Supplied handsets

Devices in bold text are supplied by Ascom
Sony Ericsson devices under maintenance contract
Sony Ericsson devices in black text are still under maintenance contract,
while those in red text are no longer under maintenance contract.
Qualcomm Chipset Based Devices

Some commercial Qualcomm chipset derived phones and data cards,
marked with an asterisk (*) below, may not have diagnostics reporting
enabled by default, and Ascom is not at liberty to distribute information on
how to enable this function. Customers desiring to use such devices with
TEMS Investigation therefore need to contact the relevant supplier or
operator in each case.

PESQ enabled handset

Devices marked with two asterisks (**) have PESQ measurement capability.

Sony Ericsson
W995 EDGE**
W995 MRU**
X10 EU
X10 US
Arc EU
Arc US

SW version


”J610 D3170z”

Samsung LTE

SW version

SW version
SW version

06.0 NTM 33 v2. 02.9530 M6260A-LYRQ-2.0 NTM 36 v2.102601T 3.50 NTM 60 v2.0.11 SW version M9200B-SCAQWBZD-X030000A SW version L0290VWAB43F.02.02 .9545 Motorola UMTS Nokia N95 N95 NAM 6120 6121 N96 N96 NAM 6720 EU C5 C7 Following scanners are supported Anritsu ML8720C Andrew i.243.0.0 NTM 72 v 1.0.214 SW version TBD M9200B-SCAQTBFD-4.0 NTM 38 v2.101503T SW version M9600B-SCAQDAZD-2.35 4.16 02.0.5.Scan DRT 4301A Wimax DRT 4301A LTE EU DRT 4301A LTE US 4.35 2.0 SW version 1 CDMA 1900 / LTE AWS 02.5.III.VIII TM6281 EU TM6281 US TM6260 EU TM6260 US TM7200 TM7201A EU TM7201A US TM7201A JP TD8200 EU TD8200 US TD8200 JP TD8220 EU 3.IV.90 M7201_4521_wcdma5 M7201_4521_wcdma5 M7201_4521_wcdma5 8200A-SKCAAAZM-2270 88200A-SKCAAAZM-2270 8200A-SKCAAAZM-2270 9x00a-SCAQMCFQ-1013 SW version SW version NTM 26 v3.V TM6280 band I.0 NTM 51 v1.0 NTM 69 v SW version TM6275 TM6280 band I.7003 4.102601T M6260A-LYRQ-2.SCH-R910 GT-B3740 SCH-I510 LG LTE VL600 AD600 Xenon LTE 800 FM300 Huawei LTE E398 K5005 Sierra Wireless LTE Aircard 320U Pantech LTE UML-290 Qualcomm LTE TD9600 TD9200 TDD ZTE LTE AL611 AL621 Qualcomm UMTS TBD TBD TBD SW version TBD TBD TBD TBD SW version TBD 11. II.32T M9200B-SCAQDBZD-2.1.0 NTM 47 v2.3.1.0. V TM6280 band II. 6.7/DSP SW 00.00.7/DSP SW 00. 900 DL (07801) PCTEL MX LTE/WCDMA/GSM MX (8 bands) .3.05.6/DSP SW 2.0. Lower 700-ABC UL (07601) PCTEL MX LTE/WCDMA/GSM MX (6 bands) .2.00.PCTEL MX LTE/WCDMA/GSM MX (6 bands) . 900 DL (07802) PCTEL MX LTE/WCDMA MX (4 bands) 850/850UL / 1800/1800 UL (07403) PCTEL EX GSM 900/1800 WCDMA 2100 (6101) PCTEL EX GSM 900/1800 WCDMA 900/2100 (6102) PCTEL EX GSM 850/1900 WCDMA 850/1900 (6103) PCTEL EX GSM 1900 WCDMA 2100AWS (6104) PCTEL EX GSM 850/1900 WCDMA 2100AWS (6105) PCTEL EX WCDMA 850/900 GSM 900/1800 (6107) PCTEL EX WCDMA 2100 (6110) PCTEL EX WCDMA 900/2100 (6111) PCTEL EX WCDMA 850/1900 (6112) PCTEL EX WCDMA 2100AWS (6113) PCTEL EX LTE mini Upper 700-C/2100 AWS(6140) PCTEL EX LTE 1800/2600 (6141) PCTEL EX LTE mini 2600 (6144) PCTEL EX LTE mini Lower 700-A/B/C (UL/DL) (6147) PCTEL EX LTE Upper 700-C/Lower 700-A/B/C (UL/DL) (6149) PCTEL EX LTE Lower 700-B/C / 2100AWS (6150) PCTEL EX LTE Lower 700-A/B/C Upper 700-C/2100 AWS (6158) PCTEL EX LTE mini 1900/2100 AWS (6182) PCTEL EX LTE mini 1900 (model 6183) PCTEL EX LTE Upper 700-C/1900/2100 AWS (model 6201) PCTEL EX LTE 2600 (UL/DL) 800 (UL/DL) (6208) PCTEL EX CDMA/EV-DO (6136) PCTEL EX CDMA/EV-DO mini 1900/2100 AWS (6159) PCTEL EX CDMA/EV-DO mini AWS (6153) PCTEL EX TD-SCDMA 2000 GSM 900/1800 (6130) PCTEL EX TD-SCDMA mini 2000 (6131) PCTEL PCT-500 WCDMA 2100 (5058-11) PCTEL PCT-500 GSM 900/1800 (5104-11) PCTEL PCT-520 WCDMA 2100 GSM 900/1800 (5284-11) PCTel LX WCDMA/GSM generic information PCTel LX WCDMA 2100 PCTel LX WCDMA 2100 AWS (band IV) PCTel LX WCDMA 1900 PCTEL LX WCDMA 850/1900 PCTEL LX WCDMA 1800 PCTEL LX Plus WCDMA 2100 PCTEL LX WCDMA 850 PCTEL LX WCDMA 900 PCTEL LX 2100/1800/900 PCTEL LX GSM 900/1800 PCTEL LX 1900/1900/850 PCTEL LX 1900/850/1900/850 PCTEL LX GSM 850/1900 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 1. 1800 DL.78 2.3/DSP SW 1.3/DSP SW 00.53 6. 1800 DL.0.08.44 1.3/DSP SW 00.39/2.6/DSP SW 2.6/DSP SW 2.7/DSP SW 1.AWS DL.3/DSP SW 1.7/DSP SW 00.6/DSP SW SW 2. 2100 UL.44 1.7/DSP SW SW 2.7/DSP SW 2100 UL.1.2.53 6. 850 DL.78 2.78 2. 1900 DL. 850 DL (07608) PCTEL MX LTE/WCDMA/GSM MX (7 bands) .AWS DL.51 1900 DL.05.6/DSP SW 2.00. 900 DL.6/DSP SW 2.3/DSP SW 00.51 1.3. 1900 DL.51 1.78 1. 2100 DL.0. 1800 DL.78 2.53 6.0.00. 900 DL.53 .1.3/DSP SW 00.7/DSP SW 850 DL.53 6.00.78 2.11 DSP SW 00.53 6.53 6.00. 2600 UL.6/DSP SW DL. 1800 DL.78 2.3/DSP SW 00.00.6/DSP SW 2.41 6.2. 900 DL.3/DSP SW SW 00.00.44 DSP SW 00.7/DSP SW SW 2. 850 DL.3.08.53 6.1900 DL. 1900 DL.7/DSP SW 00.51 1.53 SW 2.6/DSP SW 2.00.08. 850 DL.51 1. 1800 DL.11 TBD 6. 1900 DL.00.78 2. AWS DL.7/DSP SW 00.51 1. 1800 DL. 850 DL. 5.53 6. AWS UL.51 1. 1800 DL. Lower 700-ABC DL (07701) PCTEL MX LTE/WCDMA/GSM MX (6 bands) .00.3/DSP SW 00. 900 DL (07605) PCTEL MX LTE/WCDMA/GSM MX (8 bands) .3.0 2. 2100 DL.6/DSP SW 2.53 6.08. 2100 DL.0.3/DSP SW 00.2. Lower 700-ABC DL.08.3.3/DSP SW 00.54 TBD DSP SW 00.2600 DL.3/DSP SW 00.3/DSP SW 00.2600 DL.

07 I: DSP SW DSP SW 03.00.34 PCTEL LX CDMA2000 800/1900 PCTEL LX CDMA2000 800 PCTEL LX CDMA2000 1900 PCTEL LX CDMA IS-95 450 DSP SW 01.0Hd 3.2 HSDPA Huawei U526 Huawei E220 Huawei E620 Huawei E630 Ericsson W21 Ericsson W25 ZTE K3565 CU320-MSM303495G-V10g-Feb-14-2006-CW-US CU500-MSM3250-V08h-Feb-27-2006-CW-US TU500-MSM6275-V010c-Nov-03-2006-TEL-AU TU550-MSM6275-V10f-SEP-07-2007-TEL-AU 1 CU575-MSM21301210T-V10g-SEP-27-2007-ATT-US U960-MSM6280-V09p-MAY-15-2007-H3G-IT 2D M6290A-KPMZL- 11.21 DSP SW 01.01.1 Samsung SGH-ZX10* Samsung SGH-ZX20* Samsung SGH-A501* Samsung SGH-T639* Samsung SGH-T819* Samsung SGH-ZV40* Samsung SGH-ZV400* Samsung SGH-ZV560* Samsung SGH-A706* Samsung SGH-A707* 3.6 Option Globetrotter HSDPA 7200 Ready Option Icon 7.1Hd 3.003503T Q6270B-KPVZL- LG CU 320* LG CU 500*. 3.1 15.11 PCTEL LX CDMA2000 450 DSP SW 03.00.06 3.1.88 ZX20UCFG1 Samsung SGH-A737* Samsung SGH-i617* Samsung SGH-A867* Samsung GT-S5350 SW version A501DVFJ2 T639UVGD5 T819UVGE3 ZV40BUFK1 Z400JPFI5 Z560BOFJ1_ FK1 A706UXGB3 A707UCGD2 A737UCHD2 M6260A-KYRZ-2.21 PCTEL LX CDMA EVDO 450 DSP SW 03.34 DSP SW 02.44 DSP SW PCTEL LX EV-DO 800/1900 DSP SW 01.0B09 . Rohde & Schwarz TSMW Universal Radio Network Analyzer The following speech quality modules are supported AQM Module The following Qualcomm UMTS HSDPA only capable chipset based Ues (license option Qualcomm B) have been certified: 14.21 DSP SW 01.0 SW version 1. ** LG TU 500* LG TU 550* LG CU 575* LG U960* Novatel Merlin U730 Novatel Merlin U740 Option Globetrotter 3G+ Option Globetrotter GTMAX 850/1900/2100 Option Globetrotter Fusion+ HSDPA 2100 Option Globetrotter GTMAX dual-band 1700/2100 Option Globetrotter HSDPA 3.3d_Build_28.6 M5260D-VMSX- AnyData ADU 635-WA The following Qualcomm UMTS M6280A-KLRZ- LX CDMA 1x 800 Basic PCTEL LX CDMA 1x 1900 Basic PCTEL LX CDMA 1x 800/1900 Basic PCTEL LX CDMA IS95 800/1900 DSP SW 03.2.1-15.6 2.2Hd 1.00.5080 BD_P673A2V1.01. 11.02.0Hd 2.00 11.10.21 Samsung SPH-M220 TBD Samsung SPH-M320 ** TBD The following Qualcomm CDMA MSM65x0 licensed chipset based Ues (license option Qualcomm D) .03.0Hd BD_TRKP673M4V1.00 11.03.3Hd 1.420 capable chipset based Ues (license option Qualcomm C) have been certified: BandLuxe C325 Huawei E181 Huawei E180 Huawei E270 Huawei E870 Huawei E270+ Huawei E1820 Huawei E182E Huawei 1831 Huawei K4505 Novatel Merlin X950D Novatel Ovation MC950D (non-MIMO software) Option Globetrotter Express HSUPA EMEA (GE 301) Option Globetrotter Express HSUPA World (GE 302) Option Globetrotter Express HSUPA EMEA (GE 421) Option Globetrotter Express HSUPA EMEA (GE 441) Option Globetrotter Express HSUPA World (GE 442) Option Icon HSUPA Option Icon401 Option Icon451 Option Icon452 Samsung Omnia II* Sierra Wireless Aircard 880/880E Sierra Wireless Aircard 881/881E Sierra Wireless Aircard 501 Sierra Wireless Compass 885 Sierra Wireless Compass 888 Sierra Wireless USB 306 Sierra Wireless USB 307 Sierra Wireless USB 308 Sierra Wireless USB 309 Sierra Wireless USB 310 Sierra Wireless Aircard 312U Sierra Wireless AC 503 ZTE MF639 ZTE MF662 ZTE MF668 ZTE MF682 ZTE MF683 SW version 135060_001_007 11.0B03 BD_P680A1V0.304. M76XXDSDCAAPZM-6125 M76XXDSDCAAPZM-6125 M76XXDSDCAAPZM-6125 HTC Touch Pro2 EU* HTC Touch Pro2 AWS/ T-Mobile* HTC Touch Pro2 Tilt AT&T* The following Qualcomm CDMA MSM5100 licensed chipset based UE/data cards (license option Qualcomm D) have been certified: SW version JC1.00 11.00.301 Samsung x799 14.06 Kyocera KX5 ** Kyocera SE-44 TBD LG RD6230 M6025A-SBTW- BD_MF668V1.0Hd 2.004015T F1_0_0_2AP F1_0_0_11AP K1_0_2_14AP J1_0_1_26AP K2_0_7_19BAP M2_0_11_0AP M2_0_11_10AP M2_0_11_10AP M2_0_11_10AP M3_0_9_0 N0_2_4_1AP M3. BD_MF683V1.01.815.1.0Hd M6290A-KPRBL-2.11 3.06.0-00 3.304.0Hd 2.1Hd 2.3Hd 2.0-00 2.4.00 11.1B04 BD_SBMMF682V1.02.

15 Novatel Wireless EX720 m6800A-RAPTOR_SPRINT-15 Qualcomm QTP-6800 m6800B-FMBRLA-5326 Kyocera KPC680 OY1.13 ZTE AC5710 TBD HTC Touch Pro2 Verizon M76XXDSDCANPZM-6125 Pantech UM175 D0700VET01_3.00R Motorola Razr V3m I: NEWC_01.190 W0190VW9555F.5A.135 Kyocera KPC650 CG1.00.18 UTStarcom UM100C K5A_UC1.10.0D I: 8720_01.60.04.M330 Samsung Omnia i910 M6800B-SMBRLHZ-5.39488 Ubiquam U-300 30.204T Samsung SCH-R380 SCH-R380/243 HTC Touch Pro* 7500J-SDCBAPZM-615010 Motorola VE-465 FROST4_00.199 Pantech UMW190 LG enVTouch LG MN270 The following TD-SCDMA devices have been certified: Datang LC8130E The following iDEN devices have been certified: Motorola i335 Motorola i365 Motorola i580 The following GPSs have been certified: NAV200 (GPS) VX11KV05 MN270Z04 SW version 8130.01 C-motech CNU-680 (D-50) m6800B-CNU68NMTSWE-5420 C-motech CDU-680 CDU68UNT03 .0.0.01 R5C.2.00.06 Kyocera S2410 WV10011 AnyData D10 4DANDK07 Motorola W385 TBD Motorola W755 COOL0101.ST1.00.02 Motorola Razr2 V9m I: PARS_01.00S1 Motorola Zn4 BLAZE1_1909_S2P2 The following Qualcomm CDMA MSM6800 licensed chipset based UE/data cards (license option Qualcomm D) have been certified: SW version Sierra Wireless Aircard 595 p1905800.6.60607 Sierra Wireless Aircard 595u p2005900.00.03 Motorola E815 Novatel Merlin V620 M6500C-BBIRD-40304.15.have been certified: SW version Samsung SCH-A895 TBD Samsung SCH-A900 ES.05_A SW version TBD R8C.05 .42404 Axesstel MV410 (D-35) MV410_AMS_208C_STND AnyData ADU 635-WA U63APO19 Samsung SPH-M330 ** ES.17.06.A900 Samsung SCH-U520 M6500C-SNAQ-6340 LG KX206 M6100C-KX206-0001 LG KX218 Q60X0A-KX218-3450 LG KX755 M6500C-LIBRA-6630 Motorola Razr V3c GATW_04.60607 Sierra Wireless USB 598 CDPC_00001_02.09.

NMEA 0183 USB Sanav -44 NMEA 0183 USB Sanav GM-158 NMEA 0183 USB Globalsat BU-303 NMEA 0183 USB Globalsat BU-353 NMEA 0183 Globalsat BT-368 (Bluetooth) NMEA 0183 Globalsat BT-359S/W/C (Bluetooth) NMEA 0183 Garmin 35 NMEA 0183 Garmin 12XL NMEA 0183 Garmin 10 Mobile Bluetooth NMEA 0183 Nokia LD-3W Bluetooth Garmin USB 18 Garmin USB 18x Garmin USB 60 CSx NMEA-HS Holux GPSlim 236 Trimble Placer Gold DRU .

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