eyes flitting back and forth between yours? If so. There is no real secret to taking action. All Rights Reserved www. you MUST make your move on the girl. you need to check out the website. You can usually tell if what you’re doing is working if you bother to pay attention to the girl you are with. After that. and both of them have to do with hypnosis. and they don’t make their move. except DON’T CHICKEN OUT! Just be confident (even if you don’t feel confident).

artofapproaching. Copyright Bizlancer Inc.com 24 . and Hypnodate. Dating & Seducing Women David Shade. Both will give you incredible. covert seduction techniques to get any woman into bed.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. All Rights Reserved www. sneaky.

he actually had to be hospitalized because he hurt his back during a threesome – taught me this very important skill. And the best way to do that is to rock her world from the moment you get her into bed.artofapproaching. some need to be stimulated indirectly.com 25 . In fact. Some like it hard and fast. according to my students who write in and tell me what they think. if you follow David’s golden rule about giving a woman at least three orgasms before having sex with her. When done right. Some women like oral sex. you can get a woman so aroused that she is guaranteed to orgasm when you start to have sex with her. which teaches you three easy techniques you can use right away to make any woman reach the “Big O” in no time flat. some don’t. Some enjoy direct clitoral stimulation. Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction. Dating & Seducing Women How To Rock Her World In Bed If there’s one thing I’ve learned. massaging. fingering. it is one of my most popular bonuses. After all. But being a skilled lover can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. it’s that being skilled in the art of making love is essential for getting women coming back to you time and time again. All Rights Reserved www. some like it soft and slow. Foreplay can include things like kissing. is the other half. the more this will make sense. she will do ANYTHING she can to keep him! Not only that – but getting to practice your lovemaking skills is always extremely fun! .” but foreplay actually plays a much more important role in pleasing your woman than most guys realize.-) I give away a great bonus in my course The Art Of Approaching. and when a woman happens upon a man who knows how to please her. Tip #1: Foreplay Is Everything Everything leading up to sex is what you could consider “foreplay. But every woman is different. The more experience you get in bed. My good buddy David Van Arrick – a guy who was having so much sex with so many different women. KEEPING them coming back to you after you get them into bed. and focusing on the clitoris. getting women into bed is only half the battle. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. A man who knows how to please a woman sexually is a rare find indeed. you’re well on your way to becoming a sex God in her eyes! And bringing a woman to orgasm while in foreplay isn’t nearly as hard as you think it is. In fact. You just have to remember to focus on two things – finding the right pace. and even oral sex.

And the women I was with were constantly impressed with my ability to keep going. and their ability to last long enough to please their women. Back in the day. and going. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. All Rights Reserved www. once again. and the right way to stimulate the clit. That’s the difference between a man women can’t keep away from. All arousal with women begins with the clit. my friend David Van Arrick comes to the rescue. knowing what your partner wants will always out-weigh what you want. Lots of guys fall into the mistake of only focusing on their own sexual needs and desires. I know for a fact that it works. Tip #3: Discover What Women Secretly Desire Back in my younger years. And short of getting expensive (and painful!) surgery to fix this problem. my first real. I think every guy can relate to a fear of being “too small” or not lasting long enough. However. It really is an amazing technique. I went from around 5 ½ inches to 6 1/4 inches in no time! I couldn’t believe it. pills. and a man that’s stuck at home alone on a Friday night. Did I mention that David is actually a licensed medical practitioner? The fact that he’s a doctor has lead him to develop an amazing system meant to help men last longer in bed. I was completely clueless. And before you know it. and going. And I wasn’t alone. when it came to sex. or “chemical” aids of any kind. and measuring longer. It doesn’t require any surgery. guys don’t really have many options. But when it comes to being an amazing lover. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re looking for a way to last longer and improve your size. If you want to be amazing in the sack. then you definitely need to check him out. you’re lasting longer. Tip #2: Stamina Is Essential Lots of guys are really nervous about two things when it comes to sex – the size of their penis.artofapproaching. than you ever knew was possible! Having gone through the system myself. Dating & Seducing Women But regardless. I learned almost everything I know about sex from my friend David. He has a website called Secret Orgasm Tips. and enhance themselves naturally. honest-to-God sexual advice came from a man named David Shade (what is it about guys named David and being good at sex? Who knows!). David calls his technique the “Forever Man” method.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. and when you know how to treat it right. if you adjust your techniques to the woman.com 26 . you will see amazing results. you have to find the right speed to stimulate her.

Dating & Seducing Women He had written a small book called “David Shade’s Manual. And more than that.” and it was only available through some back-woods mail order catalogue.artofapproaching. he does give away a lot of his knowledge on his new website Sexual Power. so you got what you wanted as well. David Shade has some amazing insights into how the female mind works. But mostly. you’re doing something right! Copyright Bizlancer Inc. it was also about training the women you are with to please YOU. All Rights Reserved www.com 27 . Alas. Women tend to appreciate men who are attentive lovers. I tracked down a copy and bought it while I was in college. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re at all curious about getting inside a woman’s mind. you might take all the fun out of it. There was some crazy stuff in that book – stuff that no one had ever taught me about women. just remember that sex is meant to be enjoyable! If you work too hard to be the perfect lover. because there is potential there. Honestly.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. and everyone was happy. If you don’t rock her world the first time around. So as long as you’re trying to please her. However. his original David Shade’s Manual is no longer available. you will get points for trying. and experiment. In the end. Just remember to relax. it was about getting inside a woman’s mind and figuring out what really turns her on.

even though they never set the foundation for doing so early in the relationship. They are: 1. Guys will make 2 major mistakes when it comes to threesomes. This leads to hurt feelings and a possible end to the relationship. (Yet!) So here are some easy tips to help you get started on wrangling your first three-way… Tip 1: Set The Stage Early Typically. then getting TWO girls into bed is better! Unfortunately. Pushing too hard for it to happen 2.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. and the closest they’ll ever get to being in a threesome is watching it on some porno movie. for a threesome to work. Not pushing hard enough for it to happen If you want to get two girls at the same time. you can move forward. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. find a primary girl who knows from the start that you want an “open” and “adventurous” relationship. Dating & Seducing Women How To Have A Threesome When you ask any man what his ultimate sexual fantasy is.artofapproaching. she will be. It is VERY possible to get a threesome with just about any girl you want. and allowing the women to feel as though they are in control.com 28 .” So you need to find a girl who’s not only open to having sex with you. you have to walk that fine line between manipulating events to get what you want. under the right conditions. All Rights Reserved www. But the biggest thing you have to realize when it comes to negotiating a threesome is this: ALL women are open to it! You may think that a girl you’re dating isn’t into it. You just have to know the right way to go about getting it. But this is simply not true. you need a woman who can act as your “partner in crime. One of the primary rules I learned long ago is that all women are bi-sexual. Instead. but sharing you with another woman. you tend to get a response that goes something like this: “Two chicks at the same time!” Indeed. if getting one girl into bed is good. most guys believe this is a goal that is out of their reach. A big mistake guys will make is to try and force their current girlfriend or wife to have a threesome. And if she’s okay with that. but trust me. Most just don’t know it.

Threesomes. the one who helped you set up the threesome in the first place. The other girl will suddenly join in! (Believe me. And this can lead to hurt feelings. during a threesome. All Rights Reserved www.artofapproaching. and asking the other girl to join in and help you. Copyright Bizlancer Inc.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. it will be up to you to act calm. She’s a crazy European chick who is bi-sexual to the max and loves to have threesomes. However. and begin getting sexual with your primary. Remember. but do so gently! Tip 3: Focus On Your Primary Girl It can be tempting. the key here is to lead. But you have to remember that the woman you have to keep happy and feeling secure is your Primary Girl. and slowly guide the interaction towards the inevitable sexual activity. But mostly. to focus on the new girl – the one you haven’t had sex with before. You can learn how Suzy teaches other guys to get two women into bed at the same time in her Step-By-Step Threesome website. by their nature. you’re going to need to guide the girl you are with in the process. If a girl is hesitant or nervous. Having some alcohol handy is also helpful. I actually learned everything I know about getting threesomes started from another girl! Her name is Suzy Bauer. and watch with amazement as they go along with it! Then. confident. and that can ruin the entire experience! So always make sure your primary girl knows you’re more into her than you are the other girl. without coming off as overbearing. You’ll need to help train her on how to recruit other women for the threesome. Then. And you’ll have to set the stage for making the threesome happen.com 29 . try and address her fears instead of making her push past them. Dating & Seducing Women Tip 2: Lead With A Gentle Hand Once you have a girl willing to help you. once you’ve recruited another girl. This will ensure the threesome experience is a good one she will want to repeat with you! There are lots of little techniques you can learn to make a threesome happen. switch it up and have the girls start massaging you! Tell them what to do. just to take the edge off. Getting the girls back to your place is a good start. it’s true!) Just don’t get too forceful. have you and your primary girls start massaging the other girl. The best way to do this is to begin to initiate sensual massage on your primary girl. lend themselves to people feeling left out. so alcohol will grease the wheels a bit. Some girls can be nervous about having a lesbian experience. you need to be the one leading the charge to make the threesome happen.

But strippers are not like normal women. A half hour to an hour tops. and they know all the tricks in the book. Because of this. chances are you’ll never get her out of the club and into your bed. Copyright Bizlancer Inc.) Don’t spend too much time in the club. Spending all night in the club is a bad idea.com • • • • 30 . WITHOUT shelling out half your paycheck. There is a different psychology you need to be aware of when picking up a stripper than when you are picking up a normal girl. Strippers are incredible women.” Get to know the DJ. insane women. Not only that. and it’s a must read for anyone who is interested in dating a stripper. because it makes you look like a customer. The Website is called Stripper Secrets. etc. Go to bikini bars instead of full nude clubs. Talk about other dancers you’ve dated (if you haven’t. make it up). Everything you’d do to pick up your average chick will not work on a stripper. (At least. Fun. You want the strippers to think you’re one of their crew instead of a customer. outgoing. So the last thing they want to do is give up money just to hang out with you! They see any guy in the club as a customer they need to make a sale to. Girls at bikini bars are easier to pull.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. Dating & Seducing Women How To Pick Up A Stripper One of the craziest times of my life was when I was in my “picking up strippers” phase. the doorman. Here are a few quick guidelines you can follow which will help you attract an exotic dancer: • Never spend any money in the club! If you’re seen as an average customer. Why? Because strippers are used to it! These women get hit on more in one night than your average woman gets hit on in a year. you need a special “Tool Set” to use when dealing with exotic dancers to get them to meet you outside the club. They meet all types of men. crazy. Me and my buddy Bruno McKay – a man who knows pretty much everything there is to know about strip clubs – even created a website designed to teach men how to pick up strippers. Never face the stage if you can help it. anyway. Be an “insider. Sit at the bar with your back to the action. It’s their job. All Rights Reserved www. sexy. not for free. the waitresses.artofapproaching. they are at the club to MAKE MONEY.

because most girls will go someplace close-by to get some food after the club shuts down.com 31 . they don’t usually pick up. • • These are just a few of the tricks Bruno and I picked up. and if they do.artofapproaching. If you want a dance. dating. If you really want to learn every secret there is in the book about meeting. find out when she works and come back to the club then. Copyright Bizlancer Inc. This is actually the best time to pick up a stripper. This will help you keep from being pegged as a customer (just slip your friend some money beforehand to pull this off) Find out where the strippers go after the club closes. If you can’t get her to leave with you the night you meet her. and banging strippers. have your buddy pay for you instead. Dating & Seducing Women • Don’t pay for dances. This is the perfect place to meet them! Don’t bother with phone numbers.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. All Rights Reserved www. you need to check out the Stripper Secret website. Strippers never give out their real numbers.

Pure Personality – How to generate attraction.artofapproaching. no matter your looks.com 32 . but if you’re like me. Dating & Seducing Women Other Resources I hope you enjoyed the material I’ve shared with you in the book. All Rights Reserved www. age.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. I’m including a comprehensive list of resources for learning to improve your success with women. or income Websites On Building Confidence • • • • • Physical Confidence Secrets Of The Alpha Man Ultimate Inner Game Alpha Immersion The Alpha Male System Websites On Meeting Women • • • • • Art Of Approaching Art Of The Pickup Fearless First Impressions Approach Women Now Approach And Attract Websites On Dating • • • • • Double Your Dating Guy Gets Girl High Status Male Interviews With Dating Experts Magic Bullets Copyright Bizlancer Inc. My Websites • • • • • The Art Of Approaching – Everything you need to know about meeting women Stripper Secrets – How to meet. you always want more! So to help you out. and pick up strippers Consistent Close – How to get a woman into bed in 3 dates or less Renegade Rapport – How to covertly get women to fall in love with you. date.

Dating & Seducing Women • • • • • • • • • Alpha Man Conversation How To Get A Girlfriend Get The Girlfriend The Dating Wizard Everything You Know About Women How To Be Irresistible To Women Conversation King Make Women Laugh Wing Women Method Websites On Online Dating • • • • • • Insider Internet Dating Women Approach You Meet Women On Facebook Net 2 Bed The Remote Seducer Success With J-Date Websites On Attraction/Seduction • • • • • • • • • • Surefire Attraction Secrets The Dating Wizard’s Seduction Mastery The Way Of Gun Real World Seduction Seduction Science How To Pick Up Sexy Chicks Make Out Mastery Attract Any Woman Mack Tactics More Lays In 60 Days Copyright Bizlancer Inc. All Rights Reserved www.artofapproaching.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting.com 33 .

All Rights Reserved www.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting.artofapproaching. Dating & Seducing Women • Forbidden Seduction Patterns – The Octoberman Websites On Sex • • • • • • • • • • • • Secret Orgasm Tips Step By Step Threesome Advanced Sexual Hypnosis Sexual Power The Forever Man Secrets Of A Male Escort Blissnosis Prejaculation Cure Erectile Dysfunction Orgasm On Demand Sex God Secrets Get Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Become A Swinger Miscellaneous Websites • • • • • • • • • • • • Dating For Short Guys Hypnodate Dress For Success Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Flirt Mastery Texting Tips For Men Kissing 101 Friends To Lovers Guide To Dating Japanese Women The Shocking Truth About Russian Women Grooming Secrets For Men How To Be The Jerk Women Love Copyright Bizlancer Inc.com 34 .

Dating & Seducing Women • • Dating Thai Women How To Date An Asian Woman Workshops • • • Inner Game Workshop Art Of Rapport Workshop Art Of Attraction Workshop Copyright Bizlancer Inc. All Rights Reserved www.com 35 .artofapproaching.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting.

In The Art Of Approaching. and I break it down for you in an easy and simple way. let me make it easy for you – start with The Art Of Approaching.com 36 . Blow this… and forget any chance of ever “GETTING” the women you desire! How to PROPERLY introduce yourself to the women of your choice! Lame one liners won’t do it… but after you understand my amazing “meet women” technique the “hardest” part of meeting a woman becomes easy immediately! How to “break” the thought patterns present in every woman you want to meet. Dating & Seducing Women Putting It All Together After reading this guide. Just take baby steps. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING at once.artofapproaching. How to use a female tactic of seduction on the woman of your choice! (No it doesn’t require bikini underwear) It works like a charm… and leaves an impression on their memory! • • • • • • Copyright Bizlancer Inc. But just in case you’re still confused on where to start. And if you don’t KNOW this one you’ll always wonder “why” she didn’t respond to you (even if you have malemodel good looks). you’ll learn… • The single most important thing you must do if you ever want to see the women you approach again. But to get started. If you don’t use these you’re setting yourself up for failure… even before you start! Discover 4 “How to introduce yourself” structures as your foundation to design your own unique WAYS of getting the woman you desire instantly attracted to you! How to avoid the old saying… “He who hesitates… masturbates!” in 3 seconds flat! You’ll quickly identify your target — design your opening — and walk away with your desires in hand. dating. and seducing women becomes EASY. BUT… commonly overlooked.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. Meeting the girl of your dreams has never been easier! How to NEVER force the woman you’re approaching to cringe! Very important…. meeting. you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you’ve just digested. with enough practice. just take things one at a time. All Rights Reserved www. I give you everything you need to get you started on your journey to being successful with women. Eventually.

Improvise in ANY situation… any time and she’s sure to be yours! • • • • • • • • • • • Copyright Bizlancer Inc. Dating & Seducing Women • The one assumption (completely OPPOSITE from the truth) men make about approaching women. All Rights Reserved www.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. Why? Because IF you know how to make her laugh… you’ve got her right where you want her. You’d be surprised how many men don’t have a clue about this one.artofapproaching. Don’t think “cyber-lines” with a smiley face will cut it. If you do this one wrong… forget it (you’ll want to pick up another jar of Vaseline!) The Direct Opener — The most DANGEROUS (because it’s the easiest for her to reject) yet if pulled off right — is very EFFECTIVE! The Drama Opener -. Once you know it… you’ll be so shocked about it. The Situational Opener – Quick — Powerful — Explosive… The 3 elements of this technique. The Advice Opener — How to use the confidence of a subject matter to covertly force a woman to admire you. You’ll captivate her mind and she’ll hang on your every word… if done right! (Fully detailed inside!) The Insult Opener — This technique is psychological warfare at its heights! But don’t make the mistake of walking up to someone and start slinging the “B” word around and think you’ll get a date (It’s much more subtle but can knock a woman off her high horse!) The Joke Opener — The most difficult technique… which makes it the most powerful technique.com 37 . However there are tried and true techniques! The Opinion Opener — Powerful engaging technique. But if YOU don’t… you’ll look like a dog chasing its tail. BUT if you don’t… you’ll be cold another night! The Online Opener — The internet is TOO popular to dismiss. But if you don’t pull this off right… YOU’LL look like a pompous prick! The Role-Play Opener -.Understand HOW… and… WHY this works and you’ve built an immediate bridge between you and your desires! And your target will enjoy every minute of it. you’ll want to try it out immediately! The 5 things you must do BEFORE approaching a woman.A simple and powerful technique when done correctly. The Compliment Opener — The oldest and simultaneously most MISUSED opener known to man.

If you don’t think it’s for you. I believe in my work SO STRONGLY. then just email me and I’ll refund your money. And more! • • • I promise you.Everything You Need To Know About Meeting. So many men make countless blunders here… and now you can avoid them like the plague! How to mesmerize the women you’ve approached. 10 “do’s” of flirting with a woman. And a simple guide to analyze which place is best for you.artofapproaching. It’s simple and fun — and you’ll know you’ve got her once you “read her”. that I’m even willing to offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for a full 60 days! That means you get to evaluate my material for two full months. in fact. Over the years. and get the same results with women you’ve always gotten… or take action to improve your success by learning how to meet any woman you desire. (only when she’s comfortable will she want to take it further) “5 don’ts” of flirting. you will NOT find a better starter kit for improving your love life than The Art Of Approaching. Click Here Now To Get The Art Of Approaching! The choice is yours. Don’t blow this one. without fear OR rejection. All Rights Reserved www. I have helped literally THOUSANDS of men succeed with women. Trust me – you’ll be hard pressed to find another dating coach who’s that confident in his techniques! So now you have a choice – either keep doing what you’ve always done. Good luck! Copyright Bizlancer Inc. Dating & Seducing Women • • 8 commonly overlooked places to MEET a woman.com 38 . They’re quick to grasp… and easier to apply… YET… it creates the environment to make her feel comfortable. Just check out my testimonials page to see what some of my students have written.

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