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Iowa City Brochure

Iowa City Brochure

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HW Week 5

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Fireworks behind the Old Capitol building. Creative commons, Flickr user Barefoot Adrianne

iowa city
welcomes you
University of Iowa Advaned Technology Labortories. Creative commons, Flickr user Barefoot Adrianne

Welcome to Iowa City!
Iowa City was the first capital of the state of Iowa, before the capital was moved westward to Des Moines. Considered a college town, many jobs are associated with the university and its teaching hospital. Other large employers include educational service companies ACT and Pearson. It is widely recognized as one of the most educated cities in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Iowa City has a population of about 68,000 (2010). The university has an enrollment of approximately 30,000 students. As such, the university has a strong impact on the culture of Iowa City and impacts the community from a variety of sources, including the hospital and various university teams and programs.

The University of Iowa’s main campus was originally designed by architect D. Elwood Cook. The campus is roughly bordered by Park Road and U.S. Highway 6 to the north and Dubuque and Gilbert Streets to the east. The Iowa River flows through the campus, dividing it into west and east sides. Of architectural note is the Pentacrest at the center of The University of Iowa campus. The Pentacrest comprises five major campus buildings: Old Capitol, Schaeffer Hall, MacLean Hall, Macbride Hall, and Jessup Hall. The Old

Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau 900 First Ave. / Hayden Fry Way, Coralville, IA 52241 (800) 283-6592 http://www.iowacitycoralville.org/

Also influential in the community is the university’s Writer’s Workshop, which caused Iowa City to be named the third UNESCO City of Literature, so far the only such city in North America.

Iowa City Art Fair. Creative commons, Flickr user BarefootAdrianne

Iowa Hawkeye football. Creative commons, Flickr user indoloony

Basta restaurant. Creative commons, Flickr user BarefootAdrianne

Capitol was once the primary government building for the state of Iowa, but it is now a museum of Iowa history. The Colleges of Law, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Public Health are on the western side of the Iowa River, along with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, the Theatre Building, and VoxmanMusic Building. Additionally, five residence halls (Hillcrest, Slater, Reinow, Quadrangle, and Parklawn),Kinnick Stadium,

and Carver-Hawkeye Arena are located on the west campus.

Pedestrian Mall
City Plaza (commonly called the Pedestrian Mall or simply Ped Mall) serves as a gathering place for students, locals, and the homeless, and draws large crowds for its summertime events such as the Friday Night Concert Series and the annual Iowa City Jazz Festival and Iowa City Arts Festival. The Ped Mall area contains restaurants, bars, retail, hotels, and the Iowa City Public Library. It is known for its appeal to various local artists and musicians, and its wild bar scene.

Irving, Flannery O’Connor, T.C. Boyle, and many other prominent American authors, and the nation’s leading NonFiction Writing Program.



Iowa City also sponsors a variety of events in the Summer of the Arts program. These include a nationally renowned jazz festival, a festival of the arts, open-air summer movies and free concerts every Friday night in the pedestrian mall. Iowa Hawkeye football, the University of Iowa’s Division I team, is a major draw for residents and visitors alike during the fall season. Iowa’s football team plays its home games at Kinnick Stadium, named after former Iowa football player Nile Kinnick who won the Heisman Trophy in 1939.

Hamburg Inn No. 2 is a favorite campaign stop for political candidates. It has also been a favored campaign stop for many U.S. Presidents, including Clinton and Reagan. It was featured in The New York Times for its widely renowned “pie shakes.” Other top restaurants to visit around town include: • Oasis • Masala • Atlas • Givanni’s

Iowa City has a variety of cultural events. It has a strong literary history and is the home of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, whose graduates include John

Iowa City pedestrian mall. Creative commons, Flickr user BarefootAdrianne

Pie shake at the Hamburg Inn Creative commons, Flickr user BarefootAdrianne

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