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Published by Abby Jonson
Lesbian erotica
Lesbian erotica

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Published by: Abby Jonson on Mar 11, 2013
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Abby was anything if not enthusiastic at the sight of her lover. Stepping toward it she was startled as a hand of five slender fingers fell lightly on her shoulder." she said taking up the smaller box." Alison looked up at Abby with that sincere an honest look she often gave when expressing her love for her fiancée. I missed you too. Premonitions  A story by Abby Jonson For Alison Abby stepped out of the plane and on to the hydraulic gangplank between the aircraft and the arrival gate. It was only a few moments walk down the long corridor that followed before she was deposited in the baggage claim area. But such was simply overkill today. . "I found you. The embrace between the two lingered for another moment before Alison dropped her arms. It took a few minutes for Abby to spot the two pieces of checked luggage that she had deposited in Cape Town and after pulling the suitcase and plastic box containing her clothes from the steel-clad conveyer. "Let me help you with those." "Alison!" Abby instantly dropped her bags and wrapped her arms about the thin frame before her." "I know. she made her way out to the waiting area already full with passengers and loved ones pairing off and slipping out to the parking lot. Turning she was greeted with a wide smile of pearly teeth. you know. Having thought of only this moment since leaving the African continent. my love. "I missed you more than I can even begin to say. It was the type of look that had the effect of melting any resistance or hesitation her girlfriend might have. Abby's eyes searched the crowd looking for the face she had memorized so well. Then suddenly her eye caught a seemingly familiar lock of hazel hair within the crowd. dear.

As she proceeded to teasingly rake her teeth across the taut flesh Abby couldn't help but let slip a small moan of longing." Alison sat next to the couch.. but the chance to stretch her legs was a blessing to Abby. my pet."Thanks. Alison my dear. The walk to the car was a short one." Abby thought she heard from the kitchen. and with Alison so close to her now it was all she could do not to rush things. eyes closed. across her face. "I'm absolutely beat. With that Abby sat up. Slowly she traced her fingers up Abby's neck. It lasted at least two minutes." Abby offered taking the other two pieces of luggage. Alison moved to the seat next to her pet. Once in the car the two exchanged a short kiss before Alison started the engine. pulling Abby's hair taut and drawing her head back to expose her long neck. love. "I missed you. She gave a devilish smile while reclining. my sweet?" Abby opened one eye and looked up at her fiancée with another grin. the two drove directly home. "Not too tired for you. Alison walked in with a short glass of lemonade. who had been packed so tightly in the economy seat assigned to her for the two transcontinental flights between Cape Town and St Louis. on the couch. looking at her Miss with the type of nervous glance that betrayed her calm response. my pet. Mistress. Abby had become desperate for her lover's touch over the past two weeks. anything less than the removal of clothing in the back seat of the fourdoor was bound to seem all too brief." came the soft reply. but to Abby just then. "Are you sleepy. It was after the luggage was all safely inside that Abby plopped down on the sofa. her voice now tinged with intent." Alison repeated. "I've so missed you." "Not yet you aren't. Other than a short stop for a sandwich. her hand on Abby's slowly moving chest." whispered Alison. With that she made a fist. "I'm yours. and entangled them in her hair.. At once she half fell and was half pushed back against the armrest as Alison positioned herself atop the .

liked teasing her pet. but truth be told she too missed the touches and caressing included in the process of making love." but all that came out was another gasp before her face contorted again in pleasure. her hands above her head. "Just as sexy as the last time I saw you. Within moments the pair were kissing and moaning.yielding woman. maybe more. "I would be no one else's. Alison was smiling now.. down to her clavicle and back up again. The two buttons in the front of her pants and the zipper followed." Abby moved her lips as though to say "Yes. and though she was originally slow to admit it. me. surely you can be patient a bit more. The teeth soon became kisses that roamed from Abby's neck to her cheeks. circling her lover's left breast twice before grasping it firmly through her bra. but inside Alison's pet was ready to burst from anticipation. She never thought of herself as attractive but somehow she had managed to find someone who made her feel as though she were the most gorgeous woman in the entire world. Then again it was all part of the dance that the two women had settled into a few months after they started dating... Alison liked being held and loved. Abby. "Now I'm sure you're clothes are dirty from all that traveling. She enjoyed teasing her girl most nights.. patient smile." noted Alison.. Why don't I help you remove them?" Abby nodded as Alison moved a single hand down to her waist and began unbuckling her belt. "Ahh. ". fuck..." There was a slight. Alison slipped her right hand under Abby's sweater and camisole. Alison stared at her love who now lay on the couch in only her panties and a burgundy sweater.." Abby whimpered as her Mistress began to twist her breast and skillfully squeezing her nipple. too. after which Abby arched her back to better allow her jeans to be slipped off. Miss. "You've waited two weeks. Miss. on the other . liked spanking and whipping her. looking as vulnerable as ever. The jeans were unceremoniously tugged off and dropped on the floor and with them the socks off Abby's feet as well. Alison looked down at her quivering pet. And to think you're all mine!" Abby gave a slight blush.

I was a very good girl.. "Yes. my dear?" she cooed. But what she loved most of all.. Miss.. Upstairs with you!" And with that Alison stood and gave Abby's hair a firm pull. was to be dominated." "Then get off my couch." "And you want to be rewarded? You want to be touched and spanked? Do you want me to fuck you?" Abby gave a feeble nod. "Say it!" demanded her Mistress. knew exactly what her dear little girl wanted and only made her wait a moment before running her fingernails along the insides of her thighs. She loved the feeling she got when she was used by her partner. take me anyway you like. what she wanted most of all at this moment. I want to feel you spank me hard. "Did you miss me. when she was able to make another feel so very good before herself. fuck me.. but pressing close enough that Abby was starting to become quite wet.hand. I beg you. Abby managed a "Please. "I need to hear you beg me for it. "Is this what you wanted?" Alison asked.. toppling her from her seat and leaving her more turned on than she could remember being in the past several weeks. "Have you been a good girl while you were away?" Abigail gave her most innocent look and answered. liked being helpful. never yet touching. ”Maybe you want to go up stairs. reminding her of her beauty and kindness (which Alison was always quick to downplay). serving. fetching... of course. Abby scrambled up and over to the door to the stairwell. She opened it and stepped up a . "Did you miss my touches?" Abby tried to lay still and silent as though any sudden movement might disturb the pleasure she now felt. please use me." Alison said with mock curiosity. Mistress. Alison. really. and tending to her Mistress." before gasping as certain fingers slid ever so close to her cunt. and generally doing what she could to ease the day-to-day stresses of her mate.. I promise. I do so want you to touch me." "Please.

few stairs before her lover followed behind her. “Yes… Yes. “Perhaps you didn’t hear me. fingering them roughly. Or maybe you’re simply forgetful. Do I make myself clear. and I want to see you face down on that bed. Alison made her way to the bathroom upstairs where she exchanged her own clothes for a light robe and a small leather pouch on a cord she wore as a necklace. Suddenly there was a stinging sensation. please…” whimpered Abby between jagged breaths. thank you Mistress. her thighs and ass moving suggestively as she did so. she drew her fingers up the middle of Abby’s ass and brought her hand smartly down on her left cheek with a loud clap. Though she was certain there were certainly more intense things to come. “Oh. the feeling of her lover’s hand there in that most intimate place sent waves of pleasure all over her body. Abby let out half of a scream before managing to stifle the rest of it. Alison responded by drawing her hand up the back of the other leg. “Yes Mistress. Alison spoke with an air of authority. Abby was silent as Alison straddled her and did her best to stay still as Alison leaned and moved about behind her. that of something really hot or really cold being pressed to . shutting the door as she went. “How I’ve missed you!” sighed Alison as she reached for one of Abby’s legs catching it mid-thigh with her short nails. I told you to go upstairs. I’m sorry. Now get there before I do. Abby drew in a sharp breath as Alison slowly stated to press on her clit and stroke her cunt from the outside of her panties. Ma’am. The feeling of it left her weak in the knees and she sank quickly.” “And no clothes!” her Domme added as Abby quickly scrambled up the remainder of the stairs.” Alison pressed her fingers firmer into her girlfriend’s genitals. As Abby moved to step up another step the hand fell along her leg leaving several rose colored and wavering lines. without warning. Then. moving to the inner thigh as she neared the top. When she found her submissive again she was laying in bed completely nude and with her hands above her head just as she had been ordered. pet?” Abby swallowed quickly in an attempt to find her voice. Alison watched as her girlfriend stepped lightly up each step.

Abby took deep. the one she had purchased months ago with her Mistress’ blessing.” Abby didn’t think she could ever adequately explain to her fiancée what it was like to be dominated as a sub. a symbol of her submission. Her Mistress leaned around her. Eventually Alison reached around Abby’s neck and brought the two ends of the collar together behind her. Miss. my little bitch. taking a deep smell of her hair.” Abby could feel her mistress’ breasts pressed against her back. hoping that Alison might actually whip her while tied up this time. could feel the smooth and constrictive grip of her collar about her neck. Soon she was able to relax a bit more as the buckle’s temperature was brought closer to that of her back. There was a faint click as the buckle was locked in place with a small key that had been hidden in Alison’s necklace. could feel her warm breath against the side of her face. “You’re all mine. Slowly she maneuvered her way forward until her thighs were on either side of Abby’s head. It took another second before Abby recognized the familiar icy feel of a cold nickel loop being drug across her back. buckling them tightly in place.” Alison smiled and then pushed her back such that she was flat on her back but upside-down in the bed. Alison stood in the bed and disrobed before kneeling straddling her love once more. regular breaths as her Miss teased her back.” Abby . “Hands behind your back. “Thank you Mistress. As soon as the cuffs were in place Abby was pulled back and up to her knees.” Abby complied. but it didn’t stop her from getting wet at the sight of her collar or a firm grasp of her hair. And I’m so happy to have you back. okay? You think you can be good for me?” Abby nodded meekly and offered a soft “Yes. It was the loop and buckle of her collar. “Now if you’re a good girl I won’t have to tie you down. Alison grasped her girl’s head and tilted it to the side as she bent down to whisper in her ear.the pet’s back. Alison placed a thick leather cuff around each of Abby’s wrists. “Lick me. The anticipation and excitement she felt was intoxicating. blurring events around her. Thank you for letting me be yours.

” . for after several more minutes she sat a bit more straight and looked down at her partner.” Abby watched as Alison turned and laid back. She licked a bit harder and pinched just a bit with her teeth and this time the moan was more audible. “Do you like that. now a bit firmer. as gratifying as it was. Abby pressed her face. my pet? Do you like licking my cunt?” Abby nodded her head the best she could despite the fact that she was still at work on her lover’s clit.” Abby obeyed. and then teasing her clit – to which Alison noted her approval through moans and small tugs on Abby’s hair. Alison reached down with one hand and ran her fingers through her pet’s hair before grabbing a fist full. Alison knew this too. resting her head on her pillow. She continued for several minutes. Still. up and down until she found her clit. “More. deeper into what had to be the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on. Abby looked up to see Alison’s eyes close and her mouth open letting a silent moan out. flicking her tongue up and down. pet. up and down. and her tongue. Carefully she probed her Miss’ vulva with her tongue. Abby could feel the powerful abdominal muscles above her pulse and quiver as her Mistress drew closer to orgasm. How she had missed that smell in the past two weeks! Slowly she extended her tongue and grazed the lips of Alison’s cunt. Ma’am. “And don’t be afraid to use your fingers. it was going to take a bit more to push her Domme over the top.” Alison slid back allowing Abby a deep breath and a chance to feebly voice a “Yes. Placing her lips around the sensitive button she suckled lightly before drawing her teeth across it.” Abby nodded again respectfully and assumed a position between her Miss’ legs. Then a second time. pulling her head closer still. “Be a good girl and do what I tell you and then maybe I’ll reward you. licking deep inside her lover.moved her head forward an inch and breathed in the sweet musk of her lover’s cunt. and she smiled inwardly at the thought of bringing her Mistress so much pleasure. side to side over her clit. stroking her hair lightly. “You may continue now. I want you to make me cum.

“Oh. bucking and arching as though to get every last ounce of stimulation out of the acts being performed on her.“As you wish. The orgasm came suddenly and hit hard.” Abby did as she was told and moved next to Alison who motioned for Abby to place her head on her chest. Abby reached her free hand across Alison’s abdomen and cupped one of her breasts firmly. This elected another loud moan from her lover and she decided to try the same on the other side.” replied Abby. Come up here and lay next to me. Abby was always told. Abigail! Goddess… Fuck yes…” Alison was quivering as she had before but more strongly so. Abby lowered her head to the spot where Alison’s smooth ivory legs joined and resumed the task commanded of her. still recovering from the orgasm. Mistress. She massaged her lover’s hips as she suckled on her cunt and nipped teasingly at her thighs and when she started to moan Abby moved one hand down to slide two slender fingers inside of her. after all. and then as quickly as it had come it dissipated leaving both women sore but supremely content. . lifting and massaging it before drawing her fingers together to squeeze her nipple. “What a good little girl. Alison became momentarily silent as she shook and shuddered. She moved her mouth up to her Miss’ breast and bit somewhat firmly on her nipple while her thumb took over the task of stroking her clit. Abby could feel the moist cavity tighten around her and she knew she was close. She could feel her Mistress again start to writhe in pleasure. Alison smiled sweetly as she glanced down at Abby. pumping them faster and more roughly than before. though she thought that she wanted to make her fiancée cum at least as she must want to cum herself. “…So very nice. racking Alison’s body so hard that Abby swore she could feel it herself. Alison’s pet suckled harder and curled her fingers inside her. Her tongue again flickered over Alison’s clit though this time Abby had more control of her actions. Abby listened to her love’s heart rhythmically beating and the slow breaths that accompanied it. that things needed to be even. That was so…” She exhaled deeply.

She could have anything done to her.” Abby was uncertain what to say.” came the reply. And you know I always follow through with my promises. Anything you want. my dear. too.” Alison gave another of her looks that reminded Abby of a teacher waiting for a school yard confession from her students. If Alison was now ready to reward her. you have a request?” Abby looked up at her Mistress. “I think I’ll let you chose. It might be something nice. Ma’am. don’t I?” “Always.” “Which one?” asked Alison. Maybe she’d just ask to be spanked again. but then quickly dismissed it. “There was a toy. “I can. I’ve missed you and it’s my turn to make you happy now. “Hmm… What to do…” It was going to be a whipping. Abby knew it. She couldn’t ask for that. Ma’am. I couldn’t. or it might be a firm whipping. “Um… I guess so. continuing her teacher-like presence. or do anything to her love? She had better make it something good.” Abby mumbled “But we don’t have to use it. Would you please spank me again?” Alison looked intently at her lover’s face. my dear pet. “Yes. a fantasy she had been harboring for some time. “Let’s see now… I remember making a promise to you.” “Tell me. but are you sure that’s what you want most? You looked like you might have had another idea…” “I… No. Abby wasn’t sure how or what to expect. . my pet? You know you can ask me for anything. What is it. Anything at all.Alison rested like this for a few minutes before turning to look at her submissive. Then again. Abby at once thought of something. those were often nice.

” Abby felt a bit embarrassed. you can’t hurt me with that.” Abby thought to herself as she retrieved the thin purple plug and the bottle of lube from the top drawer of her dresser. “Oh you mean the… You want me to… In you? I thought you didn’t like that!” Abby could feel the heat on her face. less so now about what she wanted Alison to do to her and more so about the fact that she doubted her fiancée would really be okay with it. “My dear. okay?” Abby cocked her head to look back meeting her Mistress’ eyes. “The purple plug in the dresser. She must be as red as a cherry for sure. Once she was satisfied with the amount of lube present she paused. you know. Still.” Abby nodded and handed the supplies to Alison. You know I love you.“The. “Just in case.” Abby smiled sheepishly.” As Alison pressed the toy into her pet there was only the slightest resistance before the whole thing glided effortlessly in. Miss. the thought of being fucked by Alison top and bottom was so exciting that her embarrassment didn’t last long. love. “I promise you. on your hands and knees my dear. “We don’t have to…” Alison interrupted. Alison popped open the cap on the lube and poured a small portion onto her fingers. if that’s really what you want then I’m fine with it. Thank you.” “Yes.” Alison thought for a moment. “There. When Abby turned back to her Miss she was busy unfolding an older sheet across the bed. Miss. Abby sighed as Alison began to slowly massage the soft flesh between her cheeks with the cold fluid. “I should have known better.” . Lube is messy.” Abby smiled as she sunk again onto the bed and took the position asked of her. and I’d do anything for you to make you happy. um…” Abby thought she must be red by now just thinking about what she was about to ask for. “Now. “Now go get it and I suppose the lubricant in there if you think you’ll need it. “Just… Please let me know if I’m hurting you.

” Alison gave her submissive’s clit a final lick before crawling up her body to position her cunt over her partners. but from the look of it so did her .” Abby begged. Abby gave a breathless gasp and began to touch her own breasts. fuck my ass. an orgasm building as the toy raked against pleasurable nerves otherwise difficult to reach. Mistress. the toy held in place by the bulb at its base. somewhere inside her. dear pet. Alison moved the small toy back and forth. But she didn’t want to finish so soon. “Please. pressing herself harder and more quickly into her Miss.” grinned Alison. “I’m… Clo. All the while Abby moaned softly from the sensation. She could feel. I need to feel your sex against mine. finger and fuck my cunt too!” Abby answered pleadingly. Alison slowly started to grind her cunt against that of her lover. Gradually the pleasure built higher and higher. my dear Mistress…” Abby’s words were distorted by the waves of ecstasy rushing through her body. Fuck my cunt…” Alison pushed Abby to the side and she rolled over and onto her back. and as it did Abby arched her back to match. “My pleasure. slowly at first then a bit more quickly.I’m getting close!” Abby knew she had only moments left before she came. “I want to feel your body. And when you’re done. Alison pressed two fingers to Abby’s cunt and started to move them in a small circular pattern as her lips closed about her clit and her tongue set to work making jabs and caresses against the tender flesh. and Abby followed suit in time. “You want me to fuck you like this do you?” “Sweet Goddess. reveling in the sharp and sensual pain it created. “Alison. Abby could feel orgasm building still and wondered how much longer she could hold out.“May I play with it a bit?” asked Alison. please fuck me. “My cunt. one which she hadn’t felt in what may have been years. clawing around and then pinching her nipples tightly. please Mistress.

dear. “Alison… Alison… Oh. yes!” There was another minute of gasps and another few moments of grinding. fuck… Alison!” Alison gasped and moaned loudly in kind as Abby screamed her name and a second orgasm of her own was let loose. “I know dear. it seemed to be only a small step away from loving everyone and all things. “Ah… Goddess…. Abby continued to contemplate this . permission to come. side by side. y… Oh.” added Alison. it seemed. and I think you’re adorable… beautiful… sexy. to feel so one with another spirit.” “…And a day. Cum for me. “And a day. and then they both fell back flat in the bed. And you know I think you’re precious. As Abby lay there looking in to her love’s eyes she had a profound sense of happiness. she might. Always and forever.” With that the dam broke and Abby’s body convulsed as the waves of pleasure that had been building suddenly turned into bolts that tore through her body like electric. Alison didn’t normally get off from this type of stimulation.” pleaded Alison’s girl.” Alison’s head fell back. you know…” “I know you will. bitch. one woman against the other. “We’ll do it together.” Abby thought while laying there that she hadn’t ever known contentment the likes of which she was now enjoying. Mistress. “Please. “Oh. but today. Every part of her. To love yourself and another. and locked in an embrace. from the top of her head to her toes and finger tips were caught in absolute rapture. “I’m going to love you forever. exhausted.partner. right?” Alison moved her hand slightly to brush the hair from Abby’s face.

the captain is about to land. a dreamy look still about her face as she turned away to look outside the window once more. Was it a lamp. “I do…” replied Abby. so real. we will be arriving in St Louis in less than 10 minutes. Instead stood a young woman with black hair and a blue blouse over a long blue skirt.feeling as she started to drift off with Alison in her arms. Abby sat there in the quiet roar of the aircraft trying to piece together the dream she had just lived. Abby turned to look out the window to her right and could see the land below – farmland turned to suburban developments turned to urban business districts and nests of highways turned to a jungle of concrete and skyscrapers on the horizon. Ms Jonson. to commit it to memory. Abby quickly recognized him as the man that had been assigned the seat adjacent to hers. “Ah.” . “I bet you have someone waiting for you down there. falling almost into a state of half-sleep. The realm where thoughts and dreams collide… It was then that someone turned the light up in the room. A gentleman came and sat next to her. yes… Uh. and each passing second saw another piece fade away. don’t ya?” he asked with a spark in his eyes. The man gave a short chuckle and Abby turned to face him. She felt muddled but the one thing she could make out was that the woman before her was not her Alison. Abby felt a gentle shake on her shoulder and turned to see what it was her fiancée needed.” “Ah. “Miss. It seemed so vivid just a moment ago. A white scarf of some type seemed to be tucked neatly down the front. sorry. She put her table up and put the iPod on her lap away in her carry-on bag. or maybe the sunrise? It was hard to tell from where she was in bed. But now it was only fragments.” Abby nodded her head. 24 hours of flight will do that to a person. I see you’re awake now. “The love of my life.” Abby felt groggy. as most dreams become. but as she looked around things started to come into focus and her whereabouts became clearer. If you could please put your tray table up.

” The End .The man put on a somber look and nodded his head slowly. “She’s the best. eh?” Abby returned a wide grin and blushed. “That good.

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