All AlongTheWatchtowerJimi Hendrix All Day And All OfThe Night The Kinks Al l R i g h tN o w F re e B a c kI n B l a c k C / D C A Badge ream C Born To BeWild Steppenwolf Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison Day Tripp er TheBeatles Don't FearThe Reaper Blue Oyster Cult Drive My Car TheBeatles Gimme Three StepsLynyrd Skynyrd ...:... Gloria VanMonison Hello, I LoveYou(won'tYouTell MeYour Name?) The Doors Hey Joelmi Hendrix ThinLizzy Jailbreak Rock ElvisPresley Jailhouse Message A BottleThe Police In Mississippi Queen Mountain 1979Smashing Pumpkins .... No ParticularPlace Go Chuck To Beruy Paranoid BlackSabbath PieceOf My HeartJanisJoplin ReelingInTheYears Steely Dan RockAnf, RollAll Nite Kjss . SaturdayNight's Alright (For Fighting) EltonJohn .. SubstituteTheWho SultansOf Swing Dire Straits SunshineOfYour Love Cream Susie-Q Creedence Clearwater Revival Takin' Care Of Business Bachman-Turner Overdrive .. WalkTru*sWay Aerosmith. You Really Got Me VanHalen Guitar Notation Legend ...... 146 .. l5g ... lds . fi3 ... 176 . l g9 .. 19S ... 2Ol . 20S . 217 ....... g2 ...... g6 ...... 101 ..... 10d . 109 ... 115 ..... l2O ..... 12S ....... + ..... lG ........ 19 ......25 .........32 ..... 37 ... +l . . . . 4g . ... . 54 .... 70


All Along the Watchtower
Words and Music by Bob Dylan

I I tat I LI'E

t t t a l l LIIIU

| | t a t I t a a t t l TTMr1

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ttaatl FFTI-N t342

A/C# I-l
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4f, m." fl-trn


Tune Down 1/2 Step:

@="1 @=ot @="r @=Ar @=cl @=rl Intro Moderately) = Il2 B Cfm





+ Two gtrs. anangedfor one



Gtr.2 (elec.)

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full a full a




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full r tAArlzll



Verse Cil-IV





LThere must
a ^ A A ^ a


some kind

Copyrighl 1968(Renewed), @ 1985DwarfMusic International Copyright Secured All RightsReserved Usedby Permission Reprinted Permission MusicSalesCorporation by of

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c{'n lu



There's too much con - fu - sion,

t - ] t t l Y.X/ / /


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Ff, Gil E5

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fT, )7
wine. -

Busi-ness men. thev ah.


drink mv

f / l./// . Y \trl / / / / ) ) / / r r - i .nlv BII ArI cf A/cilcf A/cf cg A/c# @ @ @ 4fr 4fr 4fr ) / / rt.1)/T A/Cf r ODen BII c#.2-!!e - Bll ^II - / I t-t // 4.i . .l i t / // l - / | tt-'1-11 / t//// ./i r ./--\ i l ./t /t / fx x / I ael ^AA ^. fqlla"1rl111 | 112 4 aAAA ^a4t ^a 6 .IV i l /t /l t/ l/ / .IV A/Cil C$.i / i - .i l . l / l / / / / / .l.-x j------->-\ seml hm.'D1 tutt€ Guitar Solo Cf ..i .

rT Btr spoke.- the thiel he kind .. No rea .Bu A/Cil BII Verse cil*Iv BII / l ) 2.son to get ex ._\ ' Clmlv BII BII / I rT cfl'nIv / There are man .cit - BII m c$.ly .Iv ) BII ) .mong us who feel that life - is but a ioke. - ..y here a .

nlv BII / l '))) I = l-1 A/Cil ) BII BII ) ) Y \ . we've been .but you and I.T I / / // / ) the ho .- . _ nf A/Cf BII c$. not our fate.ur's gel-lin'- l a t e .through that.-:-.F I / / // / . * Played ahead ofthe beat A/Cf BII Guitar Solo C # ml v BII A/C* BII / )I Y b .

. { rakL -{ tull full 1 ) r* 1ll. -T |. L-J-J. steady gliss.| ||AAa steody gliss..lA l'--=.i/YlA.i'i.l.T il f.= .c$-Iv / . 2 tacet Cil-Iv BII A/C$ / )I - BII cil-rv ) BN A/Cil ) ) " . 21. \ - f f f / t n | " /// F l ) rf) ) Bu nrf. Interlude Gr. 3 ^ ^ .l}t|A/!t . ^^^ . a . wl delay w/ slide glisssteady steady gliss..1 BII A/CS BII c$-Iv BII / | | l-1 | / / / Y . / / / | | / | l-1 -l | X X / / / / | l-1 | X l / f | l-1 l-1 | / X l / / / aa^a | / | l-1 X X f>----- ^'||A ^o flttfltt- A/C* BII c*-N BII A/Cfi BII (')l .. cl-ry ) BII A/C$ BII c$-Iv Btr A/Cil / I f /fl l T v h l f / I ) I nrnn Btr Hey! echo repeat rYlfAA/f/lA.- /- a AAA.! echo repmt .

- F.- .c{ B ' -r-f-r. r y N D D i-F n1)i 10 .7-1 / / / // / /// tt / | .- f- *-:^1 - - =Ft f-Er .

11) q ' urr n /// c1sr:n.rr.rr. mil rr.nm. BL' nn ALr A(rS ntr) / x N A/Cl n n'.1 D c{5 't1 .L n L- i=.rv / .

/cl N " n m ([] ' 1 | :-L l _t t I 1 r r r'i mnn ..Er A/Cl .8..E ii.nn n f f "t r t l' DND) clm. mm :::::::a= --- 14 . Bl A. .r..

cl7 f-t fl .. =..n JiIr.t J lune rhe 'i'r lf i' r"r.2 .=.at2.1 -.: J ' j .vc* 15 .ip. t i f f " 1 r 1 f f .4-1 nn r a.E. =....t2r. : . / / : ' \ .f nn .1i.. L-*.g2:. : - gat.f f f .+-*. )) nnna n / .i -1 F-l-l- .2. p .e.r- Ji .z=.

* C F B b 16 CopyrightO1963JayboyMusicColp Copyrghl Renewed A I RightsAdhin steredby Sony/ATV Mlslc Pubish n! a Musc SquareWesl. Nashvle TN 37203 nlernationa Copyright Secured Al R ghts Feseryed .))tl1tflf) B! ftv. B' Bb' ffi Nlod€ral€Rock.' f ( .All Day and All of the Night Wods and Music by Fay Davies l- (. v f ''. = ll8 F5 C5 fi ffi ' C ffi ffif.

G F ^.i rhe n U h r- .w) B t c t\ I .)w) w) w)-il)T) D all of the- ti dll .

€@+tr@# / c B' l--rT / / /-// -l / / -1 / | I]' N G D.\-':'-E =' 'L++.:. at Cotla r r\ lT-1 / L_l-t / / / / ^ -+ll €g.41=J_..=+= J lFt'..c D c ii € 1g-ep@u B' 11-. = J 1 l..-.l-L-F.) gCoda 18 ..S.

) t I a --+.rj .1 A5 ffi (1) G5 Dr"' |+F+'. U A b P n nternalona Copy.ct+T]]' ... a N )\ .E = o "\ "\ / | | ' f .ft.9hl Secured A F!qhtsFesetoed 19 . \ // j// l-l I r-t '1 / l/tl/ | | | 6t 'Xu"*" A D C o p y n g h l O 9 7 0B u e M o l n t an M u s c L l d 1 A F O h G l o r l h e S a n dC a n a d a d mn s l e r e d y S o n g s O t o t y c r a m l e r n a l o n a n .1.All Right Now Wods and Music by Paul Rodgersand Andy Fraset Dldd..

hc.''Ilc!. b!. {e . ''Slor.l D D .xn sccnnigs l)dd.n t b. ba l.. *hal a . m). yonr ub hulr.j^tr u\ lhisl dr' N"oq. tas b! h)l Nllr D./l- **+ 20 . \l m!)- v ''Hey. $nafs don r go so i!nr.

ir'! dl right now \c i:f! .A D/A g coda I Ycah.

^i*.&* D c D 22 .G t) C D A .** G D = :L€r- c D Ci c t ) ll5) .** G /..r6*...-:-----\ ...




E e. &r.r -../



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. l l n g h rn \ r l l r i l h r ,n \ r l L .








all .ighr,il s aI

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reor _


Back in Black
Wb.ds and Music by AngusYoung, MalcolmYoung and Brian Johrcon

Inlrc Moder.lely Slo* Rock J = 92

C r r s ,& 2 : , / R h y . i s . 1 , 2 ' i s c s I F E5 D5






lhe sky causen s ger- tin track,a n d I m b e a t -i n '


For - 8ct rhc h.a6e qusc I ll No - bod- y s gon- na g.l m. on N.C.



.J eyes. A. bos-in I m jun a - 6ak. itr' ny phy. oon't Iry lo

Copyrighl@1980 by Aibed & Son Pty.L1d lnlernalional Copyrght Secured A I RrghlsReserved





Yes, I n-


-' Ec=

Tocoda O


r..r ? Itrll PM E1 .3. 9" 1 " nr.GuiltrSolo E7 PM ta +Lia4a1. ttittAtatt!Lta ta 4t44iittttt+ rincs Olr. r El taraaatt4aaaat4 E6 a at E5 ^tryt4+taa+ PM.$+.1^-^ .l L5 E1 j ...2:w/Rhy.ta t44 44444+t ^A ! rrr. FiB.2r.

2 28 .E 5 A Cn.

I & 2: w/Rhy Fig 2 G5 o A 5 A 5 E5 Ir5 A5 .C.(85) Gt!s.N.

rjllfrd.tta.L- I wan-na srt ir. & 2:*Ahy.rSolo Fi8.back in- bh. llttlia.tta /|{ aaaa!! I 3. =-w = /\> E6 i*i '"a" aa"""aatP 30 .tilar Outrc/Gult.

. ' r E5 E1 E6 E5 E 1 E 6 E ' A E 5 A E5 EJ E5 E5 ..'. .t*.. !e.E 5 A E 5 A (t5h4|..-...X+.'-..t t* /)e.-.. . E 8va'.'.. ' .'.. . 7 E 6 E 5 A E 5 Fad. P U .'.ft . t+.' . . . .'. ..-.. Oul A .. /)t .' .-.41...''-''-'.ft . .

: ThrnLin' 'boutrhe I t.rcs wrn I l. And I m thinl in bonrrlrc n4 you trudeon my r! -------:--- 32 CopyrghlO 1969by E C rvluscLld afd Faftsongs Ltd.Badge Words and Music by Edc Clapton and Georg€ Hanison E\u\.u nor b ti. i.4us Lld in the U S. CopyrghtRenewed Al Bghts lor E.ld t.C. Adm nslered by Unrhappe MLsic nc c Inlernal onalCopyrghrS6c!red Ar Fighls Feseryed .

ts Ie\.Tl en l r od \ ! u h l u r .u ..- -4 And y._ t cmajicbll c. light e..e\ and dosn Don r !. u r noq rre \ nxr i. I kld - ) that th.! bel lhe SrouDd be tore E'A fi .d ro l I .

.. G.rheJ_bue th.--^ ..r-:. C'nxj7Gus2) G/B /:x . .ts c.. 1 1 1 ..\n J*<l --]->.i$f t]-\_ '. cuf ui. rj\.I . d. ] .

D c^-. Talk in' 'hour J :rl rhn . 3.

*f.t l -r ll ^e 36 .. J .

d..r ruD 2 | like lnule rnd tilhr t I ooLrn Inr ad vcn ra.lernalcfa CopyrQht Secured A F lhls Reseryed \ t c \ \ t L i r r r r b! f f s . r and\hll md rl'e er ertumer ouf wnv llel rn thal I nr uD.iEF CA NC by l. rn uith the rind.t O C o p y i g h l 1 9 6 3 A N I T O U U SC C A N A D A D v i s o f o l l v l o A A N A D A T D M M A C L CopyrghlRenewed Al F ghls rorlhe USA Conlroredand Admrnslered MUSrCCOFPOFATONOF Al.Born To Be Wild Words and Music by M6rs Bonfire E7l9 L ffi" t# fi v** + .. .)-) tur.1Get)our rro r.

: ..-t--\ cx .-Z:..- 38 .G ./:'. plode in ro space.

h sl - To Coda $ E .llmb .\\e ..rn .

74-- 40 . .le Oul .fi coa" E E7{9 Fa.

.1C) +h ffi D7 lfi:11 lDl G C C / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / l G l l r -T-- t / l l t f- CopyrqhtO 1s67 SongsOJPo ycfam niernallona trc C o p y r q hF e l e $ e d l . r a C o o ! .l = I .11 N C. a : . e r .Brown Eyed Girl Words and Music by Van Mcxrison G u -ffi- €ffi \lod€r{t€lr liNt Roc* . A F t h l s F e s e d e d . o n l S e c !e .

c Em "..' Aid !. l c thurnt i.m Dl1 slll D) w) mr brosn eyed eirl 42 .- l I ..u.

' *nr' / / / / / / / / rl c :--_l\ Stand ins in the sun light . _ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ot uno o'.)r D) W) G .

- w) Dll )ll1 .my broqn er-ed gnl.

D1 / / / / / / / / / / / / r r n NC (G) (G) tDTl .

I So hdd nr find - .

c bc hrn.l lhe D] )ll1 c .

Got a goodrca 2 .60eo All BlghtsAdminislered Sony/ATV Music Pubishing. Triedto pleas€- for tak ing the ea .Shebokme half.l = l3E N.l . F i 8 . she on ly played-onenightstands.TN 37203 by Inlernalional Copy qhl Secured AIBghrs Reserued .r.(E7) ffi' ffi.aieRak. 48 -965 Sonv ATV Sonos LLC Coov'iohl@ ' Copv'iohlF6.y way out.C. 2 t l m .2:*/ RhyFig.lccfllney llrirr ffiffi E iirin" ffi" ffi ffi'" ffi.ffi'"ffi'"ffi* C t 2 : * / R h y .theway fiere.S h e h ab i g t e a ' s e r .ffi* A7v B7sus4 B7'yr. her. B7v! B7{9 F*? A't''r' Gll c+j B7 ffi ffi Mode.I MusicSqLargWesl.2rimcs E ft v** 1.Day Tripper Musb by John L€nnondld Pauli. Nashvlle.. ! crl E E7 w E E 7 E Ctr. 3.

ly playedone nightst.E E 7 E DW) D) ) S1 ".3rd dn (sep.DT Il).M. r: w/ Fill4.D1 .ff).. y way oul.'"') Cot a good rea Sbe'sa big tea .. fo.nd!. .now. now..DJJ :z==<-\ Trip peri Sunday F17 cr. _ she on.. ser.6a) vs: _t P. tak-ingthe eas Shero)k me half the way lbere. ".D)n.'n.. Triedio pleaseher.

]l / 4 J ct7 l l / / l ) ) f ]'- v----l- lr. B7 ro codd$ N. l . * R h y F i l L r .C.' / t T . B7 . : n d! f t / / [ .c r .(E?) E7 2.

n) "".W)D.mDT)W) .Int€rlude *.

TT) fTT) ) D.C.S.aI CotL N.(87) n E E 7 E E7 EE7 +codo 52 .ftr) 87vtr .

F i S . L rillfrde E 7 E . Rhy.C t 2 rr r R h y .2. 2 t i m . Gtr. s 1 W E Ou!Chorus *r Fis..

don l led rhe reap 54 Copy qhl @ 1976Sony/ATV l!r6s LLC Al RrQhls Admnislered Sony/Ary MusicPubtsh.(Fl A 5 C b!.Don't Fear the Reaper Words and Music by Donald Bc!€s€r G ffi FU+ ffi ftdd.C. A 5 C G N. 37203 by TN Intenalona CopyrghtSecured Al RAhls Resefred . s MLsicSqlare Wesl Nashvite.q.

la. er B! by. rclt rrirend .ran La. Dont fed th.Fi" nl I=f=J cr we u be -r ble lo hJnLl Dun r fed rhe rerp ! fy. Fircr'd ^-='--=- n . I'n ]our . la.

ri-'ld e". .+r dl::::::]: For t! thou sand Drn lnd {onen e\ lor lt thou. t r i a .- (A5) lre to -cr Scth in e Ler ni t - ..slnd hen ana $onen cv -l !-.f f f ? a _! 6. . a .

0 nou sana .om ing e\ '-_- F!" nl c A 5 G G F!" h .

: lnrertudc f! mli c ctrL'. . rr: -.==---' \c.La.- la.=-=--- I .

-"-=-: .N C LJI]]]] .

60 .

'".=>: .-===_---o A5 G FBioH c A5 c A 5 G *r'd Fg *.

blcw- md Iben dr ap peared fleq and $en be 62 .i-=9 i+' ---''--''---''''----\ xnl rr sas clear shc could n t go on. p€n hd rhe siDd- ! pcarcd.

c5 F G (l c...y slafl ed s.rl / t / I -:' ! G Thct lookedbacl ward and (Thetr (shc bad be come lite .

'tsa. ard shc said.thing you a show Copyriqhl 1965Sony/ATV @ Songs lLC 64 Coovrohl Fenewed a Na A I B or E Adnin'sle'ed bv Soay.d ! 2.I Muc c Squara\tuesl. | (G. Asr.bhs1r1a. rv MJs('P.ll) tn lnd sh! said.I rold dur girl o!. Wo*-in' for star of the all v€r .Drive IVfyCar Wbr{s sd Mu-sbby Jotn t €rrsr ti Patl llccetEy girl l.r aar6ral copy glr Secured All qighB hese eo . "Ba-by.y But But you can do I can some .by. r ville. I N 37203 ' hrl.

11 . you can ddve my s n dm a y . I U (A) N.b by. you cfl drive my Ba .

i Y .Id.-- 66 .nd u/. .l?-H .vd b..&f:D nf g.

by."Ba . you can dnve 6y dd may l ll lole - you. you can drive my 'Io Coda g Ba . .

@) 3. _ D. I rold thar girt colld slsnriSla a. b€cp. and !ha!s a Beep. \i.-rhin' ro say. - I got som. mm . al Cod4 breal-in' my hean._ and shesaid.S.len babc. b€!p. .be€p."Us._ found a driv - er.ay.

b. b€.p. b€€p. E.b€ep. beep. nh . nm .\ + / /l .gintad.beep.p.-"1:-. b€€p. ' .beep. b€€p. (D) B€€p.l . mn .-"-:^- Be€p.+ .mm ' be!p. b€€p.ep.Be-. .bcrp. Be€p.

.Gimme Thrce Steps Wods and Music by AllEn Colliis '|d Foonb Van Zam D5/-..1 D: sffi c{5/Gi D/A :+E: ffi. t f* a .ured Al Rghts Feseved 70 . 1755Broadwav. New York. bV A D v sionol MCA lNC.NY 10019 htemationa CopyrghtSe.. O Copyrlghl1973 1976by DUCHESS IIUS C CORPOBATTON and WINDSWEPT PAC FIC ENTEFTAINMENICO d/b/aLONGITUDE MUSICCO. Fighlsjor DUCHESS [4USlCCOBPOBATION Admnislered lvlCAMUSICPUBLtSHtNG. H{d H#H Moderate Rmk ! = 132 D f$5 D5/A Guitar Solo cd5/Gl D5 D6 D5 D6 D5 G{5 .

--\ l) D6 D5 ''"'^'i.t.E5 D6 D5 D6 D5 D6 D5 @ nf D)-) I t.u tuLL ' .i u.

(A6) (A7) (46) D5 ctrt tin' rhe rug dosn at a placec.s slMkirf likc a lcafon a trcc. A5 t. the w! ler lell on the floor.ay and crosd cleared w.ilcdThc Jug \cared and lidr in for ny life.r.y and I bc .n anfl !o iun staf in stmight do*na fo. l()rd.amed l-in da L!. gan 10 a sil}l a girl .n and biglndbad.. 72 .D5 D6 D5 D6 G{5 A5 N. I w. ty 'oh.c. p.C. and |ointin rhar gun rel lin lor son weu. in wxlled r md wnh r gun in his hand and he *as look irg tbr rou knos lcan and nic.

' fa vor ftum you. break waslook ni I for csuserhals And I knowAnd you could D5 D6 D6 G{5 A5 my vonrn thcre rnd I d r n'an Nho.{5r5 E5 N.ares andtis miehl you don l oNe nc bul I wjshyou rvould lct me a\k *a! a\ I srs headin heaf nie scrcln tn' mile ! bc all lbr lou.oublesith you.i..l. N.D5 D6 D5 r.L .C. Guillr Solo Gtrsl&l$/RhtFl! . t {ards lhe d@r.oloredlel Nrit a n'in ue nis ler I did n l er en kiss ri Lnr da Lu lnd scrclmcd rhar's the \rhar ]o! try ln ro pfovcl don't wa.o r.(E5) .C thcrc 1cllos wilh the hdn.

sonl cha gim ne ft.'mno @ E ..^'. w m D5/A Oh. glm ne mw) rer.". ' [ i T ] ' l n three steps gln me mis D5/A w n){T) E5 F{5D/A ler andyou ll ne! ."i cr 1: w/Rnr Firl5 lnd rme w) N m1 w.grm ne three sreps c.".\5 E Fns D5 cl5/cl ).F)-) I ' .ee steps.

ro coda O GuitarSolo . "l'j*" i:j1.. . .*.! .

la ItaL.:td.S.tunt1) / I 1 / t-"1 / l . al Co.m-) D.D5 ).

Q Coda Ouho cuitar Solo c s r & r rr / R l i r f i ! l . 2 n n r s D5 D6 D5 D6 D5 D5 D6 D5 D6 D6 D5 D6 D5 F{sF5 E5 .

DaJ D6 D5 Fl5D5 E5 .

oB".Gloria Words and Music by Van MoElson floderat.i .$ she .: ::3.- En D A E D A You kno{ shc comer D D A E C o p y n g h t O 1 9 6 5 b y J a n u a r y M u s c C o r p H y d ep a M l s r cC o m p a n y t d .e\r-s( n ^::-:::.o<Fpo 1e-:a " :.-..lJ Fasr rJ = tlo E E n D A Em D - _ + - + t Likc ro lell lou bout ny En D A Em D 1. and L CoDvfohlRe.6wed P.- ." "oao.o'ne\ E En D A I Eni D -aEY + e. c...-...^i Bese-..dpp"rv.!€d A A..- a i: You ktr.

!enh. I. ct. teab. I.. L .. yeah E t 80 . r. !crh. R. L Sotr . o R. o. -vcah. Da Cl0 \houL rr all- nrghl ro codag D E i I m gon n! shod n e\ ry drt YeM. A E D A L E n D ^ L c. ye!h. c .D D \ E \ i S ct'*'.

Just a-bout mid trighr.'7-+. .ke me Gel c... L.= l-u]: And lhenshecones to m! - lhen sben. R. + Coda E m D A I l( (Glo E Em Glo . I wln-na sa! shemrke ne lael al Cones walk ii dosr nt Warchher comeup o my house 1r | .

won t lou to coda g E tl a2 Copyighl O 1963DoorsMus c Co Copyrqhl Benewed Al Rqhls Rese0ed Usedby Permssion .ou rell me lour nr. lurnf ri louf ganr.won'1 J. lct ne N.rl' I lo\e lou.C.Hello. I Lovc you. I Love You (Won't You Tell Me Your Name?) Words and Music by The Doors B' A' ffiffi I lole J_ou.

f he rn lek rre si. nit 6'. .rhe que.k ' cd atrd hcf When \he nores.n .

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B' BI nmm nm nil) f) nnn RI A' n tst B' B' Ab B' A' Bb .

.alely Slos Rmkll = 82 N.C. c5 86 O 1962 (Renewed) TB LRD by STORYMUS C NC Al Rghls Reseoed Usedby Permrssion .Hey Joe Wods and Music by Billy Boberis Ntod.

L o .in sith thlt v Imgoin d.*no s h o om J . l d l n d ) .f) wherclou go.

88 . 1oshooln! old h dr.her Iou k.r man. 1 t / |nr go in rlos.or I cau-gbr messrn round qillrrn. r .

rou knos I crushl hernes in ftrnd c .

90 .

t * J dosn. 9l . J _voushor hcr doqn itr thc eround " jotr kno$ I .aulht her nre$ n rodnd.

me$ n round town.- caughiny old la dy nes in' 'rotrnd 92 .

N.Anl I ga\e her tlrc gntr. .C.

ba b! 94 her onernorelime n !.in.

'6N J J'J- <l=- .(D) .

re )". 96 .rc y.u gon n! rln a- -r-. I taid.\-' He!.u -qon-m run b noq gon na go: vnere you wb.-.Dh.

P " . I h f A-V .NC U.= : .'. - =-tu . .

l 98 .$r! uhere dos | lou Bon - -!on Da lind me bab.

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. dt lou bel ler NC tct (a.r- -F ===:I run on Jo$nl g..u C "d lt.\ ) h .i r! ehere ).r iEl uhJa\ll tl I 100 .

Dd-_12-\ ^ 4tr. Ct. C o . hol'rb. Polvc ar kie-auaru oro5-'ag t-Ln1g-a'sa C.qrghr zones.l/2 n p E5 F{5 Fn5 F{5 E5 Fl5 Fl5 A5 F{5 E5 FT5 A5 CI6.Fig. To.lred Al REht Reseryec 101 .ed o.Jailbrcak Words and t lusic by Philip Panls Lynon E5 45 F{5 E5 E5 . Nd.d dow. R d r a e .I (? rincs) L 2. F{5 E5 Fl5 lAll Crs. r (wirhwah. 9 xi Gh .5 P p p .s ' . V .&. 3.whcrc in this $*n' Somc of us won't sur irto the ci .wlhPcdr) -^F C o p y 'q r r : 9 . some. I (*ift Mh-vlh pcdll) . F l e r d \ . ToTo. I &2: v/ Rhy.I r o AlPg-L! AJTf sre.

.. Busrin out dead or a live.r.^ry/\ at|lttirtttaaaaa rraaaaaatttaaaaaa 102 ..wzl._ F|5 E5 Fl5 Hid .in down...|l.ail... E5 Fl5 ' .\ ...t-l^. Do you hearwhar sav' ftom 80 un .der my breath? ro jaill Chorus B5' low..|. _ me See. boysandme mean the busin€s.. Tonighl\ theDight. no one eould for long.. alam andsirens wail.^^^^^^^^^. so we re gel-tin' up and go. andthe boys we dor't like it.E5 Fts Fl5 See. all sysrems fail. ro movea. Don t youdde try ro sropus.. . Searchlight len.

...-____.n i g h tr h c r c C U n s jail brerl..round..._ Ft5 j!il B5 . you De a. F[s I 3. A5 --D^o --.

._.... Codd \C Asr night tstt) lhere s gon na be lrou ble. hone and stay - wnh a friend..: l (E5) .g l'. Bridse P M ......._ -.....

. ...a rt Fi5 cn | cr.--------\-l ^ diyiri tara. *.t."""?r* / a ^aattara ^aaaa -'|. ..i. .....^.^|/ ""..r|i.|..a .r t ) ---1..I.

crash. haDgl 106 @ 1S57(Renewed)JERRY LEIBER[4USC and MIKESTOLLEFMUSIC Al R ghls Beseryed . r a l A / . I grn to ssrng.l = 168 DS I \ar par den lhre\ r I StL d.r Nlur phr nl!\ed 1 . 5 . .Jailhouse Rock Words ahd Music by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller O=Et @=Dt @=!r @=a! @=ct @=Et FastR{rk .m.S . . r l d d t ! . bo. 1 .


"You thecuFstjajlbird I everdid see. r 108 . buddy. ) J r I u d n n d i c t d ."Hey. Way overin the comcrweepin'all alone.!! 5.r Additionall. n i \ . ShiftyHenrysaidto Bugs"For heaven sake. o S 1 . Comcon. to B u P ." 4. The warden said.Pla! I Tinesand Fa. now's our chance nakc r break.)"rics 3. anddo theJirilhouse Rock$irh me. t . lf !'ou crn t find a partner a wooden use chair.ittin'or a bbck ofstone. a i d . Numberlbny seven saidro nunber three. l r . SadSackwas. .l J TtJ r a .h ( l u r n e . n J h e. \ r \ . . L n d q n l e r ne r rT ) L . s ' No one'\ lookin'..lp ) r r+r.don't you bc no square. I surewouldbe dclighted with your compan).

-. thf ilght tr.->.: .r = 150 r{.n the oh ci$s2 Asu\2 Bsus2 rlsus2 --<-. O1979GMSUMNER "fAGNETTC PUBLISNTNG LTO anCAdm nislered EM BLACKWOOD by MUSIC NC n the USA and Canada t A B g h r sR e s e r u e d . r r e d l s e d b y P e m s s o n 109 . sFe: :. . I Pr.Message in a Bottle Wrfttenand Compo€edby S-ting Moderalelt Fest.a : o " a r C o p y n q hS e .ml Bsu': ) l I cSsus2 #t*7 il r oh.

s. r$5 F*5 + 1' t I I I 110 .

^^& .a / -"\./.-.^':* .^. .\ ^ lra:.t I ^.

^..@ ) 1. +codt c{0 A A:P: a^r.^ 112 ./ >-^.

.fi= o.V I r Mes lrge in a bot 6 *+** C$sus2 Asusl ? ine out F$s\2 r-l Send Bsus2 ?- t: ? . / -'^\ 113 .^.. Clsus2 A{Fl s.._ Bsu\l Bsus2F{sus2 Clsu!2 | ^.-..

+r B\us2 Flsus2 C$sus2 Asus2 Flsus2 c{sus2 Attditio. 114 .B .\hed upon tbc shorc. Hundred billion cana\ als.dhenrg alone.l cSs^2 Asus2 llsus2 Flsu\2 /---/ / _^\.on v.ul Lrrn: I don'l belleve whatI saa Hundrcdbill. bottles Seem\I neverDotlc. ul B r : B'us.2 Bsus2 F$nrl clssl asus2 Bsus2 F{\ur2 clsus2 ^sDs2 cflsusz B\u. t:-''\ Bsu\2 R \ u s 2f $ s u ! 2 c $ s u s 2 ) ? :i J .

a Copyrlhl Sec!red A F Shls Reseryed 115 .l!!1! Copynqhl 1970by BMG Songs nc O C o p y r g hB e n e w e d l Inl€rralo. Codry tring and David Bes Half-Timeleel Moderatety = 140 J NC. do you knotr .vhat I r.Mississippi Clueen Words and Mu-sic by Leslie West Felix Pappslardi. A:B5 LJAr D5 E5 \'lis sis sip pi Queen..

dr n!. \b u f ! . . c5 A5 \\'J\ do\r .' r{ rLl \ r ( 1 .\ h c r i u e h rd e e\ ' \a 116 .rlled thc ltlis sis :iF rri Qu.

** Etul Rhr. if You knoN -{hrt I mcan /^ /) z: 2 This l.I D5 I]5 Nli\ . beg \our pr. dr nrc isked I uould bc her man lo'. don .sdi d- ecr I n rhar I rl\: bud dr._- 117 . sis sip pi Queen. Fig.

. D5 E5 D5 EJ Di Ei 118 .r"n'.ir l ' .d .. \hile rhe resr of lhen dude\ sas a Guitar Solo ctu l !rRh\ Fr-! nrlt. Jn t . dd . .Id do trhat I "2 to liccp ber look in Ru! bcr dtr$ cs rhar nrnre. b e r o r I ..

e .\ . . b e r J .LluJc\ $J. . Nlis sis . $p ..\ /- /\ ' I t t t t t r r Yuu knoq _ \hc qd\ J Jdn! cr. 1 ' I u- ee' r' mrn. bc' k.^ .^ .D5 E5 a.0n $inc $h.csr of rhcn.le tl. .^ .r . /-- . b r o . pi Queen 119 . ft nro\ed.I t d .

1979 llbrds and Musi{: by BilV Corgan @=Et @=Dt O=Bt O=Al O-c.crrcnic & p€Eusiotr) Rht. Enlj7 E nSht 120 @ 1995ChdorJ' M $i.1 tchord syfrbdlsrclecrimpl€d ronalty.l. Modemte Rock./C hrysalissoncs (BMl) Ar FlerE in USA ano Gnada adTr sle ed oy CFrysalisSongc (BMl) on AI BETtEBeserved Ussd by Dermiss .J= 126 (drums . @=E. Fle.

t ll.l Cf l: wRhy Fig 3. X cr"-' Rhy.will . fig.1%rimes E irones.

!A/d stun t l tg Iq!..zzl -ptns sB -Pur -p.qr u' rleus rleElr a s.urt t tlc /(rtWA:| rro !FJJ. puDs noqr r to -PUdt .d:t rrD a o oPoJot . oqr .





Ctr l: */Rhy. Fig.2.1612 meas

Ch l: w/Rhy ig l,3r.imcs F


D.S. ol Coda

Crr l: VRhy. Fig. l,2 tid.s

+ coda




You see




No Particular Place to Go
Wods and Music by Chuck B€rry

u o d e . a t e l r ,= 1 3 2 ( .J . . f l


m\ br h! bes e so we pdrked sx_v .ut .n


C o p y " o f : 3 ' ? a ! P e i e w e d ) b y , cM u s cC o l l o . a t . B f , r A c






ai the tum of a nilc. md the n@n was gold,

My cu n os i ty run nin \o tre both dc . .id ed to Gle a



- in and plar in the Can you i ' the


loose.ry bell rhat would n-l budge . 127 .1. tt a long in m\ au to rr. G a ' Q + 6 to rell her rhc $aJ her beh 8ct I a 1c. So I told her soft l) All.with no par tic u ld pla.thc wrt home I lnd \he lcancd and shis percd rn m)Jbr rhe safe .e lo I could n t un fas Lenher safe. a long 'n m! crl a boosc.


or JrLd rl or nI

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N,, pJr rr. u

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r f r ' . \ . r \ . r \ . ] \ \



./ = 16. John Osbourne.+' .Paranoid Words and Music by Anthony lommi.1 X vqs E5 I G5 D5 I O Copynght970 (Benewed) 1 Westmtisler Music . l n ce wY o r kN e w y o r t c o n t r o t s a t p u b t i c a l o n r i g h l s t o r t h ea n dC a n a d a M I N . UsA tnlernarionat Copyriqhl SecLred AllFlighrs Beserved Incuding Pobtic Pertormance prott For UsedbVpermission ... r.o flTtf" . F # f f i f f i FasrRock. LondonEnqtand Lld T H O.Wiltiam Ward and Terence Bufler G5 D5 E5 ign.E s s e x u s l cn r e r n a t o n a l . .

n d r m e G r s l & 2 * r R h yF i ! r E5 c5 D5 2 ot my 1.- don t I find wish- I thin8 could _ Bridge E5 . yF i r r .c ! l s / R r . c5 n5 ro coda+ Iink I ll I lifc.

..ry dNofted.:<:.ine .. F i gI E5 Guilar Solo cr 2 r/Rn) Frs twlh heav.t ----:---- D-r ..-----\ c r s 1 & 2 * / R h t . 134 .nodlhlionetecr nnsbtchrnnet..

al Co.l{1NN G5 D5 .la g coda Grs r&r {/Rh} Frg.S.l./E D5 c5 D5 Em7 li T lotcrlude D.

?€r -rib. .j*.:ir: 136 _***....i:*$$!dilTi+.."-.##s."..illlHil.lo!s*It rrd\0irshiui -l -tsF."."j..- LT ----=-==-----a-----_-=i_-_.*...-=-_=E-====E==:L=1 0.Piece of My Heart Words and Music by B€rr B€ms and Jerry Bag€voy vodcrurd} sto* RockJ = 8l clJi 4..

E I eucs vr ly loow that it .

ll Lell 138 .u near ll er r 'Ir thnre crj thar a wonlrD xr nlght _ gon.h tinrc But erlh 'ime I I r.ukno* I I cr] nll the ne did And ea.n1 I gre t. _v.d .and d.c!.

tbe t $nd had e nough panr.shenlou hold 139 .) FT- ). _ tbLnkl !e . bd lodr !mN. but l m But. ta.a.)t) F 1 1)la Efi gon na shoq me in - F by.

!h. ye!h. 140 . '€ = : a j a J l l lin !cah. r ei f n \ h e r n noq.E B T r l e J n o r h e f l I r l e p L . - t.

Havean. t 1-r I :'l I 141 . _vou knosr"ou gol _ it ffiffi. ba bt \ltll.oth-er lt de pieceol mt hea( noq.

L. 142 .ffa.ji.iir'..

t 143 .A ll (r['n .

- r. yean. d& lin . B Have m orh er li tle pie* of my E Take d oth er lil .oth .er lit . B BEal an . - now.1lo piae of ny hed. lle piece of 144 .er lir tle bit ofr my heani _ on no*.E A TalG m oth .

. Jed} - B Have an. I o{. ) . lle bl uj mr hcan.turesyou feel eood.. dr' |n reJh.yau knoq)ou eor r.B B.oth- er lit lle pi*e of my hea(_ rcw. \vell.e"t d1 urh e li' . ) nalcsyou feel 8oo<t (. surec-nough.

.alCopyrqhlsecur-"d Al RqhtsBeseNed .J = l l 8 ( .arcRock.N C A l R i o h t sc o n t r o l e d n dA d m i n s t e r eb v M c A M U s c P U B Ls H N G A D i v s o n o l U N V E R s a L S T U D o s . Ft+f (cr J 146 N I @ C o p y r g h l 1 9 7 29 T 3 b y M C A M I I S C P U B L S H N GA D i v s o n o T U N V E R S A L S T U D OlS C . N c .Reeling in the Years Wods and Music by Walter B€cker and Donald Fagen FS5 Flmr G A C/G ffi Nlodc.a n dR E OG I A N TI. . . a d nato.

' -.e of sone thni rhat I'ou .h \un herrou can scc rt so !.u erab ! pie.ri-.-5 I \c1D) #F I Your ev er lan .

IJ \ +++ *l l rA/cl) ri----€-t-+f f+-+= r:-lrt _ . \ougdrher in up thc .Ar.

D) Hale lou had e noushof n m-) 149 . .u lJrh cr n up rhc .Are lou reel in in the Are ).

up the Havct'.an t un der srand c Ar.{^&..^^.u had e noughof 150 .^^6t!r* mc lou re ! - 1'- -.^.\c (D) -l 2 you ve beentell ni s.touglrh er rn.ryou mean i rherul leee- dn-nt tum out - lire touplanned (A/C{) rhJr- tN f.^^&..9' Jll een ius sincc you werese\ en reen_ don t know wh.r kno* I .

-.= P! 151 .=.=.- .- .-.-.-.l nnre? )ll1 Dt1 G F I C rcJ G A @@ @@ @@ ffi .=.-.Are tou gllh er In np a '-'D) e n.- .ueh.-.

.@ t--t @ ---r Cuit r Sol{'(ErinR-d.DT) W) n1 N W) D]1 Nn1 152 .. r) G .

.G A CIC C/G A DD IT7l^ W). --_l t . .

lDr (D) l .n' up the (Gl Hatc tou had e noughol nine?_ Are tou rc€l in' in the 154 .l o ro f monel- l n d l v e s p e n ra to Hol. l!-roo. l ' v e s p e n t x .l is etchcduf (Ent (Dm) (^/c{) (Dr Lherhlne!uc \c Ll ne JnJ \ e e n- thrngs ]ou _ finrt lre use less I (G) Are yon gath-cr .

T) nT) T) n .

.?i- i:-- . iE.l]]]lr :i . .----. -'-:---.

ar ri -- lG) .

nc.S excLdingJapanConlroledby Unversal.Potycram Intemat by onat Pubish ng.l =142 158 Copyrqhl@ 1975. Inc Al Fighls ollside lhe U.S AdmnisleGdby nteEongU S A. Inc Adm nistered Un v66at . E. Inc A lFights lor Caie Amercanain the U. cl B.Rock and Roll All Nite Wods and Music by PaulSranby and GeneSimmons (owrohisb)El l D. Nlod€rately fdr Rock. Al R Ohlslor Foi Producnons America.1977by Cal6 Amercanaand Hor Product ons Amerca.Polyc€m htemal onal Plbtishng rnc lotemational Copyrighr Secured ArrB€hts Fesefred .

You in' You E look in Jm cl' {ikl: 159 .f on d.

r i thing lou've Thc \ell. jLrn bc eui: \e ll br by. lrar ba r! s by.ev r! ! o t . - . - E I Nildi 160 . lhnfs . D F A E D C D D C C D D i I D I A E ..Lt.t - I t a :.

Yo! leep on lboul .

cr .nd par r! cv ..tJ- e! er v dal.} dlJ :t and Fr . 162 .

:=---\ par ' ry rd er er y day.N.C. I ro coda@ Gadd9 D D E G E D E A E A E 163 .

-r . c t = t ) = .-r \- J .91 a v S ( ] . o r ......- _-r .a a _ i d r \ l c l .

m = ! I ffi EblG F tttlt dEn ^ ii+ Dm ffi c' E G G ffi \Ioderat.: C fi rtcc + : -_:J t ? ..l 165 .lr laslRo. : . for ihe br)s i d. t llr .dg !. *h. ecr rl .lt i.r pr.n .kil = 111 H# Hi4 ffi'. relL m.Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) Words and Music by Ehon John and B€mie Taupin t:/A C Bb .ked prer rt tl8lil lr = t -W ' ' l -T ^ f L'p vt- . #* Csusr C C*.

I l : |n M! a sn .ve-nih hand tul of ben trcDd grease. Oh 166 . tcr look\ ju .h ber han. tlorn in the bor ton ol a !la*.

ftr*.$. dar Diehr's al lrghl ine Cet - F)-D" : : Cd r bout a( oiled_ as + : .^ sar u..o'** B' L'IG B' B' Don'r eilc ui none of _v.ur ag E!/C Et/c .

B. . . . ) 1 ) / / N l Y N / / I I a 168 T t r l . . )N G^ \ l t \ E / / / / / / / . EI/G Io Coda 1 {tr\ To Co. .lo 21\ c .

1 .-n 7* N f v F . t / / = / t 1 / | 1 t / / g Coda I t7c c F/C Bb E'lB' Br/1 c Faddl/c c Fadd /c 3 ..

El6!! .

f F7C C 13. C ctrL:l/Rn]'Fic]A. 2 Bt. c Faddtc c 171 .r'in*linil ._ .F/C C F/C C E'/B' B' t^ t.

6/F *F/C C 't72 .8.

d Canada . l be nofth sidcin ny townfaced euslaDdlhe eastwasJ.S A a.l + rt* c5 rook pfcr ll eood ro Seth prn\ !c spoon In Yon rhint my sh€s arenadc ol leath. __^ .teha1 onatCopyrghlSeLred i€ !d. e w e d ) F a b u o u su s c L t d .For .:.TRO DevonMusic. o n d o nE n o r a n d M L . .*o.Inc NeB York . 173 .S plb c pedormance pfofl Al B.j Ee--.-.oftrois a I pubtcarionr ghts ror lhe U.Substitute Wods and Music by PeterTownshend G/D ffi !=135 D ::::-ir-+-- . cine o c o p y r g h t l 9 6 6 ( R e .r Pe.

t. tle rhings y!' ree lre all gen u rne prob-lcm You com pl ca rcd. pss rt by. tall but fry o dile teds re whal sim . 't74 .NC (En) In a sub Noq rou daE $i lo lurelool me T look croc prct. (l) a:'----' look blNd y young work ir ou ar all: it bt.

l) 175 .- (sub sti ute.) t2. Sub rti (sub sti L Sub sti tule your lies turc./l) c/l) A/r) G/r) FP Sub sti lutc your lics - righr rhrough tour plas c/D D C/r) t) @ - I \lt fine lmli in sun rcal. @ A.i Yrr r 1.) scc your righr throueh c/D D C/D D D @ @ t-] t-'l MI mdc out ol sack.

d Music bv Mark Knooll€r D n C B t A r \ 7 F C/E B'/D @' iffii Hi ii# thfii iEffi" ffii ttl! tbfii Hlllj ttttt $ttl tEffi' l\'Ioderatelt I = 1.' ./ /F/ / / .. nf / / / \ / / / / / ' / / T - \ \ / / / / / / / / / -- \ \ tT- / / / / / ' / / \ \ / )F W)D NN ND W) 176 Copyrghl@ 1978SlraliackelSonqsLld nlernalonaCopyighl Secur€d A Fighls Beserued . .16 iH .Sultans of Swing Words a. ".

tinc./ I1 D) )ll1 c!. | h f T / /// /-/ h t / + a €\- whenlou hcar$e nr sic _ rin! . and }ou hold_ /-/ |) -r-r-"1 / rr / / -r .ry drins. D er you {op.DDW) sourh ol the rir ) x./ l / N / / / Bb/D D FD) dou-ble lou. f).

^'W) W) DDn W) D)l MDD) nDm nn B' E C @ @ w) w) DF-F fr)Dm .

* ing rhrl 7 ^ 179 . ibcr bl.F {] ) nDT) ) -1- '.rnD-D1 m)) :J_ rhe homr.

)-. r l j r h y r h m .lD D n C B t -.1)1 Dll nD nn n1 m i n d . f)1 n1 r.iDn-nDW) n.-'.ffiDN :1.h e 't80 .h e . r r i . Youcheck our Gui tar Ceorge.

^:--\-^ whcDhe gels up un der the liehts .BL G C { @ @ W) s n t qanl lo DT) mke it nDffi=) )Dn .^:-'\.

de\ n r mind nD)) ) w) D nsl)ll1 D) DD 142 ../ [ / t/ " " )w) m Dn) " -* B' I D )tl1 4 AndHar-r./. rr/ . "/ .

' c rtrh the sul r.k lilie D) D) .1 6 J & 6 ' aF. c Bt .D C/E DD) DD.r ( D.T. k\ lo.

and deir flal fom soles.i ' r .r ti.'--.croq. J rlund - n rhe !..l F .-\ 184 .l oi young hot\. : : l Thcy don't give a dam Jij-\. a - l t + ] ] + E . z"=') drunk and dE$ed in lheir besl g'es.

i tr ?. c .8-+ 1 c 185 ....t. -'4__: " _ E I V 1.I c Sul L B b c DmCBb c Dnr C ..

ldsr tusl !s lhe 186 .

18? .\-i thcn hc nrakesit tai - ''we m lhe Sul tan\.





Sunshine of Your Love
Wods and Music by Jack Bruce, PeteBrown and Enc Cboton

nI l'"'r'c ror





ft v**
D C D N.C.

ger lrng near davn, wnn }ou! my ovei D C D N . C .

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bc $nh you,dar nal sith lou. dar

lins. ling.

I li I'll

be with tou when sor $nh you iill


nal1 _ tall aiedricd

in8. up. _

Copynght l96S 1973by OralLear @ Ltd Copyrlglrl Reeae. Al A qnls Adm n sle€d bt !nleror ona Cooy.qhl S<,.:

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c D N.C. D C D N , C

2. I'n



._t-.-'\^ . ':r^^^^^^^^^^^^^* t t C D N . 192 .a - l- ^: G > \ C ^ ./ ^ .n . ' >.-/."< . C (i F C N .

c c t 1"":* h l |l x 7 / l-1 / / l? er: t .x.:i). c D N.^ $r^&* h: /. " // .C. . ) ffi= - I' nD nnn l:a @ ) /Fffi / 4-] .c D N.C.^&: J .'.- D ) I. G D D @ @ @ @ / x ' t / >. I I !.6i .2 7 . .

+ Coda Beqin tade 194 .

ss c5! .al on tBMtl by nbmanona Copynohr SsLre! A FLqhrs Feseryed LJsed Pe. say Su that tou'll Oh.. = . Stan Lewis and EleanorBroadwqbr A C B E Em "rFiif ffi ffi F ' W W f f i Uod€rate R@k J = 126 .r:- X v"-" I I Oh.SusieQ Words and Muslc by Daletlawkins.- : CopyfghtO 1957iRenewed) Arc Mus c Copo. sat Su lhar you ll a. Well. well.

t-\ f-T-l r l 1 l-.o 0 *^4 r l and ncv. nnre 1 : f l I like the wa! ].ry.r.1 . say that you ll be qalk.ell. rhe wa} lou \\'ell. cr lcarc \ c @ c B B E m i @ *. Su E E 196 . ll )"r bi udl.k. lay thal you'll lou be I \\( liL) \" rl-r ! )v.

3.2. I + coda E ---o- ----o---:l: nJ . 4.E r...

q r.'-- '-''='--- i aaa t .1..l . . .L -. 2 . r oh. .- i. ..w) DD) )Slll E n E -' El 198 .

P coda 2 *rr--.- sn. bJ I l.._ E .sie a.]++) + su sie Q su sie Q I Em1 a - b.'e ) o u .

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t l e r k i n ' s 204 Copyright@ 1975DakselLLC Al RlghlsAdmnisrered Sony/ATV by MusicPublishnq.WalkThis Way Words ard Mueic by Sbv€r| Tyler and Joe Peny F.TN37203 Intehationa CopynghtSocufed Alr R ghts Reserued .s y l i t . Con na talt s l d nn y w i t h a c l a s s . t k i n d .Nashvile.{roke S.a s a s .School girl lov-er al wiys hid in' 'nelth rhe cov ers.3MLsicSquare Wesr.1 A'7 -ffi+l'"" Tffii"' ffi Ftl+ Mod€rar€ Rck J = 120 l Back .

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ewed So-aewet A c'q r\ Ad-'-s e'4 : .":. v I don t knoq whal I'm do ly O JayboyMlsic Co. '1'.P Coovnght 195-4 a.e : L.\5 A5 I Clrl.2 ga.ayiOrl Re.: { qc-:!o!a1e 217 . : 93Y.You Really Got Me wods and Music by Fay Davies O = r ! @ =D t O = B tO = A t O=ct@=E Moderar€Rock ! =140 *.

_ you got ne I Jon I k '. no$. .. e ' BU In _ \edh. 2- I D5 E5 L]5 E5 lou real Lv gor mc . { F t c . { c h A -.1tor rn..$ !h..

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