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To my film school


Screenplay is now considered to be an established genre of literature. It is no more a technical writing to turn a story into a movie. Instead reading it is often more interesting than reading a story since it gives audio visual description of emotions. There lies the challenge of writing screenplay. This challenge has always driven me to write screenplays without any expectation. It always feels good to see a screenplay turning into a full-fledged movie. But since a movie depends on too many things starting from money to dealing with different individual personalities, most of the time the original 6

screenplay goes through a lot of changes. Production of a movie is highly dependent on many other technical constraints. But a screenplay certainly is not. The original screenplay almost always becomes the victim of these production constraints. So, it is a good sign that people have started reading it as storybooks. This will certainly encourage writers to write more and more screenplays as literature. I also hope that screenplays will very soon become part of academics in schools and colleges of India. It should be taught the way drama scripts, novels, short stories and essays are taught to the students of literature. The students of different film schools have already realized the fun of

reading screenplays as story books. Then why should it not be easily available in all the big and small book stalls of India? At the same time if the habit of reading this increases, it will surely, in general, help Indian cinema get rid of poor themes. If a lot of audiovisual stories, in the form of screenplay, are available in the market, movie makers and producers will have more choices. Lets hope the day is soon coming when readers will say beforehand which screenplay is going to turn into a fivepoint-one movie.

Saibal Ray

Category: Original Screenplay A psycho-sexual story of adolescence

The main storySaibal Ray Saibal Ray asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.





This movie is about Infatuation of an adolescent boy, who gets attracted to his married lady tutor. Rani, a married woman of 30, often teaches Piku, a boy in his puberty, English at her own house. She loves Piku as her son. But Piku slowly develops a physical attraction toward her. Though Rani, realizes it much before, she indulges him to get more attracted toward her. She actually enjoyed it, although she had no intention to have an impossible and socially unacceptable physical relationship with his adolescent student. In the mean time Ranis husband moves out of his town for a few days in order to serve his business. By this time instinctively Rani also


starts craving for an intercourse and thus gets physically attracted toward Piku. She realizes it and becomes more and more impatient for having her husband immediately back. Unfortunately, her husband informs her about a possible delay to return home. So Rani really starts fighting hard with her basic instinct and the social custom. Since she is a teacher with free, open and quite unconventional thought, the trauma of her dilemma makes her impatient, a bit crazy and drunk. Similarly Pikus hope of getting closer to Rani, gets stronger. Consequently, the intense pent up emotion inside him, makes him write poems. He creates his new diary of poems as a result of his affinity to Rani.


On the other hand, Rani and Rajat, Pikus father, are coworkers i.e. both of them are teachers in the same high school and incidentally Piku is one of their common students. One day Rajat catches Piku, red handed in the study while writing poems in math note book. Consequently, he becomes worried about Pikus progress in study and conveys his worry to Rani. But Rani pacifies Rajat by saying that Piku is quite mature and knows when what to do. It becomes very clear that though Piku is attracted toward his tutor, Rani ignores silently any possible intention of immature liaison between them just as his Infatuation. So she also suggests Rajat to give Piku a medical book as a replacement


of pornographic materials, on which the adolescent curiosity often surrenders. Though Rajat is a bit conventional father, he goes by Ranis suggestion. It also true that although a medical book does help Piku to know properly about soma and sexuality, his infatuation for Rani remains same, on the contrary even grows stronger, in his heart. As a result when he accidentally notices Rani and Anol, her husband, making love wildly in their bedroom, he becomes wrathful and burns his diary of poems.





INT - NIGHT THE PALACE OF COOCHBEHAR Someone is moving to one of the corners of the huge palace of Coochbehar. When we reach the corner it is almost dark and gives a hint of a jungle ahead. The breeze in the jungle slips through the whistling woods. An owl hoots somewhere for nothing. Far away the murmur of crisp fire with the soothing breeze mixes up with the buzz of insects. It is foggy all around. We see from a very long distance a boy is sitting in front of a bonfire inside a jungle. As we move close slowly towards the bonfire we discover a young boy of 16 is sitting in front of the bonfire, though not looking at the fire; instead he was staring at someone


hidden behind the fire. When we move slowly to see Piku face to face behind the fire, we catch a glimpse of Rani,a woman of 30, with dishevelled bent head and dressed like an Indian-queen-in-relaxedclothes, relaxing stretching her leg straight toward the fire sitting on a log. Her face was so bent inward that it was completely hidden by her dishevelled hair flying in the breeze. She slowly raises her head to look at Piku. But we cannot see her face properly. The intensity of claustrophobic breeze rises. All of a sudden, she gets up and moves out of frame. Dry leaves fly everywhere. Now, we see Piku gets up and steps behind her while a hand catches his ear. We see the big face of Rajat, Pikus father, snubbing him.


RAJAT: What are you doing, huh? CUT TO: TITLE





An owl hoots nearby. Translucent clouds float on the crescent of moon slowly until the TITLE stops. Wind whizzes, thunder rumbles softly, wind chime tinkles and water showers in the bathroom. Shower stops and Rani calls Anol from bathroom. RANI: Anol, Can you give me the towel? I've just forgot. Anol are you there? Anol turns head from the window and look towards the door of the bathroom (his eyes and lips look naughty). Anol comes in front of a wardrobe and opens it. Black


lingerie, he takes out. Rani shouts again, with one of her naked hands stretching outside the bathroom door. RANI What's going on? Hurry please. I'm feeling cold. up

The black lingerie falls on her hand and immediately she takes it in. Anol stands at the threshold waiting for reply with one of feet itching another. Rani begs for the towel again. RANI Hey, are you drunk? I wanted the towel. Give it to me. ANOL Put on the lingerie and come out. I'll wipe you dry. Rani smiles, but speaks reservedly as if she is a bit 24

angry. RANI Give me the towel. Otherwise I won't get out. ANOL It's okay, honey. Don't Get angry, please. I'm giving you the towel. But, have you forgot about today. RANI What's today? so special about

ANOL Forgot it? Today is the birthday of our sex. She is now ten. RANI Give me the towel. Rani smiles again and leans on the door. Anols has got the white towel in his hand, 25

when actually he stands in front the wardrobe almost undressing himself by taking out his tee-shirt and trousers. Instead he picks up a red night-trousers and wears it. By that time Rani is already standing outside wearing the black lingerie onto her wet naked body. She looks at Anols blood red trousers and smiles. Anol looks at her legs. Rani puts one of her legs, on the bed and hints him by eyes to come close. Anol wipes her leg from heel to thigh and at last tries to kiss on her thigh. But she slaps on his head and then stretches her one hand towards Anol. When he moves to wipe her hand, she swoops away the towel from his hand and starts wiping her own body. Then she looks at the dressing table


and asks Anol to bring a body lotion. RANI Bring that lotion? ANOL Which lotion? RANI That one honey. Anol stands in front of the mirror, attached to the dressing table and picks up the wanted bottle of 'edible body lotion' and notices it carefully, just when the white towel falls on his face suddenly. Rani has already squatted on the bed and beckons him with middle finger to come close. Anol approaches slowly. He looks at sexy Rani covered with translucent lingerie. He


gives her the bottle of body lotion. Rani holds his hand and snatches him force fully on the bed. He falls on the bed. Rani rides on his waist. She starts drawing spirals with the lotion on his bare chest. Cut to.


INT -DAY BATHROOM Anol, in the same red trousers, pours shaving cream in spirals on his palm and applies on cheek at the same time he was smoking a cigarette. He throws the butt into the commode. Suddenly Rani, also in the same lingerie, opens the door and enters bathroom. She kisses on Anol's bare shoulder and hugs from behind. Anol seems to be in hurry and just keep doing whatever Rani says as if just to make her happy. ANOL Did you sleep well? RANI Yep. You wanted to colour my nails? Anol Of course, I'll do it. But


RANI But, you know, I can't wait anymore. You have to do it now. Anol turns behind and smiles politely. He pulls up Rani in his arms and carries her. CUT TO.


INT -DAY -RANI'S BEDROOM He makes her sit on the bed. He goes out and brings the bottle of nail polish while Rani looks at her with a happy satisfied face. She keeps her hands on her bent knees and concentrates happily on Anol. Anol starts painting her toe nails. But while painting the toe nails, he keeps on painting a portion of skin as well. Rani pats on his shoulder and frowns guessing a disturbed mind of Anol. She holds his face in her palms and asks anxiously, RANI What happened? ANOL (STANDS UP) Nothing. Just got lost for a


while. One thing I forgot to tell you. RANI What? ANOL I'll have to go outside for one week. Want to come with me? RANI How can I? It's not possible to get leaves now. But what's the matter? ANOL I've just got a new contract. I must go. Ill tell Rajat, in case you need something... CUT TO.


INT -DAY -RAJAT'S KITCHEN Indrani, a house wife, 40, is cooking something on a gas oven and his son Piku, who is 16, heights up himself on toes and peeks on to the cooking pot. Indrani applies some spices into the hot oil in the cooking pot and it sizzles. PIKU Mom, why do you add spices? INDRANI This is the way to make food tasty. Rajat was going outside with a handbag in his hand and suddenly he sees Piku in the kitchen and snubs him.


RAJAT What are you doing here? Is it time to finish your study? PIKU This is time Rani madam's. for going to

INDRANI Then what are you for? Go right now.


Whenever Rajat vanishes, Indrani shouts behind and Rajat returns again. INDRANI Rajat RAJAT What happened? INDRANI If you can, bring some 'misti aalu' (Sweet potatoes)?


RAJAT (becomes happy) Would you prepare pithe' (Pies)? INDRANI Yes.


RAJAT Can you make a little 'payes' (milk-rice) with it? INDRANI and what else? RAJAT (smiles) It will do for now. CUT TO.




Rani wears a blue full sleeve cloak. Anol, in formal black pant and reddish shirt, comes in. ANOL I'm just going those medicines. out to buy

RANI Don't go without having your lunch. I'll come at lunch hour. Okay? ANOL No, no, I can't wait so long. The calling bell rings. Piku is waiting behind the gate when Anol comes and opens it and Piku gets in.


ANOL Piku, tell your papa I won't be home for a week. PIKU Where are you going? ANOL Kolkata. PIKU Okay. I'll say. Anol goes out and Rani comes in. RANI Go in. I'm just coming. Piku sits on one of the two chairs leaving one for Rani in Rani's study, packed with two big bookshelves and a small table accompanied by two beautiful little chair. There are a pen stand, some English story books, a small 37

album with a cool blue cover and a flower vase full with blood red roses on the table. He looks at a photograph, kept inside the bookshelf. That was a couple-photo of Rani and Anol. He opens his exercise book. Then he notices the small album and starts browsing. He keeps seeing one after another photo in the album but when there comes a close-up picture of thinking Rani, he gets fixated. Suddenly Rani comes in and the wind chime hanging from the door tinkles. Anol closes the album. Rani does not sit on the chair. RANI How are these? PIKU Good. What's that place?


Darjeeling? RANI Yes. Have tasks? you done home

Piku pushes forward his exercise book and try to find out the exercise by browsing his English grammar book. RANI It's okay.Ill check it later. Now, translate the next paragraph. Ill be back soon. Rani goes out again. Piku notices her. Whenever she is out, he opens the album again and picks up that close-up picture of Rani. Rani turns around in the verandah and comes back again. Whenever she reaches the door of her study, she stops noticing


piku. Piku picks-up the photo and insert it into his pocket. Rani smiles and turns back so that Piku does not notice her. CUT TO:


EXT -DAY - ROAD Piku zigzags away with his bicycle. He looks at the camera while cycling and we see him in MCU and he is so happy that he moves his eyes up to the blue sky. We also follow his sight and camera tilts up to the blue sky, just after when we hear a sound of crashing cycle. CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT - PIKU'S STUDY Piku gets a long note book and a glue stick from the drawer of his study table. He gets up and goes to the door to shut it properly, though does not latch it. Then he returns in his table and opens the note book. When he turns pages, we see some photographs of beautiful models, cut out from various advertisements of cosmetic products, and some similar couple pictures are glued on each page. At last we see there is jewellery clad lady's lips-to-cleavage photo and next page consists of another hip-to-feet picture, captured from back, of a pair of sleek lissome legs of a mini skirt clad girl. The next page is white, empty. Piku sticks Rani's photo on


that white page. He slithers his fingers on the picture and then closes the book and puts it into the drawer again. He looks at the closed door with fear. Then he picks math note book from the pile of books on the table and keeps scribbling on a page. In between the scattered numbers in the page of math note book, he writes 'The Heaven of Feelings'. He thinks (though, we do not see his face) of Rani's obscure face covered with disheveled hair. He cuts those words with pen. Again he thinks (though, we do not see his face) of black cloak clad Rani's hallucinatory cloudy body from behind. Now he writes on the same page 'Ballerina'. Again he cuts off the word. The door, which he shut carefully, slowly


opens with a gap, where we can see a glittering sneakpeeking eye. Piku turns the page, full of scattered numbers and writes 'My Moonbeam'. At this moment we see his knit eyebrows and hear the fast scratching of his pen, as if he writes down some lines of a poem at one stretch. Suddenly Rajat opens the door and enters. Piku turns the page and opens the mathematics book immediately. His heart is beating high. Rajat pulls the note book and tries to see what is written on it. But piku pulls it back almost immediately. Rajat shouts, but Piku does not reply. RAJAT What were you doing...? Give me that I want to see how many sums you have done so


far. Piku gets anxiously blushed and he does not look at Rajat. He stands, looking at an unknown direction with angry knit eyebrows. Rajat looks at him for trying to understand the matter and when he is just about to open his lips to say something, he checks himself. Then he says something without stirring Piku too much. RAJAT I am going out for shopping and will be back in an hour. Finish all the sums. I will check it. Rajat gets out and Piku tears the page immediately. He gets a diary from the same drawer and keeps it folded inside the diary.




INT -NIGHT -RANI'S BEDROOM Clock ticks. Cricket drones. A 'kirton' (a form of music) is heard far away. Rani has forgotten to switch off the table lamp. Her white bed sheet clad naked body sleeps on the bed. On her breast there is an unclosed pink book, which has a title 'Best Erotic Stories of Asia. The cell phone, beside her pillow, rings with a sweet tune. She opens her eyes and holds the phone. Anol calls from the other side. ANOL Have you taken medicines? RANI No. ANOL Why? Something wrong with


you? RANI If you don't give me, I won't take. ANOL Don't be silly, honey. Please, take those right now. Rani does not reply. She looks unmindful and puts her sight towards an unknown direction. ANOL What happened? Say something! RANI Don't worry. I have taken all those in time. ANOL Why did you tell me a lie?


RANI I don't know. When will you return? ANOL I don't know. I think it'll take some more time. RANI I don't want to hear any excuse. Don't take one extra day more than a week. ANOL Hey, listen. You know, I have shopped for you. Hello. Are you hearing me? RANI Yes, yes. Tell me. ANOL A beautiful gold chain. Believe me, it looks awesome. And the whole collection of Harry Potter.


RANI I have already read the whole Harry Potter. I think you forgot, I gifted it to Piku ANOL O shit. Yes I just forgot. RANI You don't need to return. Bring it home. It will be part of my collection. If you have time, please bring 'Putul Naacher Itikatha'. ANOL What's that? RANI It's a Bengali novel by Manik Bannerjee. ANOL You'll read Bengali?! Rani gets a bit up and leans on the pillow behind. 50

RANI What do you think, read Bengali?


ANOL No no. I was thinking, I never saw you reading Bengali. RANI How would you see? You are always busy with your work and work. ANOL (teases) O really? I mean really read Bengali?



RANI Of course. I do read. But these days it does not happen. Except Bankim Chatterjee's, I don't face any problem with any other kind.


ANOL Okay baba. D'you know, I still haven't told you about the real stuff I bought for you? RANI I know, you never forget to buy pornies. ANOL (laughs) Yes, I really can't help. RANI I know, how many did you get? ANOL Two. RANI (surprised and angry) Only two?!!! Bring at least ten honey and what about my lingerie?


ANOL Yes yes I will get everything. Whenever I get a little time, I'll go for shopping. RANI (whispers) Anol? ANOL What? RANI (whispers) Can you buy some sex toys? ANOL I am putting it down. RANI (does not understand) Why? ANOL


I need to go to the bathroom? RANI (smiles) What for? ANOL I don't want to spoil my bed. Rani puts down the cell phone with a thin line of smile at the edge of her lips and then she sighs and slips into the white bed cloth to sleep. CUT TO.


INT -RAJAT'S BED CUM TV ROOM -NIGHT Rajat sleeps, snoring loud on the bed, embracing the side pillow. Indrani applies a cream in hands and face sitting in front of the mirror. In the television, there is happening an advertising show for fitness products. Piku roams around his mother. PIKU Mum, can u snort like dad? Indrani bursts into laughter and looks at Rajat. INDRANI (LAUGHS ALOUD) Everyday Rajat snorts way like a bull. this


PIKU The great snoring Right at this moment Rajat turns around, but he is not awake. Piku shuts his mouth. Indrani looks at Piku. INDRANI Are you going tonight? Piku rubs his fingers. to eyes study with

PIKU No. I am feeling sleepy. INDRANI Go to the bed. Piku moves a bit away, but does not go out. Indrani gets her spectacles from a bag, which was kept on the dressing table, and puts on. 56

INDRANI Piku,just see looking good? PIKU (comes close) New specs? INDRANI Yes.




PIKU This one is far better. Indrani, takes off the spectacles and puts into the bag. INDRANI Go. Don't waste time. Go to bed early and rise early tomorrow. PIKU Tomorrow Rani madam won't teach. I will get up late.


INDRANI So what? Don't you have your own studies and home works? I'll wake you in the morning. Go to bed now. CUT TO.


EXT -DAY - SCHOOL We see a big main building of school, engraved with The name of the school on the large spectacular arch, which is typical of West Bengals traditional architechture. Rani is standing in front of a notice board, where there is notice hanging with the letter head that includes the name of the school, though impossible to understand it visually. There are a lot of obscure heads of students around her. Rani is talking to them, but nothing can be heard. Instead there is a tinkling of wind chime with roaring thunder. Slowly camera moves towards her. She notices and turns her head to the camera and smiles. We notice that she has put on a pair of spectacles as Piku's


mother. She turns her head again to the first position and we lose the sight of her face behind her hair. A sudden blow of air comes and ruffles her hair. Camera gets out of focus as if our eyes blur. CUT TO:


INT -NIGHT -PIKU'S STUDY Piku opens his eyes. Two drops of sweat glitter on his forehead in the dark. He turns the light on with bed switch again turns it off and again turns it on and off while camera slowly moves towards his face. He smiles mildly. CUT TO.


EXT - DAY -SCHOOL Rani comes out of the door of common room and notices Rajat. Rajat comes from the opposite direction and meets Rani in front of the same notice board with the same notice with the big letter head that includes school's name and this time it is clearly visible. Rani is in a blue monochromatic sari and Rajat wears a white shirt. Rajat changes his path and takes the direction to which Rani walks. RAJAT Are you going home? RANI Yes, do class? RAJAT you have any more


No. Let's go. I am thinking of going home. Rajat Rani. CUT TO. turns to come

also with


EXT -DAY ROAD/THE PALACE OF COOCHBEHAR While looking at The Palace of Coochbehar as if we are seeing it from a window of a car, our eyes suddenly caught with the sight of Rajat and Rani passing by in the foot way attached to the railing of the palace. We see Rani and Rajat walking down the road from a long/top distance. RAJAT Does Piku do home tasks and all? RANI Yes. He does it regularly and he is very intelligent. He gets anything very easily. It's really fun to teach him. RAJAT


But sometimes he makes silly mistakes that RANI Yes. He is minded. But, alright. After young to be so


a bit fickle I think it's all he is too serious.

RAJAT May be. Do you know these days he is writing poems? We see a close-up of Rani. RANI (CU) Really? writing?





We see them in Mid shot from the front. Camera moves behind with them. RAJAT Yes yes. Our little poet writes poems in the pages of 65

his math note book. RANI That's really nice to hear. RAJAT At least you don't pamper him anymore. He has interest in everything except his syllabus. RANI He must have fallen in love with a beauuutiful girl. RAJAT That's what I am afraid of. RANI Why are you afraid? What I can easily guess he is always afraid of you. Besides he is not a silly boy. He knows what not to do. RAJAT I know that. Yet I am scared 66

mostly because of the television. Whenever you turn on that foolish box, you see only titillation. I am afraid if he loses control at any time. CUT TO:






Piku, in school uniform, cycles on the road. Suddenly he sees a goat in the green meadow. He stops and stands his bicycle. He takes a green leave from a shrub. The goat gets frightened and starts running. Piku chases. Just after a moment he stumbles and falls on the ground. His face shrinks in pain. Blood oozes from his toe. CUT TO:


EXT -DAY -ROAD Rani stops for a moment. RANI You can do one thing. Give him a doctor's text book. RAJAT ( thinks and walks ahead slowly) I dont know. I thought to give him the collection of Bankim when the exam is over. RANI Yes, I heard that Bankim has explained infatuation vividly. But it's too hard for me, very difficult Bengali. RAJAT Yes that's true. But I am sure,he will read it. Do you know why? 69

Rani looks curiosity.




RAJAT Because, it's completely of syllabus.


RANI (Laughs) Yes. But I think this is not enough. In this age he must have begun to get curious about aboutI mean he needs to know about his body. Don't you think, it's urgent to solve his queries? Rajat stops again and looks at her with his confused and uncomfortable eyes. Then he changes the topic carefully. RAJAT You know I belong to a different generation. May be that's why I can't think the


way you think. By did Anol call you? RANI Yes. CUT TO.




EXT -NIGHT -ROAD A Street-light to get lit. CUT TO. is flickering






There is a book, 'Where There Is No Doctor', on the bed. Piku picks it up. Indrani comes in through the door with an incense stick in her hand. PIKU Mom, who brought this? INDRANI Rajat. Keep shelf. it in the book

Piku moves out. CUT TO.


INT - NIGHT -PIKU'S STUDY Piku keeps the book on his table and opens. He browses through the sketches of naked human bodies. He notices a sketch of a syphilis infected penis. Then he notices a picture of fat-belly pregnant woman. At last he fixated at a stanza, titled 'Various Ways of Contraception'. CUT TO.





Rani is sleeping underneath a black bed cloth. A narrow sun beam through the window pane is falling on Rani's sleeping face. Rani feels disturbed and opens her eyes. Somewhere a dove is calling continuously. She picks up the book of 'The Best Erotic Stories of The world' and browses once. Then again she keeps it closed at the same place. She turns and holds the side pillow. She thinks for a while. Then she gets up and sits. She holds the black night gown, which was there just by her pillow, with one of her hands. She looks at the flower vase kept on the table. The red roses in it look bent-dry and inanimate. Rani picks up those and goes


to the door. She opens the door and throws those away outside. Then she picks up the newspaper lying on the floor. She comes in the bed room again and throws the newspaper on the bed. She goes to the window and opens it. She sees the clouds which are almost static today. The land phone rings suddenly. Rani comes and picks up the receiver. RANI Hello. UNKNOWN VOICE Is it Anol Ray's number? RANI Yes. But right now he is not at home. May I know who this is? Unknown voice cuts the


telephone. CUT TO:


INT -MORNING -RAJAT'S BED CUM TV ROOM Piku puts down the receiver and takes off the hanky; pressing which on the mouth he changed his voice. He looks behind to watch whether anyone noticed him. The sound of adding spices into the cooking food comes from the kitchen. CUT TO.


INT -MORNING -RANI'S BED ROOM Rani looks at the receiver for a while and getting irritated, he utters 'bastard' and puts down the phone. RANI Bastard. Rani looks at the empty vase on the table. She comes close to the table and notices an ant is moving on the vase. She rubs her left palm with right fore finger. Then she takes her right hand in front of her mouth and bites to tear a thread from the frills which has come out of the cuff. Then she comes in front of the mirror and takes the lip gel stick. She applies lip gel on her dry lips.


CUT TO. INT -DAY -RANI'S BATHROOM Rani comes in the bathroom. She takes off the black night gown. CUT TO.


INT -DAY -RAJAT'S BATHROOM Piku's hand turns the shower on. Water falls on his face. He closes eyes and sings a Bengali song aloud. Indrani shouts from outside. PIKU (sings) Tui haaraale aandhar dekhi ami du chokhe (I see dark if you leave me alone) INDRANI Piku, hurry up. CUT TO.


EXT -DAY -SCHOOL GATE Piku comes in riding a bicycle and suddenly Rani appears in. Piku gets down from the cycle. RANI Will you come tomorrow? PIKU But tomorrow is Sunday. RANI (unmindful) O shit. I have just forgotten. So you are not coming tomorrow? PIKU (nods) No. RANI Okay. Go now. I am coming to the class.


Piku gets into school premise. He keeps the cycle hurriedly and rushes to the school building, which is there just opposite to the notice board. Rani walks in front of the notice board. Piku peeks from behind a pillar in the first floor of that building. Piku notices the carefully-careless look of Rani's face crossing the notice board. CUT TO.


EXT -EVENING -THE EVENING SKY A bird is flying across the sky. Somewhere somebody blows a conch shell thrice (an indication of night fall). CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT -RANI'S BED CUM TV ROOM Rani watches a fashion show, where male models walking on ramp, in famous TV channel. She sits on a chair by the table with the remote in one of her hands. The flower vase is again filled with fresh and wet blood red roses. Besides the vase there is a cup, full of hot tea. Vapour is coming out of the cup. Suddenly she presses the remote and the television gets switched off. Crickets chirp continuously. Somebody goes by ringing a bicycle bell in a particular musical scale since the bell sounds to Rani musical with the a reverby last clink. Rani gets up and sits in front of the mirror of her dressing table. She takes the cell phone and


rings. Indrani the other side. INDRANI Hello. RANI Indrani di?



INDRANI Who is this? O Rani? RANI Yes. Is there Piku? INDRANI Yes yes. I was just scolding him. He went to his study few seconds back. Hold a sec. I am calling him? RANI It's okay. You don't need to call him. Just send him to my house. INDRANI


Now? RANI Yes. I Monday. would be busy on

INDRANI Okay. I am sending him. RANI Just tell him, he doesn't need to worry if the home tasks are not done. I won't check those today. Another thing, today he will have dinner here. CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT -RAJAT'S BEDROOM Piku peeks through the door and slowly slips into the room. Slowly he goes ahead. At last he stands behind Indrani. Rani speaks from other side. INDRANI I guess, again you learned some new recipe. have

RANI It's not like that. I just want to cook chili chicken today. INDRANI O then it's gonna be a picnic today, I guess. RANI (smiles) I am just feeling like cooking. I will send it for you and Rajat da. 88

INDRANI Never do these formalities. For nothing you are trying to make yourself busy CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT -RANI'S BED CUM TV ROOM Rani stands by the table with the flower vase and cup. Indrani speaks from other side. RANI It's nothing INDRANI I have told you not to do this. I will really be angry. Let Anol come, one day I will definitely go to taste your cooking. RANI (smiles) It's okay dear. I am going to send anything.


INDRANI: That's like a good girl. Hey,I am heating milk. It may spill down. I am telling 90

Piku. See you later. Bye. RANI Okay, bye. Rani switches phone. CUT TO. of the cell


INT -NIGHT -RAJAT'S BEDROOM Indrani keeps the receiver and turns about. She finds Piku behind and snubs him. INDRANI You are still here? In the mean time Piku smiles and embracing Indrani from behind, he puts his jaw on her shoulder. Indrani jerks off him, shrugging her shoulders since she feels a tingling sensation. PIKU Who called? INDRANI Rani. CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT -RANI'S BED CUM TV ROOM Rani is again in front of the mirror. She sits on a small stool. She picks up the lip gel stick and rubs it on her lips for some times. She stretches the skin behind, just below her eyes, with one of her forefingers. Then she touches eye lashes politely to arrange them properly. She rubs her neck and shoulders with a palm once. Then she gets up and stretches whole body to break the lethargy. She looks at the wall clock. The time is six o'clock. CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT -RANI'S KITCHEN Rani comes in the kitchen. She lights up the oven with a lighter. CUT TO.


EXT - NIGHT -ROAD 1 The chain-wheel of Piku's cycle rotates in full swing. Piku's face looks very happy while cycling. We hear the slight tinkle of wind chime, which is there in Rani's study on Piku's happy face. CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT - RANI'S BED CUM TV ROOM There are the flower vase with red roses on the table, two beautiful glasses and a water jug dinning dishes and spoons, and three beautiful pots, made of china and filled with hot and fresh chilli-chicken, fried rice and chatni (A type of Indian sweet sauce) respectively. The china pots are decorated with pictures from Kamasutra (A very famous traditional Indian book on sex principles, written by a hermit called Vatsayana), though a very obscure, abstract and smoky interpretation. Rani, in a reddish outfit, comes to the table with Piku, when Piku touches the wind


chime with his head. Piku's face looks tensed. Thunder slightly. a bit roars

RANI No study today. We will just eat and chat. Sit here. Rani pulls him the chair and moves out to another room. Piku notices the pictures on the surface of china pots. Rani comes in with a bottle of vodka and Piku straightens his backbone. She keeps the bottle on the table. Piku feels a bit uneasy and looks at her with surprise. RANI Do you lie. drink? Don't tell a

Thunder roars heavily and Piku looks downwards. Rani 97

looks at him. RANI What happened? I guess you drink with your friends, right? She opens the bottle and pours vodka into their glasses. Piku keeps his eyes down. PIKU Yes. Twice. RANI Didn't I tell you , look at eyes while talking to a person? Piku looks at Rani. She looks really fresh and beautiful. The switch of the tube light, she presses off and turns on a mild yellowish light. She turns on a mild fusion music (piano and ak taara, an 98

Indian folk instrument). Piku looks at her and shifts his eyes suddenly. She comes in. She notices Piku. RANI Don't feel hesitated. I am not a teacher like your father. I believe students and teacher should be friends and they must respect each other. But do you know what the real problem is? I can't speak it out here, in such a small town. I am sure people will fabricate different meaning out of it. However She stops and thinks something and pulls the chair to sit. She sits and serves rice on Piku's plate. Piku looks at her. She looks beautiful. She pours water in to her vodka from the jug and then pushes it towards Piku.


He holds the jug and pours water in to his glass. Rani looks at him. He looks smart and innocent in a black T shirt. Piku notices her and immediately shifts his eyes to the food on his plate. Rani smiles. RANI How do I look today? PIKU (Sees Rani freely for first time) You look great in red? the

RANI What's your favorite colour? PIKU Red. RANI (looks at the rose) Aren't these beautiful?


PIKU (nods) Yes. Rani drinks from her glass. Piku also picks up the glass to drink. RANI I want to ask you something. Don't tell a lie, ok? Under the table Rani moves her feet slowly towards Piku's. Piku looks at Rani. PIKU Do you love anybody? Don't be afraid. I am not going to tell anyone. Piku again shifts his eyes and nods his head saying no. Rani bends towards Piku. She looks towards his lips. Under the table her feet moves closer to his. Rani whispers. 101

RANI Tell me. Is there any girl? Rani's feet touch him. Piku pushes back the chair and stands up. She touches his forehead and then chest with fingers showing respect. PIKU Sorry. Rani gets back. She pulls her feet behind. RANI It's okay. It's okay. Piku sits again. Rani finishes the peg and leans behind on the chair. She does not keep the glass on the table and consequently the glass keeps hanging over the floor as if it will fall and break apart.


CUT TO. INT - NIGHT - PIKU'S STUDY A mosquito buzzes around. Piku slaps suddenly on his forehead. The sound of mosquito stops. He is sitting, wrapped up with a white blanket, inside the mosquito net and closes the diary in which he was writing something. He writes 'My Poems' on the cover. There is a sketch of a letter (mail), which is so torn that it has split the word dear in between, on the cover. He pulls up the net and keeps the diary inside the drawer of his reading table, which is there just by his bed. Again the mosquito starts buzzing. He raises his two hands and searches for the


buzzing insects. CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT - RANI'S BED CUM TV ROOM Rani lights up a cigarette with match stick. She sees herself in the mirror. Then she goes to the dining table and makes another peg with vodka. She takes a sip and puts the glass on the table. CUT TO.


INT -NIGHT -RANI'S BATHROOM Rani opens the door and comes in. She stands in front of the mirror above the basin and turns on the water. She splashes water on her face. She looks at the mirror and bites her lips. The mirror dissolves into a water surface which reflects a sexy male shoulder's image. CUT TO.


INT -DAY - CLASSROOM Piku, in school uniform, eats from his tiffin box. The benches are full of rows of school bags. A boy, sitting in a low bench beside Piku, does some sums on a note book. Another boy comes in and stands just behind his head and throws a pebble pointing to his head and immediately turns his own face towards Piku and starts talking to him, as if he knows nothing about this nuisance. The victim boy holds his head with two hands and reproaches. NAUGHTY BOY Piku, what's Prabir sir going to teach today? VICTIM BOY Son of a bitch. Bloody Subir,


I'll kick your period out. NAUGHTY BOY What's that? Do you do it? Subarna, a girl in school uniform comes in and puts the tiffin box into her own bag. Subir asks her. NAUGHTY BOY Yes she can tell us. Subarna how does it feel like having period? Does it happen every day? SUBARNA (ignores) Fuck off. Subarna gets out. Piku turns to Subir. PIKU I know.


NAUGHTY BOY Really? How do you know? PIKU I have read about it. NAUGHTY BOY Porny? Do you have it? Give me. I want to check it out. Its tasty I guess. Yummy Subir almost jumps to go to Piku. PIKU It's not a porny. medical book. It's a

NAUGHTY BOY What's written there? How does that look like? Solid, liquid or plasma? Every one, around, laughs out loud. Piku gets the book, 'Where There is No doctor', out of his bag and opens it. 109

There is a sketch of a vagina, from where a baby's head is coming out. Suddenly Rani comes into the class. The other students hurried in the class room soon. Piku hides the book into the book quickly. Rani notices. She comes in front of Piku. Piku looks downwards. RANI What's that? PIKU (tensed and seeing downwards) Nothing. RANI Look at me. Piku looks at Rani. He gets blushed in fear. RANI Give me that book.


Piku slowly gets the book out of bag. Rani snatches it. She looks at the cover. Then notices him and smiles within, but does not reveal it to Piku. She returns the book. RANI Reference book? Piku gets surprised and relaxed and looks at her and speaks hurriedly as if he just discovered the way to be smart. PIKU Yes yes. book. Biology reference

Thunder roars outside. CUT TO.


EXT -DAY (AFTER NOON) -ALLEY The sky is cloudy. Thunder roars and it starts raining. Rani comes with an open umbrella on her head. She is coming from school. A dirty dress clad child, who appears to be a slum dweller, suddenly rushes in and spreads her palm for begging. Rani gets startled for a moment. BEGGAR CHILD Akta taka, dao na. Akta taka, sakal theke khaini kichhu. (Give me one rupee please. I have not eaten anything since morning.) The child beggar catches her sari softly. Rani gets irritated. RANI


Dhat. (Beat it) The child goes away and Rani comes forward. She looks ahead at a stranger's eye. His eyes glitter. He smokes a cigarette without touching it with fingers. Rani frowns and sweeps her eyes away like a sword and crosses him. The eyes of that stranger follow Rani. He puffs the cigarette twice again without touching it with fingers. Then he comes two steps forward towards Rani and leans on a lamppost. It rains cats and dogs. On the other side of the alley we see a silhouette of a girl in school uniform and carrying school bag. The stranger looks back and gets upright. When she comes closer, we see it is Subarna. She notices the stranger innocently and feels uneasy


and looks ahead downwards. Suddenly the stranger comes in and stands in front of her blocking the way. The umbrella rotates both ways in the greed for sex. STRANGER Where are you going alone? SUBARNA I am going home. STRANGER Let's go for a walk. SUBARNA I can't go now. I have tuition. I have to go home. Subarna's heart heavily. The stranger closer to her. beats moves

STRANGER You look so nice today. Come close, please. 114

He throws the cigarette away. His umbrella falls on the road. He grasps Subarna's shoulder to pull her close and we see his back portion. Just at this moment we hear a footsteps comes and stops. RANI Subarna. He leaves Subarna and picks up his umbrella. Subarna throws her umbrella and rushes to Rani. She puts her head on her breasts and weeps. Rani consoles her by putting her palm on her head. The sranger gets another cigarette from his pocket and put in between his lips. Rani and Subarna walk away. The stranger picks Subarna's umbrella and lights up his cigarette.


STRANGER Hello madam. Rani turns back. He comes close with the umbrella. He gives the umbrella while Rani almost snatches it. He looks at Rani's slim waist and smiles lecherously. STRANGER Believe it or not, madam, you look sexier than your student. Rani slaps hard on his cheek immediately. Subarna waits behind in fear. The cigarette flies off his lips. It falls on the rain water on the road and stops burning. RANI If you say another word, will beat you with my shoe. Rani comes to 116 Subarna I


holds her in her arm. They walk away. The guy looks here and there, rubbing his cheeks. STRANGER Fucking feminist. CUT TO.



INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) -TERRACE It is raining outside. Piku practices push-up in bare body. He perspires continually and looks sexy. CUT TO. INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) -RAJAT'S BED CUM TV ROOM Beside a window, Indrani reads a film magazine, lying face-down, on the bed. Rajat comes in and touches her locks affectionately. Indrani smiles. INDRANI What? RAJAT I want to love you. INDRANI


(jokes) How silly of you. And at once she turns and lies supine. Rajat does not waste time and lies on her breasts and cuddles her. Indrani smiles like a chirpy bird. He proceeds to kiss her. With her fist Indrani grasps his hair. INDRANI Piku is home now. RAJAT I know honey. He is busy with his push-up. He won't come down now. CUT TO.


INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) -TERRACE Piku wipes sweat from his forehead with his fingers. CUT TO. INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) -STAIR He comes down the stair. CUT TO. INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) -RAJAT'S BED CUM TV ROOM He comes in and stops by the door wondering. He notices Rajat and Rani cuddling each other. Suddenly, the telephone, which is there kept by the bed, rings. Piku looks at it. CUT TO.




Rani puts down the receiver and thinks for a while. She goes to the window. She sees a dry leaf falls off a branch of shrub. She turns back again. She comes in front of the fridge and opens the door. She picks a chocolate stick. Unwraps and puts into the mouth. She sucks it for a while. Then she stops sucking for a moment and thinks. She closes the fridge. Again sucks the chocolate twice and goes to the telephone. She dials Piku's number. CUT TO.


INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) -RAJAT'S BED CUM TV ROOM Rajat , lying on Indrani in the same way, kisses her. Piku peeks through the hingegap of the door. The telephone rings. Rajat gets up. Piku counts one-twothree. Indrani again picks up the magazine and turns to lie face down. Piku rushes to the telephone to reach before Rajat. He picks up the receiver. Rajat looks at Piku and then looks at Indrani. Indrani looks at Rajat too with a light frown of doubt. Rani speaks from the other side. CUT TO.





Rani gets the chocolate stick out of his mouth. Piku speaks from the other side. RANI Have you done home tasks? PIKU No, I mean RANI It's okay. Can you just come down to me right now, 'coz I won't be able to teach you tomorrow? CUT TO.


INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) -RAJAT'S BED CUM TV ROOM Piku speaks over telephone. PIKU Yes, I am coming? Piku puts down the receiver. Indrani lies on the bed and she turns to ask Piku. INDRANI Who called? PIKU Rani Madam. She's calling me now. INDRANI She will teach now? PIKU Yes.


INDRANI Then go now and try to come back early. CUT TO.


Piku comes in the bathroom. He applies a face-wash on his cheeks and washes off. CUT TO. INT -DAY (AFTERNOON) - PIKU'S STUDY Piku puts a red shirt on the bed. He picks up a deodorant from the drawer of his table and spray on to his bare body. Then he puts on the


shirt. CUT TO. EXT -DAY (AFTERNOON) - ROAD Piku is just about to ride his bicycle, but he stumbles once. He has books on the metal carrier. Then he rides the cycle and moves away. The chain gets derailed from the sprockets of the chain-wheel. He again gets down from the cycle. He tries to put the chain on the sprockets. He runs the cycle in more than normal speed and stands up leaving the seat so that he can put more pressure on the pedals. His face looks happy. A dog barks suddenly and he looks at it. He was just about to hit a coming rickshaw, caring an old woman. Somehow he manages to


skip the vehicle. The old woman turns behind to look at him. He gets in front of the gate of Rani's house. He stands the cycle and takes the books. He stops suddenly when he just wants to open the gate. He notices that Rani is crazily kissing Anol. She jumps onto Anol's lap, while Anol hold her tightly and both move towards the bed. Piku opens with a jerky sound so that Rani hears. CUT TO.




Rani jumps down from Anol's lap. Anol pulls her once. Then again leaves. RANI Piku is there. Wait a second. CUT TO.


INT -DAY (AFTERROOM) - RANI'S VARANDAH Rani comes in and speaks to Piku. Rani looks at him. Piku looks downwards. RANI Piku, I am Anol's just tomorrow. really sorry. arrived. Come

Piku nods his head slightly and turns back and opens the gate again. Rani looks at him and walks a step forward. Piku rides on the bicycle and goes away. Rani looks unmindful for a moment. Then she sighs and smiles simultaneously. CUT TO.




Rani comes in and looks around and nowhere has she noticed Anol. She shouts. RANI Anol. Where are you? The shower in the bathroom is turned on and Rani hears the sound, while Anol replies from bathroom. ANOL Here I am honey. Rani rushes to the bathroom and knocks heavily with her fist. RANI Open the door please. Let me


in. Rani hears the sound of unlatching the door and the moment the door gets a bit open, she pushes into the bathroom. She shouts in pain as if Anol has bitten her and then she laughs like a chirpy bird. CUT TO.


INT -MAGIC HOUR -PIKU'S STUDY Piku opens the drawer in his table and gets the diary of poems. CUT TO. INT -MAGIC KITCHEN Piku picks up which is kept gas-oven. HOUR -RAJAT'S

a match just by

box the

CUT TO. INT -MAGIC HOUR -STAIRCASE Piku climbs hurriedly. CUT TO. up the stairs


EXT -MAGICHOUR -ROOFTOP Piku throws the diary by a little red-rose tree which has been grown on a gardentub. He lights up a match stick and starts burning the diary. Piku looks at it continuously. The diary slowly burns and the fire intensifies. Piku does not shift his eyes to avoid smoke. Slowly tears come in his eyes.



EXT -MAGICHOUR THE PALACE OF COOCHBEHAR Then we see small insects moving swiftly in the lake water on the reflection of the gloomy sky. We see the palace from a low angle by the lake, which is part of a garden of the palace. The End.


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