How to install Archicad 16 64-bit International Language 1. Install AC16-3006-INT64.exe 2.

Install in the default directory (don't change it), When Asked choose WIBU-key. then proceed and finish the installation. 3. After Finished, Don't Restart your computer and don't run the Archicad yet 4. Install the BIMx Viewer, Run BIMx16-3006-INT.exe 5. Install All the the Goodies/plugins you want from the Goodies Folder. 6. In the Crack Folder, RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR AC16 X64 b3006_K.exe. click crack/patch then find the archicad.exe in c:\program files\Graphisoft\A rchicad 16, then BIMx.exe in the c:\program files\Graphisoft\Archicad 16\Add-ons\Bimx fol der. ok to finish it. OPTIONAL : 1. you can install the BIM SERVER and BIM SERVER MANAGER if you use teamwork for office use. HOW TO INSTALL CADIMAGE ADD-ON : 1. Open the CADIMAGE FOLDER 2. Install Cadimage_installer_16.exe, Proceed and finish it. 3. Copy all files in the Crack folder and paste and replace it into the C:\Proga m Files\Graphisoft\Archicad 16\Add-ons\CadimageTools NOTE : Some of the tools won't shown in Archicad due to bad crack maybe. but som e others works just fine HOW TO INSTALL ARCHISUITE ADD-ON : Just Copy the Archisuite Folder to Archicad 16 Add-ons folder. all the archisuit e tools is cracked already and fully works. HOW TO INSTALL ARCHIGLAZING ADD-ON : Run AG16-3006-INT.exe finish it. it don't need Crack or Patch ABOUT HOTFIX/UPDATE DON'T DO IT AUTOMATICALLY. Turn off the automatic update in archicad I Provide the Hotfix in separately with the crack. ENJOY.. THANKS TO before it goes down i'm able to download this.

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