ECV 3902- Civil Engineering Design Project Minutes of Meeting for Project Mosque No of meeting Meeting date Meeting

Time Venue Chairman Note Taker Attendees 1 18 Feb 2013 9.00am to 5.00pm BK 6 ,Faculty Engineering UPM Wong Yan Zheng Tan Tian Jen 1. Wong Yan Zheng 152561 2. Tan Tian Jen 152768 3. Syed Mohd Izzuan Bin Tuan Azam 140685 4. Suzana Ishak 151943

Agenda 1. Discuss and select the project choice among the groups 2. Scope of report is discussed and explained by teaching assistant 3. Project planning and work distribution among group members Detail of meetings No 1.0 1.1 Content Discussed Acknowledgement First meeting conducted, all group members are grouped together and introduced to each other by chairman. Chairman of meeting welcome the group members. Meeting agendas Project briefing and making choice among the topic provided Mosque was been selected as our design project Location of the project to be constructed is discussed among group members. Seremban 2 was selected as initial location for our design project. All group members All group Action by All group members

2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4

All group members

-Survey about the nearby facilities -Search information and do the first minute of meeting Other matter Meeting finished at 5. concept and aesthetical value.5 Work distribution among the members are : -Finding the actual location and get soil condition -Finding sources in related to construction law -Finding legal matters in acquiring land for project.00pm.0 Yan Zheng Hidayat Syed Mohd Izzuan Suzana Tian Jen Prepared by : Approved by : (Tan Tian Jen) (Wong Yan Zheng) Secretary of Meeting Meeting Chairman of . interior and exterior design of the building. 2.All group members are required to search for extra information about the type of structure. survey of nearby facilities. method of construction. next meeting will be held on 25 February 2013 members 3. costing.

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