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SB 261Talking Points

SB 261Talking Points

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Utah Senate Bill 261 Talking Points
Utah Senate Bill 261 Talking Points

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Published by: UtahPolicy on Mar 11, 2013
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SB 261 Amendments Related to Alcoholic Beverage Control Main Points: • In 2009 we repealed private membership to enter into a club

, we tracked DUI fatalities. Unfortunately we’ve seen an increase. We moved forward with stringent enforcement. • 2011 SBI of DPS did some sting operations, underage kids were sent into a bar or restaurant and would give ID’s or ask for a drink. Underage called a cub. Alarming statistic is that there is a 30% failure rate. 30% they were successful. 275 restaurants in 2012 and 29%. Month of January out of 202 restaurants 35 times they were successful to getting alcohol. • Concerned that there is a culture of alcohol that has a massive social cost. It is not free.

• Enforcement side we get strength in violations for service to minors. These operations there are a minimum fine for 1st time it’s $2500 2nd time it is $5000 if 18 months after and then the 3rd offense is $15,000. • • • • • • We have a problem with compliance. We need to make sure these restaurants get the message. We are serious about enforcing our laws against selling to underage individuals. This creates another fund for an AG that will deal with alcohol issues. Permits flights of tastings of liquor, heavy and light beer. Prohibits licensee having one building unless there is a continuity of premises. Amended to not require individuals to be seated to have a drink.

• Weiler Amendment- fixes current law that private events can still be held in restaurants under a special event permit. The individual that plans the special event at the licensees location must apply for the permit. Meant to preserve status-quo for special events at a restaurant.

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