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When Designing an Ad Campaign And

When Designing an Ad Campaign And

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Published by: proton1121 on Mar 11, 2013
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When designing an ad campaign and/or slogan, several factors must be taken into consideration.

We all know that the purpose of an advertisement is to communicate a message… We all know that the manner in which an ad accomplishes this task is by first getting the reader’s attention, then holding it, then convincing the reader that the claim made by the advertisement is legitimate, and, finally, motivating the reader to action. You also want the ad to be, at least, somewhat original… lest it be swept under the rug with the millions of other poorly planned, hackneyed ads of yore. Even when all of these qualifications have been met, however, there is still a fine line between ads that are fantastically successful… and ads that are total failures. How does one create a successful ad? This is the question. The article “The Writing’s on the Wall” helped us in the creation of our ad. The article discussed why a certain ad for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America was so successful. The ad in question was quite novel… It depicted a slow degeneration of quality in the ad’s copy… Much like the slow degeneration of mind and body that one would experience, should he or she be unfortunate enough to be afflicted with Huntington’s. The claim made by this article was that the main reason that the ad was so well received, by the public and the pros alike, lay in its originality. The article also claimed that the hardest part of advertising isn’t so much getting attention… but keeping it. This is what we had to do in our own ad. Our ad is for the Academic Support Center here at the Mount. We found a clever, amusing picture of our President, George Bush, holding a “Dummies Guide to the Presidency.” At first, given the events that have been transpiring with the war and world events, we felt that the picture might be in poor taste. But, as we deduced from the article,


given current events. This is where so many ads fail… This is where our ad. it doesn’t even matter. at least. Truth be told. Maybe people would take the ad as amusing… as we do. after all. Like the article on Huntington’s proclaimed: Acquiring and holding the attention of your audience is the most important thing. stop to look at the ad… By the time they figured out that the ad had nothing to do with world events or the war. 2 . most people who saw a picture of George Bush would. We figured that.sometimes you have to take a chance when your goal is to acquire and hold attention. succeeds. and the ad on Huntington’s. they would have taken it all in… It is fairly sparse. Maybe they wouldn’t.

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