Business Plan

“Gaming Lounge and cyber cafe” In LPU WannaBuy Mall
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NirmaL (10807560), AnirudH, RitESH, Vikran, Meera ,Suryabha , And TAnya

   We are about to Establish a well organized Gaming Lounge called ” Re-spawn “ which will be wonderfully Structured and Provides almost all E-sports genre Within it. and a Snooker pool. .2 XboX 360 . The lounge will be established in LPU MALL itself. It will consist of 15 HIGH PERFORMANCE Gaming PC’s .2 PS3 .

gaming headsets .(Like Joy pad. It will be a Kind of Cybercafé as well. mice. There is no such competitors anywhere in whole 600 Acres Campus and even outside the Campus. gaming Mouse pads etc). .    Lounge will consist of many gaming Peripherals and accessories . We ll be all LEGAL and Registered by “Steam” and “EA-Games”.

we define sport as an organized.  Electronic Sports. mostly because “sports” is associated with physical activities like football. But. The way we consume entertainment and media. even the connected world of social media. And so is this entire sub-culture of gaming. is used to describe professional or competitive gaming. It’s a term that many people find somewhat amusing or puzzling the first time they hear it. the way we interact with our friends. soccer. all of it is consistently evolving around us. etc. . and skillful activity requiring a standardized governing set of rules. competitive. abbreviated eSports. basketball.

000 2 X.15 Computers Rs /.000 1 Snooker Pool Rs/-75000 75000 Rs/-16000 2*16000 32.55000 15*55000 8.000 .25.000 2 Play stations Rs/-19500 2*19500 39.

 Overall Cost will be:.8. Furniture.21.000 Rest of the Expenses :-Rs/. +75000 = Rs/.71.50.000 = Rs/.71. Interior Design etc) Cost of Overall Finished Lounge will be 9.000 (Approx*)   .50.000 + 32.000 (Graphics.000 + 39.000+3.7.

. Our aim is to gain leadership in the Indian Gaming market even as our goal is to earn the love and respect of more and more of our Youth Gaming customers.

Best Gaming Experience .       Our mission is to give world class gaming environment in our Gaming-lounge. Best Events. Highest quality Leading technology Professional Experience. Best-in-class service and support High Comfort.

To provide best Gaming Events to Indian gamers.     Grow our core business in North INDIA. Facilities and comfort with a long term view. . Keep investing in People. Loyalty and commitment to our Customers. Expand our core business outside as well. Systems.

IEM (Intel Extreme masters) etc Due to lack of Skills.. FTW GAMING fails to Represent our Country as Winners in Major Events like WCG (World Cyber Games) . Country like INDIA are unable to Provide resources to INDIAN professional Gamer to Grow and that’s why they fall.   India is a country where resources for Esports are very very limited. Like Mumbai is called City of Gamers and also Famous in Whole world but some of the Competent Teams like ATE GAMING. . ESWC (Electronic Sports world Cup). NSD GAMING .

. Indian Gamers are in “n” numbers and are very very Interested.   Only Few Major Events took place in INDIA for gaming like BYOC (Every year in NEW DELHI at NATIONAL LEVEL) and in Some College Tech Festivals. We “Re-Spawn” gaming Lounge will rise as a Revolution in INDIAN history for Professional gamers by Providing them a best Platform to Grow and perform.

. There is a great Diversification in LPU consisting of Students from 28 states and several different nations those are very much interested in E-sports. Some genre allows only Team play. Various genre in Games and Different people. Various Events with Handsome Prize money motivates Professional INDIAN gamers to move on.     Increase in Esports in INDIAN YOUTH.

People can Play snooker pool as well those are interested as kind of Premium game. .League of Legends . COD .    There will be a Gaming Event every Sunday for games LIKE Counter strike . Dota . universities and States will be invited via internet marketing and my own Friend Circle. All the Gamers from different Colleges . NFS etc. Winning team will be provided with Handsome prize money and Authorized LPU certificates as well. Warcraft .

South and East Indian People are very Font of E sports Like we are a Monopoly in LPU so it will be a huge Success as projected. It will definitely be a Success because of too many Students in LPU. like we have every thing in here for a Beautiful experience for all INDIAN gamers. .    This will be a Kind of Boom if gaming place is concerned .

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