How to validate a backup

1. Validating a logical export (taken using exp utility) First we have to take a look to the export log file. Also, we can import the data in another database to see if the import is done without errors.

2. Validate a physical backup (taken using RMAN "image copy" option or by copying the files at the OS level) In this case we have to validate the .dbf files. This is done by using DBVERIFY Utility.

Total Pages Examined: Number of blocks in the file Total Pages Processed: Number of blocks verified Total Pages Failing: Number of blocks that failed the data/ index/ segment block check Total Pages Marked Corrupt: Number of corrupted blocks Total Pages Influx: Number of blocks being read and written to in parallel.

3. Validating a RMAN backup (using the Backup Sets) a) RMAN> RECOVER DATABASE VALIDATE;

If there are no errors during the recovery ... validate, the backup is good. This command (recovery database validate) doesn't recover the database; only the check is done.

b) RMAN> VALIDATE BACKUPSET <backupset_nr>

To find the backup set of the backups we can run the RMAN command

c) using RMAN report options, like REPORT UNRECOVERABLE DATABASE; (examine all datafiles, but not the archivelog files !!!)

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