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Pilgrim Chart

Pilgrim Chart

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Pilgrim Chart
Pilgrim Chart

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Published by: kcafaro59 on Mar 11, 2013
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The Canterbury Tales Pilgrim Chart (from the “Prologue”




Major Physical Traits/ and Distinguishing Features

Follies/Vices/Negative Qualities

Positive Traits /Virtues/Attributes

Chaucer (narrator)


Squire (knight’s son) 20 years old

Yeoman ( a forester or outdoorsman) also an attendant in a royal household Nun (also called a Prioress, a nun corresponding in rank to a prior or second highest in a monastery where an abbot is the highest) Monk

The Friar (Hubert) a limiter. weaver and carpet maker) . carpenter. extensive holdings The guildsman (haberdasher. he is limited to the area where he can beg Merchant (a member of the wealthy middleclass Oxford Cleric (a student) Sergeant of Law ( an attorney) The Franklin (a land owner: a freeholder of non noble birth. dyer.

Cook Skipper ( the shipman) The Doctor (of physic) The Wife of Bath The Parson (he practiced what he preached) The Plowman .

The Miller (Robin is his name) The Manciple (steward at a law school) The Reeve (the manager of an estate) The Summoner (his job is to sum sinners to church court trials) The Pardoner (sells pardons) Harry Bailey (the host) .

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