08/08/2010 TO: FM: RE: Yvonne Walker, SEIU President Mariam Noujaim, DMV Employee and SEIU Member Rally at DMV Headquarters

, August 3rd, 2010

Government doesn’t make money; Government collects taxes and spends it. As suggested in two previous emails to you that were left unanswered; the WASTE is a serious problem to our budget crisis. Let’s roll up our sleeves and become part of the solution by cutting waste wherever possible. Attached: 1- SEIU flyer reflecting the Union DEMANDING money from the State of California and DMV, money neither one has. 2- Mr. Valverde, DMV Director, praising a failed project Unions don’t make money; but, we surely could help save money by millions if we just work hard on stopping the waste. Just in my Section at DMV and for the last 2 years, I have witnessed millions wasted due to inefficiencies, and the attitude “I don’t care…it’s not my money..”. Well none of us can afford that attitude now. DMV purchased top of the line scanners and the justification of such an expensive purchase was:      Be more efficient Decrease man power and overtime Eliminate backlog Better service our clients Bigger saving on the long run

2 years later:      Less efficiency, over hundred thousand of error cards, lost records, and unresolved problems. Still, we are entering into the system new driving license applications dated year 2007. We use more man power and it is costing more overtime In my estimate, we have around 8 million items of backlog work (auto & driving license, error cards, problems, and special project) that are piled up, and more to come daily. Worse service to our clients, and most of all to the Homeland Security data base A lot of money was/is spent patching and, now, re-programming the new system.

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Rather than holding the Departments Heads accountable; see attached praises from our Director and Upper Management for the completion of the program and the cost saving. Either Mr. Valverde is miss informed, or he is turning his head the other way. We really feel there is a crucial role for the Union and all of its Organization in holding the Government accountable for all the waste. It is our Members that see the waste every day; it is our Members that can call it out to the Union Representatives in their area. This can be taken forward by Union Management and reported back to the membership. We can’t sit idly by while our paychecks are cut, our jobs are cut, and money is going down the drain in waste and fraud. Let’s have a meeting and discuss how the Union Management and Members can collaborate and save our State millions of dollars that can be channeled back to essential services. Ms. Walker, the State and its Officials are not the enemy; WASTE is. SEIU became prosperous because of State of California’s prosperity. It is our turn to give back to California and be a watch dog for public money. But first we need to clean up our own house, SEIU.
SEIU rather than putting your energy and resources on electing Politicians; let’s use our resources to audit and monitor our spending. Let’s go to basics and have Union dues for Union Members.

This is our suggestion: We need transparency and accountability on both sides the public entities and the Union(s). SEIU budget should be published on the WEB disclosing ALL expenses, donations, political contributions and the names of the receivers. Same budget transparency should be disclosed from the public offices SEIU is the only entity that can hold the public authorities accountable. SEIU has the organization, budget, and man power to watch dog the State. The Unions(s) already have their Union Representatives located in almost all official public corners; rather than wasting their energy electing politicians; be a watchdog on government spending. If we do it right we can give ourselves raises rather than begging for a furlough day less.

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