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RRRA Election - Regulation - Voting Procedure

RRRA Election - Regulation - Voting Procedure

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RRRA Election - Regulation - Voting Procedure
RRRA Election - Regulation - Voting Procedure

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Published by: elections5022 on Mar 11, 2013
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Election Register / Vol. 9, No.

1 / Friday, March 1st, 2013 / Notice & Regulation
RRRA ELECTIONS OFFICE [ELXN–10–03–2013–0009, DVSM– 2000–A] Voting Procedure AGENCY: RRRA Elections (RE) ACTION: IMPLEMENTATION OF REGULATION. SUMMARY: The elections office is implementing regulations and informing participants in the 2nd RRRA Election of 2013 or potential participants of changes and new regulations applicable to VOTING PROCEDURE. The elections office is taking action to reduce the risk of ballot fraud. It is hereby suspending sections 10.2 and 10.3 of the Electoral Code. Voters will sign to acknowledge receipt of their ballot, and both poll clerks will initial the ballot as opposed to one. Poll clerks are not to leave their voting station without signing in/out. Poll clerks are to conduct themselves in an honourable manner. NOTE: This regulation sets out standards during the RRRA election pertaining to VOTING PROCEDURE but is not to be considered all inclusive and shall be administered alongside the Electoral Code, other regulations set out by the elections office and the interpretations of the Electoral Code as per the CEO and DEO. EFFECTIVE: March 10th, 2013 at 12:01 AM EST (Retroactive).

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